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🏆 Best Genetics Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Genetics’ Role in Healthcare of Patents
    This paper focuses on genetics role in healthcare of patents and defines the language of genetic manipulation, its safety, legal and ethical issues, as well as mandatory screening and the role of the healthcare providers […]
  2. Comparison of Theories of Addiction: The Biological Model and the Genetic Model
    Genetic and biological models aim at disclosing the essence of addiction as something natural and irreversible and the methods which are supported by neurobiology and physiology and become more appropriate for using and controlling human […]
  3. Towards Understanding the Causes of Genetic Diversity
    In its most straightforward level, genetic diversity is characterized by variations in the nucleotides, the basic ingredients that forms the DNA contained in the cells of a living organism.
  4. Is Genetically Engineered Food the Solution to the World’s Hunger Problems?
    However, the acceptance of GMO’s as the solution to the world’s food problem is not unanimously and there is still a multitude of opposition and suspicion of their use.
  5. Ethical Implication of Human Genetics Research
    Because of the aforementioned reason, the appraisal of genetic research is increasingly getting more attention of the human research ethic committee. The ethical concern in human genetic research is similar to those which arise from […]
  6. The Importance of Facial Attractiveness on Genetic Diversity
    The author also tries to establish the relationship between human facial attractiveness and the genetic diversity that falls within as well as outside the MHC.
  7. Objection to the Production of Genetically Modified Foods
    Contrary to the objections presented by the public concerning the introduction and use of GM food, some of the big world organizations seem to be reading from different scripts.
  8. Business Ethics-Labeling Genetically Modified Food
    The consumer protection agency has done little to enhance the labeling given that they believe that these products that are genetically modified are just similar to the natural ones hence no need to be labeled […]
  9. Genetic Alteration of Food Sources: A New Strategy to Improve Food Production
    According to the Soil Association, a report released by the United States Department of Agriculture in 2006 showed that the available GM food crops do not increase the potential yield of any hybrid variety; contrary […]
  10. Consumer Judgment on Genetically Modified Foods
    A clear understanding of the genetically modified foods in terms of their risks and benefits could help determine the preferences of consumers for genetically modified foods and GM labeling policy.
  11. Is Genetically Modified Food Safe for Human Bodies and the Environment?
    The following is a discussion of the benefits of using genetically modified foods. A different concern adjoining GM foods is the bringing in of new allergies.
  12. The Debate Pertaining to Genetically Modified Food Products
    Some of the concerns raised are genuine, but then, the advantages of embracing the use of genetically modified food products outweigh the disadvantages.
  13. Genetically Modified Foods and Environment
    It is on this background researchers that are in the field of genetic engineering and biotechnology have come up with a concept of genetic modification in attempt to address this limitation to farmers.
  14. The Evolutionary Genetics of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
    The aim of the study was to define the prevalence of the various genotypes, drug resistance isolates and cluster patterns of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Taipei in order to present information on the possible methods and […]
  15. Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Genetic Epidemiology
    Every DNA contains SNPs in the ratio of 1:300 in every nucleotide contained in the body of humans. The aim of computational refinement was to identify SNPs and the result of substituting amino acids in […]
  16. The Specifics of Society Genetic Constitution
    In other words, in order for a particular rich individual to be admitted to the ‘club’, he or she would have to prove the sincereness of its commitment to the existential values, shared by the […]
  17. Will Genetically Modified Foods Doom Us All?
    One of the most desired outcomes from a crop is the ability to grow tolerance to the effects of herbicide. One of the more recent innovations in the field of GM foods is the invention […]
  18. Analyzing the Prospects of Genetically Modified Foods
    Despite being the leading producer and consumer of GMFs products across the world, the US practice of embracing GMFs has elicited a major dilemma in the country ranging from human health to environmental challenges.
  19. Genetically Modified Foods Negative Aspects
    This paper highlights the negative aspects that are associated with genetically modified foods; genetically modified foods expose people and the environment to risks.
  20. Genetically Modified Foods and Enhancing Food Security
    In spite of the perceived benefits of genetic engineering technology in the agricultural sector, the production and use of genetically modified foods has triggered a number of issues pertaining to safety and consequences of consumption.
  21. Agriculture and Genetics Disciplines Relationship
    The collapse of Crick’s theory was a setback to the genetics discipline because the foundations of genetic engineering are based on the central dogma premise.
