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  1. The American Way of Death: Process Analysis in Writing
    The American Way of Death is one of such literary works, the author of which uses process analysis writing form and focuses her attention to the details, inherent to funerals.
  2. The Peculiarities of Discussing the Theme of Death in Poetry and Prose
    The question of this fringe helps to emphasize the problem of the lovers’ separation.”The separation of the soul from the body, and the separation of lovers from each other, is not an ending but the […]
  3. Aristotle and Plato: Life after Death – Compare and Contrast
    On the other hand, religion has maintained that the soul is immortal and survives the death of the body. Plato argued that the soul is immortal and therefore survives the death of the body.
  4. Nietzsche: Death of God
    Nietzsche, being one of the believers in the rule of the body over the body over the mind believed that ideas contained inhibited the body’s actions.
  5. Death and the Afterlife in the Epic of Gilgamesh
    The main purpose of the Gilgamesh myth is to illustrate the weakness of man in the face of destiny. By the time this dream appears in the story, the reader is already aware Enkidu is […]
  6. Death’s Head, Cherub, Urn and Willow: The Views of Religion and Death in 1720–1820
    Reflecting the change in the views of death both in their form and contents, gravestones bear valuable and trustworthy information about the cultural, the religious, and the social perspectives of the time.
  7. Becoming Original: Truth and Death in Hawthorne’s The Minister’s Black Veil
    In the creation and presentation of the true inevitability of death via Hooper’s veil, Hawthorne fulfills Fuller’s definition of the American writer as in possession of the “noble fearlessness [that] can give wings to the […]
  8. Why Physician-Assisted Death on the Terminally Ill lacks Justification
    Euthanasia, the act of ending life, can be voluntary or involuntary, passive or active, but proponents and opponents have largely progressed arguments and counterarguments based on the holistic approach of the term and the resulting […]
  9. Change of Death Attitude From Traditional to Modern Way
    Traditionally, the rate of death was higher than it is in modern life, people had become “used to” death, and it was seen as part of collective destiny of the species.
  10. Death, Dying and Bereavement
    The aged are usually perceived as being susceptible to illnesses and in the event that the aged is having an illness as well as a young man, it is usually assumed that the young man’s […]
  11. Death Ceremonies in Luhya Tribe
    This tribe is called the Luhya tribe and is one of the 42 tribes of the Republic of Kenya. This is because a clan might actually size to exist due to the death of a […]
  12. Buddhism: The Concept of Death and Dying
    Life is permanent but death is the transition of a human soul to either one of the six Buddhist realms. The purpose of this paper is to explain the concept of death from the Buddhist […]
  13. Death and the Maiden: Emily Dickinson’s Thematic Obsession with Death
    The Afterlife less interesting than life?”.”My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close” opens another door into the theme of death from Dickinson’s penetrating and sharp intellect.
  14. Poe’s Favorite Subject Matter Is Death
    This is not an exaggerated statement judging from terms and imagery used in at least four of his popular works such as The Cask of Amontillado; The Black Cat; The Tell-Tale Heart; and The Masque […]
  15. Death, Loss, and Grieving
    Grieving is the process of accepting and acknowledging the reality of death and the loss that has occurred due to death of a loved one in the society.
  16. Philosophical Analysis on the Death of Osama Bin Laden
    Osama is the main face behind the Al Qaeda terror group and when it was announced that after years of hunting him down, Osama had finally been killed by the United States government, there could […]
  17. Life After Death
    In many religions across the world, people belief in life after death and also being born again in the world after an individual. Life after death is the belief in the continuation of life after […]
  18. Effects of a Parental Death on Younger Children
    The impacts of paternal and maternal death on young children are premised on the child’s health, school enrollment and educational attainment of the child in comparison to adverse poverty.
  19. The Kind of Sara’s Death: Medical and Religious Aspects
    Sara Monopoli’s problems had started with a cough and a pain in her back and by the time, the doctors discovered that it was lung cancer; the disease had already spread to the lining of […]
  20. Parameters of a Children’s Book That Talks About Death and Dying
    The topic of death and dying, from Piaget’s perspective, is essential to a child and that they are born with the innate ability to feel the emotion and effects of death around them.
