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  1. Rise of Christianity in Europe and Islam in the Middle East
    The effect of the prohibition was that Nestorians fled to the Eastern side. One of the historic evidence of the existence of Nestorians was the writings found on the cave temples at Dunhuang.
  2. Judaism, Islam and Christianity: Differences and Similarities
    Christians also believe in holy trinity, that is, the three personalities of God- the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit.
  3. Magic and Christianity in “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”
    Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a story that comprises of the themes of Christianity and magic as they both play an important role in the story.
  4. Brief Summary of the History of Christianity
    The Roman church under the stewardship of the bishops and popes gradually diverged in beliefs and practices of the church of Constantinople, under the patriarch.
  5. Hinduism and Christianity
    In Christianity, it is believed that, the human soul enters heaven after going through the process of subjective perfection and not pure perfection as in Hinduism. Both religions believe in God who has the power […]
  6. The Heart of Christianity in a Time of Change
    The author of this book stresses that asking question is the nature of human beings and to be Christian entails asking tough questions in the light of the grace of God in his son Jesus […]
  7. Christianity: Theological Themes in Jesus Life
    The sensitivity of the matter have drawn the attention of many theologians to add their views and understanding of the events and circumstance of the life of Jesus Christ and his role as the founder […]
  8. Christianity and Hinduism Religions Comparison
    Western religions are mostly monotheism and are separate from the western religions which are generally distinguished as polytheist.generally, western religions such as Christianity are based on the believe of a supreme being or one deity […]
  9. Christianity versus Judaism
    It is also notable that most of the differences between the two regions are based from the fact that Christianity incorporates the New Testament as part of the holy scriptures of God.
  10. My perfect Christianity
    The fact that there is the symbol of the cross as a reminder to Christians of the crucification of their savior is good enough.
  11. Comparing and Contrasting Islam and Christianity
    On the concept of the deity, Christians believe in the trinity which encompasses three persons in one God, that is, the God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.
  12. Analyzing the role of Virgin Mary in empowering women in Christianity and Islam
    The role of the American media in shaping the cultural identity of women has led to what Douglas refers to as a contradiction of cultures as the influences of the media over the generations have […]
  13. Rise of Christianity in Medieval Europe
    In the beginning, the Christians tried to change the Jews, but it was only they after opening up to the rest of the world that they started expanding so quickly.
  14. Christianity in the Roman Empire
    The subjects of the Empire enjoyed a high standard of living due to the accumulated wealth and the expansionary success of the Empire.
  15. Concept of the Jesus Resurrection in Christianity
    Thus, dwelling upon the vision of the Jesus’ resurrection and their view of the apocalyptic world, it is possible to say that Jesus’ divine, immortality and other specific characteristics connected with the resurrection may be […]
  16. Hellenization and Its Affects on the birth and spread of Christianity
    Hellenization is a term that is commonly used in describing the spread of the culture of the ancient Greeks as well as, to a smaller degree, the Greek language in particular.
  17. Evil in the theology and practice of Hinduism and Christianity
    To understand the concept of evil in Hinduism one should understand the meaning the concept of karma, which is believed to be one of the simplest and at the same time one of the most […]
  18. Buddhism and Christianity
    The privileged persons of society such as presidents and the rich have similar chances in comparison to the destitute persons. Contrary to this, Christians appreciate the existence of God and acknowledge Him as their path […]
  19. How Wal-Mart Reconciled the Demands of Conservative Free Enterprise with Evangelical Christianity
    According to Moreton, the economic victory of Wal-Mart is attributed to its unique business strategies that enabled the store to recast both employments in retail service and Christian virtues, which made customers view the store […]
  20. Christianity in the middle Ages
    The establishment of the early Church and the development of Papacy strengthened Christian faith, leading to the development of obedience to the Church and the Pope.
  21. Christianity in medieval civilization
    This paper, therefore, aims at viewing the western society and how it has been influenced by Europe, it also views the extent to which religion serves as a progressive and stabilizing force in the society […]
  22. History of the Christianity Contributions to the Western World
    It is possible to state that two important contributions made by Christianity to the development of the Western civilization are the accentuation of the significant role of family within the society and the contribution to […]
  23. Religion of Christianity and Buddhism – Similarities and Difference
    After the emergence of the Buddhism and Christianity, there have been several additions and alterations because of the expansion to other countries.
  24. Christianity: Origins, Beliefs and Symbols
    The author is going to look at the name of the religion followers, the founder of the religion, name of the Supreme Being and sacred texts used as well as the place of worship.