  22. Can Genetically Modified Food Feed the World: Agricultural and Biotechnological Perspective
    Undoubtedly, the practice of tissue culture and grafting in plants is never enough to quench the scientific evidence on the power of biotechnology to improve breeding and feeding in living organisms.
  23. The Biotechnology Importance in Genetic Modification
    Genetic modification of food entails the alteration of different crops and animals through gene transfer and engineering as a way of improving food productivity.
  24. Should All Genetically Modified Foods Be Labeled?
    According to this scholar, members of the public are always comfortable with the idea of not labeling the genetically modified food.
  25. Is It Ethical to Abort Based On Genetic Disability?
    While this paper is not going to focus on the legality of abortion or lack of it, it is crucial to note from the outset that the author opposes the act and has internalized that […]
  26. Overview on the Effects of Genetically Modified Food
    It is the use of selective breeding that allowed for the creation of wide varieties of plants and animals, however, “the process depended on nature to produce the desired gene”.
  27. Genetically Modified Organisms and Controversial Discussions in Australia
    The controversy of the GMOs issue as mentioned above is as a result of the clash between the benefits and negative impacts where some people the anti-GMOs believe that the risks despite the number are […]
  28. The Extent of Genetic Experimentation and Developments
    Even though many people would argue against the genetic development and research, the benefits of the scientific advancement to the human development is immense.
  29. The role of genetics in development
    In this case, the dominant gene will win over the recessive gene, and the child may exhibit the characteristics of a parent who produced dominant genes.
  30. Genetically Modified Foods Projects
    The plan should be formed once the project’s participants have been chosen and it should be communicated to the members and should continuously be used as a reminder of the mission of the project when […]
  31. Genetically Modified Food and European Consumer Behavior
    This has facilitated banning of GMF since they are said to be hazardous to the human health.[4] One of the core issues surrounding the dilemma of whether or not to embrace the GMFs is inadequate […]
  32. The Underpinnings of Genetic Diversity – Contribution of Darwin and Vavilov
    The aim of this essay is to understand the contribution of Darwin and Vavilov, along with the underpinnings of genetic diversity to bring about the organisms’ survival over time.
  33. The Human Genome Project and Its Revolutionary Insight into the Genetic Blue Print of the Human Body
    The Human Genome project and its revolutionary insight to the genetic blue print of the human body The human genome project is a scientific application of biotechnology to develop pharmaceuticals by identifying the problematic proteins […]
  34. Genetic and Cultural Differences Are Not Two Opposites
    The researchers reveal the results of recent research that confirms assumptions that genetic differences are interconnected with cultural differences. The researchers assert that genetic variations may affect the development cultural [peculiarities of people.
  35. Genetically Modified Corn in the United States of America
    This paper does not only asses the impact of GM maize to the agricultural sector but also highlights the risk and beneficial factors the technology has caused to both environment and the public health sector […]
  36. How Do Genetic and Environmental Factors Contribute To The Expression of Depression?
    It is believed that people’s reactions to stress that they encounter in life is one of the factors that leads to changes in the levels of the chemicals that are involved in bodily changes such […]
  37. Genetically Modified Food of Monsanto Company
    However, over the years the company has found itself on the hot seat in regards to the safety of some of its products.
  38. Proposition 37 and Genetically Engineered Foods
    The discussion of Proposition 37 by the public is based on the obvious gap between the “law on the books” and the “law in action” because Food Safety Law which is associated with the Proposition […]
  39. The Effect of Genetically Modified Food on Society and Environment
    First, whether or not genetically modified food provides a sustainable food security alternative; second, what the inferences are of genetically modified food for bio-safety in addition to for human safety and health; and third, the […]

💡 Most Interesting Genetics Topics to Write about

  1. Possible Benefits of New Genetics
    For example, the study of human cloning may lead to the discovery of a cure for such diseases as cancer and Alzheimer’s.
  2. Advanced Diagnostic Procedures: The Individual Impact of Genetic Diagnosis
    The World Health Organization defines Genetic Testing as “DNA analysis to determine the carrier status of an individual; to diagnose a present disease in the individual; or to determine the individual’s genetic predisposition to developing […]
  3. Epidemiology: Genetics-Related Programs
    It is also training, collecting, and disseminating the health related pieces of information to the Floridians and visitors thus empowering the society.