  21. Summary of Blade Runner: Death and Resurrection
    Blade Runner is one of the films that show how humanity shapes its identity and the expectations it makes based on the nature of its surrounding. According to the film, disbelief is high in postmodernism […]
  22. Death Lore: Texas Rituals, Superstitions, and Legends of the Hereafter
    Further, it links the same to the beliefs and values of the people of the state of Texas. It has not been able to address some of the aspects that encompass the Texas Death lore.
  23. Death and Justice by Edward I. Koch: A Book
    Although the issue of the death penalty is quite controversial, it is the most effective deterrence and the fairest justice that can be done to the victims of the most serious offenses.
  24. Analysis of Nagel’s Death: The Assumptions and Theories
    He explained death as the end of living; this meant the life of an individual would be terminated at the time of death.
  25. The Elephant in the Room: Existentialism and the Denial of Death
    In Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilych, Peter Ivanovich experiences a chilling moment as he contemplates his own mortality in light of the long and painful period of torture and agony that befell his colleague […]
  26. How Death and Dying Is Dealt With in Other Cultures and Countries
    Social learning theory is the theory that assumes that people can learn new behavior through observation and imitation of the social factors that make up the environment. Death is an event or condition that results […]
  27. The Matter of Life and Death
    Since it is necessary that the population of the mankind did not expand, due to the lack of supplies, it is undesirable that the pregnant woman were in the bunker.
  28. A Systematic Study of Suffering and Death in Christianity
    There exist six major perspectives that try to explain the meaning and existence of suffering in Christianity: First, the Bible exploits well the subject of suffering; it does not leave it to the believers’ own […]
  29. Blue Screen Of Death
    Being experienced in consulting, Anne had a big range of responsibilities within the bounds of the project; however, when the day of the project presentation to the Mining Inc.came, she found that her companion, Zubair, […]
  30. Death in The Shipping News
    In Proulx’s The Shipping News, death is the end of Quoyle’s silence and the beginning of his voiced, well-articulated future. Wavey is a point of connection between Quoyle and the new place he is in.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Death

  1. Does the Death Sentence Offer Justice to the Criminal?
    It is not enough to be locked in prison for ending the life of a fellow human being. Revenge is one of the ways that can be used.
  2. Death and Everyday life
    People who have been in a long relationship and family members can be affected by the death of their loved ones and need assistance to deal with the loss.
  3. The Policy of One Child Per Couple in China: Death and Birth Rate
    This is in regard to the composition of the population of this country. The first among them is a decline in the rate of growth of the population.
  4. Different Approaches to the Theme of Death
    Facts and Reality In the first place, it is necessary to focus on the major similarities within poets’ approach to the theme, i.e.the three major peculiarities of the Asian poetry. The reader understands that the […]
  5. We Are Not Harmed by Our Own Death
    As such, in this case is the fetus at the time of its death and has not came to existence as a person yet.
  6. Social Issue: The Death of the Whitney Houston
    In addition to giving a precise of the aforementioned story, the next discussion also elaborates the story by relating it to sociological imagination and the concept of social perspectives.
  7. A Matter of Life and Death, or Did You Hear Someone Knocking?
    Thus, the bottom line is that whenever hearing a knock at the door, it is better to take chances and open it.
  8. Children Literature Analysis: The Concept of Death
    To enable the children understand the issue of death, various aspects are used by the author so as to generate the feeling surrounding the concept of death and to ensure the young people understand the […]
  9. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
    Most of these studies focused on the incidences of SIDS, factors that are responsible for the condition, and the possible measures that could be put in place to reduce the incidence of the condition.
  10. Death Anxiety is a Multidimensional Concept
    While concentrating on these dimensions of the death anxiety, it is possible to determine such concrete fears as the fear of dependency, the fear of the pain experienced in the dying process, the fear associated […]
  11. Gaddafi Deserved a Private Death
    Despite the fact that Gaddafi was a tyrant, for the sake of journalistic ethos and the plight of his family members, his death deserved privacy from the media.
  12. Modern Christianity view and perspective on Death and Dying
    Some Christians believe that death is safe to the people of God and that it is a necessity to fit in the complete delight of God.
  13. Death and Dying In Modern Christianity
    This is well elaborated in the bible as an explanation of the reward to the righteous and the justices that will be accorded to the evil.
