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55 Murder Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Murder in the Cathedral: The Constant Battle between the Two Antipodes
    Murder in the Cathedral is a tragic theater that explores the conflict between the values of the world as represented by the murderous knights and King Henry II and the values of the spirit.
  2. Slavery in To Kill a Mockingbird Novel
    The introduction of Tom by the author is a plot device to represent the plight of the slaves in the state.
  3. To Kill a Mockingbird
    The author, in the novel To Kill a Mocking Bird presents a deeper understanding in relation to events occurring in her novel. To enhance understanding of the novel, the author has widely embraced symbolism in […]
  4. To Kill a Mocking Bird
    Making such an observation shows that Jem is wise and has the knowledge to understand the ideas of racism in the community.
  5. The assassination of John F. Kennedy: Conspiracy theories
    Investigations that were carried out by to the CIA revealed that Carlos Marcello, a suspected member of the mafia could have organized and implemented the conspiracy.
  6. Compare Laertes and Hamlet: Both React to their Fathers’ Killing/Murder
    King Hamlet’s ghost then informs prince Hamlet of the person who killed him; consequently, Hamlet accepts the ghost’s demands, swears his accomplices to secrecy and reveals to them his intention of killing the king to […]
  7. To Kill a Mockingbird
    Speaking of the movements which convey the essence of the film without any speech “intrusion”, it would be a good idea to drive the example of Boo Radley standing in the darker corner of the […]
  8. Moral Principles in Harper Lee’s Novel To Kill a Mockingbird
    Harper Lee explores a great number of themes in the first chapters of the novel, for example, integrity of a person and his/her ability contradict the norms, adopted in the community.
  9. To Kill a Mockingbird
    The phrase ‘to kill a mocking bird’ stands out as a metaphor in the book To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
  10. To Kill a Mockingbird main themes
    The main themes of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird cover both adult and children’s concerns, including the dignity of human life, the importance of truth, the rights of people to be different, the need […]
  11. Annotation of Immigration Effects on Homicide Offending for Total and Race/Ethnicity-Disaggregated Populations
    Third, the studies show that immigrant concentrations had negative effects on homicide victimization rates in totality, and lastly, the studies were ambiguous on homicide victimization on all the ethnic and racial groups.
  12. The Problem of Racism and Injustice in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
    In the novel, Harper Lee demonstrates her vision of the question of the social inequality with references to the problem of racism in the society based on prejudice and absence of actual principles of tolerance […]
  13. What It Takes to Kill a Mockingbird: In Search for the Differences between the Novel and a Movie
    The characters both in the novel and in the movie were often pushed to the breaking point; however, one of such moments described in the book was left out of the movie.
  14. The Writers Who Came in Late: Modern British Murder Mysteries and the Timeless Classics of Fleming and Le Carre, Compared
    Starting appropriately with the analysis of the main characters, one will have to mention that Fleming was not the first author to introduce the conflicting dynamics between the antagonist and the lead character; the tradition […]
  15. History of John F. Kennedy Assassination
    When the Oliver Stone picture, JFK, was released in 1991, it generated enormous interest in the possibility that elements of the federal government and the military-industrial complex, including the CIA, might have been behind the […]
  16. Ballistics Evidence of John F. Kennedy’s Assassination
    Kennedy assassination saw the arrest and the subsequent murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, who was the lead suspect in the shooting that took place from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository’s southeast […]
  17. California Historical Murder Case
    He clarified that the shot entered the victim through the front part of the body and according to the bullet wound, firing occurred a few inches from the victim.
  18. The Assassination of President Kennedy in 1963
    The assassination of President John Kennedy was a great turning point in the history of Americans and the world. After the death or assassination of President John Kennedy, there were increase in violence and deaths […]
  19. Killing the Innocence in War, Justified or Murder?
    The appeal to what would cause outrage in the general sentiments of humanity is a common way to think about the elements of normal moral perception of which each person is thought to be capable.
  20. The murder of Helen Betty Osborn
    The second volume is supposed to address various issues that were related to the murder of Helen Osborne and the actions that were taken by the police.
  21. Mise-en-scene, shots and sound: Hitchcock’s spare use of cinematic repertoire in Sabotage’s murder sequence
    TRANSIT- ION SOUND ADD’L COMMENTS 1: 0 12 sec Long shot Level None Cut Synchronous diegetic Audience is appreciative 2: 12 3 sec Close-up Level None Cut Asynchronous diegetic Reaction shot; Sylvia appears happy 3:15 […]
  22. Kill School Boards
    In the begins, public servants were elected to the school boards and they discharged the duties as school boards members while remaining in the initial employment; what they were doing before the appointment to the […]
  23. John Wilkes Booth’s life and his assassination of Abraham Lincoln
    Booth was against the abolition of slavery and the right of the former slaves to vote that he wrote a letter criticizing the Union Government for wanting to abolish slavery.
  24. Police Service Transformation: A Critical Evaluation of Implementing Transformational Leadership in the Homicide Division
    It will evaluate how to integrate transformational leadership into the division and analyse factors that hamper the transformational leadership and critically assess the effectiveness of implementation, analyse the efficiency of Transformational Leadership, its implication on […]
  25. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Drones Kill Innocent Civilians
    Despite of the criticism and questions raised both on the local and international forums against the validity of the use of drones to perform attacks on other countries’ soil, the US has continued its drone […]
  26. Sentencing For Murder
    Due to time constraint and high number of participants involved in the research, the research was vulnerable to counselling where the pollsters made summaries of the responses the participants gave without giving them time to […]
  27. Assassination of Osama Bin Laden Influence
    The following is a literature review on how the assassination of Osama Bin Laden was an example of how intelligence can make a real contribution to the international justice and the ‘rule of law’.
