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  1. First Look into Human Development in United Arab Emirates
    The Prime Minister of the UAE is in charge of all activities of the government. The UAE has a diverse and multicultural society and the influence of Islam is evident in its development.
  2. Human Development Theories
    The pre-operational stage: At the pre-operational stage, the child learns to exercise language and to characterize things by words and images. At this stage of development, the anus acts as the centre of attraction of […]
  3. Theory, Methodology and Human Development: HIV/AIDS and Education in African Countries
    This is correct despite advances of remarkable nature in our comprehension of the virus’s molecular biology and its effects on the body; advances that have resulted to therapeutic findings in the second decade of the […]
  4. The Bioecological Model of Human Development
    The aspects related to the school attended by a child have also been observed to have impacts on the performance of the child and the general development of the child.
  5. Human Development Theories
    As a result, the urges and the desires are forced into the unconscious mind in order to stop any damage of the individual.
  6. Human Development: Adolescence as the Most Important Age Range
    The stage is therefore very important in understanding the behavior of an individual. This is a stage when the life of an individual is either made or destroyed.
  7. Critically Discussion: Nature is Solely Responsible for Human Development
    Human development is influenced in a great way by nature, but this is not to say that nature is solely responsible for human development.
  8. Human development index
    It is important to note that the origin and development of the human development index is closely linked to the United Nations, to be more precise, to the United Nations Development Program’s annual development reports.
  9. Contrasts and similarities of Indonesia and Brazil’s human development condition
    Human development in Brazil over the last ten years is a clear indication to other countries of the world that economic growth is possible despite lack of expansive economic level. The crises led to increased […]
  10. Human Development and Learning: Analysis of the Lesson
    For instance, in the video the teacher asked a student to remind who can talk to her and talk to the messenger instead of talking to her.
  11. Human Development and Learning
    A teacher can ask students that lack social skills to monitor the class activities and report about those in the end of every day.
  12. Theories of Human Development
    The ability of a child to act on the effects of his/her surrounding has significant implications on other aspects of development, and each and every accomplishment enhances the child’s level of independence.
  13. Gender specific health issues in Medium Human Development Countries
    Gender issues in health between women and men are different and there is a disparity in how the health systems respond to men and women issues.
  14. Whether China Has Done a Good Job Promoting Human Development and Well Being Since 1949
    This era was marred with challenges such as domestic wars among the communities in china, international feuds in Asia and the world at large, economic challenges like the great depression of the 1920s and the […]
  15. Incorporating Human development theory
    It is understandable to establish various components of human development in the realms of drug abuse, addiction, and other relevant provisions applicable in this context.
  16. Human Development. Role of Agriculture. Importance of Technology and Foreign Aid in Mozambique
    The access to wage labor, which enhances the state of agriculture and the whole country, depends on the people’s education. The rapid development of the agriculture is connected with foreign investments and earnings, as they […]
  17. Theories of Human Development
    Much attention should be paid to the way in which these psychologists explain the role of culture that includes a set of values, beliefs, and attitudes that shape the behavior of an individual.
  18. Nurture and Human Development
    It is notable that parents are the ones who are normally the closest people to their offspring during the processes of early growth and development.
  19. Lifespan Perspectives on Human Development
    This makes it necessary for individuals to understand the human development process, a function that they can achieve using the human lifespan perspective. Finally, because the context of occurrence of different activities is important in […]
  20. Human Development Index: Limitations and Benefits
    The development of education in the country is based on the mean of years among adults aged 25 years and the expected schooling duration of children at the time of schooling age.
  21. Human Development: Democratization and Economy’ Relations
    Economic development refers to the increase in the wellbeing of a society both qualitatively and quantitatively. In a nutshell, democratization and economic development are complementary issues in the process of human development.
  22. Human Development: Sexual Behaviors Among Adolescents
    The independent variable of the research is the age of the participants, while the dependent variables are different social environments that children derive sexual information that influences their sexual development.
  23. Stress Impacts on the Human Development
    To narrow down on the diverse nature of stress, this paper will focus on one of the mechanism that has been identified as a possible solution of controlling stress levels in individuals.
  24. Human Development Index in Economic Measuring
    The study had several objectives, including classifying the scientific approaches to the formation and development of human potential, determining the core of the HDI in a system of quantitative and qualitative economic parameters, and determining […]
  25. Freud’s Theory as to Human Development
    In the beginning, a person is driven primarily by the id or the part of the psyche that focuses on instinctive needs and desires.
  26. Measuring Economic Development: Human Development Index
    This paper discusses the economic development of China and India on the basis of the Human Development Index. The purpose of this paper is to compare the economic development of India and China.
  27. Technology and Human Development
    This paper discusses video games as learning tools to highlight the kind of knowledge that they present to learners and their effectiveness in enabling people to acquire the knowledge.
  28. Human Development Theories: Adolescence and Adulthood
    In the growth and development stage of a human being, the adolescent period has been considered to be a natural stage found between childhood and adulthood.
  29. Social Psychology Role: Self-Esteem and Human Development
    The relation between the concepts and the response is closely analyzed to determine the most important criteria people’s actions can be judged by. A person is stereotyped and the thinking leads to over-generalize towards others.
  30. Wellbeing and Human Development Assessment
    While assessing the wellbeing of people in a country, a person should look at a series of indicators that can throw light on the degree of human development in a certain region or state.
  31. Nature vs. Nurture Factors of Human Development
    Advocates of the nurture concept believe strongly that the natural environment reshapes the behaviors of many people. That being the case, people should consider the role played by the environment towards reshaping their experiences and […]
  32. Human Development in the Ecological Context
    Though I spent the most of my life in boarding schools, my caregivers provided me with the required portion of support and understanding.
  33. Human Development and Groundwater Sustainability
    The experiment aims to address the impact of human development on the sustainability of groundwater. This aggregation of waste to the landfill is a threat to groundwater and the environment.
  34. Erikson’s Theory of Human Development and Its Impact on My Life
    The criticism and the thin skin aspects became evident to me in my adolescence when I was looking for an explanation of my issues with establishing social relationships.
  35. The Psychological Aspects of Human Development
    Despite the possibility of analyzing human aggression in the context of several areas of psychology, the social sphere is the most suitable for integrated assessment and work.
  36. Human Development In Different Ways Using Theories
    He is the one who has sent us in this world to live and to do various types of activities so that we can understand that what actually life means. And the answer is that […]

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