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99 Terrorism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

⁉️ How to Write a Terrorism Essay: Do’s and Don’ts

Current-day problems, from global warming to human rights, continue to be a topical subject, urging students to address acute issues.

However, this relatability means that you, as an essay writer, may find yourself faced with conflicting facts and circumstances, which your inherent bias may affect.

Thus, a terrorism essay becomes not merely an academic endeavor, but an attempt to immerse yourself in contemporary issues with a multitude of opinions.


  • Research and outline your subject beforehand. This process will not only save your time but also help you structure your thoughts and arguments coherently.
  • Use tools, such as topic sentences and brainstorming techniques, in the prewriting phase of your paper. Doing so will help you understand how you would like to develop your central theme.
  • Start compiling a bibliography early on. When many different viewpoints exist, creating a structured argument in favor of a particular approach may require a wide array of supporting book and journal titles.
  • Give a historical overview of your issue. For example, if you are writing about global terrorism, then it is apparent that a worldwide network of violent radicals did not come into existence overnight. Acknowledge and explain the origins of your assigned issue.
  • Read other’s sample essays. This action will help you gain a better understanding of what works and what does not in terrorism essay topics.
  • Use terrorism essay quotations. Since this is a contemporary issue, then there are bound to be many people involved in activities to counter terrorism, survivors of attacks, and general onlookers. Utilize their perspectives and memories to give your essay a unique touch.
  • Remain respectful throughout your paper. Recognize the gravity of your essay and understand the privilege you have when writing about ideas that you may not have experienced.

Do not

  • Write your essay with no references. Despite watching TV coverages, listening to critics, and reading tabloids, none of us are experts on war or terrorism. Always cite the sources of your information to uphold the integrity of your work.
  • Plagiarize from the work of others. While you may read essays written by your peers or those that are available online, directly copying from them is an academic offense.
  • Go off point. If you are writing about the history of Al Qaeda, do not disintegrate your work into a how to stop terrorism essay. However, you may give some points in your conclusion on how the overall situation may be amended.
  • Write controversial terrorism essay titles. While your title should be catchy and grab your readers’ attention, you should not resort to cheap tactics to make your headings memorable by shock value. Remember that your audience may perceive this tactic as making light of your subject, thus destroying your hard-earned credibility.
  • Try to advocate for a pro-terrorist approach. While it is a sound idea to subvert some essay topics, this is not the case in such papers and your work should always be against terrorism.
  • Integrate examples from unreliable sources. While readers are often less informed than the essay’s writer is, the opposite may also occur. Therefore, always check the facts, which you include in your work, to avoid embarrassment.
  • Draw out your essay to stress the seriousness of the subject. Use your instructor’s specified word count as a measure for how much you should write. Your readers will not appreciate a long-winded paper, as they are hoping instead to get a quick and concise introduction to an important problem.

