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76 Gene Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Huntington’s Disease: The Discovery of the Huntington’s Gene
    Since the sex chromosomes are not involved in the production of this disease, both men and women are equally susceptible to Huntington’s disease The gene that causes huninton’s disease is dominant which means that only […]
  2. Molecular Biology gene/ mRNA body
    To understand the development of the Huntington disease, the function of normal Huntingtin proteins has to be elucidated. The data suggested that normal Htt is a component of the P body and functions in the […]
  3. Gene Discovery: Ischaemic Stroke and Genetic Variations
    The scientists from the University of Oxford and other United Kingdom based research institutes sought to isolate a genetic variant to link to the disease to pave the way for development of suitable treatment.
  4. Concept of the Gene-Environment Interactions
    The main objective of the researchers’ study was to examine the cases of lung cancer with references to the multi-analytical approach with the help of which it was possible to analyze the impact of genetic […]
  5. The Revelations of Epigenetics: A New Way to Look at the Chances of Gene Expression
    While there is yet much to learn, it is clear even now that with the help of epigenetics, the cure for a number of genetic diseases can be found.
  6. Neural Stem Cells, Viral Vectors in Gene Therapy and Restriction Enzymes
    The nervous system is comprised of specialized type of cells called Neural Stem Cells. Developmental versatility of plasticity of neural stem cells is important in formation of these different neural cells.
  7. Facilitating Organizational Change in Gene One
    The company should be willing to finance the technology department to contribute to the success of this strategy. This strategy will lead to the desired gains since it will improve the quality of the firm’s […]
  8. Facilitating Change within Gene One
    In the case of Gene One, leadership development is important as the company aims to stay ahead of the competition and ensure business challenges are transformed into opportunities.
  9. Green Fluorescent Protein and Gene Fusion
    The PCR was then used to amplify the GFP gene used in the experiment. The growth levels of the antibiotics can be clearly observed through the plates used in the experiment.
  10. American Born Chinese by Gene Yang Literature Analysis
    In most screens of the comics a reader can see only the characters and their voice balloons in the forefront, while the rest of the details are not emphasized, some of the lines are blurred, […]
  11. Justice in Human Gene Transfer Therapy: Plato Views
    Plato’s idea of non-interference also can be applied to the first example of genetic treatment that individuals with an illness have their own specialization, thus treatment should not be provided as a disease is something […]
  12. Gene-Environment Interaction Theory
    The doctrine was, originally, generated by the scientists, Sandra Scarr, who suggested that genes may impact the constitution of the surrounding environment, which stimulates a certain niche of human responses and to the surrounding conditions.
  13. Genetic Technology and Gene Therapy: Ethical Issues
    However, we can be certain that the potential danger of the gene practices can be and actually is regulated; also, the Church does not object against the deployment of such techniques, and the “slippery slope” […]
  14. Molecular Cloning of GFP Gene
    Molecular cloning is a set of methods in molecular biology that is used to obtain multiple copies of the target DNA fragment. Bacterial transformation is a process of recombinant DNA insertion into a host bacterial […]
  15. Molecular System in Gene Editing Technologies
    According to scientists, the effect of this molecular system on the example of a man has not yet been investigated to the end.
  16. Gene Patenting and Organ Donation
    Profitability is the key to violating the law, and that is the reason for the lack of transparency in the tissue market.
  17. Gene Therapy: Risks and Benefits
    All over the world, “the technique is best known for the correction of defective genes so as to treat diseases; the most common procedural form of gene therapy involves the insertion of the functional gene […]
  18. Cancer, Its Nature and Gene Therapy
    On closer inspection of the problem of cancer as a result of a genetic mutation, one will realize that the mechanism of the disorder in most cases is launched at an unspecified point in time […]
  19. Gene Mapping with Molecular Markers
    Gene mapping of B.tyroni is significant in determining the locus of the white gene and the pattern of inheriting phenotypes and genotypes.
  20. Gene Mapping Using Markers of Bactrocera Tryoni
    In the experiment, male back cross enabled the identification and differentiation of the nature of linkage that exists between the white marks and the white gene.
  21. Targeted Gene Therapy: A Fantasy or a Reality?
    The non-viral methods helped by increasing the simplicity of the introduction of the DNA into the body, the relatively less costly making of the drugs, and the absence of any immune response common to the […]
  22. Gene Delivery Methods Analysis
    This method is one of the successful physical methods of gene delivery, which have shown good results and a 10 to 20 fold increase in the permeation of the genetic material.
  23. The Expression of the Bmp4 Gene and Its Role in the Evolutionary Process
    The scientists studied the expression of the Bmp4 gene due to the molecular basis in the size and shape of the beaks.
  24. Going Public: IPO Capital and Execution Strategy
    After careful analysis of what has been achieved within the current infrastructure of Gene One, the founding members of Gene One and the current board members are in agreement with the idea that Gene One […]
  25. A Development and Characteristics of Vivo Gene Modification Techniques
    Once the genes were sucked into the bacterial virus, the researchers went about the difficult task of separating the ones they wanted from the rest of the genes in the “soup mix”.
  26. Evolution: Gene Variations Among Different Species
    Coming to further observation of the analysis, it can be seen that there are certain positive and negative aspects pertaining to data analysis.
  27. Subsequent Cloning of PARK2 Gene
    The following description is a series of important events that led to the identification and subsequent cloning of the PARK2 gene responsible for Parkinson’s disease.
  28. Genetics of Parkinson Disease-Associated PARK2 Gene
    The following description highlights various aspects of the Human Genome Project that are thought to be connected in a series of events in influencing the cloning of the PARK2 gene.
  29. Embryonic Gene Testing and Manipulation
    Due to the technical advancements in the area, the possibility to choose the sex of a child, choosing the most healthy embryos, using donated sperms and eggs, has given man an almost godlike quality to […]
  30. Whole-Genome Sequencing for Identification and Gene Function Prediction of Bacterial Genomes
    One of the most useful applications of the given approach is to determine the original source of an outbreak, and that is why WGS is actively used in epidemiology studies.
  31. Research Projects: Mutations in the Mstn Gene
    The nature of this mutation, which leads to disruption of the normal functioning of connective tissue, is the implementation of the gene knockout.
  32. Germ Line Gene Manipulation: Designing Babies
    Germ line gene manipulation is the alteration of genomic content of zygotes or gametes by inserting genes into the Genome of Germ Cells.

