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116 God Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Do I Need God to be Moral or Happy?
    God is the father of man and created the earth so that man could find a home to live in thus God is supreme and holy.
  2. Mythology’s Role in the Ancient Greece – God Poseidon
    He was believed to be the creator and the controller of the sea therefore, people gave him respect and they make him to become angry. Poseidon was a god of the sea and therefore was […]
  3. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
    This is due to the fact that it shows how black and white Edwards is making the concept of either salvation or destruction out to be.
  4. Their Eyes Were Watching God Literary Analysis Essay
    One of the peculiar features of the work is the form chosen by the author. Just like a mule, Janie is forced to work in the field with her husband.
  5. The Question of God’s Existence from the Viewpoints of William Paley and David Hume
    He was of the opinion that every indication of machination and design existing in the watch also exist in the natural universe, the only difference being the fact that the indication of contrivance and design […]
  6. Evidence that God exists
    Traditional form of cosmological argument The argument presented by the cosmological perspective on the existence of God is based on the premise of an uncaused cause which explains the existence of a supreme and unconditioned […]
  7. Nietzsche: Death of God
    Nietzsche, being one of the believers in the rule of the body over the body over the mind believed that ideas contained inhibited the body’s actions.
  8. God Theory: An Evaluation of Debate on Existence of God
    Tough questions arise at the very insistence of resolving the mystery about the existence of God, with scientists and philosophers pulling in all directions in an attempt to explain the core and origin of mankind.
  9. What is the Real Relationship between Jesus and God? The Bottom-Line Between God the Son and God the Father
    The Trinitarian believers puts the position of Jesus while trying to explain whom he was in comparison to the father in a better and more comprehensive fashion, that the Father is God, as well as […]
  10. Critical Evaluation of Self, God and Other Philosophical Phenomena
    I believe that God is orderly and I therefore attribute the order that is prevalent in the world to his power.
  11. Betting on God’s Existence
    This is due to the fact that different people explain the existence of God in different ways and there is always a contradiction between scientific theories and faith of individuals. However, from the explanation provided […]
  12. Wiesel’s Changing Understanding of God
    The faith that Wiesel had in God was enormous, in spite of the increasing abuse and hatred that the Nazis had for the Jews.
  13. The Belief in God
    The existence of God is justified in the sense that existence in the mind as a concept limits the idea of God already in the minds of people.
  14. God and Holy Scriptures
    They argue that the features of the God are “Specially Distinctive” from that of the humans. Similar, the idea of the reward and the punishment of the God is also related to the welfare of […]
  15. Judaism; The Covenant Between God and Israel
    However, the New Covenant with the new life in salvation has got its benefits which include perpetual peace, love and joy.”To know God in the present is to experience the life of the age to […]
  16. God Definition by Muslims, Christians, Atheists and Rastafarians
    God the father is the creator and sustainer of the universe, God the Son is the savior of humanity, while God the Holy Spirit is a spirit that guides humanity in the universe.
  17. Change in Wiesel’s Understanding of God
    But this did not change the faith he had in God and he continued believing that God was going to safe them. He believed that the Jews were faithful to God but his understanding was […]
  18. Intelligence and God
    Thus, Marx had to say that man is the highest being and that there is none that compares to man he is society and he is the state.
  19. Does God Exist?
    God exists as it is the beginning of everything, as God is necessary just for the personal existence and this is the beginning of other issues which may be possibly exist or not as well […]
  20. Repentance and sincerity to God
    The word ‘path’ suggests that the only way to attain religious righteousness is through following the words of the Lord. The article talks of the importance of repentance to the soul.
  21. Is Hick Right That the Project of Soul-Making Explains How a Perfect God Might Allow Evil?
    Answering the question of the origin of evil, John Hick accentuates the peculiarities of the soul-making project and the necessity of evil for the development of the humans’ souls with references to the possibility of […]
  22. Comparative Analysis of the View of God, Jesus, and Salvation among Adoptionists and Gnostics
    Thus, the main postulates of Christianity such as the view of God, Jesus, and Salvation among the representatives of those two groups of Christians as Adoptionists and Gnostics were absolutely different. The view of God […]
  23. The God of Small Things
    Writer of the novel considers breaking the laws of love a taboo in the Indian Community. These rules or laws of love were applicable to all the people in the society irrespective of sex or […]
  24. Is Anselm right in asserting God’s existence is necessary?
    The problem with this explanation is that Anselm already assumes that God has reached a state of perfection in the beginning of his ontological argument. Anselm’s argument is also based on the premise that it […]
  25. Elizer’s Struggle to Keep Faith in God
    This was an indication that although his faith had started to change, he still had faith in God. He was able to come out of the holocaust with a stronger faith.
