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  1. Rise of Christianity in Europe and Islam in the Middle East
    The effect of the prohibition was that Nestorians fled to the Eastern side. One of the historic evidence of the existence of Nestorians was the writings found on the cave temples at Dunhuang.
  2. Islam Religious Institution in New York
    The Sunni Muslims are the majority of all the Muslims and comprise of 90% of all the worlds Muslims. In present day mosques, Islamic centers and schools are found in every community, Islamic Organizations and […]
  3. Judaism, Islam and Christianity: Differences and Similarities
    Christians also believe in holy trinity, that is, the three personalities of God- the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit.
  4. The Rise and Evolution of the World of Islam
    Prophet Muhammad, who was was born and raised in Mecca, started spreading the teachings of Islam in Saudi Arabia and this marked the origin of Islam.
  5. The Five Pillars of Islam
    The five tenets of Islam guide the faithful not to waver in their obedience to Allah. The Five Pillars of Islam are used to emphasize unity among the faithful and act in one voice.
  6. Role of Women in Islam
    In addition, the essay shall also attempt to explore the kinds of variations from country to country regarding the role of women in Islam.
  7. Brief Summary about Islam
    In fact, Islam is the name given to the religion while Muslim is used to refer to its followers. It is also the duty of Muslims to give alms to the poor and strive in […]
  8. Islam as a Complex and Dynamic Religion: Shia and Sunni Muslims
    ‘Islam is a religion that has significantly influenced the history of the world and in the future, its impact will not decline. Therefore, during the time of Muhammad, Islam was one of the factors that […]
  9. History of Crafting Islam
    To convert non-Arabs to Islam, the power of the Koran and the oral traditions established by the final prophet were used.
  10. The Ten Commandments versus the Five Pillars of Islam
    This commandment is inflexible and forms the basis of the faith of the Christians in the continuation and existence of one God.
  11. Media Effect on Islam as a Religion
    The stereotyping of the Islamic religion as a religion of violence and terror in the whole world is due to the misrepresentation by the media.
  12. The Fight Against Terrorism by Christian and Islam Leaders
    It is remarkable that during the summit in Cologne, Pope urged the Muslim leaders to intensify the war shunning terrorism. Confirmation from the Turkish Islam Union, that studying religion and customs is critical in the […]
  13. Religion: Islam
    Muslims believe that Islam came from God and the prophet Mohammad is the last prophet; in the religion, there is a lot of emphasis on the meaning the religion, this portrays the religion as a […]
  14. The Definition of Radical Islam
    With the rapid and unstoppable spread of Western influence, the radical Muslims continue to perceive the world as “the prison for believers and the paradise for unbelievers”.
  15. Islam and focus on Women
    Thus, it is crucially important to remember that it is a woman who stimulates the development of society; and the main theme of the book under consideration is to portray the oppressed women and reveal […]
  16. Fatima Mernissi about the Women’s Way of Life in Islam
    Ironically, about 50% of the voters are women but they refrain from taking up the offices due to the misunderstanding of the holy books and fear of rejection from the society especially men who are […]
  17. The History and Culture of Islam & the Arabs and Their Contributions to Global Civilization and the Advancement of Human Society
    However, one has to admit general ignorance of the fact that Islam is the predecessor of the Western science and has shaped the face of it throughout the centuries. In conclusion, one may confirm, that […]
  18. History of Islam in China
    Despite lack of considerable documentation about the history of Arab history, the brief Chinese history depicted above and the evidence contained in the Ancient Record of Tang Dynasty described this event as the birth of […]
  19. Core Beliefs and Practices of Islam
    In the current state of the world that is characterized by globalization, the cultural identity, beliefs and values of the Islamic religion is facing a crisis because of the instances of imitation and the aspect […]
  20. Logic in Islam and Number of Islamic Theologians
    Combination of the diverse philosophical ideologies resulted into Islamic logic, which has made marked contribution in the Islamic philosophy.”Historians of logic have long recognized that the medieval Muslim philosophers and philosophical theologians rendered variously as […]
  21. Comparing and Contrasting Islam and Christianity
    On the concept of the deity, Christians believe in the trinity which encompasses three persons in one God, that is, the God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.
