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85 Genocide Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Genocide Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The Holocaust: A German Historian Examines the Genocide
    The Holocaust: A German Historian Examines the Genocide deals with one of the most debatable issues of the history of the twentieth century, i.e.
  2. The Impact of Genocide on the Modern Society
    This was one of the worst cases of genocide since the Holocaust with the killing rate in Rwanda being five times more that of the Nazis’ Holocaust; as many as three quarters of the Tutsi […]
  3. Sexual violence as a tool of genocide
    It is disgusting to observe the expert say that this act is a ‘cultural behavior’ and that it is amorally correct.’ The author does a good analysis by relating the origin of sexual violence and […]
  4. Doris Bergen: Nazi’s Holocaust Program in “War and Genocide”
    The discussion of the Holocaust cannot be separated from the context of the World War II because the Nazi ideology of advancing the Aryans and murdering the undesirable people became one of the top reasons […]
  5. The Concept of Genocide
    In recent past, daily media broadcasts were covered with terrible news of genocide going on in Bosnia-Herzegovina, genocide in Rwanda where more than one million people were killed by government forces as well as parliamentary […]
  6. Genocide in Rwanda: Insiders and Outsiders
    The paper will look into the Rwandese pre genocide history, factors that led to the genocide, the execution of the genocide and impacts of the genocide.
  7. Darfur Genocide
    Indicatively, this was before the period of the start of the Darfur genocide. Particularly, this relates to the development of the war within the area.
  8. In-class Reaction Paper: Rwandan Genocide
    The book offers a detailed description of the events that took place in the 1994 Rwandan genocide as told by the survivors of the massacre.
  9. Human Sanctity: Darfur Crisis
    The writer recommends paying attention to the development of strategies for paying the compensation for the Darfur victims, dismantling systems of violence, supporting the United Nations African Union Mission in Darfur peace initiative and regulating […]
  10. The History of the Genocide in the Rwandan
    The Rwandan civil war led to the signing of the Arusha Accord that compelled the Rwandan government, which Hutu dominated, to form a government of national unity by incorporating marginalized Tutsi and the Hutu who […]
  11. The Problem of East Timor Genocide
    To understand the peculiarities of genocide against the native people at the territories of East Timor, it is necessary to focus on examining such aspects as the causes for the genocide, the techniques used by […]
  12. The Genocide of East Timor
    As far as genocide was proclaimed an international crime, the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was established. In our days, the execution of women is recognized to be one […]
  13. What Could Be Worse Than Death? Genocide
    Genocide is worse than death because of its horrific consequences, such as destruction of human life and the emotional and psychological trauma experienced by victims. Unlike the killing of the Jews and the Armenians, the […]
  14. The Rwandan Genocide: Hutus and Tutsi Ethnic Hatred
    People have always believed that the ethnic hatred between the Hutus and the Tutsi was the core cause of the genocide.
  15. Stories of Rwanda’s Recovery from Genocide
    Today, the killers and the victims of the genocide live side by side, and the government focuses on finding the effective measures and legacies to overcome the consequences of the genocide and to state the […]
  16. Genocide’ Causes and Elimination
    Therefore, in this paper, we dwell on the theories and significant instances of genocide so that to prove that the global eradication of ethnicity is the payoff of psychological disparities both on a personal and […]
  17. Rwanda Genocide: Process and Outcomes
    It will describe the Tutsi-favored political system and land distribution system that contributed to the occurrence of the Genocide. The Europeans were of the opinion that the Tutsi did not originate from the region.
  18. Social Darwinism and Nazi Genocide Ideology
    It is possible to trace the way the Jews settled and assimilated in western countries and the way the ideas of Social Darwinism affected the society to see the link between Nazi genocidal ideology and […]
  19. Genocide Factors in Rwanda and Cambodia
    By the start of the last decade of the 20th Century, animosity between the Hutus and the Tutsis had escalated with the former accusing the latter of propagating socioeconomic and political inequalities within the country.
  20. Genocide in Rwanda and Nazi Germany
    The proponents of the emancipation movement called the Rwandan Patriotic Front returned to the country in the fall 1990 to live within the population of Tutsi.
  21. Genocide in the “Ghost of Rwanda” Documentary
    In the colonial process, the Hutus were discriminated by the colonial power, which was Belgium with the help of the Tutsi.
  22. Analysis of the Documentary ”Genocide”
    According to the documentary, genocide is the outcome of mass hysteria. After that, the international community will be able to have an impact on the decisions of political leaders.
  23. Virginia Holocaust Museum’s Genocide Presentation
    In terms of the educational objective, I aimed to learn the aspects and details of the Holocaust through the artifacts, objects, and things that belonged to people experiencing these events’ atrocities.
  24. Genocide and the Right to Be Free
    The focus on the order is the main duty of a policeman even if the order is based on organizing the raid to find the red-haired men as the representatives of the minority.
  25. Civil Liberties vs. American Cultural Genocide
    Thus, when one group’s idea of the good life requires others to sacrifice their freedom, negative outcomes, such as protests or violent response, are inevitable.
  26. Genocide in Eastern Turkey
    An example of such events is the genocide and deportation of Armenians from the Ottoman Empire, since it ended in the numerous deaths; however, it was a victory for some people and a disaster for […]
  27. Is Western Intervention in Genocides Justified?
    These include specific evidence of a crisis that is accepted by the global community, there is a lack of practical alternatives, and the use of force during the intervention must be limited to providing relief […]
  28. Armenian Genocide and Spiegelman’s “Maus” Novel
    Tracing the similarities between the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide is important to the discussion of Maus as a literary piece.
  29. Crime of Genocide: Justice and Ethical Issues
    The conflict was declared as genocide for the first time by the USA government, which gave a permit to ‘the UN Security Council to refer a case to the International Criminal Court.’ 2 Therefore, the […]
  30. Yanomami: The Gold Rush and Genocide
    The Yanomami of Brazil and Venezuela can be considered the arena of aggression and conflict in Amazon; this interaction resulted in the global tragedy taking the lives of the whole communities.
  31. Genocide in Darfur Region: The Actual Cause of Sudanese Genocide
    The true cause of Sudanese recent genocide in Darfur region is the same as were the causes for other genocides, which have taken place in Africa, after this continent has been liberated of “white oppression” […]
  32. Rwanda Genocide: “Shake Hands with the Devil” by Dallaire Romeo
    This paper will examine the issue in highlighting the theme that the main purpose of the book was to let the world know of its callousness and lack of precaution while the horrible and immoral […]
  33. Investigating the Religious Motif in Genocide
    The research is focused on genocide of the Jews in Nazi Germany before and during the World War II and genocide of the Armenians in Ottoman Empire in 1915.
  34. Hotel Rwanda’: The 1994 Rwandan Genocide’s History
    Besides, the assassination of the 1994 president, who belonged to ethnic Tutsi, was one of the main causes; the Hutus accused the Tutsis of having been responsible for the president’s assassination.
  35. The Global Impact of Genocide: The Socio-Economic and Political Spheres
    According to the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide Article III, the following acts are punishable: “genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide; direct and public incitement to commit […]
  36. The Darfur Genocide 2003: What Really Happened in Sudan
    This creates a substantial factor in the realms of Darfur Genocide. Precisely, this research will involve problem development, research design, data collection, data compilation, data analysis, conclusion, and presentation of results to the concerned audience.