  26. God and People’s Suffering
    However, people have a limited understanding of the role of suffering in life and this makes it possible for them to believe that there is no god.
  27. The Existence Debate and How It Relates To God
    These arguments seek to find out the explanation of what exists in the world, and if this really testifies to the existence of a higher power, namely, God.
  28. Hick’s Theory of the Attitude Towards God and Sin
    In that case, the fall of humans was viewed as a manifestation of the weakness found in human beings. To support that claim, Hick asserted that human beings were created not in the “likeness” of […]
  29. God is responsible for the continuation of evil
    The world is full of hardship that Hick considered not to have been made by a perfectly benevolent and powerful God.
  30. Philosophy of religion: Argument according to Pascal’s Wager on the belief in God
    In the philosophical argument presented by the book, Pascal’s Wager, by Jeff Jordan with regard to the existence and work of God, it emerges that people’s belief in God is often enhanced by self-interests rather […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on God

  1. Welcome to The City of God: Rethinking the Movie Experience
    Whenever there is a major feature film interpretation of a painfully topical issue, the audience takes the on-coming film with a grain of salt, which is quite understandable there is practically no way in which […]
  2. Leave it Empty: Existence of God and Evil
    There is a contradiction between the existence of an all-powerful God and the existence of evil. For that reason, the notion that evil and an omnipotent God coexist is debatable.
  3. Philosophy of God
    On the other hand, atheist holds the position that evil experienced in the world is a clear indication that either this world is not the best to live or there is no such being as […]
  4. Interpreting God
    One of the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith is its focus on the holy trinity which is composed of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit each aspect, while separate, […]
  5. God Overreact and Floods the world by Alan Dershowitz
    Dershowitz’s comparison of the story of the floods in the Bible with the issues in the world has helped in the creation of a mental picture about his claims and sentiments about the action done […]
  6. Morality is rooted in the character of God
    In Christianity the character is divided into two aspects where one should exercise the love to God and to man, just as Christ grouped the Ten Commandments in to two.
  7. St. Anselm’s Ontological Proof of God
    Just as it is contradictory to think of the greater than which nothing greater can be thought as not existing, so it is absurd to think of God as not existing.
  8. The Sovereignty Goodness of God
    The thin line between civilization and savagery shown by the author is the force upon the journey to civilization and the twenty first century is a good indication of leadership.
  9. The Sovereignty and Goodness of God
    Throughout the history of the planet exploration, the pioneers who dared to set their foot on a new terrain not infrequently faced a multitude of obstacles and barriers ranging from purely practical difficulties of settling […]
  10. The Five Proofs of God’s Existence
    Higgins in his examination of the work of Aquinas states that “the arguments of Aquinas center around the five proofs of God’s existence namely: the argument of the unmoved mover, the argument of the first […]
  11. This Text and not That Text Is the Complete and Total Words of God
    Thus, the expression “‘this text and not that text is the complete and total words of God” can be applied to every religion and presents the problem of religious canons.
  12. The role of Religion and God in Yann Martel’s Life of Pi as influenced by Poe’s The Narrative of Arthur Grogon Pym of Nantucket
    As highlighted in the in the introductory part, religion is one of the themes that stand out in the Life of Pi.
  13. Is Jesus Christ God?
    Priest and scribes accused Jesus Christ on the account that he blasphemed the name of God for He called Himself the Son of the living God and claimed to have the ability to forgive sins.
  14. Eliezer’s Struggle to Keep His Faith in God
    It was after he joined the camp that his faith decreased as he could not clearly understand why God could not rescue him and others that he deemed to have suffered more than he did, […]
  15. God Representation
    I acknowledge the idea of God being like an electronic circuit by the fact that God created everything and thus through Him we can get the access of all where as without Him, it is […]
  16. The Family is God’s Tool of Revealing Himself to the World
    God intends the family to be one of the fundamental units of society, with Adam the first man, being the symbolic father of the family of humanity.
  17. Descartes’ Concept of God
    Descartes believes that human beings lie in the continuum of existence and as aforementioned, the continuum of existence differentiates God, human beings, and the devil.
