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128 Belief Essay Ideas, Topics, & Examples

Looking for belief essay ideas? Being a subject of numerous philosophical debates, the concept of belief is worth exploring.

In your belief essay, you might want to focus of various philosophical approaches to the concept. Another idea is to compare religious and secular belief systems. One more option is to talk about your strongest personal beliefs and practices. Whether you have to write a high-school or a college assignment, our article will be helpful. Here you’ll find everything you might need to write a belief essay. Best personal belief essay topics and examples written by A+ students are collected below.

🏆 Best Belief Essay Examples

  1. Kant’s Categorical Imperative vs. Kierkegaard’s Notion of Faith
    The reason of why Kant’s ideas are preferable to me is that the categorical imperative allows to define what actions are obligatory and which ones should be forbidden and to choose the way that is […]
  2. The Faith Concept and Types
    The concept of faith, types of faith and the criticism of faith are the key areas explored in this paper. The most common type of faith in the world is the religious faith.
  3. The Belief in God
    The existence of God is justified in the sense that existence in the mind as a concept limits the idea of God already in the minds of people.
  4. What is Theology – Faith and Reason in Theology
    Paul Ricoeur specialized in philosophy and of relevance to this paper are his thoughts on the effect of the past on the present.
  5. Religion: Reason and Faith
    Judaism According to Anon, this is one of the religions that have their origin in the covenant of Abraham with God.
  6. Criticism of “Our Faith in Science”
    The authors imply that scientific methods can help to prove the positive effect of Tenzin Gyatso’s practices in order to tell about this phenomenon to the international community.
  7. Buddhism: Analysis of the Religion’s Faith and Practices
    This includes the name of the religion followers, the history and origins of the religion including the founders, the name of the Supreme Being or God, as well as the name of the place of […]
  8. Historical Background of Islamic Faith
    The fundamental goal of this pillar is to ensure sharing among the Muslims. Muslims believe that the purpose of sexual relations is to beget children.
  9. Families of Faith East and West, Their Cosmologies, Core Beliefs and Practice
    Christians believe in the presence of the Holy Spirit in the church and that God is the creator and the savior of mankind.
  10. The Ethics of Belief: Based on Evidence or Inquiry
    In his essay The Ethics of Belief, William Clifford argued that every form of belief had to be based on some evidence or inquiry.
  11. Blind Faith vs. The Rational Approach
    However, the novelty of the approach wears off quickly, since the only original idea of the presuppositional apologetics is that Christian religion is the only rational explanation for everything that happens in the world.
  12. Faith and Family: Video Review
    The significance of a family as a building block of the community is enormous because it is important for each individuals to have a feeling of connection.
  13. An Individual’s Belief is a Private Matter
    In Clifford’s article “The Ethics of Belief”, the author argues that individuals’ beliefs are not private matters. In the story of the ship, had the ship not capsized, the owner would have achieved his aims.
  14. “The Ethics of Belief” by William Clifford