  25. Orthodox Christianity and Creation Myth
    In this, the creation of the universe is viewed as a mystery with the origin from the sovereign God in the presence of the Holy Trinity.
  26. The Reasons of the Christianity Decline in Europe
    In this article, I argue that the decline of Christianity in Europe is as a result of the increase of religious radicalism, tolerance, as well as, secular humanism which are the consequence of religious, social […]
  27. Catholicism and Christianity
    However, for other Christians who are non-Catholics, believe that Jesus is the spiritual head of the church. For instance, there is celibacy of the clergy in Catholics where the priests are not supposed to be […]
  28. Christianity and Culture in Dialogue
    In addition, human beings were created in the image and likeness of God in order to resemble the form in which God’s Son Jesus Christ could come to give His life to the sinners and […]
  29. Two significant events of Christianity
    Though he was relatively unknown in his early years as a monk, Luther gained recognition in 1517 after authoring a manuscript that was perceived to attack some of the doctrines practiced in the Roman Catholic […]
  30. Idolatry of Christianity
    In the past, people considered idolatry to be the worship of statues and carved images, while modern explanation of the practice considers God’s commandments.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Christianity

  1. Comparing and Contrasting Islam and Christianity
    The relevance of Jesus Christ in Christianity and Islam also proves to be a major area of divergence in the two religions.
  2. History of Christianity
    At that time the development of Christianity was based on the common idea of the virtue and compassion which united the people and gave them the hope for the achievement of happiness and freedom.”Traditional Christian […]
  3. Religious Leaders and the Spread of Christianity: the Personality of the Greatest Influence
    Over the course of the evolution of Christian religion, it was supported by a number of Christian leaders, who introduced the basic concepts of Christian faith to all those willing to learn about it and […]
  4. Faith and the Future: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    Jews can gloat and say that they are the chosen people but this is not a wise decision to make because they will be threatened on all side and in fact since two thousand years […]
  5. Christianity in the religious society
    The strength of the religious societies is amplified by the existence of a relationship with God. Therefore, religion is believe that the society encompass with regards to existence of God.
  6. A Systematic Study of Suffering and Death in Christianity
    There exist six major perspectives that try to explain the meaning and existence of suffering in Christianity: First, the Bible exploits well the subject of suffering; it does not leave it to the believers’ own […]
  7. Abrahamic Religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam
    The three religions believe that, God’s communication to His people is made through prophets as illustrated in the holy books for the three religions, with Christianity, Judaism, and Islam believing in holy bible, Torah and […]
  8. Religious communities respond to contemporary issues; Judaism and Christianity
    Over the years, the human societies have changed dramatically; from the way they dress, talk and believe. Presbyterians and Methodists have not resolved on where they stand, but there seem to be some division between […]
  9. Christianity in Frederick Douglass Narrative Story
    This discussion is therefore inclusive of the role of Christianity which is represented in the narrative Frederick story in comparison of both representations by the slaveholders as well as the slaves themselves.
  10. The Impact of Scientific Revolution on Christianity
    Questioning the supremacy of church as the most powerful institution in the Western society, the scientific advances revolutionized the existing system of knowledge and became an important player in exploring the phenomena of the surrounding […]
  11. The Christian Church and Society/Christianity and Economics
    The articles “Pastoral constitution on the church in the modern world”, is of the opinion that the life of Christians is faced with numerous challenges however Christians should always have hope, joy, and trust in […]
  12. Christianity in Sudan
    The suffering of the Christians in Sudan has been increased by the Muslim dominated Sudanese government. In social matters, most of the Christians in Sudan are marginalized especially those in the south and western parts […]
  13. History of the Pharisees in Christianity
    4 Nevertheless, the group’s rise to prominence was due in part to the spirit of the times when the masses wanted to break free from the oppression of the Roman Empire and the lack of […]
  14. The Role of Christianity in Enslaved African’s Lives
    Once in slavery, evangelists tried to teach Christianity to the slaves and emphasized the biblical teachings that teach slaves to respect their masters.
  15. History of Celtic Christianity
    Today, there are different sources that document the history and culture of the Celtic people and which can be used to gain further understanding of the group.
  16. Cultural Diversity: Christianity and other in the USA
    It is important to understand the concept of religious pluralism in order to give a detailed account on Christianity and its views concerning other religious bases in America.