  18. God’s Election: Ministry and Christian Development
    The topic deals with the ministry and Christian development in the concept of the church. A tactical technique to examine the repercussions of postmodernism for theology is through the theological topic of the second coming […]
  19. Discussion the meaning of the word of God as treated in the Old and New Testaments
    Nevertheless, the paper unfolds by describing the meaning of God in the New and Old Testament as the manifestation of the mind and will of God, the sacred writings of the Christian religions and the […]
  20. God Grew Tired of Us
    The title of the film “God Grew Tired of Us” is rather succinctly used by the film maker in order to help audiences understand the plight of the 3 main characters in the movie and […]
  21. The Word of God Scripture
    According to Christians, God inspired all the forty authors of the bible, which renders the bible inerrancy and infallible. According to Catholics, strict inerrancy means that the bible is free of errors because God inspired […]
  22. Book Review on God’s Chinese Son: The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan by Jonathan Spence
    Although the government is unable to curb corruption and inequality in the society, it does not keenly solve the problem about Taiping movement but rather resorts to killing the supporters of the movement.
  23. Film God’s Step Children
    Being prejudiced from the side of classmates and teachers, Naomi is sure that everything is because of her color of skin, however, watching the movie, it is obvious that the problem is in Naomi’s behavior.
  24. Existence of God and Evil
    Based on the assessment of what is good and evil, there is no logical evidence of the presence of God and evil.
  25. Concept of morals and the existence of God
    The quantity of pleasure can be measured by the magnitude of the experience of an individual with whom the pleasure is associated. The purpose for which an action is done is the sole determinant of […]
  26. The mysteries of God and a Human Being
    Namely what are the mysteries of God and what is the place of a human being? God is the creator of the universe, but the language of this Supreme Being is not comprehensible to people.
  27. The Downfall of Pentheus: The Clash of a Monarch and a God
    Although it is traditionally considered that the key reason behind Pentheus’s death was his denial of Dionysos as a god, it can also be argued that Pentheus’s non-acceptance of Dionysos was only the factor, while […]
  28. The ontological argument attempts to prove God’s existence
    According to Anselm “if the existence of a being is necessary, then, ‘that being is greater than one which existence is not necessary’”.
  29. Spinoza’s Views on God
    This can be translated to mean that God is the origin of God. The answer to this question is that it was God’s intention to have God exist.
  30. A Critical Review of The Realm of God’s Providence from the Arminian and Calvinist Perspectives
    Such events include the existence of the universe itself, the interaction between the world and the rest of the entire solar system, and the existence of life on earth.

🔍 Good Research Topics about God

  1. Traditional Conception of God
    This is one of the assumptions that can be made. This is one of the limitations that can be identified.
  2. Luther: man between God and the Devil
    In the preface, one gets the impression that Oberman does not give religion or the state of the society as much weight as a factor that affected Luther’s life.
  3. The Concept of God in World Religions
    It chooses the fairness of God, and has the meaning of a being that is the entirety of abilities, strengths, and causes in creation.
  4. Jesus as the Son of God and the Savior of Mankind
    Although he does not embrace the notion of Jesus as the son of God and the savior of mankind, Gandhi acknowledges that the teachings and life of Jesus are worth emulating.
  5. Bernard Clairvaux’s Reasons to Love God
    We have a debt to love God because of His unconditional love for us, His will to draw us closer to Him while we are still sinners and His work in our lives even when […]
  6. Religion and God on the Brain
    The investigations conducted by Benson and the team of sophisticated scientists are based on the fact that intercessory prayer may influence the process of recovery in a variety of ways.
  7. Analysis of No God but God by Reza Aslan and Formations of Persecuting Society by Richard Moore
    Aslan, however, vouches for a situation where Islam and democracy can exist hand in hand in such a way that only Islam stays in the background to guide on the moral and religious aspects as […]
  8. Meaning of God
    These spiritual pillars are shown to these children to ensure that they are pure in their minds and their hearts in their daily activities according to the wishes and will of God.
  9. Hick allegations on how a perfect God might allow evil
    To use Hick’s allegations on the existence of evil as a plan of God is confusing to Christians. It is in this view that Hick traces back the reason of sinning to God.
  10. The interview by Francis Collins on The Language of GOD
    While religion and science cannot be disentangled from the reality of God and creation, there is a sharp contrast between scientific discoveries and most of the biblical doctrines. It is the worst form of criticism […]
  11. Abraham and God
    We must obey God and keep His word so that He can continue to be with us, and our future generations. God loves you and He will honour His covenant to you.