  4. In Vitro Fertilization and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis
    However, it is important for couples that decide to use these assisted reproductive methods to understand the risks, benefits, complications and challenges of the procedures and to decide whether the risks are worth taking so […]
  5. Ecological Effects of the Release of Genetically Engineered Organisms
    Beneficial soil organisms such as earthworms, mites, nematodes, woodlice among others are some of the soil living organisms that are adversely affected by introduction of genetically engineered organisms in the ecosystem since they introduce toxins […]
  6. Privacy in Genetic Testing and Restriction of Access to Own Personal Information
    In a workplace context, genetic testing is associated with the most obvious intrusion of privacy within the aspects of job insurance coverage and promotion.
  7. Should Parents Be Allowed to Choose the Characteristics of Their Children Through Genetic Manipulation?
    At the outset, genetic manipulation might be important to many parents as it trims down the prospects of grave infections in the newborn babies. The disadvantages of parents going for genetic manipulation seem to outweigh […]
  8. Genetic Modification and Testing: Ethical Considerations
    It is done on a molecular level by synthesizing DNA, generating sequences and then inserting the received product into the organism which will be the carrier of the outcome. Another possibility is that the time […]
  9. Genetic Experimentation and Development
    In fact, the proponents of cloning assert that it would provide the parents with the opportunity of determining the attributes as well as the genetic features of the offspring.
  10. The Genetics of Alcohol Dependence
    Owen states that an alcohol addict will be unable to control his or her drinking because of the pleasing properties of alcohol and the powerful coercion to drink.
  11. Benefits and Concerns Regarding Genetically Modified Crops
    Thus, this essay presents discussions on the concerns raised over the safety and effect of genetically modified foods, and the benefits of these foods in order to assess whether the benefits outweigh the risks.
  12. Do Our Genes Determine Learning Ability?
    The genes can assist in predicting the average or lasting effects of punishments and rewards to as opposed to individual preferences.
  13. Genetically Modified Foods: Should They Be Consumed?
    This is one of the first issues that can be identified. This is one of the main points that can be made.
  14. GMO Production: Reasons and Potential Effects
    The purpose of this essay is to examine the reasons and possible effects of GMO production. People interfere in the DNA of organisms to improve their characteristics and make them more beneficial for humans.
  15. Natural Sciences: Genetics Processes
    With the improvements in the understanding of evolution and molecular biology, the definition of species in the past has been changed several times.
  16. Nutrition: Is Genetically Modified Food Bad or Good?
    In fact, the history of the subject indicates that such activities were performed in the 1980s and 1990s, which led to the large-scale applications of GMO technologies in firms.
  17. Genetically Modified Organisms in Farming
    Farming is one of the backbones of the US economy given the fact the country is the leading exporter of various agricultural products.
  18. Genetics and Sociological Theories
    From the description of the sociological theories, the term sociology can take a wide range of definitions and not only on impact of society or environment has to human behavior, but also on the past […]
  19. Froma Harrop Views on Genetically Modified Food
    The information in the article highlights the common issues that the society has raised with reference to the introduction of GMOs in their foods.
  20. Evolutionary Theory and Genetics
    Wallace indirectly contributes to the theory of evolution, which was linked to the natural selection of the organisms by Charles Darwin.
  21. Advanced Diagnostic Procedures: Genetic Screening Pros and Cons
    It is with these considerations that this paper will set out to look at the merits and demerits of genetic screening so as to authoritatively state if the genetic screening is worthwhile to the individual.
  22. Ethics of Genetic Testing: Screening and Monitoring
    Although it is true that the concept of genetic testing has many ethical concerns, the greatest concern of genetic testing at the work place is the fact that it exposes employees to a myriad of […]
  23. Abortion: Quality of Life and Genetic Abnormalities
    However, while this makes sense from a logical standpoint, it is horrific from a moral and ethical perspective given the fact that all individuals should have the right to life, regardless of the limitations they […]
  24. Genetic Testing & Counseling and Their Value
    The segment most likely to be disturbed is that of people who have a strong family health history of particular cancer.
  25. Biodiversity, Its Evolutionary and Genetic Reasons
    The occurrence of natural selection is hinged on the hypothesis that offspring inherit their characteristics from their parents in the form of genes and that members of any particular population must have some inconsiderable disparity […]
  26. Prostate Cancer, Its Genetics and Prevention Methods
    Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that develops in men and that affects the prostate. It is not possible to prevent genetics from initiating the development of prostate cancer because mutations occur in genes […]
  27. Concept of Genetic Cross Among Drosophila Melanogaster
    The hypothesis of the experiment was that the second generation of flies could be used to determine the phenotypes of both groups depending on the results of the experiment.
