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63 Experiment Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Dr. Milgram’s Experiment
    Experimenter was the participant who was giving orders to the na ve subjects to follow the requirements of the experiment. In this case, the na ve subjects realized that the experiment was against their conscience […]
  2. Social Facilitation Experiment with Examples from the Study
    The study hypothesized that participants’ performances in the audience condition with competition are better than the performances in no audience condition and audience condition of the experiment.
  3. The Successful Experiment
    To limit the effect of extraneous variables, a researcher may need to control the degree of randomness of the experimental variable.
  4. Stanford prison experiment
    One of the results that were realized from the experiment was the level of rebellion that the prisoners developed after some time within the prison set up.
  5. Jane Elliot’s Experiment: Compare and Contrast
    Jane Elliot used formal organization according to which she created groups, which had to achieve certain goals and prove their positions and the rights, the members of the groups had.
  6. The Experiment to Prove the Fact that Psychological Stress Causes Headache
    Here the experiment will be introduced First, it is necessary to determine the methodology of the experiment, and, secondly, it is important to state that it has already been “a common clinical observation” that stress […]
  7. A Criticism of the Asch Conformity Experiment
    In this critical analysis of the experiment, we shall focus on the various assumptions that surrounded the experiment. This can mostly to the experiment carried out in the 1950s by the famous psychologist Solomon Asch.
  8. An Experiment on Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria
    While observing the interplay of MSa phages and Staphylococcus aureus, I paid attention to possible growth suppression effects or signs of lysis, in other words, the dissolution of a cell.
  9. Stanford Prison Experiment
    The leader of the team, doctor Zimbardo, was also the person who conducted the analysis of the course and the results of the experiment.
  10. The Hawthorne Experiment: Productivity of Employees
    If the first line manager refuses to warn his manager of a looming problem in the making, then when the manager ends up being fired it is the doing of his juniors.
  11. A Lifelong Experiment: What Made E. E. Cummings Creative
    Analyzing his life, the specifics of major works and the factors that enhanced Cummings’ writing process, the given essay is going to research what stood behind Cummings’ creativity, whether this was the influence of other […]
  12. Experiment of the Fluid Mechanics
    The Experiment was going to be carried out in the following manner: Checking the equipment; Charging the hydraulic bench with water; Placing the plastic caps at the end of the shaft; Increasing/decreasing pressure; Observing the […]
  13. The Parkfield Earthquake Prediction Experiment
    The seismic activity and the relatively regular sequence of the earthquakes in the area of San Paul Fault generated the interest of the geologists in exploring the processes in the rupture.
  14. Personality Experiments in Sociology
    The major dependent variables included in the study concerned the extent of negativity towards the individual considered as deviant, as well as the effects of the perceived negativity on group conformity and identification.
  15. The Stanford Prison Experiment
    Twelve of the participants were assigned to the role of prison guards while the remaining twelve were assigned to the role of prison inmates.
  16. Concept and Importance of Life Experiments
    Life experiment is an investigation on the life realities in order to gain the entire insight of what life entails. From the review of life experiment, it is evident that this gives people the chance […]
  17. Human Experiments and Radiation Exposure
    Since the United States of America was one of the leading powers in the scientific developments, some of the experiments involving humans were conducted within the United States.
  18. Neuroimaging Experiments and Memory Loss Studies
    This is because it enables the examination of the cognitive and affective processes. This is relative to the effects of alcohol consumption.
  19. Frank Conroy’s Memoir: Life Experiments
    To emphasize the stop and to draw the readers’ attention to it, Conroy uses the present tense, and the readers become involved in the situation because of observing it through the eyes of a boy […]
  20. Breaching Social Norms Experiment
    The struggle to violate a social norm and the sharp reaction to it is due to the culture that exists in that particular setting.
  21. Ethical Reflection of Psychological Experiments
    Besides, the participants are not briefed on the nature of the experiment and what to expect in terms of emotions. The progress was then measured by the reaction of the participant to the behavior of […]
  22. The Tuskegee Experiment on Syphilis
    The issues of protection of human beings in research and violation of the people’s right for treatment and care are explored in “Miss Evers’ Boys” with references to the development and results of the Tuskegee […]
  23. Deviant Action: Sociological Experiment
    Locally, this is the context to define whether the action has any relevance and social acceptance, which either considers the social role of a person, age characteristics, and the age, this person lives in.