📌 Simple & Easy Gene Essay Titles

  1. Utilising Neural Network and Support Vector Machine for Gene Expression Classification
  2. Relationship Happiness and Your DNA: How One Gene Encodes Emotional Sensitivity
  3. The Life Experiences of Gene in A Separate Peace, a Novel by John Knowles
  4. The Ethical Dilemma Of The Polio Vaccine, Gene Mapping, And Even Cloning
  5. Moral and Ethical Issues in Gene Therapy
  6. Macropinocytosis: Discovery of Macropinocytosis Gene Agpa and Therapeutic Potential
  7. The Influence of Savageness on the Behavior of Gene in A Separate Peace, a Novel by John Knowles
  8. The Genetic Observations Through the Studies of Hybrid Corn, Single Gene Human Traits
  9. The Importance of Gene in Defining the Offspring’s Characteristics
  10. The Hostility Between Gene And Finny In A Separate Peace By John Knowles
  11. Teenage Difference in the Case of Gene and Phineas at the Devon School, New England
  12. The Features of the Cystic Fibrosis Gene and Its Treatment
  13. Use of Gene-Expression Programming to Estimate Manning’s Roughness Coefficient for High Gradient Streams
  14. The End of the GMO? Genome Editing, Gene Drives and New Frontiers of Plant Technology
  15. The Flaws of Perfection in The Goodness Gene by Sonia Levitin
  16. Isolation and Characterization of the Chloroperoxidase Gene From Caldariomyces Fumago
  17. The Deterioration of Finny and Gene’s Friendship in A Separate Peace by John Knowles
  18. Neurological Effects Of Fos B Gene On Behavior Of Mice
  19. The Friendship of Phineas and Gene in A Separate Peace by John Knowles
  20. Transposon-Mediated Insertional Mutagenesis in Gene Discovery and Cancer
  21. High-Dimensional Sparse Factor Modeling: Applications in Gene Expression Genomics

👍 Good Essay Topics on Gene

  1. Technology and the Weakening of Human Gene Pool
  2. The Dynamics of Sex Ratio Evolution: The Impact of Males as Passive Gene Carriers on Multilevel Selection
  3. Investigation Of The Function Of Mutated Gene In Different Environmental Challenges
  4. The Effects Of Foods And Food Constituents On Gene Expression
  5. Understanding Gene Cloning and Genetic Engineering of Plants
  6. Repression of Homeotic Gene Expression in Drosophila Resulting from Polycomb Group Mediated Actions
  7. The Sociological Effects and Moral and Ethical Considerations of Gene
  8. The Use of Biblical Allusions to Convey Gene’s Fall from Innocence in A Separate Peace, a Novel by John Knowles
  9. The Dominant Characters of Gene and Finny in the Novel, A Separate Peace by John Knowles
  10. The Types of Gene Therapy That Cures Diseases
  11. Preparation of an Artificial Microrna Construct to Knockout a Specified Lipase Gene
  12. The Therapeutic Potential of Gene Therapy
  13. Oscillatory Dynamics Induced By Multi-Delays In Gene Expression
  14. The Effects of the Cystic Fibrosis Gene on the Digestive System and the Lungs
  15. Sex Determination By Amplification Of Amelogenin Gene From
  16. Variations In Cytokine Gene Polymorphisms
  17. Genetic Observations Through The Studies of Hybrid Corn, Single Gene Human Traits, and Fruit Flies
  18. Role of Mutated Gene in the Evolution of Large Brained, Small-Jawed Humans
  19. History And Procedures of Gene Therapy
  20. The GMO Debate: Controversies Surrounding Recombinant Gene Technology and Attitudes of the British Public
  21. The Significance of Controlling the Gene Responsible for Apoptosis Phenomenon in Age Control
  22. The Hierarchical Regulation of Gene Expression in Mammalian Cells
  23. The Role of Gene Regulation in Neural Circuit Development: Studies in the Zebra Finch

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