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Belief, Doubt and modern mind Essay

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One of the oldest and most influential beliefs in human history and in the creation at large has been the belief concerning the origin of life and universe and the different theories that tried to give an explanation to the origin of life and the universe.

With the efforts to try and find solutions to one of the greatest mysteries, the ancient societies tried to come up with different suggestions that became a foundation for the creation of religion and religious beliefs, since most of the mysteries could not be easily explained and hence the human race hose to believe that there must have been an existence of a different and more powerful being that was involved in the creation and the presence of life and the universe.

From the different scholars who have laid their views on the trends that have been taking place concerning religion and the beliefs, there are a lot of issues that may be noted, especially the fact that there have been a lot of changes in the beliefs, a factor that has led to a separation in humanity resulting to two different groups in the line of religious beliefs.

One of the groups has chosen to allow change take its effect by arousing a lot of doubt in them towards religion. The other group, however, chose to stand for their religious believes irrespective of the changes around them.

For example, Freud totally opposed religion stating that it is just a form of mental and psychological delusion and that there is actually no proper basis for religious beliefs. He argues that humans are not willing to go an extra mile to explain their world so they have come up with different beliefs to try and stop them from going through the pain of the explanations and hence rely on religious beliefs that are quite baseless and unfounded.

However, he tends to believe that there is a lot of evidence to support the facts that oppose religion since there are a lot of inventions and discoveries that have been made to explain the world as it is rather than relying on beliefs. He is hence one of the main proponents of the doubt against religion and the integration of the modern mind into life (Freud 17-45).

In the same way, Russell argues that religion is founded on myths rather than on facts and that there is no need to stand so strongly for what you cannot prove. Most of the arguments in the religious beliefs concerning explanations relating to the world and life are actually baseless and seem to be just a way of escapism from the reality and from trying to explain better the issues being considered.

Therefore, traditional beliefs are viewed as being outdated and irrelevant in the modern life. Therefore, there is a need to embrace modernity and facts that have been proven beyond doubt by scientific and technological inventions.

Russell is hence a great proponent of the embracing of the modern mind that is totally opposed to the traditional ways and beliefs in religion to explain life and the world. He hence believes that the worlds may be able to run better and with more organization and coordination if all the traditional ways were evaded and new ways were adopted. The new methods would more specific and reliable as they would include scientific and technological facts that have been tested and approved (Russell 36-103).

Similarly, another strong opponent of religion is Nietzsche who believes that religion is just a baseless platform that is only enjoyed by the weak and those of little understanding. This scholar argues that the only people who stick with old and outdated beliefs are those who have somehow lost and are relatively disadvantaged in the society and hence they try to use religion as a way of escape from the reality.

However, there is a need for people to seek more knowledge and understanding of different aspects of life so as to be able to embrace life and all its occurrences in a more positive and clear manner. There is therefore no need to keep on with beliefs that have no foundation but rather there is a need to go for more elaborate and clear facts that have found proof in the modern world (Henderson 61-121).

On the other side, there are many scholars who have experienced the effects of modernity in different ways and have acted under different designations in the world and yet they have given religion a consideration in their lives. Malcolm, for example embraces religion and state that it should be given its due place in life irrespective of all the changes and inventions that have been made in the world.

Religion is actually a part of the society and humanity and not necessarily a theoretical approach to try and explain the world. He also states that religion is a fundamental part of humanity and that not only are human beings social beings but also spiritual beings and hence there is a need for them to believe in a supernatural, spiritual being that is in control of the universe and life and hence to be able to be fulfilled socially (Malcolm 1).

In a similar manner, Joyce argues that life is more baseless without religion and that religion has a very relevant and fundamental place in the society. Modernization cannot be used as a scapegoat from religion. Scientific inventions and technology has a limit beyond which it cannot be able to explain the world and life and hence the facts indicated in religion as being the ultimate explanations to the universe still stand.

Therefore, there is a need for the society to embrace religious beliefs and still maintain a place for religion even as it embraces modern life and the modern mind. Actually, there is no need to avoid implicating the whole issue on religion since there is no good reason for there to be any doubt concerning religion. Therefore, modernity is actually supposed to compliment religion rather than supplementing it (Joyce 45-83).

Also, according to Lewis, religion is inevitable since life is full of conflicts between the good and the evil and that only by embracing religion can a society be able to live with soberness and order. Without religion, there would be chaos and a lot of disorderliness and life would be without meaning (Lewis 24-59).

In the same way, Luther portrays a lot of religious belief in the aspects of his livelihood and his faith. He is a very influential and popular leader yet he gives religion its rightful place irrespective of the occurrences and happenings around him especially due to scientific and technological inventions. He believes that these factors should be integrated with religion so as to have a fulfilled life (Luther 1).

In general, even with the many scientific inventions and the technological advancements, there is a need for there to be a consideration of the basic factors in life, of which religion is one. Religion has stood the test of time and irrespective of the changes in life and in the world, there is a need to give it a place in the society so as to have order, soberness and even factors that unite and identify the society.

With these factors in place, the society is bound to be united as one and to progress even as the world progresses. Without this factor of belief, there will be a lot of advancements in the world but unfortunately the society will crumble and disintegrate under these very same forces of change.

I have observed that though there have hence been a lot of changes in the society which have resulted to a lot of doubts and uncertainties on beliefs and left many confused on the issue of religion and the associated beliefs leading many to seek to apply the scientific knowledge and facts in explaining life rather than sticking with what they see as traditional and outdated, other have stuck with religion and opted to integrate modernization with their beliefs.

In the same way, I propose that for the sake of the unity of the society, there should be a way of integrating religion with modernity so as to allow a multifaceted progress and development.

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