  12. What do Lonergan, Loewe, and Miller Say About the Mysteries of God and the Human Person
    To explain the character of the relations between the man and God, it is necessary to answer the question of God’s mysteries and the nature of the human person with references to Lonergan, Loewe, and […]
  13. The Doctrine of the Word of God
    Hence, the word spoken by the God is essentially the power of the word that is spoken by the God. The presence of the God is perpetuated through the word of God.
  14. Acts of God to Earth science system and the shift from Growth Paradigm to Sustainability Paradigm
    In this paper, a comprehensive comparison of the two scientific shifts is developed to enhance knowledge in the shift from growth paradigm to sustainability paradigm, attempting to predict the time needed for the world to […]
  15. On God and Christ
    When reading through the work of Saint Paul, it can be seen that his style of writing/ delivery of certain aspects of religious introspection were somewhat “limited” in that he placed a greater degree of […]
  16. Logical Contradiction Between the Existence of God and Evil
    A majority of the people believe that the presence of wickedness and misery in the world, is the first evidence to the inexistence of God. In essence, this argument proves that it is not easy […]
  17. Can God and Real Evil Be Reconciled?
    Despite the fact that God and the Evil are traditionally opposed in Christianity, the only possible way of handling the evil should be viewed through the reconciliation of the two, since the former, as the […]
  18. The God’s World Creation Story
    With respect to the first chapters of Genesis, Hamilton posits, “…the battle lines are drawn between the interpretation of the creation story and scientific knowledge about the origin of the earth and mankind”.
  19. Their Eyes Were Watching God: Summary, Main Themes, and Evaluation
    In this essay, the summary of the narrative and description of the main characters and themes will be provided. The protagonist of the story, Janie Crawford, is a very na ve and dreamy girl who […]
  20. Descartes’ Argument for the Existence of God
    Hume’s argument gets interesting when he postulates that regardless of the number of times we witness a succession of events, we cannot predict the succession of events.
  21. The Ontological Argument for the Existence of God
    Kant’s objection to the ontological argument stems from his view of the concept that a being that is conceived in the human mind, and which exists in the real world, is superior to an idea […]
  22. Religious Subculture: Arrow of God
    The interviewed member acknowledged that “the rector interviews potential members and administers the special sacrament, which is intended to bind the recruits to the oath of secrecy, religious cleanliness, and submission to the rules and […]
  23. Eternal Life as Knowledge of God
    Christians believe that avoidance of sin and emulation of the life of Jesus are sufficient to create a relationship with God.
  24. All-Powerful God
    Each stage of the plotline is characteristic of the freedom of God as evident in his progressive revelation of himself as a faithful God who keeps promises, but on the other hand declines to put […]
  25. Understanding of God – “Night” by Elie Wiesel
    Although Elie questions the whole concept of faith in God, he never stops to ask questions that connect him with God.
  26. Eliezer’s Faith in God – “Night” by Elie Wiesel Literature Analysis
    Eliezer’s faith in God changes throughout the book, as Eliezer experiences the challenges of the Holocaust. The events in the book regarding Elizer’s faith are quite sarcastic and dramatic as Eliezer’s faith moves from an […]
  27. The City of God
    But despite the fact that the changes came very soon and caught people unawares, the bravest summoned up their courage and found the spirits to struggle against the invasion of the barbarians, their hope nestling […]
  28. God’s Existence
    In summary, Descartes implies that since we do have an idea of a being that is all powerful and perfect, and since we can distinctly and clearly assign the attribute of necessarily existence to this […]
  29. Existence of God
    Paley’s argument on the existence of God, the way he compares and contrasts God and his creation with a watch and a watchmaker, is relevant and to some extent realistic.
  30. Thomas Aquinas: Morality and God
    As the matter of fact, the fourth argument has the moral aspect that shows the Aquinas’s attitude towards the relationship between the God and morality.