  22. Analyzing the Role of Virgin Mary in Empowering Women in Christianity and Islam
    The role of the American media in shaping the cultural identity of women has led to what Douglas refers to as a contradiction of cultures as the influences of the media over the generations have […]
  23. Islam and Judaism
    According to the Islam religion, the testimony of faith is considered the most important among the five pillars because of the profession.
  24. Islam and Its Influence on Political and Social Situations
    It is a purely monotheistic religion which is characterized by the acceptance of the theological doctrine of total submission to God and adherence to the teachings and prophecies of Muhammad as the chief and the […]
  25. Honor Killing in Islam
    One of the factors that determine whether a question of honor leads to an honor killing is the relationship between Muslims and their community members.
  26. Islam Religion Fundamental Beliefs
    In addition, the adherents of Islam are guided by the religious obligations which are outlined in the Five Pillars of Islam.
  27. The Islam Concept
    They are commanded in the Quran not to create hostilities, violet the welfare and rights of other people, associate in acts of aggressions and harm the innocent.
  28. Arabic poems relating to Islam
    The letters have been widely and intensively studied within the context of the history of Islam even though there is no unanimous agreement on whether the anonymous authors of the letters belonged to the Islamic […]
  29. Feminism and Islam
    Part of this worship is the realization that Islam is a way of life and the actions of each believer contribute to the creation of a God-fearing society.
  30. Mohammad Abdu and His Contributions in Islam
    He constructed an Islamic model of thought that valued feminism and that distinguished the Islamic view of feminism from the western view of feminism. He is considered the father of Islamic modernism owing to his […]
  31. Radical Islam vs. Classical Islam
    The holy book on which the Islamic religion is based is the Quran, which is the book written directly word for word as communicated by God and memorised by the prophet.
  32. Significance of the veil in Islam
    Moreover, the veil has gained massive popularity among Arab countries, as almost all women cover their faces.[1] While this is the case, some communities around the world view the use of the Islam veil as […]
  33. Islam and the Qur’an
    It is imperative to note that the Qur’an continues to inspire the lives of many Muslims. The biggest factor however is that the Qur’an is a book full of ayets and quotes that make those […]
  34. Analysis of Hadith in Islam
    The validity of such statements is of great importance to Islamic historians who pay close attention to their transmission of Hadith.
  35. Islam, Modernity, and Justice for Women
    The modernists seek to “define Islam by bringing out fundamentals in a rational and liberal manner; to emphasize the basic ideals of Islam; and to interpret the Islamic teachings in order to bring out its […]
  36. Elijah Muhammad and The Nation of Islam
    Elijah Muhammad was a leader who managed to continue the development of the Nation of Islam as social, religious and political organization and contributed to the development of the movement aimed at making the rights […]
  37. Comparing Judaism and Islam
    Most common to the practices and traditions of the two religions is the “aspects of ritual purity, the practice of fasting, and the presence of dietary laws”.
  38. Islam, Democracy and the West Summary
    Neither is the language used in the Holy Quran, nor the succession of the Holy Prophet by the divided Shiite and Sunni communities.
  39. Professor’s Ahmed’s: Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam
    An explanation to this may be the media commonly creating unfavorable, undesirable, and harmful attention to Islam in the perspective of terrorism in the Middle East, and the desire of American Muslims to keep a […]
  40. Contemplating Islam in the 7th Century
    One of the problematic issues that I had to contend with is the fact that Mohammed patterned his teachings to that of Judaism and Christianity.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Islam

  1. Comparing and Contrasting Islam and Christianity
    The relevance of Jesus Christ in Christianity and Islam also proves to be a major area of divergence in the two religions.
  2. The five pillars of Islam
    Every Islam in the world is expected to follow the five pillars of Islam, which is the foundation of religion for the Muslim life.
  3. Islam: Major Differences between the Shiite Muslims and the Sunni Muslims
    In conclusion, it is possible to state that there a number of similarities as well as differences between the Shiite and Sunni Muslims.
  4. The Battle of Tropical Islam: struggle for an Islamic Identity in Indonesia
    During the early part of the twentieth century two different views of Islam in Indonesia started to emerge that caused a split emerged between the modernists and the more conservatives.
