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Euthanasia Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

📑 Aspects to Cover in a Euthanasia Essay

Euthanasia is the process of intentional life ending. Its goal is to stop patients’ suffering and pain. In today’s world, euthanasia is a debatable topic, and there are many questions around it.

Euthanasia essays can help students to raise awareness of the process and its aspects. That is why it is crucial to research this issue and write papers on it.

You can discuss various problems in your essay on euthanasia, as there is a broad variety of related issues. You can choose the one you are the most concerned about, search for euthanasia essay questions online or consult your professor.

Here are some examples of euthanasia essay topics and titles we can suggest:

  • The benefits and disadvantages of a physician-assisted suicide
  • Ethical dilemmas associated with euthanasia
  • An individual’s right to die
  • Euthanasia as one of the most debatable topics in today’s society
  • The ethical dilemma around euthanasia
  • The ethics associated with voluntary euthanasia
  • Can euthanasia be considered murder?
  • Euthanasia debate: Should the government legalize this procedure?
  • The legality of a physician-assisted suicide in today’s society

Once you have selected one of euthanasia essay titles, you can start working on your paper. Here are some important aspects to cover:

Start from developing a solid euthanasia essay thesis. You should state the main idea of your paper and your primary argument clearly. A thesis statement can look like this:
Euthanasia is beneficial for patients because it prevents them from suffering.
Euthanasia can be equal to murder.

  • Remember to include a definition of euthanasia and related terms, such as physician-assisted suicide. Your audience should understand what you are talking about in the essay.
  • Do not forget to include the existing evidence on the issue. For instance, you can research euthanasia in different countries, the debates around its legalization, and all other aspects related to the problem. Support your claims with facts and cite your sources correctly.
  • Legal and ethical questions are some of the most significant aspects you should cover in the essay. Discuss the potential benefits and disadvantages of the procedure, as well as its impact on patients’ families and medical professionals.
  • If you are writing an opinion paper, do not forget to state your opinion clearly. Include relevant experience, if possible (for example, if you work at a hospital and patients have asked you about the procedure). Have you met people who could have benefited from euthanasia? Include their stories, if applicable.
  • Do not forget to cover the legal aspects of euthanasia in your state. Is it legal to perform some forms of euthanasia where you live or work? Do you think it is beneficial for the patients?
  • Remember to look at the grading rubric to see what other aspects you should cover in your paper. For example, your professor may want you to state a counter-argument and include a refutation paragraph. Make sure that you follow all of your instructor’s requirements.
  • If you are not sure that you have covered all the necessary questions related to your issue, check out related articles and analyze the authors’ arguments. Avoid copying other people’s work and only use it as an inspiration.

Please find our free samples below with the best ideas for your works!

🏆 Best Euthanasia Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Euthanasia: Moral Issues and Clinical Challenges
    Therefore, any law that rejects euthanasia is a bad one because it denies the patients the right and the liberty to die peacefully.
  2. Euthanasia and Modern Society
    Towards this end Battin asserts that “the relief of pain of a patient is the least disputed and of the highest priority to the physician” in direct reference to sole and major reason of carrying […]
  3. Euthanasia From a Disciple of Jesus Christ in Today’s World
    Another form of euthanasia is that of Assisted Suicide where the person intending to end his/her life is provided with the necessary guidance, means as well as information as to how to go about the […]
  4. Euthanasian Issues in Modern Society
    Is it possible to find the relief in the life which is full of pain and agony for those people who suffer from serious diseases and have only a little chance to get rid of […]
  5. Euthanasia (Mercy Killing)
    In some circumstances, the family and friends of the patient might request the hospital to terminate the life of the patient without necessarily informing the patient.
  6. Euthanasia Moral Permissibility
    Secondly, the application of voluntary euthanasia should not be regarded as the only way of reducing the pain that a patient can experience.
  7. Euthanasia and Human’s Right to Die
    Trying to support human life with the help of modern equipment is a good idea, however, not in case there are no chances for a person to live without that equipment.
  8. Why Active Euthanasia is Morally Wrong
    The issue of active euthanasia has come to the attention of the public over the past decades as more people demand for the right to be assisted to die.
  9. Euthanasia: Your Right to Die?
    Although both positions can be supported with a lot of arguments, people should change their absolutely negative vision of euthanasia because the right to die with the help of physicians can be considered as one […]
  10. Euthanasia and Meaning of Life
    The meaning of life is the most general aspect of judging about the requirements that must be set out by laws and people’s morals in regarding to the voluntary or involuntary taking of that life.
  11. Good and Harm to Humanity of the Use a Euthanasia
    An Overview of Euthanasia The meaning of euthanasia has changed over the years from how it was originally construed to what it means to the contemporary world.
  12. Moral and ethical concerns of euthanasia in healthcare
    In the matter of euthanasia, professionals ought to decide between the overall good of the dying patient and that of other stakeholders.
  13. Euthanasia Authorization Debate
    Euthanasia, which is equivalent to the termination of life, can be equated to a total breach of the principle of the sacredness of life, as well as the breach of the legal right of human […]
  14. Euthanasia and Suicide
    The final act that results in the death of the person is however usually performed by the person intending to die after the provision of information, advice and even the ways through which he or […]
  15. Singer’s Views on Voluntary Euthanasia, Non-voluntary Euthanasia, and Involuntary Euthanasia
    Hence, if a person consciously consents to die, there are no chances for recovery, and killing is the only way to deprive a patient from pain and suffering, euthanasia can be regarded as voluntary.
  16. Active Euthanasia
    The god of every individual should be the only one to bring death to a person and no person should have the authority to accept dying no matter the situation he/she is in.
  17. Is Euthanasia a Morally Wrong Choice for Terminal Patients?
    It is imperative to note that for both the opponents and proponents of euthanasia, the quality of life is usually the focal point, even though there is no agreement on the criteria of defining quality […]
  18. Advantages and Disadvantages of Euthanasia in Modern Society
    In its turn, this points out to the fact that, in the field of health care, the notion of medicinal compassion organically derives out of the notion of scientific progress, and not out of the […]
  19. The Ethics of Active Euthanasia
    In support of the euthanasia action, the argument is that there are circumstances when the rule of natural life can be violated.
  20. Morality of Euthanasia
    In the meantime the medication and the doctors are not trivial anymore in stopping the pain and the victim despite all the sufferings, he or she is in a vegetative state and there is nothing […]
  21. Argument for Euthanasia
    Due to the sensitivity of the issue, laws that will protect the rights of both the patient and the physicians who practice euthanasia should be put in place.
  22. Euthanasia
    Before settling down on the conclusion of the need to adopt the practice of euthanasia in our state, it is important to visit some basic aspects that are very key in the issue of euthanasia.
  23. Legalizing Euthanasia
    Euthanasia or mercy killing as it is informally referred is the act of ending a person life if it is deemed to be the only way to help a person get out of their suffering.