  28. Danville Airlines’ Genetic Testing and Screening
    For instance, it may lead to the discrimination of the individual in the workplace. This implies that it was appropriate for Danville to conduct the tests with Reiger’s consent.
  29. Down Syndrome as the Most Common Genetic Condition in the US
    Firstly, to describe Down syndrome and the life of people with this disorder, it is necessary to give a scientific definition to this condition and underline the causes. People with Down syndrome are also people, […]
  30. Huge Ethical Concerns: Human Genetic Creation and the Bible
    James believes in the existence of one Supreme Being who is the only owner of human life He is the only person who can give and take life and there is some knowledge that He […]
  31. Thalassemia as a Genetic Disorder and Its Management
    The purpose of the project is to study the effectiveness of the proposed management approaches and determine the mechanisms responsible for the effect.
  32. Molecular Genetics and Biological Inheritance
    The epigenome that is embedded in the DNA controls the access processes to the genes, and as such determines the type of cell to be accessed and the time.
  33. Genetically Modified Salmon Labeling Issues: Biotechnology, Religious Beliefs, and Eating Preferences
    It seems that GM salmon labeling should be implemented to clearly indicate that this food was modified. In this connection, transparency is to be proposed as the top priority for GM food manufacturers as customers […]
  34. Genetic Testing Limitation: Ethical Perspective as a Framework
    The traits such as height, on the other hand, are not related to health in any meaningful way and should, therefore, be excluded from the list of acceptable justifications for testing.
  35. What Concepts Create Misconception in Genetics?
    The concept of incomplete dominance implies that the zygote has the phenotype that is not only different from the one of the parents but also typically is in the middle between the two as far […]
  36. Genetically Modified Organisms in Canadian Agriculture
    The primary goal of the public engagement initiative is to come up with practical solutions to the challenges facing the adoption of GMOs in Canadian agriculture. The project will inform and consult the citizens to […]
  37. Genetically Modified Foods: Scientific Resources
    Nevertheless, the question that I would like to discuss belongs to the number of the most popular problems that allow nobody to stay indifferent.
  38. Genetically Modified Seeds in Environmental Context
    The introduction of genetically modified seeds also poses a threat to the continuity of the environment, and this is called discontinuous effect.
  39. Reproductive and Genetic Technology in Infertility Treatment
    Parenthood is a critical criterion of selection because it helps to minimize the emotional attachment to the fetus and reduce the risk of the psychological disturbance caused by the separation of the surrogate mother from […]
  40. Genetic Factors of Speech Coding at the Subcortical Level
    In this way, serotonin can change the peculiarities of the neural response to the perceived sound. They were interested in the meaning of the higher and lower signal-to-noise ratio.

✅ Good Research Topics about Genetics

  1. Genetically Modified Foods: Pros and Cons
    Containing over 400 pages, it goes over the issues of safety of the GMOs both to the consumer and to the environment.
  2. Genetics: the Erroneous Concept of Blending Inheritance
    The concept of incomplete dominance in genetics explains a situation where the expression of one of a pair of alleles partially dominates or suppresses the other allele.
  3. The Role of Epigenetics in Cancer: Contributors to the Formation of Cancer Tumors
    The methyl groups used in the study were based on human genome motifs and were previously shown to be associated with the silencing of genes and methylation in the development of humans [3].
  4. Epigenetics and Its Role in Cancer Detection and Prevention
    Epigenetics is a branch of biology which is concerned with studying the changes in the expression of genes that occur not due to the changes in the DNA itself, but because of the conditions in […]
  5. Genetic and Social Bond Theories in Criminology
    In the study of criminology, the questions of why, how, and when are important to the understanding of the causation factors of crime.
  6. “Intelligence, Race, and Genetics” by Sternberg et al.
    Because of this notion, authors of this article do not agree with the idea that intelligence has a connection with the human race.
  7. Genetic Factors of Huntington’s Disease Progression
    The articles reviewed in the scope of this paper indicate that haplogroups alone are too broad a topic to satisfactorily explain the development and progression of HD.