  5. Teachings of Islam
    The Shahada talks about the uniqueness of Allah and his prophet Mohammed, Salat is a description of how Muslims worship or pray to Allah, Zakat, refers to the practice of helping the poor members of […]
  6. Faith and the Future: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    Jews can gloat and say that they are the chosen people but this is not a wise decision to make because they will be threatened on all side and in fact since two thousand years […]
  7. Islam Relationships with the West
    The questions are the policy makers in the West should engage with the Islamic world, whether the spread of democracy in the Muslim regions stop the military forces that generates terrorism and the Western governments […]
  8. Islam in France
    To appreciate the origins and history of the veil, the first part of this paper is an analysis of veil use in the three major monotheistic religions.
  9. Abrahamic Religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam
    The three religions believe that, God’s communication to His people is made through prophets as illustrated in the holy books for the three religions, with Christianity, Judaism, and Islam believing in holy bible, Torah and […]
  10. Importance of Ritual in Confucianism and in Islam
    Rituals in religious contexts are considered as actions that denotes symbolic activities and practices that are carried out by people, for example, when greeting a certain set of people belonging to a certain age set, […]
  11. Rise of Islam and Social Conflict in Mecca
    Believers in Islam or the Muslims adhere to the recordings of the Quran with special emphasis on the life of Prophet Mohammad and his teachings.
  12. The settling of the Islam in the Southeast Asia was an extension from the coastal India
    In the south Asia, the conversion of the Indians to Islam started in the seventh century. This is in contrast to the soteriology of Confucianism.
  13. The Relationship between Democracy and Islam in Indonesia
    Islam has played a crucial role in the research on the compatibility in Islam and democracy, in elections and in the building of a civil society in Indonesia.
  14. Islam and Science in Islam, Fatalism, and Medical Intervention
    The second article called Islam, Procreation and the Law discusses the moral and religious codes with regard to the notions of reproduction and sexuality treated from a historical perspective.
  15. “Islam, A Short History” by Karen Armstrong
    Armstrong demonstrates political and religious history of the Muslim world, starting with the Koran revelation to Muhammad in 610 AD through to the present days.
  16. Islam and Politics
    The major difference between the two notions is that Islam as a religious tradition is based on the sacred writings whereas political Islam is based on a very specific interpretation of the sacred texts.
  17. Islam and Politics: Separation of Religion and State
    Apart from the discrepancies in views on modernization and role of religion in the process, specific emphasis should also be placed on the definition of the secularization.
  18. Stereotypes of Islam and Muslims in the West
    This was evident after Shadid made analyses of various publications which analyzed the threat of Islam and the Muslim community to the western countries and fashion such stereotypical messages in the realm of myth.
  19. The Islam’s Six Dimensions
    According to Dien, the calligraphy of the Quran and the various rituals which are told to be put forwarded by Muhammad have been crucial for the spread of Islam to many parts of the world.
  20. Modernity and Islamism in Morocco
    In the Eighteenth century, Islam was the only aspect that bound all the Moroccans together, and this explains why Islam was dominant in the country.
  21. Women in Islam: Liberation of Women in the Middle East
    Feminists observe that the subjection of women to the power of men originated from the rise of private property, the family, and the state.
  22. Muslim perceptions on Islam
    In addition, Muslims are also to offer an amount of tax which is the equivalent of an offering that is dedicated for the poor and the needy among the Muslim members of the society.
  23. Ramadan in Islam religion
    Ramadan is not the time of merry-making and socializing but, it is rather the time to worship through fasting, since fasting during the Islamic month of Ramadan is among the Islam pillars.
  24. Islam as Most Feared and Controversial Religion
    This definition suggests that everything must obey the rules and the will of Allah or the law of nature. Islamic religion asserts that the Quran came through a messenger or prophet of God, and Muhammad […]
  25. Religious Extremism and Islam
    The horrors of the September 11 event awaken the people around the world on the power of religion to kill and maim innocent civilians. It is the duty of the religious extremists to persuade the […]
  26. Islam and politics: Modernity challenges
    Another point of focus is on the political movements’ engagements and collective actions as feminists as well as other pro-women organizations that delve on gender, equality and women representation in political fields In formal politics, […]
  27. Historical expansion of Islam
    Islam is a belief that is grounded on the teachings of the Quran and the prophetical teachings of Mohammad. Further, the unending efforts by the Muslims to spread their religion coined and ingrained in their […]
  28. The Inclusion of Islam, Christianity and Judaism in Politics
    Christians have changed their belief about the government, and they now want to be involved in the mainstream politics of the countries to help refine the politics that is practiced.