  14. Perspectives of Death
    In the different interpretations of death, there is a section of people that believe death is the final stage in the life journey of both human beings and plants.
  15. Power, Memory and Spectacle on Saddam Hussein’s Death
    His rational was that the only way to unite the country was to eliminate the elements of division who in his opinion were the opposition.
  16. Late Adulthood and Death
    This paper examines ageism and the stereotypes associated with late adulthood; how individuals can promote health and wellness in late adulthood; the importance of relationships and social interactions; and personal attitudes towards death in late […]
  17. Amusing Ourselves to Death Thesis
    The author observes that the electronic media, such as the internet, cell phones, and DVDs, determine the type of information that people listen to in the modern society.
  18. All Are Equal In Death
    Death refers to the lasting termination of all life’s tasks in a human being. Death chances on its prey in the middle of their actions and strikes equally to all.
  19. Social Rules in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Chronicle of a Death Foretold
    To begin with, it should be stated that the main idea of the title is to show that the social point of view and the rules which exist in the society are known for all […]
  20. Euthanasia: Is It the Best Solution?
    In twentieth century, various agencies erupted to address the practice of euthanasia such as Voluntary Euthanasia Legislation Society in 1935, which was advocating for its legalization in London and the National Society for the Legalization […]
  21. “Dancing Skeletons: Life and Death in West Africa”
    The conflict is expressed in how the author describes her culture shock when introduced to the native women’s way of treating children or the procedure of female genital mutilation, for that matter.
  22. Muammar Gaddafi’s Death: Scene and Dilemma
    The media was all over, and other Libyan officials joined the crowd to witness with their eyes the body of Gaddafi and his son Mutassim.
  23. Media Announcements: Human Death Deserved to Be Private
    This is just a bit of the pain, not to forget the dishonorable burial that the loved once have experienced in after death.
  24. Friedrich Nietzsche’ Views on Death of Tragedy
    The concept of the death of tragedy is taken from Nietzsche’s book “The Birth of Tragedy” where he declared that God is dead.
  25. Muammar Gaddafi Death: Aspects and Publicity
    The revolution was in a series of attacks witnessed in Arab and African countries in the recent past. In September, the UN replaced Gaddafi’s recognition as the representative of Libya with that of the national […]
  26. Christian and Worldview Perceptions on Death
    Based on the non-Christian contrasting view that death is the end of life, I will constructively illustrate that death is the conclusion of life on earth.
  27. End of Life Issues: Hospital Versus Home Death
    Stringer argues that the notion of ‘good death’ is determined by the characteristics and the preference of the patients and their families.
  28. Life after Death: Ideas in Religion and Culture
    In order to understand various ideas about life after death, the research will analyze some of the popular believes deeply entrenched in the religion and cultural practices.
  29. Life and Death in The Rio Grande by Américo Paredes
    The present paper will focus on one of his poems, “The Rio Grande,” where the author concentrates on an internal question of the balance between life and death, happiness and sorrow.
  30. Exertional Heat Stroke and Sudden Death
    The heat leads to the malfunctioning of the Central Nervous System, which is manifested in the symptoms of EHS. According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, it is vital for an athletic trainer to recognize […]

📌 Most Interesting Death Topics to Write about

  1. Death with Dignity as a Social Concept
    At the same time, there is no such thing as death with dignity because it relies on a social construct of perceiving the human body and, as a result, the concept of the dignified and […]
  2. Death in Psychological and Personal Understanding
    Of course, young people are often ignorant of this issue, but there is always certain period when people have to face the problem. I believe people have to think about death when they are young […]
  3. Buddha’s Speculation About Life After Death
    Buddha’s response to the speculation as to whether death marks the end of life is explained by referring to death as a rite of passage to another stage and not the end of living.
  4. Death Types in Criminal Investigation
    Before the death has been considered a murder, it may complement the evidence concerning the thinkable reasons of why a person may be trying to cover the important information about the demise of the individual.
  5. Change in Attitudes towards Death and Dying
    The mystery that surrounds the issue of death is one of the factors that contribute to the present attitudes that the society has towards death.
  6. Forensic Psychology: Death Notifications
    It is very important to surround the surviving relatives with compassion and understanding during the initial shock that follows the dreadful news. The purpose of delivering death notifications in person is to provide compassion.