💡 Good Research Topics about Euthanasia

  1. Legalizing Euthanasia
    The are supporters of the idea that only God has the right to take human’s life, on the other hand, the sufferings of the person may be unbearable and they may ask for euthanasia to […]
  2. An Argument Against Euthanasia
    5 Generally, it is contrary to the duty of the subject of euthanasia and that of those who intend to perform the mercy killing to take one’s life based on their own assessment of the […]
  3. Euthanasia, “Physician-assisted Death”
    In twentieth century, various agencies erupted to address the practice of euthanasia such as Voluntary Euthanasia Legislation Society in 1935, which was advocating for its legalization in London and the National Society for the Legalization […]
  4. Euthanasia as the Key Controversy of the XXI Century
    The fact that in the present-day society, human life is put at the top of the entire list of values is a major achievement of the civilization and the fact that the current society is […]
  5. Religions Views on Euthanasia
    This essay highlights religious thoughts with regard to the whole issue of euthanasia, bringing into focus the extent to which our society has been influenced by courtesy of the Dr.
  6. When Ethics and Euthanasia Conflict?
    The main aim is to reduce the lifetime of a patient who is terminally ill. There is a deep mistrust of the motivations that fuel euthanasia.
  7. Euthanasia in Today’s Society
    Euthanasia is the deliberate termination of life with the intention of relieving a patient from pain and suffering. If the prognosis of a patient is gloomy, medical care providers may find it more compassionate to […]
  8. Euthanasia: Legalisation of a Mercy Killing
    The fact that the minority of countries and only several states in the US accept euthanasia proves that today people are still not ready to accept it as a mercy.
  9. Active and Passive Euthanasia Analysis and Its Concept
    The issue of morality is one of the things that have to be mentioned when discussing the concept of euthanasia. In this instance, both the patient and the doctor know that there is no cure […]
  10. Euthanasia Concept
    In order to grasp the gist of the deliberations in this essay, it is important to first apprehend what the term euthanasia means and bring this meaning in the context of this essay.
  11. Euthanasia: Moral Rationalist View
    Human beings rely on the available evidence to generate beliefs about life and goals that should be attained, and thus the use of reason leads to success in these objectives.
  12. Euthanasia Legalization: Public Policy Debates
    The requirements of physicians to perform euthanasia and consideration of the second opinion eliminate the violation of legal and ethical stipulations, and thus, control the performance of euthanasia in health care environment. Opponents of euthanasia […]
  13. Ethics of Euthanasia and Pain-Relieving
    This leads to the historical argument that voluntary euthanasia is often the beginning of a slippery slope that gives rise to unintentional euthanasia and the murder of people who are unwanted in society.
  14. Euthanasia and Other Life-Destroying Procedures
    From this perspective, it is unethical to decide in favor of an end-of-life procedure on the condition that there are at least minimal chances for a patient’s survival.
  15. Euthanasia as a Way of Painless Termination of Life
    The introduction of the Hippocratic School led to the abolishment of the practice. According to the approach, taking human life is unethical and violation of the core right to life.
  16. Euthanasia: Fighting for the Right Cause
    Sommerville is a renowned Samuel Gale Professor of Law at the McGill University in Montreal, the Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, and the Founding Director of the Center for Medicine, Ethics, and Law. The […]
  17. Euthanasia: “Being a Burden” by Martin Gunderson
    As it was implied in the Introduction, in his article, Gunderson argues in favor of the idea that it is utterly inappropriate to even consider the legalization of voluntary euthanasia, due to a number of […]
  18. Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia Rights in Canada
    The article asserts that in the year 1993, Rodriquez petitioned in vain to the Supreme Court of Canada to allow her to undertake euthanasia. In the article, the author asserts that, in the year 1993, […]
  19. Confronting Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
    It was because of that pain that led my mother and I to bring her to a Chinese holistic healer who treated her with some sort of secret Chinese medical injection.
  20. Controversial Issues of Euthanasia Decision
    We now had to make this difficult decision to end his life and relieve him of all the pain that he was undergoing.
  21. Today’s Moral Issues: Euthanasia
    To ensure that the right to life is respect, the law was amended to include assisted or aided suicide as a criminal offense.
  22. The Ethics of Euthanasia
    In the analysis of the claims in favor and against euthanasia, the cause and effect relationships between the factors affecting the choice of euthanasia should be established.
  23. Euthanasia Legalization as an Unethical Practice
    The decision to legalize euthanasia is an idea that societies should ignore since it places many global citizens at risk, fails to provide adequate safeguards, diminishes social values, and undermines the teachings of Islam.

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