  17. The fall of Christianity in America
    This paper also discusses the issue of hypocrisy in churches and the effect of the former and the latter in the subsequent decline in Christianity.
  18. Reasons why Constantine favored Christianity
    Even after taking control of the empire, he was still in trouble since he needed the support of the local people to protect his position.
  19. Theories about Human Nature: Hinduism and Christianity
    Christianity and Hinduism are certainly at the top of the list of important attempts at explaining the origin of the universe and human nature, since approximately 47% of the world’s population belongs to these two […]
  20. Modern Christianity view and perspective on Death and Dying
    Some Christians believe that death is safe to the people of God and that it is a necessity to fit in the complete delight of God.
  21. Death and Dying In Modern Christianity
    This is well elaborated in the bible as an explanation of the reward to the righteous and the justices that will be accorded to the evil.
  22. European Christianity and Its Decline from the XVI Century
    One of the reasons for the decline of Christianity among the European countries is the split of the church that occurred around the 16th century.
  23. Development of Contemporary Christianity in Uganda
    The prevalence of Christianity within the 19th century stems from Buganda which was an ancient component of the shores of the lake Nalubaale, meaning home of the balubaale gods.
  24. Christianity vs. Buddhism
    On the other hand, Christianity is based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The use of statues is common in Buddhism while the Catholics and Orthodox are the frequent users of statues in […]
  25. The Inclusion of Islam, Christianity and Judaism in Politics
    Christians have changed their belief about the government, and they now want to be involved in the mainstream politics of the countries to help refine the politics that is practiced.
  26. Decline of Christianity in Europe
    The paper shall particularly look at the events that led to the decline of Christianity in the last century. These have resulted to revolutions in the areas of politics, religion and the social lives of […]
  27. Book Review on “Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integration” by David N. Entwistle
    The author looks at the history of the two studies as well as worldviews that arise from these two philosophies. This book has increased my knowledge on the approaches to psychology and theology.
  28. Women in Early Christianity
    Most of the research on women in early Christianity has grown out of the contemporary debate over the ministry and priesthood of women, with the result that the literature is heavily weighted in favor of […]
  29. Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene Contribution to the Christianity Spread
    This is one of the main arguments that can be put forward. It is possible to argue that Paul facilitated the growth of Christianity.
  30. The Conflicts and Complexities in the Early Christianity
    One of the main details that attract the attention of the reader is the change in the tone of the writer.

🎓 Simple & Easy Christianity Essay Titles

  1. Clovis’ Influence on Christianity
    This was when he was baptized by the bishop “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost..”..
  2. Christianity in Dubai: A Literature Review
    Regardless of the given fact, Thompson’s book still provides a very detailed evaluation of the relationships between the Muslims and the Christians in Dubai, as well as in the UAE in general.
  3. The Features of African-American Christianity
    The African-Americans in the U.S.society of the nineteenth century played the significant and rather specific role, basing on the peculiarities of relations between masters and slaves, on the details of the Civil War, and on […]
  4. The Christianity History
    The time in the history of Christianity between the late Roman Empire and the Renaissance represents the difficult period of the formation of the Christian Church.
  5. Christianity Effect on Legal and Social Practices
    Particularly, this paper highlights the Christian influence on marriage, family, health, lifestyle, and the development of laws and social customs. Christian influences on marriage, lifestyle choices, and health outline how religion affects our social practices.
  6. Religion Issues: Christocentric Approach to Christianity
    The goal of this paper looks at the use of a Christocentric approach in the interpretation and teaching of Christianity and the scripture.
  7. Water Symbolism in Christianity and Islam
    Water symbolism in religion is the practice of associating water to particular beliefs that govern the religion’s rules. The raising water continuously lifted the ark preventing the Noah family and other animals from drowning Muslims […]
  8. Christianity and Asceticism in the History of Religion
    For all that [is] in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world”.
  9. Islam and Christianity Impacts on the Medieval World
    This paper highlights the impact of both religions on the medieval world by showing that the influence of Islam on Medieval Europe was stronger than the influence of Christianity in medieval Asia.
  10. Christianity in “the Avengers”
    Certain scenes in the movie show some members of the rescue team sacrificing themselves in order to save everyone else and stop the evil force from subjugating the earth. One of the greatest values of […]
  11. Christianity, Slavery and Colonialism Paradox
    He is prominent in opposing the Atlanta Compromise Treaty that advocated for the subjection of the southern blacks to the whites’ political rule. In conclusion, the paradox of Christianity, slavery, and colonialism has been a […]
  12. Comparison of Christianity and Islam
    Christianity is one of the many religious groups in the history of humanity and many believers in the US are affiliated to Christianity.