  29. Impact of New Electronic Media on Egyptian Islam
    The electronic media has introduced Egypt to the rest of the world. The media can be used to empower the people of Egypt.
  30. Europe’s Perception of Islam in Early and Middle Centuries
    Both believed that their religion was the right religion, and that the other was meant to misguide the world. They had to fight it, and that was the sole purpose of the crusaders.
  31. The role of Islam in Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy
    As a country deeply rooted in Islam as the source of political ideology, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has continued to shape its international relations based on the staunch belief and practice of the Islamic […]
  32. Spread of Islam in Europe in the Last Century
    Most Europeans who occupied the Muslim World assimilated the Islam culture and on return to Europe spread the Islam religion to the others left behind in Europe.
  33. Mass Media Role in Distorting the Image of Islam
    The manner in which the media has been covering domestic matters as well as international occurrences which involve the Muslims is thought to be the main issue in the continuance of the negative view about […]
  34. Islam and Democracy in Egypt
    Overall, it is possible to argue that Mubarak resisted the growing role of Sharia in the legislative system of this country, but he had to recognize the importance of Islam for the culture of the […]
  35. Islam and Egypt
    For instance, Sayyid Abu’l-A’la Mawdudi, an ideologist of global Islamism held that all Muslims have the right to rule or constitute the executive system of government and, at the same time, have the right to […]
  36. The Nationalism and Islam in the Middle East Region
    The discovery of crude oil in the region during the 20th century has changed the fortunes of the region. The issue of the Jewish resettlement in the Middle East has been viewed as central to […]
  37. Polygamy in Islam
    Muslim men in polygamous marriages should be kind to their women. Nonetheless, many Muslim men are unable to comply with the rules of Islamic polygamy.
  38. Arguing the Just War in Islam
    To understand the notion of just war in Islam, one has to first understand the origin and development of Islam as a religion, as well as comprehend the meaning of the term Islam.
  39. Globalisation and the Future of Islam-West Relations
    As it is observed in this paper, the idea of globalisation and its positive aspects in life are likely to play a significant role in determining Western-Muslim relations in the near future.
  40. Impartiality: Richard Bulliet’s Islam and the West in the case of Islamo-Christian civilization
    The analogous historical development of Islam and the Western societies and the similarities and differences of the societies that emerge from them.

🎓 Simple & Easy Islam Essay Titles

  1. An Introduction to Islam. Sunnis
    The holy place of worship for the Muslim is the mosque and the general religious life of the believer is centered on this building.
  2. Comparison between the Western Culture and Islam with regards to Work and Labor
    In Islam, it is the right of every individual to choose whatever work he wants to do however, the selection of work should be done as per the needs of his society.
  3. Turkey: Synthesis between Islam and Secularism
    The transformation that is taking place in Turkey entails the emergence of a mix of secularism and Islam. The party has been depicted as proactive to Islam initiatives and the current leader has significant connections […]
  4. Government: Islam as a Source of Legitimacy
    Owing to the prevalence of terrorism and terrorism in the Islamic countries, Western countries have perceived Islam as a source of terror and thus illegitimate religion. Hence, in the view of terrorism and extremism, Islam […]
  5. Water Symbolism in Christianity and Islam
    Water symbolism in religion is the practice of associating water to particular beliefs that govern the religion’s rules. The raising water continuously lifted the ark preventing the Noah family and other animals from drowning Muslims […]
  6. Religious Studies: the Rahman Discussion and His Faith in Islam
    Yes, Rahman believes in the teachings of the Quran because they are the basis of all his writing. He cites from the Quran that this day will be the Day of Decision.
