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Death Penalty Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Death Penalty Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Argumentative Paper on the Pros of the Death Penalty
    The survival of any civilization hinges on the establishment of laws and codes of conduct and the subsequent obeying of the same by the society’s members.
  2. Acceptance of Death Penalty in the United States
    The efficiency of the penalty ought to depend much on the type of the felony committed as well as the psychological state of those who commit it.
  3. Annotation of: Hispanics and the death penalty
    It also identified several manifestations of racial discrimination between the whites and non whites by comparing Asian Americans and Hispanics marriages with the whites and discovered that the Asian Americans and Hispanics had higher chances […]
  4. Debates on Death Penalty in the United States
    The first documented death penalty was of George Kendall who was a captain and was executed by a firing squad in the first decade of the 17th century.
  5. Facets of the Death Penalty
    The proponents of the death penalty are of the view that several gains are bound to be achieved at the institution of this penalty.
  6. The Practice of Death Penalty
    Ulcepo noted in his article that though capital punishment continues to be practiced today in several countries like the USA, my feeling is that pleas calling for the abolishment of the death penalty should be […]
  7. Death Penalty from the Point of Religion
    Secondly, the impacts of the death penalty are too severe on the lives of the victims’ families and close kinsmen and on the settlement of the case.
  8. The death penalty: Can it ever be justified?
    Nevertheless, such a claim is questionable because it is the same constitution that has a bill of rights indicating that it is the right of every citizen to be protected and to live.
  9. Death Penalty and Ethics
    The arguments for the capital punishment as explained earlier are also extremely weak and the practice of death penalty is morally wrong.
  10. Death Penalty for Young People
    This raised the question as to whether death penalty was the suitable punishment for such criminals or whether they actually reduce crime.
  11. Abolish the Death Penalty
    Whatever side of the debate we explore, it is plain that the death penalty is a denial of the basic human rights as it contravenes the right to life as stated in the Universal Declaration […]
  12. Argument for Death penalty as a fair punishment
    This practice gains insight from both biblical phases of the Old Testament and the Islamic Quran, which embraced the use of the death penalty in ensuring dispensation of justice.
  13. Green Mile as a Statement against the Death Penalty
    The movie is a story of John Coffey, African-American who is accused of the murder of two girls and has to be punished by the death penalty.
  14. Death Penalty Issues in Tennessee State
    This argument tends to disregard the death penalty for the benefit of the TN state. This thwarts the need to execute them in the context of death penalty.
  15. The Death Penalty in the Modern Society
    The cost of maintenance of the convicted individuals is also one of the reasons that necessitate the death penalty. The reaffirmation of the death penalty is also attributed to the teachings portrayed by most religions.
  16. The US Should Abolish Death Penalty
    In fact, death penalty is an old way of dealing with crime, which the US has borrowed despite the presence of the knowledge that death penalty is an archaic and barbaric technique.
  17. The death penalty: can it ever be justified?
    What it means is that, contrary to the assumption that by executing this kind of criminals, the state simply strives to appease the victims’ relatives, the actual aim of the application of the death penalty, […]
  18. Death Penalty: James A Inciardi Perspective
    The author thinks that the death penalty does not play a role in the rehabilitation of offenders. The proponents of the abolition of the punishment have also used their knowledge of the fact that states […]
  19. Utilitarianism: Death Penalty – View on Capital Punishment
    Another significant benefit offered by the death penalty to the society is that it leads to the permanent incapacitation of the convicted person.
  20. The Application of the Principle of Utilitarianism in Explaining the Death Penalty
    However, the theory supports a form of punishment when the level of suffering is so high that it is beneficial to society.
  21. Arguments in Favor and Against the Death Penalty
    It should be noted that opposing the death penalty does not mean that people are oblivious of the magnitude of the crimes committed by this criminals.
  22. The Death Penalty Debate in the United States of America
    The punishment is believed to have been there even at the time of the earlier colonies of the United States; it as well continued to be in force within the states that came to form […]
  23. Death Penalty Debate
    However, it is again important to note that the essay on history of The American death penalty has not addressed some issues that are addressed by the essay on the sow death.
  24. The Death Penalty in the US Criminal Justice System
    Due to this, the Supreme Court overturned the decision of an Oklahoma court by explaining that the execution of the minor violated the eighth amendment statute.
  25. Ethics of Death Penalty
    One of the strongest arguments that support the death penalty is that it satisfies the need for retribution. The death penalty is a violation of the most basic right the right to life.
  26. Death Penalty Ethics
    Death penalty is a crime in many reasons, the most strong of them are as follows: the death penalty is to be prohibited as a person suffers emotionally because he/she knows time, place and the […]
  27. Death Penalty: Ryan Mathews Case
    It is the innocence of some of the convicts in the death row that has created a crisis in the system.
  28. The Suitability of the Death Penalty
    This is an effective way of punishing capital offenders and deterring other criminals from committing similar crimes due to the following reasons.
  29. Is the Death Penalty Effective?
    For a while now, Saudi Arabia has remained one of the global nations that strongly believe that punishing by death is one of the ways of giving justice to victims of crime and one of […]
  30. Death Penalty Role in the Criminal Justice System
    The question posed by Cynthia Tucker in the article is whether the criminals in America deserve the death penalty or not. Many people believe that the death penalty is the best punishment for people perceived […]
  31. Sould the Death Penalty be Abolished?
    This sentence assumes that there are sufficient reasons to kill a criminal and that there is no possibility that the case can be readdressed.
  32. Death Penalty – Criminal Law
    Costs of the death penalty show that instead of the death penalty leading to a decrease in the cost of administering justice, it has led to an increase in the cost incurred when compared with […]
  33. The Death Penalty Costs and Consequences
    It remains a dilemma why a criminal in the same country should face heavier judgement than another in the same country, yet they have committed the same crime. Crime should be punished with the same […]
  34. Human Rights Abuses and Death Penalty in the UAE
    There are many explanations of why a number of Arab people remain to be vulnerable to abuses and violations of human rights. Besides, many people are still challenged by the inability to participate in the […]
  35. Death Penalty: Alternatives and Abolition
    In addition, the NC network is of the opinion that the death penalty system lacks the much-needed efficiency in the criminal justice system.
  36. Death Penalty: Mistrial, Racial Bias, Crime Ranking
    Given the gravity of the outcome, i.e, the death of the person that was possibly innocent or guilty to a lesser degree than stated in the course of the trial, the concept of capital punishment […]
  37. Death Penalty for Murder by Terrorism
    The case of Timothy is the first instance of the death sentence against a terrorist in the United States. The law enforcement agencies try their best to get rid of the terrorists and their activities […]
  38. Death Penalty and American Civil Liberties Union
    The article contains meticulously gathered evidence of the controversial nature of the death sentence. The main argument of the article is the excessive cost of the procedure.
  39. Death Penalty and Moral Multiplicity Approach
    Kaplan and Tivnan consider the moral judgment to be a result of a spontaneous association between particular emotions and cognitions that occurs in the course of moral motivation.

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