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55 Catholic Church Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Catholic Church Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The Catholic Church and the Black Death in the 14th Century
    Therefore, the essence of this research paper is to investigate the role of Catholic Church during the Black Death, specifically paying attention to the steps the church used to prevent the disease, the Flagellants and […]
  2. Role of Catholic Church during Ns Regime
    One religious organization that strongly opposed the extension of the Gleichschaltung into the realm of religion was the Roman Catholic Church. One of the institutions that the government failed to disband was the church.
  3. Latin America and the Catholic Church
    The church was anticipating that the Pope will come with a massage to give moral legitimacy in their quest and efforts to fight for the rights of the poor who were politically oppressed.
  4. History of Catholic Church
    Catholic religion dominated the lives of the medieval people between the 5th and the 15th century. It was not easy to dislodge Christianity from the lives and minds of the medieval men and women, as […]
  5. The Politics of the Catholic Church in Latin America
    Both the church and the state eagerly waited for the arrival of the Pope the reform minded Catholics believed the Pope would support their efforts.
  6. Lent History and Meaning in the Catholic Church
    The Catholic Encyclopedia notes that the aim of Lent is to make people ready for the celebration of the death and resurrection of Christ.
  7. Miracle of the Sun in the Catholic Church
    The major things I doubt, are that the children had seen anything miraculous at all; that what the children had actually seen was the image of the Lady, Jesus and other saints; that all the […]
  8. Pope Francis and His Effect on the Roman Catholic Church
    Whilst Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he also held membership in a number of bodies associated with the Catholic Church in Argentina. There are a number of ways, in which Pope Francis has influenced the Roman […]
  9. Galileo’s Defence and Roman Catholic Church
    I will persuade religious leaders of the positive effects of separating science from religion, and illustrate that the design of the solar system was a part of God’s plan to protect planet Earth.
  10. Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Reformers’ Confrontation
    The debate was crucial to the development of the Reformation thought, as it was during this debate that Luther for the first time argued that the Pope had no official power since the Bible alone […]
  11. Catholic Church View on Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Therefore, the authors had a negative stance on cosmetic surgery performed on women, stating that it was a betrayal of the “truth of the feminine self” and a contribution to the exploitation of the female […]
  12. Sex Abuse Allegations Against the Catholic Church
    For one to understand, the reactions of the church towards the allegations we need to examine the human behavioral response to the crisis.it is human to see people react towards the crisis in form of […]
  13. Roman Catholic Church: Congregational Worship Experiences
    The largest of the Christian churches which entails the Roman Catholic church, although present in all parts of the world, is identified as Roman because of its historical roots in Rome and because of the […]
  14. Baptist, Roman Catholic Church, and Episcopal Church: Comparison
    It evolved immediately after the American Revolution after a forced break from the Church of England due to the penalty of disloyalty as the clergy of the Church of England were obliged to swear their […]
  15. Controversial Topic Within Modern Catholic Church
    These and the abundance of the other places from the Holy Scriptures establish God’s position as the Giver of life, and the only person having a right to operate the gift of life which stem […]
  16. The Separation of the Catholic Church
    This paper highlights the premises of the schism between the Roman Church and the Protestants. That was a basic reason for split and separation of the Catholic Church.

✅ Most Interesting Catholic Church Topics to Write about

  1. Important People and Events in the Formation of the Catholic Church
  2. Catholic Church: Colonial Times to Present Day
  3. African Catholic Church and the Church of South Africa
  4. Relationship Between the Catholic Church and Chivalry
  5. Preparation for Baptism and Confirmation in the Roman Catholic
  6. The Catholic Church and Its Views on Homosexuality
  7. Catholic Church People Papacy Dissatisfaction
  8. Australian Governments’ and Catholic Church’s Attitudes on the Practice of Euthanasia
  9. Catholic Church Abuse Priests Clergy
  10. Middle Ages and Roman Catholic Church Corruption
  11. American Politics and the Catholic Church
  12. Crisis Analysing: Young People Leaving the Catholic Church
  13. Catholic Church’s Official Position on Abortion and Contraceptives
  14. Challenges Facing the Australian Catholic Church of the 21st Century
  15. Catholic Church During the Protestant Reformation
  16. Galileo’s Discovery Put the Catholic Church Into Unrest
  17. How the Catholic Church Built Westen Civilization
  18. Dante and Chaucer: Towards the Renovation of the Catholic Church
  19. Birth Control and the Catholic Church

💡 Good Research Topics about Catholic Church

  1. Catholic Church and Byzantine Empire
  2. Explaining Why the Catholic Church Was Weakened My Renaissance Popes
  3. Analyse the Role and the Influence of the Catholic Church in the Irish Education System to Date
  4. Catholic Church Architecture Analysis
  5. Catholic Church From Apostolic Times Until the Present+
  6. Erasmus Against Catholic Church
  7. Abortion and Birth Control Rights in the Catholic Church
  8. Holocaust and the Response of the American Catholic Church
  9. Decision About Life and Death and the Catholic Church’s Position on Euthanasia
  10. Fundamental Problems with the Catholic Church in 15th Century and How Martin Luther Faced Them
  11. Relationship Between Baptism and the Catholic Church
  12. Discussing the View That the Reformation Was an Unsuccessful Rebellion Within the Catholic Church
  13. Features of Art and the Roman Catholic Church
  14. Comparing and Contrasting the Roman Catholic Church With the Baptist Church
  15. Catholic Church Corruption and the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
  16. Indulgences and the Role They Played on the Reformation of the Catholic Church
  17. Jesus and the Role of Sin in the Catholic Church
  18. How the Catholic Church Survived Two Thousand
  19. Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church
  20. Latin America and Marriage Ceremonial Changes Before and After the Catholic Church Introduction

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