📑 Interesting Topics to Write about God

  1. Dr. Collins’ Views on the Existence of God
    The presence of hardship and suffering is not evidence that God does not exist, rather it is evidence that the world, as we know it, is full of challenges and that the only way to […]
  2. God Images and Relationship with Him
    For instance, an African American, whose image of God is that of a white person, may feel alienated and might believe that s/he is not necessarily a ‘child of God’ because of the difference between […]
  3. Teleological Argument for God’s Existence
    That is, in their strive to prove the existence of God, theologians mainly operate with the categories of logic, which in turn is expected to legitimize the validity of the would-be obtained insights into the […]
  4. The Battle for God: Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    The Battle for God: Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam book by Karen Armstrong, is one of the most attractive, readable, and concise books on the emergence of fundamentalism in the three faiths.
  5. Testing a Person for His Faith and Devotion to God
    Suffering is usually perceived as a negative experience since it is commonly believed that it is a punishment for the sinner.
  6. Understanding of God in Eliezer’s “Night”
    His unshakable and unconditional faith in God is demonstrated at the beginning of the text through his interest in Talmud, and expressing grief over the destruction of the Temple.
  7. Nature, Degree and Words of God
    The purpose of this essay is to investigate the nature, degree, and words of God in order to explain His true nature.
  8. God in “On Being an Atheist” by H. J. McCloskey
    According to Evans Stephen and Manis Zachary, the existence of a contingent being who does not have an explanation of his or her own existence and argues that he is the cause of the contingent […]
  9. Theories of the God Existence and Ethics
    This theory argues that God’s existence through the very definition of God and the fact that people try to argue about this shows that indeed God exists.
  10. Job’s Suffering and God’s Response
    The fact is, Job chooses to challenge the existing rules due to the visible unfairness of his suffering. Overall, the question that is raised by the Book of Job is whether we know how to […]
  11. Marketing Challenge Encountered by Assemblies of God
    The supporters of the Assemblies of God view the Bible as the word of God, being a sufficient guide for the faith and actions of a person.
  12. The Household of God: the Nature of the Church
    The book “The Household of God: Lecture on the Nature of the Church” written by Newbigin in 1953 explores the history of Christendom to understand and explain the meaning of the word ‘church.’ The author […]
  13. The Philosophy Arguments of God Existence
    He argues that human beings may not know the identity or the capability of the being that made the watch, but this does not negate the very existence of that being.
  14. God and Problem of Evil in Johnson’s Philosophy
    As for the moral features of God, it is possible to assume that he is evil since he causes many evil events.
  15. Religious Experience as the God Existence Argument
    These experiences which are known as religious experiences are held to differ from ordinary experiences in that what is experienced is taken by the person to be some supernatural being or presence, a being related […]
  16. Ontological Proof of God’s Existence
    It is because other marvelous things that cannot be conceived can either be an object or not specifically God, as the argument claims.
  17. Gregory Jones: Question of God
    Jones states that living with a merciful heart and god-like compassion is the answer to the deepest question of god of how to accept all the horrors of life and sustain hope and belief in […]
  18. The Message to Think of Jesus as God
    Ye that travailest to keep the good spirits at the hard times; though that hath stood the times of lament and cry; ye that hath no fear for anything but the Wrath of God, are […]
  19. Terror in the Mind of God by Mark Juergensmeyer
    The author is trying to the argument as to why the frequency of acts of terrorism has been on the rise in recent years.
  20. God, People, Self-Identity in the “Jesus” Movie
    One of the most memorable descriptions of God by Jesus, as seen in the film, is that according to Christ, God’s ways are counterintuitive and one may never cease to experience the sensation of humility […]
  21. Philosophy. Existence of God: Moral Arguments
    However, the natural universe is characterized by gigantic, complex, and fascinating features compared to those of the artificial world. This means that there is no conclusion to a single creator of the universe.
  22. God, Others and Self: Catholic Morality
    It is necessary to note that Christian ethics is a crucial part of the Christian religion that defines appropriate and wrong behaviors, and is based on several sources.
  23. Experiences in the Boat and God’s Grandeur
    The narrator got used to his father so much that he even woke up in the middle of the night or at four in the morning.
  24. Philosophy. Dan Korman: God Could Not Allow Suffering
    The main idea of the argument is that much hatred and injustice in the world do not harmonize with the image of God, who is omnibeing, loving, wise, and fair.
  25. Anubis: The Statuette of the Egyptian God
    The mission of Anubis was to guide the souls of the recently dead people through the underworld. This art object is masterfully carved and color-coded, especially the clothing of Anubis that has a rhombus pattern.
  26. Understanding the Nature of God
    The idea of considering the traditional definition of God as the being that cannot be comprehended allows altering the theological understanding of the Creator.

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