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“Examined Life” in Socrates’ Thesis

In order to develop a sufficient understanding of what this proposition means, it is necessary to recognize the specifics of the philosopher's approach to philosophy and how it relates to practical life.

Human Nature in Socialist View Since 1800

The work by Robert Owen, "Lectures on the Rational System of Society", is written in the middle of the 19th century."Socialism and Human Nature" is created by Arnold Peterson in the middle of the 20th [...]

Epistemic Superiority over Computer Simulations

The first challenge is to explore and determine the source of the epistemic privilege of an experiment. Parke also observed that simulations are seen to have less impact than experiments on the generation of scientific [...]

Utilitarianism, Kantianism, Virtue Ethics, Egoism

Quote: The amanagers of a corporation must take responsibility to fulfil their duties to their stockholders and to the public'. According to this normative theory, the utility can be described as anything that is related [...]

Extended Lifespan and Its Great Danger

The revolution in science and the appearance of new technologies triggered a new wave of vigorous discussions about the possibility of the creation of a scientific approach that would help to extend the average human [...]

Platonic Realism and Counterarguments

Although the Platonic view of value has gained much acceptance since its emergence, it has failed to address some of the underlying issues that deter the universality of things and the need for associative rules [...]

Philosophical Life: Live, Love, and Learn

The whole world is currently taking a paradigm shift towards trying to find the reason and meaning of life. A perfect philosophical way of life is the philosophy of the three Ls which stand for; [...]

Happiness and Success as a Life Meaning

I find meaning in my life when I help people that I encounter in my life. This means that life, when a person follows the Christian rules, is full of spirituality and thus meaning.

Rene Descartes’ Rational Choice Theory

Rene Descartes is arguably the father of modern philosophy; he is the one philosopher who is heralded for the introduction of algebra and the connection that lay between algebra and the scholarly subject of geometry.

Thales vs Anaximander Philosophy

The Milesian philosophers, Thales and Anaximander, advanced a rational or scientific explanation for the metaphysical elements of the universe that departed from the mytho-poetic reasoning of the time.

Kant’s “Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals”

Although the principles from Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals can be considered as associated with authoritarian ethics or reflecting other views on humanistic ethics, Kant's work presents a system of ethics that is similar [...]

Descartes’ Self-Concept Construction

A careful study of his masterpiece entitled, Meditations can lead one to conclude that his concept of the self was the byproduct of the combination of the use of his physical senses, common sense, and [...]

Meanings Are Created in Experience

Later the Carthage ruler realized that their people were moving out of the country in much of the fertile land and they, therefore, forbade the movement as it was to depopulate the country hence lose [...]

What Were the Teachings of Mencius?

According to Oxtoby and Amore, the main principles of the teaching of Mencius were the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement of individuals who should challenge their usual feudal structure of life, being oppressed by the [...]

Immanuel Kant’s Moral Theories

If I were to say the truth in the questionnaire in order to preserve my moral integrity and fall in line with the Police Code and Kantian standards for morality, I would be compelled to [...]

Plato’s Aesthetics

The philosopher defines God and the creator's responsibilities in the text of the Republic: The creator is real and the opposite of evil.

Kohlberg Dilemma Matrix

Another characteristic of this stage of moral speculation is that the speculators mostly view the dilemma through the lens of consequences it might result in and engage them in a direct or indirect manner.

Human Free Will in Philosophical Theories

The above factors are completely out of our control thereby affirming the fact that we do not act out of free will. Essentially, we may seem to have free will but our actions and decisions [...]

Politics and Power in “My Own Personal Idaho” Film

As a perfect example of thought-provoking and emotional movies, My Own Private Idaho can affect people's political sensibilities and represent politics and power in an unfavorable light: no positive patterns connected with power and authorities [...]

Taoism and Chinese Calligraphy Development

Chinese calligraphy is one of the premier practices of Chinese art and is considered an essential feature of Chinese culture. The beauty of calligraphy is realized only when we combine the expressions of the words [...]

Clifford’s vs. James’s Knowledge Theories

This is the reason why Clifford states that the ship owner should be condemned on the basis of making a judgment without sufficient evidence In his pragmatism, James sees the truth in terms of usefulness [...]

Consciousness in Buddha’s Discourse

As a result, it was regarded as a problem that arose from the pernicious view of a bhikkhu named Sati, addressed as the son of a fisherman, over the Dharma taught by the Blessed One [...]

Material Monism: Nature of the World and Universe

However, the evolution of society and human thought resulted in the increased efficiency of cognition tools and the appearance of new ideas to describe the main regularities according to which the world and universe function.

Platonic, Aristotelian, and Marxist Societies

It is essential to note that the nature of the society goes ahead of the family and the individual. In this regard, it is possible to follow the teaching of Aristotle concerning modern community organization.

Demarcation, Its Problem, Importance, Solutions

In the 21st century, distinguishing between scientific and non-scientific theories has been one of the most complex issues. There has to be a clear definition to establish the scope of a scientific hypothesis and other [...]

Immanuel Kant’s Views on Lying

Responsibility and accountability are the facets of morals, the consequences of your actions should be borne by you alone and no one must suffer or gain favors in the name of a lie.

Aristotle as the First Political Scientist

Although it is possible to consider Aristotle as the first political scientist with references to the aspects of discussing political science in the context of the political philosophy, a lot of researchers also determine the [...]

The Meanings of Lives by Susan Wolf

Although the idea of searching for the meaning of life does not seem original enough, the difference between the common meaning of life and the essence of life for each and every individual is worth [...]

Philosophy and the Body

In other words, Freud's thesis is premised on the fact that body is the main principle for distinguishing between the outside and inside impacts through the pressure imposed on the nervous system identifying physiological stimulus, [...]

“Brain in the Gut”: Concept Overview

Being one of the independent systems in the organism, the enteric nervous system takes control of the digestive process and does not have to report about the processes to the brain.

The Support of the Use of Force

The principal idea resides in the presumption that the support of the use of force is determined by the political views of the respondents.

The Purpose of Man

One of the basic virtues of a human being is to be rational, and it enhances all other virtues. A human being must have the ability to select his actions, goals, and values carefully for [...]

Religious Pluralism and Tolerance

Therefore, it is possible to state that all religions have the same goal though they may have different tools to achieve it but people should embrace the idea of religious pluralism, as it will enable [...]

Euthanasia: Moral Rationalist View

Human beings rely on the available evidence to generate beliefs about life and goals that should be attained, and thus the use of reason leads to success in these objectives.

Karl Marx’s Concept of Alienation

According to Marx, that is called the externalization of a worker in his product. A man does not choose the productive activity, he is a part of it only because he is forced to he [...]

Social and Racial Contract Theories

Social contract refers to a tacit or explicit agreement of the individuals to give up some of their initial freedoms in order to create the government that would be responsible for the maintenance of order [...]

Ethics Types, Differences, Applications

To be more particular about the two types above of ethics, virtue ethics can be defined as the type of ethics that "focuses on the character traits and nonobligatory ideas that facilitate the development of [...]