  24. Clinical Statistical Experiments’ Fundamental Variables
    Variability introduces challenges in the estimation of the sample size because statisticians can only determine the true variability of a population after conducting a test. The practical sample size is essential to the determination of […]
  25. Milgram’s Experiment on Obedience: Ethical Issues
    The subjects were told that the experiment tested the potency of punishment in improving learning capabilities, and were asked to administer electrical shocks to a “learner”.
  26. Obedience in Milgram’s Experiment
    Milgram created the conditions that helped to reveal the motifs and specifics of the behavior of the participants of the experiment in the most effective way.
  27. Brain-to-Brain Interface Experiment
    It can be argued that the brain-to-brain interface experiment described in the study was a sophisticated variant of the knee jerk reflex.
  28. Eye Movement Experiment and the Theory of Mind
    The dependent variables on the other hand are the aspects of the experiment that are quantifiable and can also be described as the presumed effects.
  29. Nazi Medical Experiments During the Holocaust
    The information is maintained by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. This photograph is maintained and produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
  30. Toothpaste Controlled Experiment and Hypothesis
    The table below would be adopted in designing a controlled experiment to test Sullivan’s hypothesis, which is derived from her assertion that her new toothpaste whitens teeth five times faster than other toothpastes.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Experiment

  1. Stanford Prison Experiment and Criminal Justice
    The researchers used cameras and microphones to assess the behavior of the correctional staffs and inmates. The capability of managing the correctional facility depends on effective communication between the inmates and the prison guards.
  2. The Stanford Prison Experiment by Philip Zimbardo
    This work provides a brief introduction and summary of his work, analyses the data, discusses its relevance to criminal justice, and compares the study to the real-life Abu Gharib’s situation. In the same article, Zimbardo […]
  3. Animal Experiments and Inhuman Treatment
    Although the results of such a laboratory may bring answers to many questions in medicine, genetics, and other vital spheres, it is frequently a case that the treatment of such animals is inhumane and cruel. […]
  4. Nozick’s Experiment Opposing Hedonism
    The researcher concluded that hedonism is wrong in terms of stating that happiness should be viewed as the only valuable thing for people because, in the conducted experiment, people refused to experience pleasures associated with […]
  5. Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment and Ethical Principles
    The study started in 1929 when USPHS investigated the high incidence of syphilis in the rural areas of the South of the USA and possibilities for its mass treatment.
  6. Dictator Game Experiment and Behavioral Economics
    One of the players selected to be the “dictator” selects the optimal strategy depending on the move of another player and in turn putting pressure on them.
  7. The Ethical Issues of the Stanford Experiment
    Nowadays, modern psychologists are expected to adhere to a strict and rigid code of ethical principles in order to ensure the validity of their practices and the safety of the patients and participants.
  8. Stroop Experiment: Congruent and Incongruent Words
    The core aim of the Stroop experiment was to reveal the differences in perception of congruent and incongruent words. First, the paper focused on the research plan involving such aspects as hypotheses and methods where […]
  9. The Ship of Theseus Thought Experiment and Solution
    The puzzle is complicated by the later addition of a replica ship being built out of the original parts in the warehouse.
  10. Water Maze Experiment for Hydergine Drugs Testing
    Table 1 shows that the means of the path length of rats in hydergine groups were lower than those in vehicle 1 groups.
  11. Choice Experiment: Individual Financial Decisions
    In the study, this factor is measured in two questions concerning the following attributes: investment decisions, patterns, risks, potential gains, the period of starting saving, changes in the amount of savings, the selection of retirement […]
  12. The Backward Bicycle Experiment
    The backward bicycle experiment demonstrates that a lot of skills are adopted on the unconscious level in the mind and usually a person is not aware how a certain learned activity is performed.