  7. Women Status in Hinduism and Islam
    This paper explores the meaning of women in Hinduism and Islam and the possible sources of such aggressive opposition to gender equality in some areas of Hindu and Islamic majority countries.
  8. Polygamy Concept in Islam
    Polygamy is allowed in Islam to address the social and cultural problems that face men, women, and children, without violating the teachings of the religion.
  9. Islam and Christianity Impacts on the Medieval World
    This paper highlights the impact of both religions on the medieval world by showing that the influence of Islam on Medieval Europe was stronger than the influence of Christianity in medieval Asia.
  10. Islam and Baha’i
    Masumian notes that the Baha’i concept of heaven and hell is in relation to the closeness or detachment from God. In contrast to this, the Baha’i faith declares that there is oneness of God and […]
  11. Islam and Hinduism Development in India
    There are various reasons that led to the flourishing of Hinduism and Islam in the country while Christianity and Buddhism took a beating in the country.
  12. Jihad Role in Islam Religion
    To the rest of the population, Millard opines that Jihad evokes conflict and war, and it is the defining factor for making Islam to have the least reception in the minds of such opponents.
  13. Comparison of Christianity and Islam
    Christianity is one of the many religious groups in the history of humanity and many believers in the US are affiliated to Christianity.
  14. Christianity and Islam: the Attitude Toward Wealth
    The Bible is the main source of understanding Christianity and its concepts. In this part of the Bible, God is not viewed as someone who takes the side of the poor and regards attempts to […]
  15. Modernity, Islam, and Secularism in Turkey
    The depth of the literature review compels the reader to go on and on to establish what other scholars have said about this topic in the past.
  16. Muhammad and Islam
    Comparing “In the footsteps of the prophet” by Tariq Ramadan with “The Truth about Muhammad” by Robert Spencer Ramadan is a Muslim leader and an intellectual whose book presents Muhammad’s biography.
  17. Women Roles in Mormonism, Wicca and Islam
    Other religious practices that are crucial under the doctrine of atonement include adhering to all the commandments from God, being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and baptism. In regards to the doctrines […]
  18. The Figure of Jesus in Islam
    However, the problem is in the fact that Christians are often not aware of the role of Jesus in Islam, and Muslims often interpret the figure of Jesus in their religion in the most literal […]
  19. Shia Islam – Religious Studies
    Rashidun Caliphate is the term used in Islam to refer to the first four leaders that came after the death of Prophet Mohammed.
  20. Religious Comparisons: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
    The three “Abrahamic religions” are some of the largest and oldest religious groups in the history of mankind. However, although Christianity is a monotheist religion, God is considered to exist in form of “the Holy […]
  21. Veils in Islam – Religious Studies
    The attitude towards various types of Islamic clothing for women is different across all of the Islamic countries and cultures, and since due to the process of globalization many of Muslim immigrants have moved to […]
  22. Radical Islam’ Threats – Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda
    While Islam in the region is as old as the civilization of the region, it has been noted by a substantial number of analysts that the exploration of history and the subsequent documentation of Islam […]
  23. Medieval China and Europe and Spread of Islam
    First of all, I would like to point out that during this period in history the country witnessed the rise and the fall of four dynasties the Sui Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty, the Song Dynasty, […]
  24. Christianity and Islam Values
    Another form of Islam synthesis about Christianity and Judaism is in the emphasis of land. The role of a prophet as envisioned by Christianity is similar to that of Judaism in every manner.
  25. Secularism, Pluralism and Modernity in Islam
    Therefore, the interpretation of both religion and secularism has a bearing on the compatibility of the two given that they are dynamic in nature.
  26. Harmony between Islam and Muslims
    They are made to believe that any person who is not a Muslim is an enemy of the Muslims and must be dealt with ruthlessly.
  27. Asian Religions in Practice: Buddhism, Islam and Sikhism
    This school of thought claims that salvation is possible through believing in the power of Amitabha and the desire to be reborn in a gracious place. This means that it advocates for people to be […]
  28. The Future of Islam: Evolution and Changes
    In the first place, it is necessary to note that the world is changing and many conventions cease to fit in.
  29. Radical Islamism Issues in the United States
    If the government fails to assess the current regulations, America is in danger of Islamist radical ideologies and groups taking root and speeding in the state.
