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79 Torture Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Torture Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Torture in China: Then and Now
    As a result world leaders, especially those working in conjunction with the United Nations, decided to initiate a convention against torture and their rationale for doing so was stated as follows: “Considering that, in accordance […]
  2. Modern day torture interrogation techniques
    To add to that, the use of torture facilitates the administration of justice as criminals have been observed to deny committing the crimes.
  3. Justification of Torture in Waiting for the Barbarian: When the World Is Turned Upside
    The final chip in the portrait of the “civilized” citizens of the Empire, the process of the Magistrate incarceration, does not seem to add much to the portrayal of the tortures; however, it adds a […]
  4. Torture During the Algerian War and Its Relevance on the War on Terror
    The French experience during the Algerian war proves that the use of torture, though regrettable, is important to defeat successfully terrorist organizations around the world.
  5. Shopping: Rapture or Torture?
    The shopping experience is portrayed by the shopping malls as an experience that is both pleasurable and interesting ignoring the dark side of shopping; the economic aspects of recreational shopping culture.
  6. The Use of Torture as an Ethical Collection Method of Intelligence
    S intelligence service applied torture while interrogating the suspects, for the sake of combating terrorism in the world regardless of international law against torture.
  7. U.S. Government Response to the 9/11 Attacks
    There was a powerful set of shared assumptions we had in the wake of 9/11, and one of the most powerful was the assumption that we would never be forgiven if we failed to do […]
  8. Torture is not Morally Permissible
    For example, offering a gift if the thief releases the car and the child, asking the mother to plead with the thief to have mercy upon the child or opting to withdraw the charges completely.
  9. The Efficiency of Torture as an Interrogation Tool
    In the United States, the emergence of terrorism attacks in the 21st century has led to the application of torture in the interrogation of terrorists and suspects to reveal pertinent information that is critical in […]
  10. Torture and Human Rights Violation
    The researcher notes that the government never provided a clear explanation of the events and their position on the possibility of resorting to torture.
  11. Waterboarding in Time of War: Is It Justifiable?
    This research paper will generally focus on the application of waterboarding as a form of torture, the implications of war relative to the executives in Governments and the soldiers in the field and eventually provide […]
  12. Is Torture in Time of War Justified: Waterboarding
    Greenberg further gathers the opinions of various military leaders on the application of different forms of torture and the effectiveness of the techniques.
  13. The use of Torture in Information Extraction
    The ideology of the group might force the security agency to apply torture implying that the religious beliefs and cultural beliefs have a role to play as far as the use of torture is concerned.
  14. Torture as a Counter-terrorism Tool in 21st Century
    For a long time, it was a consensus that in the quest to safeguard the rights of its humans, the actions of governments, and in this case the security apparatus, must not violate the same […]
  15. The Science of Torture: Does It Work?
    It is not disputing the enormity of the moral implications of torture; rather it is that framing opposition to torture in terms of moral or religious imperatives is vital.
  16. Torture and Human Rights
    However, the full state of affairs in Abu Ghraib prison came to the knowledge of the public when a report by the military into the first pictures leaked to an online magazine.
  17. Criminology: Water Boarding Torture
    Over the years, waterboarding has been used in Europe to get information from suspects. This discussion has revealed that the waterboarding method facilitates access to information from uncooperative suspects.
  18. “The Case for Torture” by Michael Levin
    In case, there is no time and the bomb will explode in a couple of hours, is it reasonable to wait for the lawyer, keep to the procedure, and let the innocent people die.
  19. Use of Torture Against Terror Suspects
    Levin states that the public too, would agree to the use of torture against terror suspects, especially if the victim is a child. It is evident that the use of torture against terror suspects can […]