    While advancing his idea that there can be no justification for people to be blinded with irrational beliefs to such an extent that they grow deaf to the voice of reason, Clifford resorted to the […]
  15. Belief without Prior Evidence
    This is one of the main points that one can make in response to William Clifford’s essay The Ethics of Belief.
  16. Philosophy of Religion: Argument According to Pascal’s Wager on the Belief in God
    In the philosophical argument presented by the book, Pascal’s Wager, by Jeff Jordan with regard to the existence and work of God, it emerges that people’s belief in God is often enhanced by self-interests rather […]
  17. Faith and the Future: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    Jews can gloat and say that they are the chosen people but this is not a wise decision to make because they will be threatened on all side and in fact since two thousand years […]
  18. Belief, Doubt and modern mind
    With the efforts to try and find solutions to one of the greatest mysteries, the ancient societies tried to come up with different suggestions that became a foundation for the creation of religion and religious […]
  19. Relationship Between Christian Faith and Science
    For this reason, science and faith are integral fields of knowledge that enhance understanding of the universe and human existence in the society; thus, theology should allow faith to correlate with science and seek understanding […]
  20. W. K. Clifford, ‘The Ethics of Belief’
    Clifford provided an opinion in opposition to theism where his statements can be put in three points; there is inadequate evidence to believe that there is existence of God, it is incorrect forever, all over, […]
  21. Analyzing the Inculturation Process of Specific Historical Moments in the Development of the Christian Faith
    Inculturation refers to the process of going against the culture or societal values in the process of developing faith. This paper seeks to analyze the inculturation process of specific historical moments in the development of […]
  22. Faith and Grace as the Peculiarities of Religion
    Analyzing the opinions of different researchers, it is possible to consider faith as a set of the moral principles caused by the personal experience of God, while grace is a gift given by God in […]
  23. Empowerment Through Art: A Biographical Study On Faith Ringgold
    But the key lies in knowing that the sickness is real, and her art strives to inform the masses of just that.
  24. The Individual, Faith, and Society
    Hobbes managed to overcome all the political and social havocs that affected his life and which were the major things that shaped the way he was thinking.
  25. Cultural Belief System: Experiences and Traditions
    In most communities, the belief systems form the basis for validity of governance systems in the community as well as the acceptable laws governing behavior in the society.
  26. Rational Approach to the Issue of Belief
    In spite of the fact, objecting the position of Clifford, the person can support James’s views, and objecting the position of James, the person can discuss Clifford’s ideas as relevant, it is possible to provide […]
  27. Ethics and Faith in the Movie “Crimes and Misdemeanors”
    In this motion picture, he seems to support the defeat of the religious as seen through the death of the most religious person in the story – Ben.
  28. ‘Belief in Action: The Salvation Army, a Global Not-for-Profit Organization’
    Strategic planning goes through a process from setting the mission, objectives, situation analysis, strategy creation, execution and finally control so as to achieve positive results and an effective plan of action.”Strategic planning is inextricably interwoven […]