  30. The Media and Its Representation of Islam and Muslim Women
    The major idea of the article is misrepresentation of Muslims. Admittedly, this is an effective tool as the author shows that the article is a result of a thorough research.
  31. The Five Pillars of Islam Religion
    The power and the entity of God is a great mystery and so, people feel the awe and unexplained want and need to be a part of the Divine.
  32. The Battle for God: Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    The Battle for God: Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam book by Karen Armstrong, is one of the most attractive, readable, and concise books on the emergence of fundamentalism in the three faiths.
  33. Can Sufism Be Considered the ‘Heart of Islam’?
    In this paper, I will explore the appropriateness of the above-stated at length, while promoting the idea that the theological/philosophical postulates of Sufism do not account for the pathway towards grasping the true significance of […]
  34. Exploring Muslim Understandings of Islam
    The paper will demonstrate that Islam is, in fact, a very peaceful religion and that the fundamentalists are just a small group of people soiling the image of Islam.
  35. Sorcery in Islam, Its Types and Penalty
    A majority of anthropologists is unanimous that witchcraft predates religion and that the existence of religion was to counter the effects of witchcraft.
  36. Islam History: 7th and 8th Centuries
    Following the death of Mohammed, the Muslim conducted a historical campaign which led to confrontation of the Arab warriors by two powerful empires, that is, the Byzantine and Sasanian Persian.
  37. Elderly Health Care and Patient Autonomy in Islam
    On the other hand, Webster and Karen identified that in the Muslim society, patients’ autonomy is essential but it is the responsibility of the family, caregivers, and policymakers to ensure that the elderly needs are […]
  38. The Gardens of Islam: Water and Shade
    Thus, water contributes to the image of a garden as a sacred place both directly, by appealing to the needs of desert dwellers, and symbolically, by aligning with the belief system of the population.
  39. The Gulf Islam Investments Company
    Mohammed Ali Rashed Al-Abbar, the founding chairman of the organization, the company’s people strategy comprises of the board of directors, leadership team, strategic advisors, and placement team, as described in the diagram below The Board […]
  40. Jesus’s Nativity in Islam, Christianity, Judaism
    The aim of the current research is to assess the origin of Jesus in Islam and compare this with Christianity and Judaism views on the same. It is also evident that Allah guided Mary throughout […]

🥇 Most Interesting Islam Topics to Write about

  1. Early Islam and the Position of Women
    The paragraph that is cited above makes a critical point to the discussion of the assigned readings, because it addresses the issue of legal articulation of the ethical norms as the main underlying cause of […]
  2. Sperm Donation and Surrogacy in Islam and Christianity
    The baby at birth, therefore, is genetically identical to the intended parents than the surrogate mother, as opposed to traditionally surrogacy where the baby bears attributes of the surrogate mother and biological father. This is […]
  3. Golden Age of Islam: Inventions and Success in Science
    The achievements of the Muslim technology and science contributed to the development of the Western society and helped Europe come out of the Dark Ages.
  4. Islam, Christianity and Terroristic Organizations
    Several important figures are the same in Islam and Christianity, and the storylines in the Bible and Koran match in many parts of these books.
  5. The Rights of Enemies at War in Islam
    The paper covers the issue of rights in the context of war in Islam. Finally, the problem of human rights in Islam and those of Islam enemies is analysed.
  6. Islam: The Qur’an and Its Significance to the Religion
    This Holy book is of paramount significance to Islam as it is the core of the religion, as well as the cultural tradition of the Muslim world.
  7. The Islam Nation Rise and Evolution
    The role of Elijah Muhammad in the evolution of the Nation of Islam cannot be underestimated because he ruled the organization for more than forty years, and it was Muhammad, who made the postulates of […]
  8. Islam: Orthodoxy or Orthopraxy?
    The primary goal of the research is to find out whether Islam is orthodoxy or orthopraxy, comparing it to Christianity and exploring the pillars of both religions.