  28. The Korean Film Studies: Memories of Murder
    Memories of Murder is one of such movies; by making the ending unclear and the fates of the characters uncertain, the moviemaker managed to relate the content of the movie to the political situation that […]
  29. The Movie “Memories of Murder”
    To a great extent, this ending contradicts the conventional canons of detective stories in which the names of the main villain are usually disclosed.
  30. Tarantino’s Films Comparison: Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction
    It is possible to consider a number of thematic and stylistic devices to understand the essence of Tarantino’s surrealism that is manifested in his characters’ inability to live a real life and to be real […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Murder

  1. Novel Appreciation: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
    The contemporary discussion of this novel is often tied to the question of racism; nevertheless, I am convinced that this book can be of great interest to modern readers, and I would like to discuss […]
  2. Symptoms of Schizoaffective Disorder in Murder
    Researchers in psychiatry, psychology, and criminology have devoted a lot of their time to the study of the relationship between crime and psychosis.
  3. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and Its Consequences
    Abraham Lincoln is remembered as the 16th President of the United States of America and the first president of the country ever to be murdered.
  4. Honor Killing and Murder Definition and Comparison
    While some researchers incorporate the influence of religion such as Islam and Hinduism in the continued killings, others believe that it is purely because of traditional and cultural practices of a community. The commonality of […]
  5. The Act of Mass Murder by Gregory Johnson
    At the same time, the initial purpose of the crime as explained by Johnson was the robbery, and the murder of the customers in the supermarket had not been planned.
  6. Assassination: Moral, Legal, Political and Practical Views
    This paper intends to support the policy of assassination by evaluating the moral, legal, political and practical dimensions of assassination. The immunity theory and consequentialist approach will be revisited to espouse the political dimensions of […]
  7. Rape, Robbery, Murder, and Aggravated Assault
    The FBI observed that after two years of declines in violent crimes in the US, in the year 2015, however, an increment of 3.
  8. Premeditated Murder and New Preventive Techniques
    The order of detention identifies the crime by the suspect, names the individual, provides suspect’s location, and authorizes the police officer to proceed with the arrest.
  9. Arizona Car-in-Lake Murder in Filicide Psychology
    Due to the materials of the investigation, the friend of the family, Monika Nathan, states that Donica Baxter, who was murdered in the accidents, intended to divorce her husband just after the trip.
  10. Death Penalty for Murder by Terrorism
    The case of Timothy is the first instance of the death sentence against a terrorist in the United States. The law enforcement agencies try their best to get rid of the terrorists and their activities […]
  11. Identification of a Murder Victim
    One of the essential instruments for determining the victim’s identity is the examination of palm and fingerprints. Dental records could also be used for the identification of a murder victim.
  12. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
    The film revisits the story of the gang leader Jesse James and his murder, committed by his friend and gang member Bob Ford for a reward.
  13. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
    The assassination of Abraham Lincoln is one of the most significant events in the history of the United States. C, and was one of the most shocking events of the era, resulting in a long […]
  14. Police Psychologist’s Role in Homicide Investigation
    Some of the roles that I would play as the police psychologist involved in the above investigation include conducting an analysis of the pre-crime scene behavior.
  15. Homicide, Assault, and Burglary
    Homicide is an act of killing a human or the killing of a person by another one. Murder is the deliberate killing of another person or accidental killing of a human while committing a separate […]
  16. Caylee Anthony Murder Case in Orlando, Florida
    The fact that the body of the girl was found near the family house and the scent in Casey’s car worked against the defense.
  17. Infamous Crimes: Laci Peterson’s Murder
    Even during the war in Iraq, the search for her and the ultimate arrest of Scott Peterson led the news. Her cell phone and purse were still in the house, and a neighbor said she […]
  18. Abortion: Premeditated Murder or a Reasonable Way Out?
    Speaking of the second point the supporters of abortion have, we should say that they find abortion as the mother’s attempt to protect the unborn child from the various hardship she will fail to fight.
  19. Homicide in Butte County: Case Study
    The trend line shows an increase in the homicide rate: The above chart shows California’s homicide as compared to the national homicide from 1998 2003.
  20. Cuban Missile Crisis and Robert F. Kennedy Assassination
    The novelty of diplomacy of the new president consists in updating and expansion of a range of both peaceful and military methods of protection of interests of the USA in global antagonism with the USSR.
  21. The Death Penalty Is Not a Deterrent to Homicide
    In addition, there is statistical evidence that some public officials may routinely use inflammatory remarks designed to inflate the effects of the death penalty on the rate of homicide for their own personal and professional […]
  22. Legal Causation in the Context of Homicide
    In the medieval doctrine, a question about the causal connection was examined especially in the context of a homicide, and the very concept “of causing”, because of which in particular the tendency to soften the […]
  23. Homicide Trends in the United States Analysis
    In the same manner that the processes of killings presented by the judiciaries versus the processes presented by the bible is also evidently different.
  24. The Psychology of Murder in Literature
    While in all of these cases the deaths are tragic and involve the protagonist, the reader is never left to side with the protagonist in the justification for their actions.
  25. Importance of Ethics in Homicide Investigation
    This means that ethics of homicide investigation are a set of values and standards that the investigators must put in consideration in order to facilitate the process of investigation.

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