  13. Philosophy of “Mere Christianity” by Clive Staples Lewis
    Lewis is curious about the origin of all these laws and norms, wondering about the reason why humans all of a sudden started to assume that their way of living and their behavior are not […]
  14. Christianity and Islam: the Attitude Toward Wealth
    The Bible is the main source of understanding Christianity and its concepts. In this part of the Bible, God is not viewed as someone who takes the side of the poor and regards attempts to […]
  15. “A New History of Christianity in China” by Daniel H. Bays
    This marked the beginning of the importation of a Western-brand of Christianity to China. From the 16th century to the modern period, Roman Catholics and Protestants modeled a European version of Christianity to the people […]
  16. Buddhism and Christianity Comparison
    In Buddhism, the ultimate goal is the acquisition of the Nirvana state, a state in which one is relieved of egos, desires, and cravings and saved from the suffering experienced due to reincarnations.
  17. Insights on Post Christianity
    This New era has come with many catastophes ranging from economic meltdowns,global warming and wars that have led to the destruction of a better America.
  18. Christianity Evolving History
    Such believes included the denial of the existence of the Pope and respect to the nature. Scholars and theologies have used the Lindisfarne Gospels overtime to analyse the history, growth, and influence of the Celtic […]
  19. Religious Comparisons: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
    The three “Abrahamic religions” are some of the largest and oldest religious groups in the history of mankind. However, although Christianity is a monotheist religion, God is considered to exist in form of “the Holy […]
  20. Christianity Issues in The Shack by William Young
    Many Christians hold a strong faith that the Bible is the solitary foundation of God to people. The Bible is a revelation of who God is to humanity.
  21. Christianity and Islam Values
    Another form of Islam synthesis about Christianity and Judaism is in the emphasis of land. The role of a prophet as envisioned by Christianity is similar to that of Judaism in every manner.
  22. Worldview Religion Analysis: Christianity
    The Protestants do not believe in the authority of the Pope, deny the majority of the beliefs and traditions, and emphasize more on the Bible.
  23. Zoroastrianism Beliefs in Judaism and Christianity
    Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest religious and spiritual teachings in the world which are based on the idea of dualism of two opposite forces of the Good and the Evil and on the concept […]
  24. Christianity: The Sermon on the Mount
    The teachings in the Sermon on the Mount advocate for Christians to live a life geared toward generating harmony with other members of the society.
  25. Celtic Christianity and St Cuthbert’s Contributions
    The aim of this essay is to investigate the contributions of Cuthbert to the Celtic traditions and his subsequent roles and lessons that the modern-day Christian can learn from his life and actions.
  26. The Battle for God: Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    The Battle for God: Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam book by Karen Armstrong, is one of the most attractive, readable, and concise books on the emergence of fundamentalism in the three faiths.
  27. Basic Biblical Christianity
    On the fourth day, God created the sun, moon, and the stars to provide light to the earth to separate the day and the night.
  28. Earliest Christianity: Theology and Ethics
    The works of Paul have been criticized by a group of scholars who believe that they have massive contradiction from the works of other apostles, especially James, who was one of the disciples of Jesus.
  29. Wampanoag Christianity: Maori Translation of the Waitangi Treaty
    The main argument of the Silverman is that, mistranslation of the Christianity led to the mutual growth of the religious beliefs.
  30. Christianity: Characteristics of Religion
    Characteristics Religion Christianity Sources Origin of All Things The Creation Story in Christianity is associated with the Jews’ vision of origin of all things. According to the Biblical story, God created the world during six days, and then, God decided to rest during the seventh day of the week. During these days, the nature and […]
  31. Christianity: Reviewing Leadership by Banks and Ledbetter
    The explicit approaches to leadership regarding spirituality imply that the Bible is very useful in acquisition of the requisite moral values and achievement of the best leadership practices2.
  32. Christianity: The Making of a Leader by Clinton
    The book narrows down the subject of leadership to the stages of developing leaders and the lessons that one can draw from each of the involved steps.
  33. Materialist Theory of Christianity
    As far as the obvious benefits are concerned, the approach suggested by Orsi and McDannell allows one to avoid interpreting the subject matter from the perspective of the traditional dichotomy of the sacred and the […]
  34. Christianity Role in American Policymaking
    In such a way, Christians speculate on the traditional values of the United States to influence the modern life of the country.