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🏆 Best Terrorism Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Terrorists and the Left and Right: Definitions & Examples
    It is also necessary to distinguish two types of terrorism: from the left and from the right. However, the number of deaths caused by both terroristic attacks from the left and from the right is […]
  2. Homeland Security: Collecting Information about Terrorism
    These people are very reliable because they are on the ground where terror activities take place and they are most likely to be aware of the schedule of terror gangs.
  3. The Concept of Terrorism
    For instance, assassination refers to the political murder of a renowned public figure such as the head of state. The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, a Palestinian Militant group is reported to have launched a massive […]
  4. Terror and Terrorism
    The point is that the meaning of terror is not the same of terrorism, so, it is necessary to find out the difference that lies between terror and terrorism, analyze the reasons of terrorism, and […]
  5. Counter-Terrorism Plans Development
    The United States has been of late a target of terrorists and thus measures have been taken and will continue being taken in order to find ways of controlling terrorism completely.
  6. The Problems of Terrorism in Modern World
    This knowledge will be vital in adjusting accordingly to terrorism threats, and taking decisions that reduce the risk of attacks from terrorists.
  7. Terrorism
    It is worth noting that a clear definition of terrorism is mostly subjective and is rarely objective due to the fact that it is an act of political violence.
  8. The War on Terrorism
    The paper mainly reflects on some of the pros and cons of war on terrorism and its effect on humanity and human rights.
  9. Is Terrorism Ever Justified?
    They abuse their individual has the right to express himself and to pursue areas of interest without the need to consult the government as long as all activities are within the bounds of the law.
  10. The Fight Against Terrorism by Christian and Islam Leaders
    It is remarkable that during the summit in Cologne, Pope urged the Muslim leaders to intensify the war shunning terrorism. Confirmation from the Turkish Islam Union, that studying religion and customs is critical in the […]
  11. Terrorism: The War on Iraq
    The war against Iraq by the US has come under a lot of criticism because of the effects it has subjected to the Iraqis and US citizens.
  12. Agro-Terrorism
    Monke argues that, agriculture is more susceptible to acts of terrorism because terrorists prefer using plants and animals as they have diverse pathogens as compared to human beings, it is hard to protect expansive farms, […]
  13. Why Terrorism is a Contested Concept
    The views of the entire concept of terrorism are equally contested with one wing viewing terrorism as an act of cowardice while the other arm views terrorism as an act of coercion directed to the […]
  14. Eco-Defense and Kinds of Ecological Terrorism
    Two basic practices of tree spiking exist; spiking the tree at the bottom of the tree trunk, and spiking the tree way above the trunk, as high as one can reach.
  15. Domestic Terrorism in the Post 9/11 Era
    However, according to the FBI news, no act of terrorism can be compared to the terrorism attacks of 9/11, which cost thousands of lives and a negative impact on the United States economy.
  16. Preparing for Incidents of Terrorism at the Local Level
    The 9/11 bombings and the bombings conducted on the pentagon and the World Trade Centre have left even the most powerful nation; the United States of America, in much fear and with much consideration of […]
  17. Benefits of Preparing for Emergencies and Terrorism
    Preparations will ensure that the relevant authorities are able to provide effective care in an emergency and therefore reduce the negative impacts of a disaster.
  18. “What is the Definition of Terrorism? And why is the White House Afraid of Using the Term?” by Timothy Kelly
    Hence, the purpose of Kelly’s document is to show how Obama’s government refrains from using the term “terrorism” and possible reasons that promote this behaviour. Similar to the views of Kelly, it is clear that […]
  19. Impact of terrorism on Italian economy
    After the death of the then Prime Minister, the government engaged in a war to capture the leaders and silence the organization.
  20. Cause and effect of terrorism
    There are several effects of terrorism that are destructive in the nature. The effects are destruction of properties, loss of lives and decline in the economy of a country.
  21. Terrorism in Political Protest
    In many instances, the aims of terrorists are similar to those of political groups whose views have to be dominant over those of their opponents.
  22. Terrorism, Its Groups and Categories
    Most of the terrorist attacks happening nowadays are even being supported by the military forces of the countries involved which make the attacks even more coercive since the military that should protect the people is […]
  23. War on Terrorism
    The resilient and unending war against the terrorists has made the US citizens to have free movement without fear of recurrent attacks.
  24. Terrorism: Can terrorism ever be justified?
    However, it needs to be pointed out that the general action of terrorism is morally wrong, especially when considered to be a war.
  25. Terrorism: The United States’ Involvement
    The attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center in 2001 that resulted in the deaths of dozens of Americans and destruction of property worth millions of dollars courtesy of the Al Qaeda revealed […]
  26. The Media and Terrorism
    From this perspective, it is important to control the usage of the media by terroristic organizations and to provide the required policies.
  27. The US Anti-terrorism Efforts are Failing
    The ease with which terrorists managed to sneak through all the security surveillance during the event and planted bombs on the finish line and among crowds successfully highlights the sorry state of anti-terror efforts in […]
  28. The Kurdish Conflict in the Middle East
    This word has so many definitions but according to the government of the United States, it refers to threats of the people, manipulation of the state policy by force or fear, or trying to alter […]
  29. The psychological explanation of terrorism
    Therefore, most psychologists argue that in the quest to underpin the possible causes of terrorist activities, there is the need to discriminate between the motivations for joining, being retained, and disserting terrorist factions.
  30. International Terrorism: the Operations of the Hezbollah
    This paper looks into the operations of the Hezbollah and investigates the involvement of Iran in the operations of Hezbollah while at the same time evaluating the threat that Hezbollah poses to Israel and the […]