⭐ Simple & Easy Torture Essay Titles

  1. Philosophy of Torture and Utilitarian Ethics
    An individual, who resorts to torture in order to save the lives of other people, cannot estimate the long-term effects of this action on the welfare of the community.
  2. The Ethics of Torture
    To gain a comprehensive understanding of torture, it is vital to incorporate Levinson analysis of torture when he says torture involves deliberate physical harm to get information from somebody, or to influence a person’s action.
  3. Terrorism and Torture: History and Arguments
    Of course, it would be wrong to deny the existence of prisons in the Middle Ages; however, the purpose of these prisons was a tad different from the prisons of the XXI century: “During the […]
  4. A “Stop Torture” Campaign
    It should be noted that torture can be partly tolerated even by the governments of advanced countries that are deemed to be democratic.
  5. Torture as Morally Unjustifiable Practice
    The use of torture in averting the loss of lives is the right thing to do; therefore it is morally right.
  6. Torture: Various Issues and Aspects
    In this case, we should expect people to argue that torture is wrong based on the fact that it does not derive happiness that is always desired from an ethical perspective.
  7. The Act of Torture in World History: Physical and Mental
    The concept and ethicality in terms of justifying torture are of crucial importance, especially nowadays in the light of the recent events regarding the terrorist attacks in the United States and in the United Kingdom.
  8. Torture in Shakespeare’s Literature
    In its most common use, the word torture refers to “the use of physical or mental pain, often to obtain information, to punish a person, or to control the members of a group to which […]
  9. Increasing Torture and the Use of Harsh Interrogation in the United States
    United States, the original power in the word, adopts the miserable harsh interrogation and torture of the suspected terrorists and detainees.
  10. Should the U.S. Use Torture on Terror Suspects?
    The practice of torture adopted by the US in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center has brought to light the problems faced by the world community and human […]
  11. Torture Debate: Can It Ever Be Justified?
    In the aftermath of 9/11, the Bush administration and American in general however abandoned their reluctance to the use of torture.
  12. Torture and Democratic Society
    1948, United Nations General Assembly, after the second world war adopted the Universal declaration on human rights, which prohibits the use of torture or any other form of inhuman or demeaning treatment or punishment In […]
  13. Torture: The Pros and Cons of the Issue
    Thus under any law of natural justice, of self-defense, and anticipatory self-defense, extreme measures such as torture are justifiable for the defense of the country and its people.
  14. Use of Torture in Gathering Intelligent Information
    Is its simple definition, torture refers to the infliction of pain to an individual as a means of interrogation. Torture as a form of interrogation is wrong because of the consequential reasons that it has.
  15. Visual Rhetoric: The Iraq War and Torture of Abu Ghraib Prisoners
    Those photos were then given out as evidence of torture that was being done by the American soldiers on the detainees of Abu Ghraib.
  16. Torture Is Beneficial to Society
    Torture should be justified in extreme cases because, in an event whereby the lives of millions of people is at stake, and it is proved beyond doubt that a prisoner or prisoners has or have […]
  17. Article 30 of the Convention Against Torture
    This paper will examine the dispute between states A and B, the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice based on its statute, and the role of the International Criminal Court in this case.

📌 Most Interesting Torture Topics to Write about

  1. Ethics Of The Absolute Prohibition Of Torture
  2. Use Of Pathos In Writings On Torture
  3. Torture : The Extremity Of Enhanced Interrogation Methods
  4. George Orr’s Torture By His Dreams In The Lathe Of Heaven
  5. Torture And Murder Jews And Its Human Nature
  6. Explaining Middle East Participation in the Convention Against Torture
  7. The Use of Torture in Crime and Punishment in the 16th Century
  8. Torture and Torment in The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe
  9. The Torture of Negligence in Relation to Medical Malpractice
  10. Prohibition of Torture: Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
  11. Solitary Confinement Is Torture And Inhumane, But Is It Necessary?
  12. Global War on Terror: Should Torture Ever Be Permitted
  13. Torture Is A Violation Of Human Rights
  14. The Unnecessary Torture of Detainees Conducted by Central Intelligence Agency After the Attacks of the Twin Towers
  15. The Militarization of Mass Incapacitation and Torture during the Sunni Insurgency and American Occupation of Iraq
  16. Understanding Torture and Its Different Methods
  17. Torture Is An Advanced Physical Interrogation Technique
  18. Torture: Justified or Unjustified?
  19. Torture and Experimentation as Violation of Human Rights During the Holocaust
  20. An Analysis of the Physiological Pain and the Torture Methods in History

👍 Good Research Topics about Torture

  1. An Argument on Why Torture Should Be Allowed by the Government
  2. The Torture and Stress of the Jews During World War II in the Novel, After the War by Carol Matas
  3. The Theme of Man’s Domination of His Torture in Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado
  4. An Analysis of Torture and Punishment in the Elizabethan England
  5. The History Behind Torture And Why It Should Not Be Utilized
  6. Effective of Torture in Counterterrorism
  7. The Importance of Torture in Relation to National Security
  8. Torture vs Other Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading Treatment
  9. Role Of Psychologists In Developing Torture Techniques
  10. The Use of Torture Should Be Banned by the Government
  11. Historical Methods of Torture and Execution
  12. The Role Of Custodial Torture And Its Removal Of Body
  13. Identifying the Prohibition of Torture as Jus Cogens of International Law
  14. Examining The Use Of Torture To Combat Terrorism
  15. Does The United States Have A Right For Torture Suspected
  16. How Torture Crafted The Inquisitions And The Great Terror
  17. Interrogation Policy Analysis and Abu Ghraib Prison Prisoner Torture
  18. The Effects Of Torture On Human Rights Violations
  19. Ethics And Torture Christian View
  20. Torture: Reality Television and Young Girls
  21. Torture And Its Effects On The United States
  22. The Truth about Torture and Enhanced Interrogations
  23. United States Incompliance with the United Nation’s Convention Against Torture

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