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63 Genetic Engineering Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Benefits of Genetic Engineering as a Huge Part of People’s Lives
    Genetic Engineering is said to question whether man has the right to manipulate the course and laws of nature and thus is in constant collision with religion and the beliefs held by it regarding life.
  2. Is Genetically Engineered Food the Solution to the World’s Hunger Problems?
    However, the acceptance of GMO’s as the solution to the world’s food problem is not unanimously and there is still a multitude of opposition and suspicion of their use.
  3. Proposition 37 and Genetically Engineered Foods
    The discussion of Proposition 37 by the public is based on the obvious gap between the “law on the books” and the “law in action” because Food Safety Law which is associated with the Proposition […]
  4. Ecological Effects of the Release of Genetically Engineered Organisms
    Beneficial soil organisms such as earthworms, mites, nematodes, woodlice among others are some of the soil living organisms that are adversely affected by introduction of genetically engineered organisms in the ecosystem since they introduce toxins […]
  5. The Ethical Issues of Genetic Engineering
    Many people have questioned the health risks that arise from genetically modified crops, thus it is the politicians who have to ensure that the interests of the people are met and their safety is assured. […]
  6. Future of Genetic Engineering And The Concept of “Franken-Foods”
    This is not limited to cows alone but extends to pigs, sheep, and poultry, the justification for the development of genetically modified food is based on the need to feed an ever growing population which […]
  7. The Film “Gattaca” and Genetic Engineering
    In the film, it is convincing that in the near future, science and technology at the back of genetic engineering shall be developed up to the level which makes the film a reality.
  8. Changing the world: Genetic Engineering Effects
    Genes used in genetic engineering have a high impact on health and disease, therefore the inclusion of the genetic process alters the genes that influence human behavior and traits.
  9. Genetic Engineering and Eugenics Comparison
    The main idea in genetic engineering is to manipulate the genetic make-up of human beings in order to shackle their inferior traits. The concept of socially independent reproduction is replicated in both eugenics and genetic […]
  10. Designer Babies Creation in Genetic Engineering
    The creation of designer babies is an outcome of advancements in technology hence the debate should be on the extent to which technology can be applied in changing the way human beings live and the […]
  11. Genetic Engineering in the Workplace
    The main purpose of the paper is to evaluate and critically discuss the ethical concerns regarding the implementation of genetic testing in the workplace and to provide potential resolutions to the dilemmas.
  12. Genetic Engineering in Food: Development and Risks
    Genetic engineering refers to the manipulation of the gene composition of organisms, to come up with organisms, which have different characteristics from the organic ones.
  13. Genetically Engineered Food Against World Hunger
    I support the production of GMFs in large quality; I hold the opinion that they can offer a lasting solution to food problems facing the world.
  14. The Dangers of Genetic Engineering and the Issue of Human Genes’ Modification
    In this case, the ethics of human cloning and human genes’ alteration are at the center of the most heated debates. The first reason to oppose the idea of manipulation of human genes lies in […]
  15. A Technique for Controlling Plant Characteristics: Genetic Engineering in the Agriculture
    A cautious investigation of genetic engineering is required to make sure it is safe for humans and the environment. The benefit credited to genetic manipulation is influenced through the utilization of herbicide-tolerant and pest-safe traits.
  16. Designer Genes: Different Types and Use of Genetic Engineering
    McKibben speaks of Somatic Gene Therapy as it is used to modify the gene and cell structure of human beings so that the cells are able to produce certain chemicals that would help the body […]
  17. Genetic Engineering Is Ethically Unacceptable
    However, the current application of genetic engineering is in the field of medicine particularly to treat various genetic conditions. However, this method of treatment has various consequences to the individual and the society in general.
  18. A Major Milestone in the Field of Science and Technology: Should Genetic Engineering Be Allowed?
    The most controversial and complicated aspect of this expertise is Human Genetic Engineering- whereby the genotype of a fetus can be altered to produce desired results.
  19. Gattaca: Ethical Issues of Genetic Engineering
    Although the world he lives in has determined that the only measure of a man is his genetic profile, Vincent discovers another element of man that science and society have forgotten.
  20. Is Genetic Engineering an Environmentally Sound Way to Increase Food Production?
    According to Thomas & Earl and Barry, genetic engineering is environmentally unsound method of increasing food production because it threatens the indigenous species.
  21. Is the World Ready for Genetic Engineering?
    The process of manipulating genes has brought scientists to important discoveries, among which is the technology of the production of new kinds of crops and plants with selected characteristics. The problem of the advantages and […]
  22. Significance of Human Genetic Engineering
    The gene alteration strategy enables replacing the specific unwanted genes with the new ones, which are more resistant and freer of the particular ailment, hence an essential assurance of a healthy generation in the future.
  23. The Role of Plant Genetic Engineering in Global Security
    Although it can be conveniently stated that the adequacy, abundance and reliability of the global food supply has a major role to play in the enhancement of human life, in the long run, they influence […]

⭐ Good Research Topics about Genetic Engineering

  1. Perfect Society: The Effects of Human Genetic Engineering
  2. Genetic Engineering and Forensic Criminal Investigations
  3. Biotechnology Assignment and Genetic Engineering
  4. Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Organisms
  5. Bio-Ethics and the Controversy of Genetic Engineering
  6. Health and Environmental Risks of Genetic Engineering in Food
  7. Genetic Engineering and the Risks of Enforcing Changes on Organisms
  8. Genetic Engineering and How It Affects Globel Warming
  9. Cloning and Genetic Engineering in the Food Animal Industry
  10. Genetic Engineering and Its Impact on Society
  11. Embryonic Research, Genetic Engineering, & Cloning
  12. Genetic Engineering: Associated Risks and Possibilities
  13. Issues Concerning Genetic Engineering in Food Production
  14. Genetic Engineering, DNA Fingerprinting, Gene Therapy
  15. Cloning: The Benefits and Dangers of Genetic Engineering
  16. Genetic Engineering, History, and Future: Altering the Face of Science
  17. Islamic and Catholic Views on Genetic Engineering
  18. Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering: Should It Be Approved in the US
  19. Exploring the Real Benefits of Genetic Engineering in the Modern World
  20. Genetic Engineering and Food Security: A Welfare Economics Perspective

👍 Simple & Easy Genetic Engineering Essay Titles

  1. Identify the Potential Impact of Genetic Engineering on the Future Course of Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  2. Genetic Engineering and DNA Technology in Agricultural Productivity
  3. Human Genetic Engineering: Designing the Future
  4. Genetic Engineering and the Politics Behind It
  5. The Potential and Consequences of Genetic Engineering
  6. Genetic Engineering and Its Effect on Human Health
  7. The Moral and Ethical Controversies, Benefits, and Future of Genetic Engineering
  8. Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering for Curing Disorders
  9. Genetic Engineering and the Human Genome Project
  10. Ethical Standards for Genetic Engineering
  11. Genetic Engineering and Cryonic Freezing: A Modern Frankenstein
  12. The Perfect Child: Genetic Engineering
  13. Genetic Engineering and Its Effects on Future Generations
  14. Agricultural Genetic Engineering: Genetically Modified Foods
  15. Genetic Engineering: The Manipulation or Alteration of the Genetic Structure of a Single Cell or Organism
  16. Analysing Genetic Engineering Regarding Plato Philosophy
  17. The Dangers and Benefits of Human Cloning and Genetic Engineering
  18. Genetic Engineering: Arguments of Both Proponents and Opponents and a Mediated Solution
  19. Genetic and How Genetic Engineering Is Diffusing Individualism
  20. Finding Genetic Harmony With Genetic Engineering

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