  35. Psychology and Christianity: Integrative Approaches
    It is a truth that God has revealed in both the bible and in practical life. The aim of integration is for people to apply what they learn from God’s word and works.

⭐ Good Research Topics about Christianity

  1. “Backgrounds of Early Christianity” by E. Ferguson
    The fall of Persia in the hands of the Greek alliance in 479 saw the liberation of Greek cities and the rise of religious secularism and democracy.
  2. Jesus’s Nativity in Islam, Christianity, Judaism
    The aim of the current research is to assess the origin of Jesus in Islam and compare this with Christianity and Judaism views on the same. It is also evident that Allah guided Mary throughout […]
  3. Christianity and Luke’s Gospel in Powell’s Works
    In the context of theology and religion, there are three classes of concepts that are used as a foundation for understanding the nature of religious culture or tradition.
  4. Sperm Donation and Surrogacy in Islam and Christianity
    The baby at birth, therefore, is genetically identical to the intended parents than the surrogate mother, as opposed to traditionally surrogacy where the baby bears attributes of the surrogate mother and biological father. This is […]
  5. Islam, Christianity and Terroristic Organizations
    Several important figures are the same in Islam and Christianity, and the storylines in the Bible and Koran match in many parts of these books.
  6. Christianity Beliefs and Science in Smith’s Study
    “If science no longer discounts invisible realities, it has also grown open to the prospect that they may be powerful, for experiments now suggest that “the energy inherent in one cubic centimeter of space is […]
  7. Women in Ancient Christianity: New Discoveries
    Women historians brought new questions and perspectives into the field. Women in the New Testament Gospels
  8. Moses Comparison in Christianity, Judaism and Islam
    The study is aimed at comparing the way in which the figure of Moses is represented in all three religions, with the further analysis of the three interpretations and the discussion of the study implications […]
  9. What Is Happening to Global Christianity?
    The author is trying to inform the reader about the future of Christianity. This kind of transition indicates that Christianity is a religion that is one the move.
  10. Persecution of Christianity in the Roman Empire Life
    As for the kind of persecution that was administered by the Roman government, it is possible to state that the aggression was aimed at preventing the bishops from spreading the ideas peculiar to the Christian […]
  11. Turning Points in the History of Christianity by Noll
    The introductory part presents a cogent argument for the book’s organization of the turning points in church history and an admission of the possibility of failing to capture certain milestones.
  12. The Story of Christianity, Volume 2 by J. González
    He also examines the reformations that occurred in British and French territories, the Swiss Reformation, and the emergence of the Anabaptist movement in the 16th century.
  13. The Story of Christianity, Volume 1 by J. González
    The textbook, The Story of Christianity, Volume 1, gives a detailed account of church history, including the dominant historical figures and events, such as the Protestant Reformation, and the European socioeconomic forces that affected the […]
  14. Historical Jesus and Paul in Early Christianity
    The historical Jesus refers in an actual sense as the person Jesus was during his lifetime and not the Jesus of Christian doctrines.
  15. Wisdom Theory in Various Christianity Periods
    The author repeatedly refers to the wisdom of God throughout his book, and from this quote, it is evident that St. Thomas Aquinas refers to habits of wisdom as the people’s ability and the inclination […]
  16. Integrating Psychology and Christianity
    The author introduces the topics of the worldview and outlines the four elements of the Christian worldview beliefs, viz.creation, fall, redemption, and the consummation.
  17. Christianity and Islam in Ancient and Modern Times
    They are both based on the teachings of leaders and the belief that they are also the teachings of God. In the medieval period, wars were fewer and it had more followers.
  18. Buddhism and Christianity: Comparative Religious Analysis
    The wiremen’s interpretation of the dream was that there was going to be born a son to the royal family. Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, Siddharta was a son to the Queen.
  19. Christianity: Core Beliefs and Holy Books
    The basic belief of Christian religion is that there is only one God, who is triune and is portrayed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  20. Religions: Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam
    In the Bhagavad Gita, three yogas, or paths to liberation, are outlined: jnana yoga, which liberates one via knowledge; karma yoga, which liberates one via actions; and bhakti yoga, which liberates one via devotion.
  21. Asian Studies. Christianity, Nationalism, and Chineseness
    The Christianization of Japan was a prerogative of the crown of Portugal, which aimed at establishing a profitable trade and at preaching the Christian faith to the native people.