⭐ Personal Belief Essay Topics

  1. Integrating Faith and Learning
    Kotter and Keller provide that marketing management is the process of formulating and organizing marketing strategies to control the organizational activities as well as allocate the marketing resources.
  2. Without Faith, There Can be no True Virtue?
    It relates to the author of integrity and the dishonest virtue that occurs where there is no faith in God even if the qualities of an individual are the best.
  3. “Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief” by John M. Frame
    The book goes further to analyze God’s will and power. Christians should use this book in order to establish the best relationships with their God.
  4. The Main Problems of “Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief” by John Frame
    One of the best ways to solve this problem is to approach it from the point of view of God’s love for mankind.
  5. “Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?” by Gettier
    In addition, the article reveals that the concepts of ‘the right to be sure that’ and ‘has adequate evidence for’ only work if the element of ‘justified true belief’ is not introduced in an analysis.
  6. Faith, Justice, War – and Human Rights in the Realm of the Present-Day World
    Quran: The Most Ancient and Sacred Islamic Book as the Basis for the Laws on Human Rights Considering the Issue from a Different Perspective: The Fifteen Postulates Security of life and property: bi-al haqq and […]
  7. Religious Studies: Shinto’ Belief System
    This differs significantly from a vast majority of current belief systems such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and the Hindu religion wherein some form of the profession of faith is necessary to be considered a member […]
  8. Religious Studies: the Rahman Discussion and His Faith in Islam
    Yes, Rahman believes in the teachings of the Quran because they are the basis of all his writing. He cites from the Quran that this day will be the Day of Decision.
  9. Islamic Faith: Teachings and Practices
    Ahmed elaborates that Muslims in Middle East, India and Pakistan are keen and aware of the distinctions between the two factions.
  10. “Confessions of Faith” Written by Cecil Rhodes
    In particular, the author argues that the citizens of the British Empire have a right to rule different regions of the world.
  11. Christian Faith: Ancient Religion
    For example, ity teaches that Jesus is the son of God, he is the way to salvation, and he was sent by God to save the world from sin.
  12. Faith and Ethics Role in Religion
    We will discuss two of the characteristics of the ethics of Jesus, that is, His new concept of love and the value of the individual person and how they can be incorporated in our own […]
  13. The Faith and Ethics Course: Attaining Ethical Maturity
    In Christian context, the Bible is the principle guide to ethical conduct and all actions should be in conformity to it.
  14. Critique of Health-Belief Model by R. Davidhizar
    The primary objective of concept analysis is to examine the main idea critically to identify the themes of the design. The concept of health-related behavior is used in the field of breast cancer to enlighten […]
  15. Testing a Person for His Faith and Devotion to God
    Suffering is usually perceived as a negative experience since it is commonly believed that it is a punishment for the sinner.
  16. Mindfulness in a Faith-Based Education Setting
    The College’s overall strategy for the following years is to continue promoting education in faith to form the staff around the Lasallian values, improve their appreciation of these values, use the Lasallian principles as a […]
  17. Morality, Faith, and Dignity in Modern Youth
    The blistering evolution of society combined with the appearance of new opportunities resulted in the significant deterioration of moral and values which determine the nature of human actions.
  18. Philosophical Views: Faith vs Science
    It is important to look at some of the philosophical views and philosophers that supported the concept of faith, science or both.
  19. Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith
    Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith is one of his writings that discusses religion that is close to the author.
  20. Faith and Excellent Systematic Knowledge
    In the context of a specific parish, one will need to encourage the promotion of parishioners’ education to ensure that they are aware of the key market principles.
  21. Religious Belief and Academic Content
    It should adapt to the overall situation and change the nature of the speeches to reflect that the people’s righteousness was the cause of the good times and that their perseverance would help them overcome […]
  22. Faith Development in Adolescents
    I believe my input was valuable for the patient and her faith development as she carved some of the spiritual pillars that would be helpful in her adulthood.
  23. “The Ethics of Belief” by William K. Clifford
    On religious beliefs, Clifford advises that belief matters are private and that people have the right to choose whichever religion to believe.
  24. Reformation Theology as the Source of Religious Faith
    The three major teachings from Martin Luther regarding reforming the church include the fact that faith in God’s gift of forgiveness is very essential and is the only way through which individuals could win salvation […]
  25. Change in Belief System
    Their life experiences, friends, and exposure to reality are some of the factors that contribute to such shifts in belief and attitude towards diverse occurrences in life.
  26. Belief Systems in Generation X and Millennials
    As the purpose of the project consists in analyzing various belief systems pursued by Generation X and Millennials, it is purposeful to represent photos, statistics, and graphs uncovering the percentage characteristics in terms of the […]
  27. Core Values in Personal Belief System
    These are my core values and include happiness, family, friends, pleasure and financial security and stability. In conclusion, I agree that values are important to my life.
  28. Cardiac Surgery vs. Faith Healing
    However, I believe that it is our duty as true Christians to forego any other interventions, including operations, since it has already been proven that it is wrong to go against God’s will.