  9. Islam and Islamic Nation-States
    The constant military conflicts and weakness of local governments turned this land into one of the main sources of instability that impacts the whole world and conditions the appearance of numerous concerns related to the […]
  10. Moses Comparison in Christianity, Judaism and Islam
    The study is aimed at comparing the way in which the figure of Moses is represented in all three religions, with the further analysis of the three interpretations and the discussion of the study implications […]
  11. From Political Islam to Salafi Jihadism
    Today, the majority of sessions of international political institutions like the United Nations are associated with the instability of the Middle East, and much of Western society blames extremist organizations for waging wars on these […]
  12. “Islam Through Western Eyes” Video by Lyons
    Due to the present-day misrepresentation of the image of Muslim people in the western media, the levels of Islamophobia have risen drastically.
  13. Islam as One of the World’s Largest Religions
    Islam is one of the largest religions in the world. Therefore, the main issue is that of the self-sufficiency of God and the impossibility of a person to be self-sufficient without Him.
  14. “McJihad: Islam in the U.S. Global Order” by Mitchell
    In particular, the author explained the importance of what is known as the system of scarcity that is responsible for the stability of prices and the balance in the oil industry.
  15. Consumer Protection in Islam: the Case of Pakistan
    The purpose of this framework is to prevent injustice as it gives the customer the right to forgive or sue in case of deception.
  16. Christianity and Islam in Ancient and Modern Times
    They are both based on the teachings of leaders and the belief that they are also the teachings of God. In the medieval period, wars were fewer and it had more followers.
  17. Meaning and Architecture in Islam
    During the trip, it became evident that the architectural styles and general artistry reflected in the creation of churches and mosques, as seen in France, Italy, and Istanbul, are a direct reflection of how religious […]
  18. The Rise of Islam in Historical Contexts
    He speaks about the rise of imperialism in Europe under the formation of the European Union, the spillover of ideas from the Western world, and the rise of globalized culture undervaluing spirituality and promoting permissiveness.
  19. Islam and Racism: Malcolm X’s Letter From Mecca
    Malcolm’s experience of the pilgrimage has made him believe that real unity and understanding actually can exist between people regardless of their country of birth, the color of skin, or the language they speak.
  20. Religions: Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam
    In the Bhagavad Gita, three yogas, or paths to liberation, are outlined: jnana yoga, which liberates one via knowledge; karma yoga, which liberates one via actions; and bhakti yoga, which liberates one via devotion.
  21. Cuba, Iraq, and Sunni Islam: Challenges to the US
    By and large, the U.S.’s attempts at establishing democracy in Iraq resulted in an increased level of corruption of the latter.
  22. Islam and Muslims as Portrayed in Media
    This research study focuses on whether the media influences and shapes the perception of Islam and Muslims in the UAE. Does the media portrayal of Islam influence perceptions of this religion?
  23. Prohibitions in Islam and Its Historical Reasons
    Although the majority of the governments in the world are secular, religion still plays an important part in everyday life of an average citizen, meaning that the words of the holy texts are still implemented […]
  24. Islam Empire of Faith – The Awakening Documentary
    Baghdad was the most prominent city of the empire, and many scientists of the realm gathered there in the House of Wisdom to teach and research.
  25. Islam Through the Prism of Anthropology
    Knowledge of the historical context gives a glance and understanding of the path to the growth and change of Muslim rituals and practices. The history of Islam and Muslim communities represents a vast cultural layer […]
  26. Islam as a Role in the American and Indonesian Politics
    On the other hand, in Indonesia, the largest Muslim-majority nation in the world, Islam has infiltrated politics to play a major role in the 2019 re-election of President Jokowi.
  27. Shiite and Sunni Teaching of Islam
    For the Sunnis, Allah can be seen on the earth and in the afterlife while the Shiites believe that Allah does not have a body and cannot and will never be seen.
  28. Islam and Its Role in Iran and Turkey
    The country has however undergone much secularization which began in the Ottoman Empire with the abolition of the caliphate, the supreme religious and political office of Islam.
  29. Cultural Anthropology. Islam: Origin and Beliefs
    Its application in the Islam religion is meant to apply to the submission of people to the supreme supernatural being. There was a god of the moon, the sun goddess, and the god of the […]
  30. Islam: Connection of Belief With a Traditional Life
    Knowledge of the bases of Muslim doctrine is rather variously at various layers of the population and in the different countries of traditional distribution of Islam.