📌 Simple & Easy Genocide Essay Titles

  1. The Consequences Of The Vietnam War And The Pol Plot Genocide
  2. The Bosnian Genocide in Behind Enemy Lines, a Movie by John Moore
  3. The Eight Stages of Genocide in Steven Spielberg’s Film Schindler’s List
  4. The Inhumanity of the Genocide During the Holocaust in Night, a Memoir by Elie Wiesel
  5. The Genocide And Its Impact On The World ‘s Existence
  6. The Ethnic Conflict Of The Rwandan Genocide
  7. The Role of the Catholic Churches in the Genocide of Rwanda
  8. The Six Stages of the Rwandan Genocide in Africa
  9. What Happened During The Armenian Genocide
  10. Truth About Christopher Columbus: The Man Behind a Genocide
  11. The Justification for Genocide, Terrorism, and Other Evil Actions
  12. The History of the Acts of Genocide in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge
  13. The Stanford Prison Experiment Was Not A Physical Genocide
  14. The Rwandan Genocide and the Role of the United States in the Failure of the UN to Keep Peace in Rwanda
  15. Why the Holocaust in Considered Genocide
  16. The UN & US Mishandling Of The Rwandan Genocide
  17. The Path of Genocide: The Rwanda Crisis from Uganda to Zaire
  18. The Demographic and Socio-Economic Distribution of Excess Mortality during the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda
  19. Supporting the Investigation of Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity
  20. The Representation of War and Genocide in The Farming of the Bones, a Book by Edwidge Danticat
  21. The Role of Colonial Influences in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide
  22. The Economic Effects of Genocide: Evidence from Rwanda
  23. Uncovering the Truth Behind the Armenian Genocide

👍 Good Essay Topics on Genocide

  1. The Lack of Involvement by the Government and International Community in the Genocide in Darfur
  2. The Misconceptions and the Outside Influences of the Genocide in Cambodia
  3. The Ukrainian Genocide: The Worst Tragedies In Ukranian History
  4. Two Similar But Different Genocides: The Holocaust And Cambodian Genocide
  5. The Bosnian Genocide And How It Changed Society
  6. The Cruelty of Humans in the Rwandan Genocide, the Human Rights Broken, and Its Impact on Rwanda and the World
  7. The History of the Armenian Genocide after the Fall of the Ottoman Empire
  8. The Influence of Cultural Differences on the Development of Genocide
  9. The Main Factors That Influenced The Rwandan Genocide
  10. United Nations Role in Preventing Genocide in Africa
  11. Rwandan Genocide: Atheism and the Problem of Good
  12. The Mass Genocide Of The Republic Of Oceania Propaganda
  13. The Events in the Cambodian Genocide in Its Effects in Society
  14. The International Community and Its Lack of Actions in the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide
  15. The Rwandan Genocide and Its Effects on Rwanda’s Society
  16. The Cambodian Genocide: A Tragedy Hidden from the World
  17. The Statistics of the Genocide in East Timor as of 1975
  18. The Tragedy Of The Armenian Genocide And The Holocaust
  19. The Holocaust and the Cambodian Genocide: Similar or Different?
  20. Similarities and Differences Between the Rwandan Genocide and the Holocaust
  21. Theme of Witch Hunts in The Crucible and the Rwandan Genocide
  22. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings. Genocide or Not
  23. The International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
  24. To What Extent Were Women’s Roles Affected By The Rwandan Genocide
  25. What Is The True Meaning Of Genocide
  26. The Ottomans And The Armenians: Casualties Of War Or Genocide

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