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  1. Cognitive Development
    At children’s play time, a therapist notes some of the feelings and expressions of a child and uses them to perform the therapy.
  2. Cognitive or Moral Development
    This is the second of the four Piagetian stages of development and the children begin to make use of words, pictures and diagrams to represent their sentiments.
  3. Cognitive Development Theory and Forms of Cognitive Knowledge
    Stages of Development Both theorists, Piaget and Vygotsky agree that, developmental stages in cognitive development occur sequentially and cumulatively. Although Piaget and Vygotsky views of cognitive development are applicable in teaching and learning, they have […]
  4. Issues in Cognitive Development
    However, it is only after the fourth month from birth that the infant is able to turn these cry alerts, coos, and gurgles into some form of bubbling, explained as the generation of phonemes which […]
  5. Post Natal Development In Human Beings And The Factors That Influence Language And Cognitive Development
    Many studies have justified the effects of nutrition in most of the development. The main organ in the body that has been emphasized in these studies is the brain.
  6. 6-7 Year Old Cognitive Development with Biosocial & Psychosocial Ones
    Although some people have widely criticized some of the theories, the truth of the matter is they address the various development stages we take the general based model to address the biosocial, cognitive, and psychological […]
  7. Basic Premises of Cognitive Development Theory
    Conceptualization can be treated as one of the integral parts of the intelligence development while analysis of theories shows that a concept is a small component compared to the stages of development of an individual […]
  8. Maternal Depressive Symptoms Timing: Child Cognitive Development
    The early environment, a child is exposed to, especially the maternal care environment influences the brain and affects the cognitive functioning of the child.
  9. Cognitive development
    The choice of methods, formulation of the task and the overall atmosphere of the experiment were favorable for retrieving reliable data on the differences in Jessica and Miranda’s cognitive ability and examining Piaget’s concepts.
  10. Influences on Physical and Cognitive Development in Adolescents
    Boys’ testicles and scrotum enlarges and the penis enlarges in size, and the full development of boys’ reproductive parts is attained at the age of 16 to 17 years.
  11. Cognitive Development
    One of the best-known examples of the first approach is Piaget’s theory of development that explains how children construct their knowledge, and how the format of their knowledge changes over time.
  12. Cognitive, Psychosocial, Psychosexual and Moral Development
    This, he goes ahead to explain that it is at this very stage that children learn to be self sufficient in terms of taking themselves to the bathroom, feeding and even walking.
  13. Cognitive Science and Language Development
    On the other hand critiques of this particular theory state that the reinforcement principle which is at the basis of the Skiner and Bandura examination is not actually a necessary element in being able to […]
  14. Cognitive Development and Social-Emotional Functioning in Young Foster Children
    The paper “Cognitive Development and Social-Emotional Functioning in Young Foster Children” focuses on the investigation of the cognitive and emotional development delays in children.
  15. Concept of Cognitive Development in Psychology
    Various studies show that the human memory develops and changes with the age of an individual. The physical growth of the brain affects the behavioral changes throughout the growth process.
  16. Theory of Cognitive Development: When the Greatest Ideas are Put to Practice
    Taking a closer look at the theory and the way it is implemented in real life, one can possibly understand the logics of Piaget’s arguments and learning the place that moral reasoning takes in the […]
  17. Theory of Cognitive Development – Psychology
    The sensorimotor stage is the first phase of cognitive development. The cognitive development theory by Piaget is a clear indication of how children swiftly transform themselves from one stage to another.
  18. Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development – Psychology
    From birth to about the age of two years, a child goes through the sensorimotor phase of development. In addition, it is possible for some children to demonstrate the overlapping characteristics of the bordering stages […]
  19. Jean Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development
    Finally, there is the formal operative stage that comes after the kid is approximately 12 years of age, and this is when the child is considered to think logically and recognize abstract ideas.
  20. Cognitive Psychology Development Important Milestones
    This model is based on the assumption that the functioning of the brain can be compared to the work of a computer.