🥇 Most Interesting Terrorism Topics to Write about

  1. The Definition of Terrorism
    The definition from the VP’s task force and individual scholars concurs with that of the FBI, further explaining that terrorism targets to change the victim’s behavior.
  2. “Arabic Islamic Culture” and Terrorism: Inherent Concepts or Not?
    I cannot agree to the idea that Arab Islamic culture and terrorists are really connected to each other; it is falsely to think that any representative of Arab Islamic culture has to be a terrorist […]
  3. Religious and Secular Terrorism: Analyzing Differences and Points of Intersection
    As a whole, it is possible to state that the essence of violence and aggression is different in cases of religious and secular terrorism.
  4. Law Enforcement and Terrorism
    This is whereby the leaders of the federal as well as the local enforcement agencies cooperate to reinforce the existing partnerships.
  5. Foreign Policy: United States and Fight with Terrorism
    Though some individuals in the US government are promising the diplomatic relations between the two countries will not be affected, the truth is that the US perception towards the nation and its ability to fight […]
  6. Concept of Terrorism Phenomenon in Modern World
    It is important to note that the number of people’s death in terroristic attacks is decreasing. However, to estimate the negative effects of this phenomenon it is important to define what terrorism is.
  7. A Research on Terrorism Before and After the September 11, 2001 Attacks
    In light of the change in our perception of terrorisms as a result of the events of September 11 and the raising impact of religious fanatics who are quoted many a times declaring death and […]
  8. NYPD Counterterrorism Program
    To reinforce these claims, this paper has engaged in a detailed discussion as to the strengths of the NYPD program and how it can be used together with the federal departments to form a powerful […]
  9. Terrorism as a Communication Strategy
    When there is a terrorist action, the final decision to air the goings-on is in the hands of a media house.
  10. Industrial Terrorism in Modern World
    It is against this background that “a worst vase release” was determined by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1996 and established the fact that over 100 of the identified chemical facilities had the potential of […]
  11. Terrorism: Searching for a Definition
    The United States generally defines terrorism as “…the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce in furtherance of political or social objectives”. In addition, the definitions fail to […]
  12. The Real Cause of Terrorism in Palestine
    According to Hamas one of the major Palestinian militant groups operating in the area Israel is a threat to their way of life and making them economically weak so that their survival depended on the […]
  13. Terrorism, poverty and financial instability
    Terrorist activities are perpetrated to compel the affected parties to comply with the demands of the terrorists. Some of the conflicts in the developing countries caused by the instability and poverty in the third world […]
  14. Eliminating Terrorism at the Domestic Level
    Background The war on terrorism has been integrated in the US national security policy following the numerous attacks that have been experienced in the US over the past decades.
  15. The Effect of Terrorism on Human Rights: The Clash between the human rights advocates and victims of terrorism
    Human Rights organizations have the responsibility to ensure that the governments and other counter terrorism officials respect the human rights and the law in their fight against terrorism.
  16. Anti Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism
    The accomplishment of the specified goal will require the cooperation between the state government and the representatives of the UAE organizations, as well as the coordination of the latter’s actions with the ones of the […]
  17. Salifist Takfiri Terrorism
    The absence of an international law defining the possible responses to this kind of aggression allowed the federal government to interpret the act of terrorism as war.
  18. International Terrorism: The Challenge to Global Security
    International terrorism has contributed to the unpopularity of the US in many countries all over the world and the subsequent inclination of terrorists to attack US targets.
  19. United States Domestic Terrorism
    It is impossible to trace the genesis of United States terrorist extremism to a specific exact date, though one can narrow it to the period when the country was fighting for its freedom from the […]
  20. Local, State, and Federal Partnerships: Terrorism
    On the whole, these documents are critical for the effective work of governmental and non-governmental organizations at the time of emergency.
  21. Terrorism in Israel and Palestine
    Origin of the Conflict in the Land of Israel Role of the British Government The defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War led to the establishment of British rule in Palestine.
  22. Terrorism in international relations
    A lot of efforts have been diverted at exploring terrorism as a result of the rate of insecurity in the international system that comes from terrorism and the fear of terrorism.
  23. Economic Concerns in the Aftermath of Terrorism
    Terrorism is one of the major challenges threatening the existence of societies in different parts of the world. Sandler and Enders assert that exports are affected adversely by terrorism due to increment in the cost […]
  24. History of Cyber Terrorism
    Terrorism on the cyberspace is one of the biggest challenges that came with the invention of the internet. The nature of the environment used in internet communication and socialization makes it hard for people to […]
  25. Terrorism and Jihad
    According to Kepel “the terrorism that has occurred from union of Islamic radicalism and violent jihad has led to powerful debate over whether the West and the Islamic world are engaged in a fight between […]
  26. Terrorism and Poverty
    While there are conflicting arguments regarding the factors that influence terrorism, scholars agree on the need to evaluate evidence on the causes of terrorism and develop concrete strategies and approaches to tackle a vice that […]
  27. Terrorism in Mumbai
    The counterterrorism forces that were working in Mumbai occurred to be not able to prevent the attack as they did not find the source of threat and stop it in advance.
  28. Torture as a Counter-terrorism Tool in 21st Century
    For a long time, it was a consensus that in the quest to safeguard the rights of its humans, the actions of governments, and in this case the security apparatus, must not violate the same […]
  29. Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, and Intelligence
    The difference between ‘Covert Action’ and ‘Clandestine Operations’ Each of these actions entails a planned, coordinated, and well-executed operation that seeks to conceal the identity of the sponsors or nature of the operation. Intelligence’s seeks […]
  30. Human and Technical Intelligence in Countering Terrorism
    The application of technical intelligence for the public good has to prioritise on several factors including human welfare in assisting the authorities in detecting and combating terrorism.
  31. Counter-Terrorism and the Patriot Act
    The drafting and implementation of the Patriot Act has been one of the most successful strategies in combating terrorism due to the underlying reasons that the United States is now more aware and prepared to […]
  32. Understanding the Failure of the Global War on Terrorism and Suggestions for Future Strategies
    The influence of this group led to the increased use of detention facilities inside and outside the US and the passage of laws such as The Patriot Act that took place to facilitate the hunt […]
  33. Defense Imperatives: “Thwarting Terrorism & Bringing Terrorists to Justice”
    The events of 9/11 abruptly shattered the expectations of invulnerability previously held by the U.S.and boldly underlined the fact that terrorism is deeply entrenched in the society, thus the need to come up with various […]
  34. Terrorism Handling in Our Life
    Terrorism can be defeated if many people in the society can trust the authorities in their work. In this regard, terrorists find support from sympathizers, who might not want to be part of the terrorists, […]
  35. Rumsfeld’s Memo & the War on Global Terrorism
    To win the war on global terrorism, the secretary also expressed the need for DOD to design new techniques to organize, train, and equip military personnel, the need to develop metrics to show if the […]
  36. Terrorism as a Serious Threat
    Given this definition of terrorism, it is important to investigate the perception of this threat. This is one of the processes responsible for exaggerating the terrorism issue.
  37. Terrorism and the Global Economies
    Terrorism has affected the global economies because the emergence of globalization created the unity of different countries. In reference to the data from the 2005MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Database, which has more than 20,000 incidents of […]
  38. War on Terrorism: How to Cope with the Global Threat?
    In spite of the fact the war on terrorism is the priority of not only the US administration but also of the global community, the approaches to win the war should be chosen according to […]
  39. The Impacts of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 on the National Intelligence Community
    3 The IRTPA stipulates the duties of the director of national intelligence and also describe the code of conduct for the director.
  40. The Advanced Community Planning in Response to the Potential Threat of Terrorism
    Advanced community planning requires the inclusion of the community in question as a party to the problem and possibly the solutions.
  41. What is the Best Way for Fighting Terrorism According to Mortenson?
    As the global security continues to worsen because of terrorists’ threat to the world, there has been a plethora of methods to counter the looming perpetration of grievous terrorism.