💡 Most Interesting Belief Topics to Write about

  1. Mahāyāna Awakening of Faith and Chinese Culture
    To support this argument, it is possible to read through the Awakening and note the parts that might have been influenced by the situation in China at the time.
  2. Faith and Critical Reason Issues
    My understanding of faith is close to the definition suggested by Tilley, who argues that faith is the relationship between the person who has faith and that “which one has faith in”.
  3. Islam: Connection of Belief With a Traditional Life
    Knowledge of the bases of Muslim doctrine is rather variously at various layers of the population and in the different countries of traditional distribution of Islam.
  4. The Christian Faith in Geisler’s and Feinberg’s “Introduction to Philosophy: A Christian Perspective”
    In spite of all this reason vs.revelation debate, there is an underlying determination that is made apparent in the book: this is the determination to overcome any kind of rationalist thought or idea and discount […]
  5. Cherokee Indian Belief: Gateway to Modern Civilization
    The Cherokee learned the art of combat war from the Europeans and they used the same tactics later on to attack their neighbors in the frontiers.
  6. Islam: a Restatement of Israeli Faith
    He did not have formal training or wisdom to have made any editorializing or modification to the word of God hence Muslims believe that the Koran is the pure and unadulterated word of God as […]
  7. Human Experience and Development Of Religious Belief
    In an analysis of the role of the human experience in the development of religious beliefs, it is necessary also to note that the relation between human experience and religion is the exact background to […]
  8. Christian Ministry and Personal Faith
    Moreover, should we want to focus on the Christian Ministry, and any other ministry for that matter, I think we have to get back to the basic teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, and this […]
  9. Ethics and Combination of Religious Faith, Ethical and Aesthetic Beliefs
    It is essentially described by the existence of pleasure and in living an aesthetic life to the maximum one has to aim at maximizing the given pleasures.
  10. Islamic Faith and Ritual Practice
    In the Islamic faith, rituals, known in their religion as ibadat, meaning acts of obedience, service, and worship to God, form the foundation on which the whole faith is anchored.
  11. Martin Luther: Justification by Faith Alone
    The basis of the doctrine of justification by faith is the doctrine of grace as undeserved favor of God to fallen humanity.
  12. Ethics of Belief: Term Discussion
    For instance, in the above example of taking your friends to a restaurant, you have to follow epistemic norm and the moral norm almost becomes obligatory.
  13. Voluntaristic Faith: Readings by Clifford and James
    Faith, according to the readings of Clifford and James is a strong belief inscribed in the mind of an individual that that what they think is right.
  14. Martin Buber: Two Types of Faith
    The first type of faith is expressed in the continuity of the nation which one is born in and he is a member.
  15. Aquinas and Faith: Theological Theories
    Aquinas asserts that true faith should believe in what has been revealed by God The agreement that characterizes faith is being wholehearted and not timid. Through revelation one accepts the propositions in faith that God […]
  16. The Circle of Life: Belief of Native Americans
    He shows the weakest and frailest infants being at the base of the hill while the oldest were on the top.
  17. Creationism as a Religious Belief
    The evolutionary scientists believe that the positions taken by creation scientists on the origin of the earth and life forms are irreconcilable to theirs.
  18. The Chinese Belief on Death and Dying
    These distinctions are visible due to several cultures act of subjecting to an influencing experience of death in the African perspective, the keeping with the nature of the Bible or its times, the people from […]
  19. Reason and Religious Belief. An introduction to The Philosophy of Religion’ by M. Peterson
    The chapter reveals that God is imperceptible to the senses of a man, and unconditionally pervades all the reality known to man. Therefore, it is challenging to reconcile the concept of God with evil and […]
  20. Spiritual Belief Is the Integral Parts of Human Beings
    In other words, the fact of the existence of the universe proves the idea of God responsible for the creation of such ideal objects and things.
  21. Four Apostles’ by Albrecht Dürer: Protestant Faith
    Protestantism emerged in Europe at the beginning of the 16th century as the opposition to the Roman Catholic Church and based on the belief in personal faith and the connection to God.
  22. Adam’s Apples: Testing of Faith
    Adam, on the other hand, is skeptical and eager to confront the vicar, seeking to prove that Ivan’s miserable life is a sign of God’s hatred.
  23. “Ferguson and Faith” by Leah Francis
    In this way, the religious activists may raise public awareness about the topical social issues in relation to the spiritual dimensions of human life, and engage people “in conversation about the theological imperative” in the […]
  24. “Faith-Sharing” by Fox and Morris
    The three concepts that I have learned from the text include the meaning of faith, the motivation for faith sharing, and the appreciation of the meaning of faith sharing.
  25. Belief and Evidence between Religion and Science
    Therefore, they base their hopes on the belief that all will be well with them, and they will wake up to continue with their daily activities.
  26. Faith-Based Organization Services as the Best Means to Prevent HIV and AIDS in Southern Cameroons
    The HIV/AIDS issue was complicated by the fact that at the moment of this research, there was no cure and the only way of addressing the infection spread was through prevention and ensuring that people […]
  27. Christian Faith and Work with Service Members
    In their article, Kick and McNitt discuss the importance of faith in providing help to the military members, veterans, and their families.
  28. “Strength in the Unfeigned Faith”
    To the extent of questioning the incarnation of Jesus Christ, I become skeptical in basing my belief on the knowledge of this world.

