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  1. Herman Melville’s Billy Budd, Sailor: A Retelling of the Story of Jesus’ Crucifixion
    Melville’s inability to come to a clear position on religious matters shines in Billy Budd, Sailor, a story which presents the disturbing dilemma of the execution of an innocent man, essentially a victim of envy […]
  2. The core teaching of Jesus
    The core of Jesus’ teachings was on the fact that God love us and that we should love each other just as he has demonstrated his love to us.
  3. Analysis of Little Things are Big by Jesus Colon and Thank You M’am by Langston Hughes
    The essay shall analyze the power of social prejudices on the basis of the analysis of “Little things Are Big” by Jesus Colon and “Thank You Ma’am” by Langston Hughes.
  4. What is the Real Relationship between Jesus and God? The Bottom-Line Between God the Son and God the Father
    The Trinitarian believers puts the position of Jesus while trying to explain whom he was in comparison to the father in a better and more comprehensive fashion, that the Father is God, as well as […]
  5. Evangelism is following the example of Jesus
    Derived from the word Christ, Christians have tried to emulate the works and behaviors of the founder of the faith. This paper intends to compare and contrast evangelism in the early church and the present […]
  6. Christianity: Theological Themes in Jesus Life
    The sensitivity of the matter have drawn the attention of many theologians to add their views and understanding of the events and circumstance of the life of Jesus Christ and his role as the founder […]
  7. Euthanasia From a Disciple of Jesus Christ in Today’s World
    Another form of euthanasia is that of Assisted Suicide where the person intending to end his/her life is provided with the necessary guidance, means as well as information as to how to go about the […]
  8. How does ‘Jesus’ use of parables
    For instance, in the parable of Lazarus and the rich man, Jesus compared the lives of poor Lazarus and the rich man in the world and heaven.
  9. Jesus in the Gospel
    Besides, Satan attempted to convince Him to jump from the top of the temple and authorize the angels to save Him to prove that he was the son of God.
  10. Concept of the Jesus Resurrection in Christianity
    Thus, dwelling upon the vision of the Jesus’ resurrection and their view of the apocalyptic world, it is possible to say that Jesus’ divine, immortality and other specific characteristics connected with the resurrection may be […]
  11. Comparative Analysis of the View of God, Jesus, and Salvation among Adoptionists and Gnostics
    Thus, the main postulates of Christianity such as the view of God, Jesus, and Salvation among the representatives of those two groups of Christians as Adoptionists and Gnostics were absolutely different. The view of God […]
  12. Biblical basis of Jesus’ Humanity and Deity
    The doctrine of ‘The Two Natures of Jesus’ suggest that Jesus possessed two forms- divine and human. In the bible, there are several evidences that supporting the idea that Jesus was a human and a […]
  13. Is Jesus Christ God?
    Priest and scribes accused Jesus Christ on the account that he blasphemed the name of God for He called Himself the Son of the living God and claimed to have the ability to forgive sins.
  14. Jesus & Muhammad: Influence on Religion
    To a large extent, the teachings of Jesus and Muhammad play a pivotal role in the decision making process of their followers.
  15. Jesus Christ’ Sign Miracles
    It was a routine that the Angel of God came and troubled the water and the first person to enter the pool was healed.
  16. The Character of Jesus
    The author of the book intends to provoke those proclaiming to be Christians to develop a deeper and unwavering commitment to Christ and to encourage those not already professing Christianity, to have an interest and […]
  17. Bible Study in The Quest for the Plausible Jesus by Winter Dagmar
    Redaction criticism is another method employed by today’s scholars to analyze how the writers in the bible shaped their source material, to reconstruct the community and to establish the role of the writers of the […]
  18. Jesus as the Son of God and the Savior of Mankind
    Although he does not embrace the notion of Jesus as the son of God and the savior of mankind, Gandhi acknowledges that the teachings and life of Jesus are worth emulating.
  19. The Orchestration of Jesus Triumphal Entry to Jerusalem
    In the fulfillment of the prophecy, Jesus made the triumphal entry on the first day of the week and many people accompanied Him.
  20. Comparing and Contrasting how Human is Jesus, According to Theologists
    The discrepancies might be determined by the fact that the Gospel of Mark was written before the Gospel of John; thus, the author might have experienced less impact of the social vision of God.
  21. What Does it Mean to Have Eternal Life thru Jesus Christ
    Eternal life is a critical aspect of Christianity and it is the one of the foundational doctrines of Christianity exemplifying the life of Christ through His resurrection.
  22. Teachings of Jesus and Kant
    According to the rules by Jesus, there is no need of fixing rules to guide moral judgments because when people are guided by love for each other they do the right things.
  23. Portrays Jesus in The Bible
    They object that God could not be portrayed as a human being due to the weakness of man, and therefore Jesus could not be God.
  24. Jesus Christ’s Humility
    Following the example of Jesus, Christians should know that it is their obligation to surrender and submit fully to the will of God. The example of Jesus’ humility to God should be followed by Christians […]
  25. The Figure of Jesus in Islam
    However, the problem is in the fact that Christians are often not aware of the role of Jesus in Islam, and Muslims often interpret the figure of Jesus in their religion in the most literal […]
  26. The Image of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Luke
    Each of the authors demonstrate Jesus Christ in the new and special light, depending on the assorted theme of the composition, focal points and different groups of people observing the retelling of the life and […]
  27. The Quran Highlights of Jesus’ Life
    The Quran indicates that Jesus was just a prophet, born of a virgin mother, and raised to manifest the power of God.
  28. Miracles of Jesus in Gospels: Different Viewpoints
    Moreover, the pattern of the healings, including the sense of wonder and the fast-paced occurrence of the miracles, can be considered the common thread of the Gospels.
  29. Evangelicalism in McKnight’s The King Jesus Gospel
    The book, The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited, Scot McKnight argues that evangelicalism in the modern world concentrates on personal salvation while it diminishes the essence of Gospel as the center of […]
  30. Jesus’s Nativity in Islam, Christianity, Judaism
    The aim of the current research is to assess the origin of Jesus in Islam and compare this with Christianity and Judaism views on the same. It is also evident that Allah guided Mary throughout […]
  31. Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth
    In this paper, the life and nature of Jesus will be evaluated and analyzed to explain the development of related historical events, the causes of the conflict with Rome, and the reasons that people were […]
  32. Historical Jesus and Paul in Early Christianity
    The historical Jesus refers in an actual sense as the person Jesus was during his lifetime and not the Jesus of Christian doctrines.
  33. Most Admirable and Interesting Pictures of Jesus
    The temptation of Jesus by the devil is the second most admirable and interesting picture in the movie. What was the third most admirable, interesting picture of Jesus in this movie to you?
  34. The Message to Think of Jesus as God
    Ye that travailest to keep the good spirits at the hard times; though that hath stood the times of lament and cry; ye that hath no fear for anything but the Wrath of God, are […]
  35. Religious Studies. Jewish Society and Jesus
    It is possible to agree with the fact that Jesus did not wholly renounce the ideology of Judaism, but presented a different outlook on the religion and the vision of God.
  36. Jesus and the Jews: Reflection on the Relationship
    However, the views on the nature of the relationship between Jesus and his teachings and those of the Jewish community vary. In that sense, he was a product of his upbringing and was a part […]

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