🥇 Most Interesting Christianity Topics to Write about

  1. Comparative Analysis of Christianity, Scientology, and Sikhism in Relation to Core Beliefs and the Standard of Care as a Health Provider
  2. Comparison Between the View of Christianity and Shintoism on Dealing with Illnesses and Voluntary Euthanasia
  3. A Critique of Socrates’ and Christianity’s Views on the Concept of Human Suffering in the Works of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
  4. A Description of the Spread of Christianity Overtime Which Replaced the Old Warrior Religion Changing the Way of Life
  5. A Discussion on the Different Sections of Christianity About Where the Authority in Their Religion Came From During the 17th and the 19th Centuries
  6. African-Americans’ Creation of a Culture With Their Own Communities, Values and Attitudes and Own Unique Form of Christianity
  7. Christianity in the English-Language Culture and the Religious Themes in Poetry
  8. An Analysis of Religion and Christianity in the Short Story by Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery
  9. Christianity in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis
  10. Characteristics of the Theories of Marxism and Christianity and Their Comparison
  11. Christopher Columbus and the Forced Convertion of the Natives into Christianity
  12. Convergence of Ideas About Christianity and Buddhism in Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh
  13. Historical Influences Against Women and the Biblical Influence on the Christianity and Other Religions Worldwide
  14. Christianity – Guidelines, moral and ethical implications on Society
  15. Christianity, Islam and Modernity: Explaining Prohibitions on Homosexuality in UN Member States
  16. Christianity is on The Eyes of a Chritian Life, Love and Faith in God
  17. Compare And Contrast The Attitudes Of Christianity And Islam Toward Merchants And Trade
  18. Compare and contrast the role of women in the following belief systems Buddhism Christianity Confucianism Hinduism
  19. Constantine – Main Cause of Christianity Spreading Roman Empire
  20. Dante’s Inferno and How It Relates to Paganism and Christianity
  21. Depression And Christianity: is the Greatest Foe or Closest Friend?
  22. Differences Among English Christianity in the Rule of Elizabeth I and Roger Martyn: religion, house of worship, reform
  23. Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integ
  24. Evolution of Paradigm Christianity and the Breakthrough discovery of the Individual Elizabeth
  25. Free The Importance Of Christianity And Islam In The Creation And Expansion Of Empires
  26. Non-Salvation and Non-Christianity Issues Caused by Weakness of the Christian Faith
  27. Questions and Conversion of Lifestyle Made Christianity What It is Today
  28. Spread of Christianity and Development of Trade/Capitalism as Two Significant Contributions of the Middle Ages ‘Gothic World’ to the Phenomenon of Civilization
  29. The Concept of the Messiah Within Judasim and the Development of the Messanic Tradition Within Christianity
  30. The Contradictions Within Christianity And Homosexuality
  31. The Growth of Christianity from Jesus to Its Acceptance as the Official Religion of the Roman Empire
  32. The Historical Context Around the Bible and its Impact on the Popularization of Christianity
  33. The Importance of Symbols, Artifacts, and Architecture in the Religion of Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism
  34. The Influence of Christianity and Architecture on the Restoration of the Byzantine Empire
  35. The Integration of Theology and Psychology in Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity
  36. The Purpose of Life and Procreation and Rebirth on the Planet Earth and the Beliefs of the Christianity
  37. The Relationship between Christianity and the Church in the First Four Centuries of Its Existence and Constantine’s Impact on the Church
  38. The Significance of the Life and Teaching of Paul to the Spread and Influence of Christianity

📌 Interesting Research Topics for Christianity

  1. How Sacred Texts Provide Understanding of Peace Is Expressed in Christianity and Islam?
  2. Does Religious Pluralism Undermine Central Doctrines Of Christianity?
  3. Does the film ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ give a false impression of Christianity or an accurate picture?
  4. How Suffering Is Understood and Practiced Within Christianity?
  5. How the Downfall of Rome in the City of God by Saint Augustine was Influenced by Christianity?
  6. How the Journey to the Magi Can Be Perceived on Many Different Levels of Christianity?
  7. How The Spread of Christianity Replaced the Old Warrior Religion During Ireland’s Golden’s Age?
  8. Is the Idea of Doctrinal Development Compatible with Belief in the Abiding Truth of Christianity?
  9. What If Paul Had Never Converted From Christianity?
  10. What Imprint Did Rome Leave on Christianity?
  11. What is the origin of Islam In what ways does it differ from Christianity?
  12. Why did Christianity succeed in the Roman empire?

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