  7. “Life After Death” a Book by Damien Echols
    Thanks to the newly-attained DNA evidence that pointed at the unknown suspect present at the crime scene, in 2011 the West Memphis Three were able to sign the Alford plea that allowed them to maintain […]
  8. Good Life and Death for Humans and Other Animals
    As such, the question of what is a “good life” and a “good death” both for humans and animals raises many arguments and opinions, some of which are so remarkably contradictory that it seems strange […]
  9. Shaken Baby Syndrome and Pathology of Death
    The purpose of this research paper is to describe the relationship between shaken baby syndrome and the pathology of death. The energy associated with the acceleration events recorded during shaking can increase the motion of […]
  10. The Concepts of Death and Afterlife in Religious Beliefs
    I find it most interesting how human societies tend to come up with the idea of the temporal nature of death due to the cycles of seasons and the day and night that they witnessed […]
  11. PTSD as the Primary Factor Causing Infant Death
    The lack of studies on the issue of expecting mothers and their subgroups needs to be mentioned among the primary issues that hamper the process of addressing the problem concerning high infant death rates.
  12. Why Is Death Bad?
    The common agreement among societies and individuals across the world is that death is not a pleasant thing. To begin with, Rogers acknowledges that death is painful and capable of affecting the lives of many […]
  13. The Love of Poets for Nature: Life and Death
    In the first section, the narrator depicts the serenity of a frosty night and lets the audience realize that the narrator is the author himself.
  14. Ethical Issues of Death and Dying
    The aim of the end of life care is to ensure that the dying person encounters the least discomfort during the dying process.
  15. Death of the Historical Buddha in Zen Buddhism
    The hanging scroll Death of the Historical Buddha is a perfect example of an idiosyncratic subgenre of the nirvana images, which permeated Japanese art in the sixth century after the adoption of Buddhism.[4] The composition […]
  16. Death Awareness Effects on Self-Realization
    The notion of being prepared for what is to come is naturally linked to self-realization in the sense that people consciously try to achieve as much as possible in the period of life before life […]
  17. Medical Ethics in Charlie Card’s Death Case
    In the public domain, such ruling and the decision by the doctors may imply that patients do not have the right to make decisions concerning their health and the kind of treatment that they receive.
  18. Dealing With the Death of a Grandfather
    In my mind, I never expected grandpa to depart from us, and when he finally did, I felt that God was so unfair to me because He should have left grandpa to see my children.
  19. Environmental Pollution and Increased Birds Death
    The increase in the population of different animals may also cause the death of birds. This leads to the extinction of some animals and birds hence massive death.
  20. Michael Lesy’s Wisconsin Death Trip: Photograph Analysis
    As highlighted by the focus of the light and the enlargement of the image, this makes the ribs of the horse to be the photo’s point of focus.
  21. Why Are We Afraid of Death?
    However, it can be interesting to understand why the rest of the people are so afraid of death. People are afraid of the unknown.
  22. Life After Death: Scientific and Religious Answers
    Is there a life after death? In any way, there is no life after death.
  23. Blood Test Predicting Death Age for Better Life
    This is because I would focus on positive things in my life; plan to do the things I would like to do before I leave, love people a little bit more, enjoy life, and not […]
  24. Knowing Age of Death and Its Disadvantages
    More importantly, I would not want to know when I would die because that would be no kind of life to live.
  25. Internal Family Briefing After the Victim’s Death
    The police and detectives took a special interest in the case and promptly arrived at the scene to help discern the cause of the victims’ death.
  26. Journalistic Mechanisms for Covering Death in Violent Conflicts
    Here, the researchers note that in most modern wars such as the United States’ wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the conflicts between Israel and Palestine, leaderships attempt to take sides in justifying their actions.
  27. Child Death Causes by World Health Organization
    In the article WHO estimates of the causes of death in children, by Jennifer Bryce, Cynthia Boschi-Pinto, Kenji Shibuya, Robert Black, et al, the authors base their article on the fact that child survival efforts […]
  28. Death Causes and Gender Factor in Herkimer County
    The following are the leading causes of death based on gender in Herkimer County, which is located in the state of New York.
