Nature versus nurture

Introduction The nature versus nurture controversy can be perceived as the roles played by heredity or inheritance as well as the environment in the development of human beings. The behavior of human beings is thus attributed to genetic predisposition, a phenomenon commonly referred to as the nature theory of human behavior (Keltner, James, Darling, Findley […]

Nature vs. Nurture

There is an assumption that individual’s intellectual and physical characteristics are, first of all, predetermined by their nature. Innate skills point to genetic code that a person inherits from his/her relatives. However, experience that an individual gains in the course of life shapes his behavior, outlook, and life position. The new socially constructed patterns constantly […]

Nature versus Nurture

Introduction The human race has elicited many unrelenting controversies concerning the different aspects of its existence. These controversies often yield debates that sometimes develop from simple arguments aimed at understanding individual behavioral differences to become politically motivated disputes over distributive justice and societal power (McLeod par. 12). A prime example of this nature of debates […]

Nature verses Nurture

Introduction Human growth and development is an important aspect in human life. Conventionally, it describes the physical, emotional, or psychological and cognitive transformation in human life. In addition, it is a complicated process controlled by both environmental and genetic aspects (Bronfenbrenner 3). Throughout human history, research has continually debated on several aspects of human life […]

Nature Vs Nurture

Nature is the influence of genetics or hereditary factors in determining the individual’s behavior. In other words, it is how natural factors shape the behavior or personality of an individual. In most cases, nature determines the physical characteristics which in effect influence the behavior of an individual. Physical characteristics such as physical appearance, type of […]