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Nurture and Human Development Research Paper


There are diverse factors, which influence the progression of early human development. Nurture is one of those factors. This incorporates the process through which parents influence the growth and development of their younger children.

It is notable that other arguments have suggested that nature plays a critical role in the early development of children. The link between nature and nurture in terms of how they affect early human development has also been the subject of discussion in many areas.

Although it is true that nature plays a role in the progression of early human development, this paper focuses on the role of nurture in influencing early human development.

The Role of Parents

It is notable that parents are the ones who are normally the closest people to their offspring during the processes of early growth and development. The notable role that parents play in influencing how their children develop cannot to be overemphasized.

The parents can have a positive influence on the development of their children depending on how they handle them.

However, parents can also negatively affect important developmental aspects of their children through mistreatment. It is important to mention that parents desire to have positive impacts on the development of their youngsters.

Nature and Nurture Debate

It is notable that nature defines the sex of a baby. This takes place through the biological processes that control human development. However, the way the child grows up and assumes diverse lifestyles depends on the nurturing process provided by the parents.

For example, the feeding regime that parents adopt to feed their children affects their development.

Children who overeat due to parents’ allowing them to consume too much food eventually put on more weight than their counterparts who have normal feeding regime and thus follow healthy lifestyle.

The process of early human development normally starts from the moment when a child is still in their mother’s womb. The kind of environment, in which the pregnant woman lives, influences the way the baby develops.

Apparently, women who become sick in the course of their pregnancy can negatively affect the development of the unborn children.

Furthermore, women who take personal responsibility to maintain their fitness, eat a well-balanced diet, and minimize incidences of pollution eventually give birth to healthy children.

Nurture also influences the development of certain character traits, skills and abilities. The process when children learn to speak is very critical in the development process.

Therefore, parents can influence the development of neurological abilities that facilitate communication due to talking with their children. For example, children who, in the process of their development, have many people around them talking to them will learn how to speak faster than their counterparts who are raised in an environment where no one talks to them.

The attention provided to children by their parents also helps in developing their cognitive abilities in a desired manner because they learn the people and the world around them through communication and interaction they receive.


In summary, nature plays a critical role in the development of children, particularly during the early stages. However, nurture is also crucial to the early development of babies. The role that parents play in nurturing their children is very important.

For example, children who are naturally born with certain challenges may develop into excellent young men and women depending on how their parents care for them.

The parents should pay great attention to how they treat and handle their children to facilitate their development in a positive manner enabling them to acquire the characteristics they are expected to have.

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