  29. The Death Scenario: Positive Psychology
    Generally, I am concerned about Death and my Death or the Death of a loved one for that matter in different ways. The fear of this death scenario and the pain associated with it are […]
  30. Medicolegal Death Investigation: Coroner System
    A coroner carries out the investigation related to the case, defines the causes thereof, and confirms the incidence of death. The medical examiner system implies that a person with a medical degree should carry out […]

✅ Simple & Easy Death Essay Titles

  1. Medicolegal Death Investigation System in the US
    The paper below will cover various issues of the medicolegal death investigation system in the United States of America. The key points that will be addressed in this research are exploring the background information about […]
  2. Spirituality Issues: Death and Dying
    The African culture maintains that it is only in the land of the living where rewards and punishments are inevitable. It is the last stage in the human life cycle and a transition to “life […]
  3. Manners of Death in the United States
    However, there are many people in the entire world who happened to face lightning strikes and survived. For instance, lightning strikes and drowning deaths might be staged by criminals to confuse the police in a […]
  4. Manners of Death in Police
    The authors of the report also provided diverse sets of data sorting the incidence of death in custody in the state of California by various features such as the demographic characteristics of the victims, the […]
  5. Determining Manners of Death
    Such deaths can occur as a result of the following: Life-threatening infections; Lack of supervision from staff; Falls and injuries; Neglect of basic needs and unsanitary conditions at facilities; Errors in medication.
  6. Death and Dying from Children’s Viewpoint
    I can say that religion, the media, and my parents contributed to my early understanding of the concept of death. I developed a view that life expires at the death of my parents’ revelation that […]
  7. The Death of My Grandmother and Lessons Learnt
    Often the loss of a grandmother is the first loss in life, which only complicates the feelings experienced. The loss of my grandmother was the biggest tragedy that has happened to me.
  8. Dying with Dignity: Euthanasia Debate
    On the other hand, the supporters of the law claim that assisted death is not a suicide, and it allows more end-of-life options for terminally ill patients. The majority of people are concerned with control […]
  9. Maternal Death Audit: Millennium Development Goal
    Personally, I believe that the ideas and insights presented in this article are meaningful since effective and timely reviews for maternal deaths can promote superior measures to support the attainment of the MDG 5.
  10. Ethics of Organ Donation After Human Death
    In reference to this case, the ethical dilemma is related to the fact that the hospital administrator needs to disregard the necessity of informed consent for organ donation.
  11. Death in the Western Hemisphere
    This paper aims to examine the concept of death and dying and the perception of the two notions in Western cultures.
  12. Philosophy: “Death” Essay by Thomas Nagel
    Therefore, the first element of viewing death is evil that the author examines is the contrast of this occurrence to life, which is perceived as good.
  13. Thomas Mann’s “Death in Venice” Critical Reading
    He becomes a slave to his love for the boy and no traces of the famous aristocratic author remains. Before Aschenbach traveled to Venice, he was a disciple of the god Apollo, god of reason […]
  14. A Matter of Life and Death Compositional Elements
    Through the usage of color scheme, props, and the setting of the last mise en scene, A Matter of Life and Death facilitated the propagandist message of Anglo-American understanding within the pursuit of individual happiness.
  15. Terri Schiavo’s Patient Rights and Death
    Euthanasia is the process of stopping the medical maintenance of a patient’s life when the patient/herself does not want to suffer anymore and the doctors are sure that no improvements in the patient’s condition are […]
  16. Death in the Work of Danticat, Marshall and Roumaine
    The despair of Celianne in “Children of the Sea” as she throws herself into the ocean is felt by the male narrator of the same story when he embraces death and by Grace’s mother in […]
  17. Philosophical Perspectives on Death and Dying
    These are fear of premature death, fear of the idea of death, fear of the dying process, fear of the death of significant others, fear of the unknown, fear of being destroyed, fear of the […]
  18. Emily Dickinson and Death as a Theme in Her Poetry
    Using the theme of death, the author says that she has to cut her connections with the world and anticipates death.
  19. Low-Carb Diets as a Cause of Premature Death
    There are various claims and misconceptions in the field of nutrition due to the fact that it is highly difficult to identify the core influencing factors.
  20. Overview of Sudden Death Infant Syndrome
    The cause of death in SIDS remains inexplicable in spite of a thorough examination of history and a detailed postmortem. In the United States of SIDS is the leading cause of post-neonatal infant mortality.