  8. Genetic Mapping and Its Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze what social, ethical, and legal implications DNA mapping can have in the context of the current progress of genome research.
  9. Genetically Engineered Food Against World Hunger
    I support the production of GMFs in large quality; I hold the opinion that they can offer a lasting solution to food problems facing the world.
  10. Genetics: “Bad Blood” Educational Series by BBC
    Some, such as those seen in the case of the people of Japan, seemingly attached a great deal of stigma to the issue of genetic “impurity,” resulting in few marriage prospects for those who were […]
  11. Genetically Modified Foods and Pesticides for Health
    There is fear that insects such as bees could bring about the emergence of insects that are resistant to insecticides due to coming in contact with the genetically modified pollen.
  12. Genetics: the Eugenics Movement
    The eugenics movement resulted in the deaths and sterilizations of thousands of people. Positive eugenics was meant to increase the population of healthy people.
  13. Genetic Testing and Related Health Issues
    A replication origin is a specific site in a chromosome where the copying of DNA starts. Transcription is the biosynthesis of RNA from a DNA template in a process catalyzed by RNA polymerase.
  14. Genetic Testing in the Neonatal Realm: Technique of Assessing a Predisposition
    This diagnostics is an opportunity to determine a newborn’s tendency to inherit certain diseases and to analyze the possible course of early development.
  15. Type 2 Diabetes From Cultural and Genetic Aspects
    Adults in the age range from 45 to 64 years are one of the most affected populations because the possibility of developing type 2 diabetes increases significantly after the age of 45.
  16. Plasmids, Their Characteristics and Role in Genetics
    Some plasmids, such as the F-plasmid, have the ability to exist in bacterial cells in two states, which are physically independent of the chromosome and integrated with the chromosome.
  17. Why Human Genetics Is Important
    One should learn about his or her genetics not only because of curiosity, but because the results of genetic examinations are of great practical importance for medicine and health.
  18. Genetically Modified Foods: Pros or Cons
    To increase the safety of GMOs and eliminate the risk of allergies, the food industry can take several precautions during production and packaging.
  19. Genetic Disorders: The Turner and Down Syndromes
    The disease is a result of overexpression of 310 genes, and as a randomly occurring disorder, it is neither recessive nor dominant and is not linked to a gender-defining chromosome.
  20. Crispr/Cas9 Impact on Medical Genetics
    Cas9 is such a scalpel, and with the help of the RNA guide, the series of which coincides with the desired location, it can introduce a gap in the desired area of the genome.
  21. 23andMe, a Genetics and Health Company
    The company set two primary goals, the first of which was empowering individuals to control their health by gaining access to their genetic information.
  22. Cystic Fibrosis: Genetics and Gender Factor
    The impact of gender is not the most researched concept in regards to cystic fibrosis. In relation to gender, it is possible that estrogen further affects these channels by changing the consistency of the mucus, […]
  23. Next Generation Sequencing in Genetics
    Many experts believe that this kind of innovation is going to advance in the future and continue to meet the increasing demands for DNA analysis and sequencing.
  24. Understanding Genetically Modified Foods by Howard et al
    One of the major points made in the article is the belief that GMOs can be used to create items that are rich in certain nutrients, which is essential for developing countries.
  25. Evolution of Limbs: Fossil and Genetic Information
    This study focuses on uncovering and synthesizing evidence which attempts to answer the research question of how fossil and genetic analysis of ancient creatures cumulatively contribute to the understanding of the evolution of limbs.
  26. Genetic Screening of Newborns and Its Benefits
    The main goal of neonatal screening is to prevent the development of the disease and thereby save the life of the born baby.
  27. Genetic Counseling Preventing Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
    The hypothesis is that PAH specialists possess low knowledge and understanding of the benefits of genetic testing and counseling in regards to PAH treatment.
  28. Genetic Testing Under Americans With Disabilities Act
    There is nothing surprising in the fact that the genetically tested employees counted the testing as a violation of their human rights, and The Americans with Disabilities Act was adopted in 1990.
  29. Genetic Predisposition to Breast Cancer: Genetic Testing
    Their choice to have their first baby later in life and hormonal treatment for symptoms of menopause further increase the risk of breast cancer in women.
  30. Genetically Modified Potato as Hepatitis B Vaccine
    The thesis presented here is an argument in favor of using genetically modified potatoes in the effective prevention of the deadly hepatitis B virus infection.