  13. Blindfolded Experiment: Personal Experience
    As we start walking through the predetermined route, I feel lost in a dark abyss and a strong sense of fear for the unknown starts creeping in.the situation is made less threatening as I hear […]
  14. Customer Research, Experiments, and Surveys
    Currently, Dell is interviewing individuals to assess the usability of its new products in the market. Dell could use business research to ascertain the proficiency of its advertising.
  15. Human Genome Sequencing and Experiments
    The production of short-reads poses a third challenge that hinders coverage of whole-genome sequencing and reduces the accuracy of the genome assembly.
  16. Adaptation: Experiments in the Psychology
    In the second experiment, the mouth adapts to a unique sugar taste from the sugary water thanks to reduced response of sensory neurons on the tongue.
  17. Social Conformity in Solomon Asch’s Experiments
    In this classic experiment, the real participants succumbed to the influence of “fake” participants who deliberately gave wrong answers to a simple question.
  18. Coffee Effects on Sleeping Patterns: Experiment
    Consumption of coffee before going to bed will cause individuals to have difficulty falling asleep The amount of coffee the subjects drink before going to bed The time after going to bed that subjects fall […]
  19. Free and Serial Memory Recalls in Experiments
    In the study, the experimenters changed the order in which the items were presented to the participants before each trial to test the ability of the subject to recognize these words it was observed that […]
  20. Seed Germination Experiment: Results and Discussion
    The results indicated that the number of germinated seeds differed according to the concentration of solutions. 0625M CaCl2 germinated quickly on the second day and attained the mean of about 10 germinated seeds on […]
  21. Psychology: Change Blindness Experiment
    The independent variable was the type of change, and the dependent variable was the response to detecting the changes. Broadly, it was established that change blindness varied with the type of change introduced because incongruent […]
  22. X-Ray Fluorescence Experiment for Salt Samples
    The weighed salt sample was then put in a sample press machine to be flattened after which the height of the flattened sample was measured and found to be 4 cm.
  23. X-Ray Fluorescence Experiment with Salt
    The salt sample was then put in a plunger to be compressed followed by measuring the height of the compacted sample, which was 7 cm. Other chemical elements that were found in the salt specimen […]
  24. Chemical Raising Agent in Bread in Lab Experiment
    Therefore, the gluten content of flour affects the physical properties of flour and the corresponding baked products. The leavening agent was baking powder, which consists of sodium bicarbonate and potassium bitartrate.
  25. Food Dye and Bleach Reaction Experiment
    The rate law demonstrates how the rate correlates with the concentrations of the components of the reaction. It is possible to note that “the power of the concentration in the rate law expression is called […]
  26. Breaching Social Norms Experiment and Analysis
    Additionally, there was a great relief that the experiment was over and I did not have to break social norms anymore.
  27. KHT Solubility Experiment: Lab Report
    Thus, the calculated molarity of NaOH is used to compute the molar solubility of KHT, which is the quantity of KHT moles that are liquefied in every liter before saturation level.
  28. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment: Research Ethics
    The fact that the researchers were driven by the principles of the Utilitarianism approach and viewed the deaths of Tuskegee people as an inevitable casualty seems the most surprising and deplorable one of all pieces […]
  29. Bean Beetles and Oviposition Experiment
    Then, the chi-squared test was performed to determine if the differences between the observed and the expected number of eggs laid on each bean were statistically significant.
  30. Light: Optic Laboratory Experiments
    At the same time, we do not see the whole object and all rays of light that are reflected from the object. In such a way, we managed to observe the basic characteristics of light […]
  31. Sensory Receptors’ Response to Stimuli: Experiment
    The physiology behind the experiment is the response of a receptor to stimuli from the external environment. The hypothesis is that the human body can perceive two distinct stimuli as separate, localize a specific area […]
  32. Steel and Young’s Modulus Experiment
    The stress at the end of the experiment gave the breaking strength and was 504. The stress-strain curve was re-plotted in the range of 0 to 1% strain to calculate Young’s modulus and 0.
  33. Experiment in Cognition: Stroop Effect
    The method section depicts the specifics of the experimental design, including the characteristics of the participants, the materials used, and the procedure.

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