  21. Death Causes and Health Indicators in Georgia, US
    The analysis of the leading causes of death across the country identifies the most problematic health issues on the national scale.
  22. Healthy People 2020: Death Causes & Health Indicators
    Healthy People 2020 is a science-based governmental program designed to track progress on the national goals for improving public health in the United States. The scope of Healthy People 2020 is broad.
  23. Life Sentence vs Death Sentence: Discussion
    For the Federal Crime of taking a stolen car across a state line, Manson was sent to the Washington D. In 1969, Terry Melcher visited Spahn Ranch to hear a musical performance by Manson and […]
  24. Death-Denying Culture Among Patients
    The author has argued that society has become a death-denying society where prolonging life becomes a test of the machines and technology that is bent on prolonging death.
  25. Death and Dying in Christianity and Buddhism
    Birth and death are part of everybody’s life: birth is the beginning of living, and death is the end of it.
  26. Final Wishes Before Death
    The better your visualization and your solutions to the problems that you have envisaged, the better is the peace that reigns in your home after you pass away.
  27. Ancient Conceptions of Death and the Afterlife
    Although the specific elements of the religion of the mostly pagan society of the composer of Beowulf around 1000 AD is fundamentally different from the Christian religion of Alfred Lord Tennyson who wrote Morte D’Arthur […]
  28. The Concept of Death as Depicted in the Iraq War
    It is a fact that the most prominent and evident aspect of the war is the phenomenon of death. The reactions of people to the thought of death depend on how death is represented through […]
  29. Aging and Death Relations
    The growth of damages in the organ elements that are required for the creation of new cells of the body leads to death.
  30. The Theme of Death in Fiction-Writing
    Nevertheless, while it is emotional, having to deal with death, the pain of losing a son, and having to deal with the sympathy of people around them, the story disguised the emotion of the individuals […]

💡 Good Research Topics about Death

  1. The Theme of Death in the World of Literature
    Important is the fact that the death is personified in the poem and has the role of the gentleman. The death is presented as a powerful element of the poem and of the narrator’s life […]
  2. Brain Death: Medical Analysis
    If death is defined as the loss of breathing and the loss of the heartbeat, which are both based on the proper functioning of the brain, then it can then be subjectively derived that life […]
  3. The Probable Cause of Marilyn Monroe’s Death
    She had many lovers, many admirers, she associated with the rich and powerful, but in the end, she was so emotionally and psychologically troubled that when she died in 1962, with bottles of drugs beside […]
  4. Life After Death: Christianity and Islam Perspectives
    The afterlife, or the resurrection, is the purpose of most religions. This is the question we ask when we talk of the afterlife and the resurrection.
  5. Death Sentence to Muslim Terrorists: Should We Murder People Who Had Done the Same Before?
    In my opinion, the aim to punish is not the most important in this, but we should try to avoid the same crimes in the future, and that is the aim of Mankind.
  6. Spiritual and Psychological Forms of Death
    As these are applied to cancer patients, they often involve identifying the patient’s pattern of negative stress-related beliefs and the environmental triggers for such beliefs.
  7. The Death of George Washington
    He is considered to be one of the most prominent politicians in the history of the United States. The twentieth century was marked with increased attention to the death of George Washington.
  8. Clinical Ethics of Death and Dying Patients
    Some factors that must be considered when taking a patient off a Ventilator, and the possibility of an End Of Life Decision, are the patient’s age, Multiple Organ Dysfunction Scores, the future outlook for the […]
  9. The Western Corpse: Are We a Death-Denying Society?
    This belief in the body as merely a shell is also assisted by the fact that the corpse in modern times is no longer prepared for disposal by the loving hands of the friends and […]
  10. Denial of Death in Major Religions
    I will agree at this point that the God that both the Christians serve and the Muslims is the same God because both religions believe that this supreme God is not comparable and will never […]
  11. Wit by Margaret Edson How to Face Death
    Through the story, the writer explains the tragic life of the Professor and how she recalls the story of her life which she spent without anybody to care and love for.
  12. From Birth to Death: Human’s Destiny
    The reason people seem to be so attached to Facebook and blogs is because they think this is their primary means of communicating and connecting to the world.
  13. Worldviews in Religions on the Aspect of Death and Afterlife
    The essay compares and contrasts the worldviews of Christianity, medieval Buddhist and Muslim on the aspect of death and afterlife and is covered as follows.