  31. Genetic Basis for Alcoholism
    Further, Genetic studies will help you to understand more about the heritability of alcohol dependence and which will positively help you to explore the correlation of alcoholism to other disorders like major depression.
  32. Genetics: State of Otter Conservation
    In terms of habitat and diet, this species is opportunistic in nature and has to utilize a wide area of the river so as to meet the metabolic demands of the body.
  33. Creating a Genetically Modified Organism
    One of the most revolutionary products of biotechnology are the genetically modified organisms, which are genetically designed organisms that carry a modified genetic makeup made up of selected genes that significant to agriculture and the […]
  34. Ethical Issues Involving Genetic Test Accounts
    The unlocking of the human genome has opened the basic foundation of human life to the possibility of extensive alterations that, although sounding very promising in the short term, actually poses more of a problem […]
  35. Issues of Sharing a Patient’s Genetic Information
    Parker and Lucassen state that the issue of genetic information of a patient can be viewed through two aspects; Firstly by considering the genetic information of the patient as a ‘Personal Account’ or secondly, to […]
  36. Genetic Analysis: Term Definition and Molecular Genetics Experiments
    A 2 l of the DNA was pipetted from the tube labelled “DNA” to a new tube labeled ” Diluted” to which a 38 l of TE buffer was added and mixed gently.
  37. Genetic Engineering Is Ethically Unacceptable
    However, the current application of genetic engineering is in the field of medicine particularly to treat various genetic conditions. However, this method of treatment has various consequences to the individual and the society in general.
  38. Genes and Environment: Genetic Factors and Issues Analysis
    Even at the very beginning when the egg combines with the sperm the organism is more then merely the genetic information contained in those parts, the egg contains important nutrients that will interact with the […]
  39. Anderson and Genetic Research, Evolutionism & Creationism
    Creationists, for their part, have went on challenging and debating the essential standards of evolutionary biology, by rejecting the notion that progress is the only believable elucidation of the origin of life and modification in […]
  40. The Various Aspects of Genetic Research
    Even a slight change in the pairing of the nucleotides will completely change the behavior of the human in question. Also, the genetic engineering helps the scientist to find out what is the function of […]

⭐ Interesting Topics to Write about Genetics

  1. Criminal Behavior: Role of Environment and Genetics
    In the Information age where a person has access to more knowledge about the folly of being involved in criminal activities and the negative impact of having a prison record, it is a mystery why […]
  2. Genetic Difference in Explaining Athletic Performance
    Thus, St Louis argues that science on race and sports is not viable as it limits the explanation to physiological factors ignoring the importance of social and economic variables.
  3. Genetic Research and Related Promises & Concerns
    More than 4000 diseases are thought to result from the defective functioning of a gene or a set of genes and if it were possible to identify the location or site of each gene on […]
  4. Genetics of Parkinson Disease-Associated PARK2 Gene
    The following description highlights various aspects of the Human Genome Project that are thought to be connected in a series of events in influencing the cloning of the PARK2 gene.
  5. Unlocking Human Genome: Genetic Testing and Screening
    In the case of 64 year old Joe Miller, I recognize and understand that the patient has the right to die with dignity and that that includes dying on his own terms.
  6. Ethical Problem of Genetic Testing and Chromosomal Abnormalities
    The testing can also be done to diagnose the genetic disorder, detecting future risks of contracting diseases as a result of genetic disorders, how these disorders respond to drugs, and detecting the extent of risks […]
  7. Genetically Modified Organisms: For and Against
    The fact is that, genetic modification is the changing of the DNA code by the means of the genetic engineering, thus, the genes of the organisms are deviating from the normal genes of similar organisms, […]
  8. Mental Illness Around the World: Socio-Cultural and Genetic Aspects
    Discussing the relationship between socio-political concept of people’s cultural identity and the degree of their susceptibility to mental illnesses represents a certain challenge, especially given the fact that the etiology of such illnesses has not […]
  9. Epigenetics Influence on Adopted Embryos
    The exciting news is the role of epigenetics or influence of the adoptive mother’s body has on the DNA of the embryo as it grows using the mother’s nourishment, energy, and systems.