  31. Islam: The Collapse of the Abbasid Caliphate
    The rise of a political society in the middle age that was united by the social structures of Islam had an adverse consequence on the development of the world of Islam.
  32. Church History: Judaism, Islam and Christianity
    The conversion of Empire Constantine to Christianity was on of the milestones in the spread of the Christian faith. He ensured that the initially feared religion was legitimized in Rome, declared it the religion of […]
  33. Islam: The Status of Women Analysis
    The status of women in Islam has often been misinterpreted by the Western world, however, one only needs to read the Islamic texts as well as examine the history of women in the Muslim world […]
  34. Comparison of Jihad in Classic Islam and Theory of Just War in Christianity
    Jihad is based on the belief that there is one single state Islamic state and Muslims have the duty to expand the territory of the state and bring as many people under the rule of […]
  35. Three Texts on Islam
    On one side, the history and the birth of Islam as a religion and how the three books present it is looked at; on the second side, the implication of Islam to the rest of […]
  36. Sufism and Philosophy in Islam
    Sufi, with the growth in simple ways of spreading the Muslim thoughts as stories, ensured that there was a rapid growth in Islamic conversions.
  37. Position of Women in Islam
    On the contrary, Islamic women are confident that the veil signified their rejection of the modern value system, while Islam elevates women to the position of respect and honor.
  38. Just War in Islam and Western World
    The followers of Islamic teachings believe that it is unholy to start the war, however, in some cases, the war is justifiable. Thus, the desire to maintain peace is shared by Muslims and Christians, while […]
  39. Christianity and the Worldview on Islam
    They have studied the Quran in-depth and its consideration of “Jesus” as another prophet equal to Adam, Noah, Abraham, whereas Protestants believe in Jesus being the savior of the world. They believe the death of […]
  40. Islam Religious Tradition Analysis
    The only version of the Qur’an accepted as original is the one in the Arabic language, and any translation of it is considered to be a simple commentary of it or interpretation.
  41. Analysis of Religious Prayer Service: Islam
    A special person called muezzin climbs on the top of it before every prayer time and calls the Muslims to pray at the times when the prayers are due reciting “salat” a prayer invitation to […]
  42. Christianity and Islam: Similarities and Differences
    Whether it is Allah according to Islamic teaching, or just God as per Christian doctrine, both agree on this existence of an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent deity who continually shapes the destiny of man and […]
  43. Islam: a Restatement of Israeli Faith
    He did not have formal training or wisdom to have made any editorializing or modification to the word of God hence Muslims believe that the Koran is the pure and unadulterated word of God as […]
  44. India Civilization and Islam Civilization: Comparison
    Hinduism and Buddhism and raised based on their different religious and philosophical system had an impact not only on the development of many civilizations of the East but all over the world.
  45. Life After Death: Christianity and Islam Perspectives
    The afterlife, or the resurrection, is the purpose of most religions. This is the question we ask when we talk of the afterlife and the resurrection.
  46. U.S. Media’s Negative Portrayal of Islam
    In this sense, formed in Western societies the image of the Middle East, in particular the Muslim East, is largely untrue.
  47. Women’s Role in Islam
    The governments of these countries have made great progress in the education of girls, the basis for any advance of women, increasing on all levels the facilities for an enrollment of girls and women in […]
  48. Modernism and Islam, the Connection Between Them
    The issue is that of the connection between Islam and Modernity or rather the compatibility between Islamic ideals and beliefs and the phenomenon which is defined as modernity.
  49. The Rituals in Islam
    Life of a child is sacred in this faith and abortion is not allowed unless the life of the mother is in danger.
  50. Islam Origin and Expansion
    The past life in the Arab environment and the way of life of the people influenced the formation of Islam since the customary norms of the society in the Western Arabia was a basis for […]
  51. Issue of Abortion Abortion in Islam and Christianity
    This law justifies the humanity of the unborn baby and places the child in the same level of an adult being who has caused the miscarriage.

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  29. Does Islam Need Reformation or Do Islamic Societies Need?
  30. How Did Islam Spread Following the Death of Muhammad?

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