  14. Nature of Self, Death, and Ethics in Buddhism
    The state of ultimate reality is pervasive and it builds the foundation of being and the source of energy in every atom and the life of every creature.
  15. Greek Attitude Towards Death and Afterlife
    The thoughts about death and the beyond can send shivers down the spine of a contemporary person and the attitude of ancient Greeks to death was practically the same.
  16. Death and the Afterlife: A Spiritual World After Death
    The spiritual world for people means the immortality of their souls, which is in general highly important from the point of view of religion and philosophy.
  17. Death and Terminal Illnesses
    Some of the diseases under this category are heart diseases in the advanced stages and to some extent cancer.”In popular use, terminal conditions indicate diseases which will end the life of the sufferers in a […]
  18. When Butterflies Die: Alvarez and Her Idea of Death
    Considering a loss as a chance to take a closer look at ourselves, Alvarez interprets the old idea of drinking the honey and throwing away the bee, applying it to people’s subconscious and suggesting to […]
  19. The Chinese Belief on Death and Dying
    These distinctions are visible due to several cultures act of subjecting to an influencing experience of death in the African perspective, the keeping with the nature of the Bible or its times, the people from […]
  20. Line-Of-Duty Death (LODD) or Critical Injury
    A group of persons with knowledge on the insurance policies of the company should be appointed to render assistance to the family in the filing of claim forms.
  21. U1 IP Medicolegal Death Investigation
    There is one more problem: the bigger the interval between the death time and the body found, the more inaccurate will be the estimation.
  22. Suffering of Death Organs: Organ Donors and Transplantation
    The author begins the article by discussing how the past cessation of breathing used to be one of the recognized signs of death and how the development of the iron lung and later the artificial […]
  23. OSHA: Death Caused by Ladder Falls
    The first one is selecting the wrong type of ladder, which stems from the lack of understanding of essential tools. The most common cause of ladder accidents is the incorrect use of them.
  24. The Role of Cocaine in the Death of Len Bias
    The primary focus of this paper is to analyze the existence of cocaine, its consumption, and connected public opinion at the end of the 20th century studying life and death of Len Bias, a renowned […]
  25. Detailed Coronial Analysis of a Chest Pain Related Death
    The coroner’s report reviewed in this paper is for the patient AD who was brought to the emergency department by the Queensland Ambulance Service with the diagnosis of the acute coronary syndrome.
  26. Global Inequity in Preventable Maternal Death
    Hence, in the framework of the international governance lens, discussions on the alienation of global inequity within the prevention of maternal deaths are relevant and reasonable to provide.
  27. Hindu Death Rites and Provision of the End-of-Life Care
    Hindus have a particular perception of death and what happens to a person in the afterlife, shaping the appropriate for them end-of-life care.
  28. The Death of Hybrid Bodies in Literature and Cinematography
    The death itself is not always physical, it is the mental process of rejection or accommodation to the surrounding world, as the beast’s metamorphosis and integration into the human life paradigm is also a certain […]
  29. Trauma and Death in World Literature and Films
    The themes of trauma and death unite the novel “The Day of the Locust” by Nathaniel West, the short story “Grief” by Scholastique Mukasonga, and the short film The Neighbors ‘Window by Marshall Curry.
  30. Sea Otters’ Life Cycle From Birth to Death
    However, after the species had almost become extinct and their protection began, the species began to recover and towards the close of the 20th century, conservation had given rise to tens of thousands of sea […]
  31. Death from Preventable Injuries: Predicting When Emergency Surgery is Needed as Early as Possible
    The first attempt to quantify this occurred in 1999 when, at the instigation of a presidential task force, the Institute of Medicine extrapolated findings from three states to estimate that from 44,000 to 98,000 people […]
  32. Problem of Death and Bereavement: Case Studies
    The life of a newborn child, no matter how disabled or handicapped it may be, is guarded by the ‘sanctity of human life’ doctrine, and the wishes of the parents or the prospects of the […]
  33. Abortion-Related-Maternal Death in Dominican Republic
    There is need to focus the effort in pressuring the lawmakers to respect the rights of women. The Dominican law prohibits women from abortion even the life of woman and the child is in danger.

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