  10. Genetic Predisposition to Alcohol: The Appreciation and Therapy for Alcoholism
    Through family studies it has been established that the likelihood of alcohol dependence and similar complications happening is more in the families of the individuals who have been affected as compared to in the people […]
  11. The Debate Pertaining to Genetic Modification
    This article looks at the setting up of a body, Royal Commission on Genetic Modification or the acronym RCGM on May 2000 to collect views from both the members of the public and scientific experts […]
  12. Marfan Syndrome in Genetic Counseling
    The two generation hierarchies above and one generation hierarchy below the Anne’s generation was pooled and presented in the chart as below: Firstly, the typical clinical symptoms attributed to MFS were sorted from the description […]
  13. Yeast Genetics and Complementation Lab Report
    In this study, the crossing of two mutants led to the development of phenotypic traits which are nothing but the colors, red or cream.
  14. The Interrelationships and Implications of Genetic Discoveries
    In addition to this, the new sub-discipline comes with the ability to illuminate controversial topics within the field of medical sociology such as stem cell research and analysis of the interrelationships in human embryo and […]
  15. Bisexuality: Genetics and Effects of the Sexual Behavior
    A homosexual is a person who is attracted to people of the same gender either physically, emotionally or sexually. Heterosexuals are people who are attracted physically, emotionally, and sexually to people of the opposite sex.
  16. Genetically Modified Foods: Substantial Equivalence
    Main principle of this concept is that genetically modified foods should be considered safe and reliable as conventional foods if the nutritional quality and compositions of GM foods are same as conventional foods.
  17. Genetic Test’s Availability to Employers and Insurers
    The introduction of genetics has gone a long way in sparking a heated debate as to why such companies are finding it necessary to introduce it to the list of information that the assured must […]
  18. Achondroplasia Genetic Disorder: Pedigree
    The pedigree problem is generally featured with the necessity to provide the correct connections among the family members in a genetic history chart.
  19. Researching the Genetic Enhancement: Unethical Practice and Social Norms
    One of the challenges that have emerged with the advent of genetic enhancement is the inability to ensure that all people have access to the technology.
  20. Genetics as a Field and Its Practical Use
    Even in newborn screening, an area where genetic testing is excelling, parents opt to terminate the pregnancy for lack of a better solution to their condition.
  21. Genetics of Sexual Orientation: Privacy, Discrimination, and Social Engineering
    The study tested the DNA of 400 gays and established a section of the X chromosome called Xq28. The outcome of the research is not limited to the research team only.
  22. Genetic Manipulation of Human Embryos: Bioethical Issues
    Nonetheless, although the modification of human genotype may help in achieving a perfect genetic composition and eliminate a number of genetically transmitted diseases, there is a looming risk. The assembling of genetic makeup to enhance […]
  23. Evolutionary Biology: Program Model at Genetic Level
    The constant development of new technologies, natural sciences, and ideological factors causes a change in perceptions of the human body’s model and the impact of social processes on the behavior of the individual.
  24. Biotechnology, Genetics and Reproduction
    On the one hand, this is an opportunity to become parents for infertile couples, on the other hand, the ART industry acts as a new type of business and, therefore, we can talk about the […]
  25. Ethical Issues on Genetic Modified Baby: CRISPR-Ca9 Genetic Modification
    The discussion presented below gives a detailed analysis of the subject of genetically modified babies and the ethical values associated with the entire scientific process.
  26. The Role Genetics Information Plays in Treating Cancer
    Another process that also causes the disease to develop is called gene amplification and refers to the situation of the emergence of multiple copies of the same gene.
  27. Breast Cancer Genetics & Chromosomal Analysis
    In this paper, the chromosomal analysis of breast cancer will be assessed, and the causes of the disorder will be detailed.
  28. Breast Cancer Risk Factors: Genetic and Nutritional Influences
    However, the problems of genetics contribute to the identification of this disease, since the essence of the problem requires constant monitoring of the state of the mammary glands to detect cancer at an early stage.
  29. Biotechnology and Animal Welfare: How Genetically Modified Chicken Serves the Demand in Fast Food Chains
    Beef was the most often used meat for the restaurants due to its containing in burgers, however, in 2020, the tendency started to move in the direction of chicken consumption.
  30. Computational Modelling and Genetic Regulatory Networks Analysis in Development
    The studies also include the control of transcription and the mechanisms of RNA maturation. The key determinants of cell fate are the transcription factors.
  31. Genetic Basis of Fitness Differences in Natural Populations
    In the article to summarize, the authors recognized that one way genomics affect biology is the possibility of identifying and studying how the characteristics affecting fitness, a key issue in natural selection, are genetically based.