⚡ Shocking Terrorism Essay Topics

  1. Bio-Terrorism Preparedness and Response
  2. Terrorism: Post-9/11 Maritime Security Initiatives in the USA
  3. Terrorism: the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
  4. Different Methods Against Terrorism: Israel and Palestine
  5. Terrorism Concept
  6. International Counter Terrorism’ Elements
  7. Ethnic, Racial and Religious Profiling in Terrorism
  8. Current Hurdles in Combating Terrorism
  9. Fighting Terrorism: “Iraqi Freedom” and “Enduring Freedom”
  10. Terrorism and Its Organisations: Al Qaeda and ISIL
  11. Countering Terrorism: the US Intelligence Community
  12. Conventions on Terrorism in the 21st Century
  13. Contemporary Terrorism: the American Army Special Forces
  14. Terrorism in the Middle East
  15. Coping with Terrorism in the USA
  16. Terrorism and Media
  17. Homeland Security Changes: Adjusting to Terrorism
  18. Modern Terrorism and Globalization
  19. Digital Media Usage to Recruit and Promote Terrorism
  20. How Does Modern Terrorism Operate?
  21. Terrorism and Torture: History and Arguments
  22. East African Community Counter-Terrorism Vision
  23. What Are the Global Impact of Terrorism in Business Domain?
  24. Cyber Security’s and Counter Terrorism’ Intersection
  25. Terrorism: the Evolution of ISIS
  26. Female Terrorism: Causes and Features
  27. Terrorism: Power of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Power
  28. Saudi Arabian Lone Wolf Terrorism in 2011-2016

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