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68 John F. Kennedy Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. The assassination of John F. Kennedy: Conspiracy theories
    Investigations that were carried out by to the CIA revealed that Carlos Marcello, a suspected member of the mafia could have organized and implemented the conspiracy.
  2. “An Unfinished Life, John F. Kennedy 1917-1963” by Robert Dallek
    Kennedy as the 35th president of the United States is an important figure in the history of the country. The title of the book is self explanatory, showing the author’s position as to the president’s […]
  3. John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, 1961
    President Kennedy’s address showed that he was committed to the welfare of his people; a trait which many modern political leaders do not have.
  4. The Vietnam War: Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy Leadership Roles
    On November 1, 1995, Eisenhower’s action to give military training to the government of South Vietnam marked the official start of the U.S.involvement in the Vietnamese conflict.
  5. John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    His alleged authorship of the Pulitzer Prize winning book, Profiles in Courage, cannot be ascertained, and many critics and historians agree that his participation in the actual writing and research of the content of the […]
  6. History of John F. Kennedy Assassination
    When the Oliver Stone picture, JFK, was released in 1991, it generated enormous interest in the possibility that elements of the federal government and the military-industrial complex, including the CIA, might have been behind the […]
  7. Ballistics Evidence of John F. Kennedy’s Assassination
    Kennedy assassination saw the arrest and the subsequent murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, who was the lead suspect in the shooting that took place from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository’s southeast […]
  8. The Assassination of President Kennedy in 1963
    The assassination of President John Kennedy was a great turning point in the history of Americans and the world. After the death or assassination of President John Kennedy, there were increase in violence and deaths […]
  9. Political Leadership: Bill Clinton and John Kennedy
    On the other hand, the paper will also compare the great leaders and bad leaders in this regard, the New York mayor Mr.
  10. Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs
    The invasion failed since the US made a major assumption concerning the reaction of the Fidel administration and the general republic to the US backed invasion.
  11. Reading Response Paper: Lyndon Johnson and John Kennedy
    The political environment of the 1960s was characterized by calls of self-determination and self-preservation of states and governments around the world. However, all the assertions of the president in the speech are founded on the […]
  12. Kennedy’s Doctrine and US Diplomacy
    The sour relationship that existed between the USSR and the US immediately after the end of the Second World War was referred to as the Cold War.
  13. The US Foreign Policy by Kennedy: Cuban Missile Crisis
    When John F Kennedy resumed power, the US foreign policy was based on containment implying that the major aim of the US was to contain the influence of communism in the world.
  14. J.F. Kennedy’s People-Oriented Leadership
    For one to qualify as a leader, he has to be the person who has the ability to entrust one’s duties in regards to the political control, as well as to be to make effective […]
  15. The Murder of President Kennedy
    From the information received from the Warren inquiry and the Committee on murders, the President was shot from the upper back.
  16. President Kennedy’s Inaugural Address
    Additionally, Barack Obama’s inauguration speech was under a much greater microscope; Kennedy had television, radio, and newspapers to report his words; Obama’s words are under the scrutiny of the aforementioned media sources, in addition to […]
  17. Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King’s Assassination in 1960’s
    The American history of assassinations in the 1960’s left an indelible mark in the minds of many people. Similar to the assassination of John F.
  18. John F. Kennedy and Vietnam
    Kennedy believed in communism and decided at once to support the policy of his predecessor, Dwight Eisenhower, who was a supporter of the government of Diem.
  19. John F. Kennedy: What Made Him a Good Communicator?
    Considered one of the greatest Presidents of the United States he had only one focus that was to see his nation in the driver’s seat of the world.
  20. John F. Kennedy Assassination
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination is considered to be one of the most mysterious events in the history of the United States of America.
  21. Kennedy and Monroe Conspiracy and Connection
    Kennedy was killed, one would have to be present in that period of time, to understand the politics and the general atmosphere that existed in the country, nation.
  22. John F. Kennedy’s Tragedy
    However, the general rule that applies not only to assassinations but also to all controlled information is ‘the fewer people know about it, the better.’ The preparation of Kennedy’s assassination appears to have been a […]
  23. John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Abraham Lincoln: Principles of Leadership
    In this regard, John Kennedy stated in general that, “We have the power to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world or make it the last”.
  24. The Public Speeches by Kennedy, Mac Arthur and King
    The main aim of the present paper is to identify the functions and explain the use of important rhetorical devices in three famous speeches of the prominent American leaders: “Ich bin ein Beliener” by John […]
  25. The John F. Kennedy International Airport
    The airport links the United States with the rest of the world being the main entry and exit point from the U.S.the JKF airport got its name from the 35th U.

📌 Simple & Easy John F. Kennedy Essay Titles

  1. The Important Roles and Responsibilities of the American People in the Inaugural Address of President John F. Kennedy
  2. The Successes and Failures of John F. Kennedy
  3. President John F. Kennedy And The Sickness And Pain He Endured During His Time In Office
  4. The Presidential Debates Between John F. Kennedy And Richard Nixon
  5. The Life, Political Career and Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  6. The Significant Contributions of John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon to America
  7. The Importance of Appearance in John F. Kennedy’s Victory During the Presidential Election
  8. John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address and Communication Rhetoric
  9. Warren Commission’s Report on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  10. The Cuban Embargo Was Established And Approved By John F. Kennedy
  11. The Ability of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy to Lead a Nation in the Grueling Time of War
  12. Fact and Fantasy Regarding the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  13. The Influence of the Cold War Concerns on the Vietnam Policy of President John F. Kennedy
  14. The Politically Courageous Men as Portrayed in John F. Kennedy’s Book Profiles in Courage
  15. An Analysis of Colonialism and Government from the Perspective of John F. Kennedy
  16. The Role of President John F. Kennedy in the Cuban Missile Crisis
  17. The Controversy Surrounding President John F. Kennedy’s Death
  18. The Leadership Styles Of John F. Kennedy And Ronald Reagan
  19. The Misconception of President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

👍 Good Essay Topics on John F. Kennedy

  1. The Lasting Impact of Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lindon B. Johnson
  2. The Transformation of the United States Foreign Policy Under the Administration of President John F. Kennedy
  3. The Role of John F. Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis
  4. The Political Importance of the Equal Pay Act of 1963 by John F. Kennedy
  5. President John F. Kennedy and the United States’ Decision in Preventing Another World War
  6. The Use of Rhetoric in the Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy
  7. How Did John F. Kennedy Act Through the Cuban Missile Crisis
  8. The Greatest Contribution of John F. Kennedy as a President of America
  9. The Inspiring Effect Of John F. Kennedy ‘s Address Essay
  10. The Mafia Did Not Kill John F. Kennedy
  11. The Policies of John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon before the Cold War
  12. The Good Use of Rhetorical Devices in the Speeches of President John F. Kennedy
  13. Yellow Journalism: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  14. Why John F. Kennedy Did More For America Than Lyndon B. Johnson
  15. The Life and Dreams of John F. Kennedy for America
  16. The Warren Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  17. Tragedy or Conspiracy Regarding the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  18. The Immigration and the John F. Kennedy as the First United States President in the 20th Century
  19. The Power of Language in the Use of Diction by John F. Kennedy in His Inaugural Address
  20. Theories Of JFK Assassination Of John F. Kennedy
  21. An Analysis of the Declining Trust of Americans in the Government After John F. Kennedy’s Assassination
  22. The Early Life and Influences of John F. Kennedy
  23. An Analysis of Courageous Politicians in Profiles in Courage by John F. Kennedy
  24. An Analysis of the Important Moments in John F. Kennedy’s Presidency

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