  32. Genetics of Prostate Cancer and Physical Features
    However, even though observations attest to the highly hereditary nature of the disease, research in the field so far has proved to be inconclusive, with most scientists failing to isolate the gene or genes which […]
  33. Biological and Genetic Influences on Criminality
    Men are twice as likely to be the victim of an assault or a robbery and 50 percent more likely to experience some crime of theft.
  34. Effects of the Interaction Genetic Diversity
    This study though is trying to show the synergism between the UV-B and low genetic diversity as possible proof of the hypothesis that the UV-B could be the possible cause of declining amphibian populations.

📌 Simple & Easy Genetics Essay Titles

  1. The Correlation Between Genetics and Environmental Lifestyle
  2. The Roles of Genetics and Nurture on People with Dyslexia
  3. Tourette Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, and Genetics
  4. The Relationship between Genetics and Religion
  5. The Theory Of Inheritance Within The Field Of Genetics
  6. An Analysis of the Role of Genetics and Environment in Causing Alcoholism
  7. Understanding the Basics of Genetics and Its Diseases
  8. Nature, Nurture and Egalitarian Policy: What Can We Learn from Molecular Genetics
  9. Significance of Discoveries in Genetics and DNA
  10. Winter Wheat Breeding, Genetics, And Cultivar Development
  11. The Issue of Genetics and Intelligence in the Article All in the Genes
  12. The Use of Genetics in Insurance and Impliations
  13. The Contribution of Family History, Age and Genetics to the Development of Alzheimer’s Disease
  14. Masters Program With The Department Of Molecular Genetics
  15. The Development Of Genetics Food Modifying Techniques: Analyzing The Effect Of Continuing Development
  16. Why Genetics Is Important And A Huge Part Of Our Lives
  17. Molecular Genetics: Catching the Criminal Using Electrophoresis
  18. The Importance of Genetics and Individuality in the Formation of a Personality
  19. How Does Genetics Affect The Achievement Of Food Security
  20. The Inheritance of Economic Status: Education, Class, and Genetics
  21. An Overview of the Principles Behind the Genetics and the Biochemical Prosprects
  22. The Importance Of Mendel’s Laws In Modern Genetics
  23. The Role of Genetics and Social Structure to the Rising Rate of Homicide in Miami

👍 Good Essay Topics on Genetics

  1. The Effects Of Genetics And Environment On Biofilm Growth
  2. The Ethical Issues Surrounding the Field of Genetics Technology
  3. The Major Scientific Breakthroughs of Introns and Exons in Genetics
  4. What Part Do Genetics Play In Autoimmune Diseases
  5. The Genetics, Structure, Function, And Regulation Of Alpha Amylase
  6. Ongoing Intelligence Debate and Considerations of Environment, Culture, and Genetics
  7. The Genetics of Addiction Hereditary or Learned Behaviour
  8. The New Genetics of Mental Illness by Edmund S. Higgins
  9. The Importance of Family, Community and Culture Over Genetics and Individual Characteristics in Outliers, a Novel by Malcolm Gladwell
  10. The Cause of Our Overall Fear and Its Link to Genetics and Evolution Process in Our Fear of Immigrants, an Article by Jeremy Adam Smith
  11. The Life and Work of Gregor Mendel, the Father of Genetics
  12. The Establishment of a State Fisheries Genetics Program in Illinois
  13. Politically Correct Fanatics Their Denial Of Patterns And Genetics Among People
  14. The Significance of Selective Engineering in Genetics
  15. Genetics And The Possible Causation Of Autism Spectrum Disorders
  16. The Evolutionary Factors That Have Shaped The Genetics
  17. The Engineering Of Human Genetics In Dreams And Nightmares
  18. The Public and Private Sectors in the Process of Innovation: Theory and Evidence from the Mouse Genetics Revolution
  19. The Aspects of the Connection between the Environment and Genetics
  20. An Analysis of Scientific Knowledge About Founder Mutations in Genetics
  21. James Watson and his Contributions DNA and Genetics
  22. The Causes of Aging in Humans and the Impact of Genetics and Lifestyle on Age
  23. Genetics: Alcoholism and Normative Developmental Trajectory
  24. Is Homosexuality A Personal Choice Or Is It Genetics

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