📌 Top Belief Topics to Write about

  1. Utopia Is The Belief Of The Perfect Place On Earth
  2. What is Socrates Belief about the Pursuit of truths by the Critical Methods of Inquiry
  3. The Enlightenment of the Personality Disorder and the Belief of the Flat Earth Concept
  4. The Use of Belief, Faith and Struggle in The Road, a Novel by Cormac McCarthy
  5. What Does the Evidence Reveal About Belief in the Afterlife in New Kingdom Egypt?
  6. The Evolution of Awareness and Belief Ambiguity During the Process of High School Track Choice
  7. Understanding Fundamentalist Belief Through Bayesian Updating
  8. The Verification Principle Offers no Real Challenge to Religious Belief
  9. What Is Superstitions As A Belief Or A Way Of Behaving
  10. The Elements of Belief in the Horror Film Rosemary’s Baby
  11. Use Self Belief To Shape Your Own Destiny
  12. Why the Distinction Between Knowledge and Belief Might Matter
  13. Which Is Better, True Belief and Knowledge
  14. Weakly Belief-Free Equilibria in Repeated Games with Private Monitoring
  15. The Diversity of the Christian Belief under a Single God
  16. Universally Rational Belief Hierarchies
  17. Using the Health Belief Model to Understand Pesticide Use Decisions
  18. Why Alfred Hitchcock is Not Dead Contrary to Popular Belief
  19. The Importance of Compassion in My Life and Belief as a Ocean Lifeguard
  20. Toward an Economic Theory of Religious Belief and the Emergence of Law
  21. The Use and Belief in Superstitions in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
  22. William Clifford, Blaise Pascal And William James ‘ Arguments Of Belief
  23. The Hindu Belief In Respect For All Living Creatures

👍 Exciting Belief Essay Ideas

  1. The Influence of Human Conduct on Belief in God Essay
  2. The Influences of the Mexican Cultural Belief of Death in Pedro Paramo
  3. The Relationship between Belief in God and Grammatical Habit
  4. The Problem Of Education Is Teaching Individuals The Belief
  5. Witches and Devil Belief from Europe to America
  6. Time, History, and Belief in Aztec and Colonial Mexico
  7. The True Puppeteer : Is It A False Belief Or An Idea Of Human
  8. The Relationship Between Belief Systems and Political or Social Hierarchy in South Asia and East Asiasouth and East Asia
  9. Why The Government Is Allowed Their Own Personal Belief
  10. Witches This Was Necessary To Combat The Devil Witch Authorities Belief
  11. The Positive and Negative Effects of Mongol Practice and Belief
  12. The Sociological Challenges To Religious Belief
  13. Using System Dynamics to Investigate How Belief Systems Influence the Process of Organizational Change
  14. The Similar Belief in Gods of the Ancient Greek and Roman Religions
  15. The Three Generations of My Family and the Belief on the Idea of Having Children Out of Wedlock
  16. The Role of Communication in Attitudes, Belief Systems and Self-Motivation
  17. The Spiritual Belief Of Demon Possession And Epilepsy
  18. The Unethical and Unscientific Climate Change Denial in The Ethics of Belief by William Clifford
  19. The True Reason and Aspects Behind One’s Belief
  20. Understanding the Puritan Belief of Mary Rowlandson
  21. Toy Manufactures Has Enforced The Belief Of Children

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