Violence in Video Games Essay, Research Paper Examples

Violence in the Media

Introduction Exposing children to aggression in the mass media predisposes them to aggressive behavior. Research shows that this observation emanates from physiological, psychological and situational variables. In order to show that there is a positive correlation between observance of violence in the mass media and aggression in children, one must back the above-mentioned variables with […]

Video Games and Violent Behavior

Researchers have been conducting research since 1950s to find out if exposing children to media violence leads to subsequent violence as they grow up. Out of 3500 studies, only 18 studies have shown a negative correlation (Cook, 2000). Since children learn about different things in their environment by imitation and observation, it is not easy […]

The Negative Effects of Video Games on Children

Introduction Video games are games in which people interact with electronic devices like computers and small handheld devices like mobile phones to create tactile and visual display. Tactile displays are important for blind people whereas visual display is understood by those who can see. With improvement in technology, video games are played in many countries […]

Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence? Argumentative Essay

Over fifty years ago, a nuclear physicist named William Higinbotham sought to better the otherwise rigid and non-interactive science exhibits at the time by adding to the list of activities, his creation of the game ‘Tennis for two’ which was an electronic tennis game with separate controllers. Unaware of his contribution, William Higinotham today is […]

Violence exposure in real-life, video games, television, movies, and the internet: Is there desensitization?

The major concern of the article The article under consideration entitled “Violence exposure in real-life, video games, television, movies, and the internet: Is there desensitization?” investigates the links between the violent content of TV programs, video games and the increase of the aggressive behavior in adolescents. The purpose of this research was to analyze the […]

Violence in Video Games

Across the globe, the use of video games has been on the rise since they first hit the market. These video games are designed on various platforms thereby targeting their usage amongst children, teenagers as well as young adults. Playing video games occupies a big part of the way they spend their free time and […]

Video Games and Violence in Children

One of the most fundamental questions that psychologists ask themselves is what leads to violent behavior in people. There have been arguments that such behavior is as a result of a pre-disposition to violence in the media as well as in video games. This theory is heavily criticized as it is supported. Proponents of this […]