💡 Good Essay Topics on Cognitive Development

  1. Adult Personality and Cognitive Development
    Personality and intellectual development in adults is the ability to acquire, construct and use this acquired knowledge, memory and cognitive functions in their decision making processes throughout their life. The acquisition and retention of this […]
  2. Child’s Cognitive and Socio-Emotional Development
    She is able to recognize the voice of the caregiver in the midst of other sounds in the room. She is very eager to respond to every sound that the caregiver makes and the composure […]
  3. Behavior and Bruner’s Cognitive Development Theory
    Therefore, the general behavioral goal for Rad is to improve participation in the classroom activities with the focus on the increased attention to other students during discussions, to the teacher, and to the members of […]
  4. Cognitive Children Development
    Throughout the process of learning, I have paid close attention to the peculiarities of Piaget’s theory and realized the cornerstones of human development.
  5. Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development
    The implication of the physical domain for children is in the ability to understand their physical capabilities and be aware of their health.
  6. Conservation and Child’s Cognitive Development
    The water in one of the glasses was poured into a thinner and longer glass and the children were then asked to point out which contained a larger volume than the other.
  7. Cognitive Development and Attachment Theory
    The second substage is the first to conduct and principal circular responses. It is linked to the start of insight and real imagination.
  8. “Neuroscience of Cognitive Development” Review by Muller
    The second section of the article talks about the role of cognitive processes in the development of the child. From the article, it is true that human beings suffer from a number of disorders, including […]
  9. Rebecca’s Literacy Development: Non-Cognitive Aspects
    As to the non-cognitive aspects of the student’s literacy, the girl loves to read and uses every opportunity for it though is embarrassed to read aloud to the others.
  10. Cognitive Development Theory in “Parenthood” by Ron Howard
    As Patti is just learning to read, as shown in the scene with the book, it is difficult to imagine that she would be able to resolve a math problem because she is not able […]
  11. Intellectual Virtues and Cognitive Development
    For instance, I believe that I have the virtue of curiosity which allows me to be more active in the pursuit of truth and discoveries.
  12. Gender and Cognitive Development
    While the psychoanalytic approach views the phallic stagepsychoanalytic dimorphism’ as the basis for a healthy personality, the systems perspective considers reciprocal interactions within the environment as the drivers of gender development.
  13. Motor Skills and Their Foundational Role for Perceptual, Social, and Cognitive Development
    One of the ways to find a compromise between the necessity of developing motoric skills and fostering M.’s autonomy is to teach him motoric skills in a playful way.M.might find finger painting a fun activity, […]
  14. Developmental and Developmental-Cognitive Approaches Toward Inclusive Education
    Hence, a curriculum based on the developmental perspective would take the specifics of each age group into consideration to moderate the contents of lessons and the difficulty of proposed tasks.
  15. Books for Children’s Cognitive & Language Development
    Every animal has a dissimilar sound that happens to be a part of the peek-a-boo game: Guess who? “Peek-a-moo!” says the cow.”Peek-a-squeak!” says the mouse.
  16. Developmental Psychology. Cognitive Theories
    For Piaget the human psyche was the only evolutionary product that performed the function of balancing the human being with the world, and was and instrument of adaptation to the environment.
  17. Language and Cognitive Development Relationship
    It proposes that the attainment of words encoding evaporation is related to the development of the object perception, while the acquisition of words programming success and failure is linked to the enhancement of means-ends realization.
  18. Autobiographical Memory and Cognitive Development
    During this stage important cognitive processes take place and are fundamental towards the development of autobiographical memory in the infants. This help the infants to have important memory cues that form part of the autobiographical […]
  19. Cognitive Development Theory and Language Acquisition
    The process of language acquisition is one of the most important parts of the lifespan development of a human being. The biological aspects of the language acquisition process are very significant as they determine the […]
  20. Cognitive Development in Human
    He may not pose a danger to the society as in the case of a child with high initiative, but low analytical thinking.

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