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92 Activism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Activism Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Does Social Media Influence Activism and Revolution on the World Stage?
    Social media still has a lot to prove in terms of its effect on activism and revolution on the world stage at this point in time.
  2. The History of Women Activism in America
    In the same line, Marynia Farnham and Ferdinand Lundburg noted that the level of a woman’s education and her work experience resulted in conflict of the mutually exclusive spheres and this interaction of the gender […]
  3. Alvin Ailey – an Activist and American Choreographer
    Alvin Ailey first performed with a group of young modern black dancers in 1958 and this led to the birth of his Dance Theatre which grew into a big premier dance company in America.
  4. Activism and Technology
    Media justice frame is the newest frame to be established, and it advocates for involvement of the minority in the governance of a country.
  5. Design Activism to Contemporary Designers
    As a result, scholars have coined the term “design activism” to enhance the role of designers to the society. The rise of many designers as a profession has been in a crossroads to decide on […]
  6. The Power of the Internet in China: Citizen Activism Online
    The author makes a number of arguments three of which are The cyberspace users form a society: The internet offers a platform where people grow stronger in the pursuit of their rights The civil society […]
  7. Mass Media and Activist Groups
    It is crucial to point out that this movement turned global, after many of the activists took to both the traditional and the new mass media avenues to express their interests. In addition, the relationship […]
  8. Queer Activism Influences on the Social Development of LGBT
    The strength of the research question is that it shows a different direction to the queer movement as a social movement and its effect on identity creation of the LGBT community.
  9. Artistic Activism and Tactics
    3 The outbreak of violent protests in the capital city of France in mid-1968 was because of the Student dissatisfaction at the Sorbonne University and the University of Paris. 9 Accordingly, the right to the […]
  10. Activist and Feminist Rose Schneiderman
    In 1926 Schneiderman became the president of Women’s Trade Union League in the United States, she was also a close friend of Eleanor and Franklin D.
  11. North American Environmental Transnational Activism
    Unlike in the past where scholars of international relations viewed the state-system as the fundamental focus of scholarly and practical attention, contemporary researchers are increasingly focussing on transnational activism as a major hub of influence […]
  12. Frederick Douglass as an Anti-Slavery Activist
    In “What to the slave is the fourth of July?” the orator drives the attention of his audience to a serious contradiction: Americans consider the Declaration of independence a document that proclaimed freedom, but this […]
  13. ACT UP Activism in “How to Survive a Plague” Movie
    One of the strategies that ACT UP activists used to push their claims was protesting against the position of the government and that of hospitals.
  14. HIV/AIDS Activism in “How to Survive a Plague”
    The main parties involved in the process of the social construction of AIDS in the USA were the activists, policymakers, and the media.
  15. Domestic Violence Activism in Law and Society
    I also suppose that some of these people may start lifting their voices against the law, paying particular attention to the idea that it is theoretically allowable that the law can punish people for other […]
  16. Bill Browder’s Corporate Activism Strategy
    As a response, Browder had to take into account some of the basic aspects of the Russian corporate governance environment and thereby deciding to take the option of shareholder activism as a corrective measure.
  17. Social Media Appropriation for Activism
    The new practice of socializing via social media allows for building new types of relationships between people, and this phenomenon is actively used by activists to make their ideas attractive to the public and share […]
  18. Helen Zia’s Speech About Social Activism
    In the speech by Helen Zia, we are introduced to the power of activism in helping to bring relevant social issues to the attention of the general public and how through activism true and lasting […]
  19. Pussy Riot and Malala Yousafzai’s Social Activism
    When Malala unveiled his thoughts on the nature of his paintings, he revealed to the audience a glimpse of the strangeness of the familiar.
  20. Terrorism, Social Activism and Political Violence
    In my opinion, to define terrorism properly it is important to mention its orientation to the public as a form of activism.
  21. Political Openness and Transnational Activism: Comparative Insights from Labor Activism
    In particular, the author points out that the influence of the options is more potent than that of the existing economic and political factors.
  22. Mary McLeod Bethune and Black Women’s Political Activism
    One of the main purposes of the book is to promote the increase of the level of knowledge about the life of Mary McLeod, her activity, and her struggle for the rights of women and […]
  23. Role of Social Media in Activism and Revolution
    The intent was to condemn that act in the presence of the senior manager. Baxter’s response to the situation was good.

💡 Good Essay Topics on Activism

  1. Activism and Career in the Self-Discovery Process
    The main argument that can be put forward is that both career and activism are the results of a developed self, but at the same time, they can change people’s perception of themselves and their […]
  2. Student Cross-Cultural Activism in Social Media
    It is clear that online platforms contributed to the increase in awareness hashtags are a simple way of sorting information and disseminating it to the public.
  3. Anti-Violence Activism: Engaging Diverse Men
    Overall, the article by Peretz helps to understand the importance of collaboration with men in movements that target domestic violence and determine specific factors that facilitate their involvement.
  4. Malala Yousafzai – Pakistani Human Rights Activist
    The world learned about the girl after a gunman burst into a school bus and shot the girl in the head, thereby avenging her criticism of the Taliban and neglecting the prohibition to attend school.
  5. Social Activism Against Plastic Pollution
    Of the 30 million tons of plastic waste in the United States in 2009, only 7% were sent for recycling, which primarily damages marine life.
  6. Gender Identities and Politics of Women’s Activism
    This paper applies the constructs of politics and identity to women’s activism and the challenges many women face when challenging established gender expectations.
  7. Brand Activism and Green Advertising Relationship
    Depending on the nature of activism, commodities in the market can be ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ and consumers have a choice of making ethical consumption.
  8. Shareholder Activism and Responsible Investment as Integral Parts of Corporate Social Responsibility
    Therefore, with the application of SA, one can shape corporate behaviors and choices in order to champion the needs and rights of shareholders in regard to a particular business.
  9. Shareholder Activism: Business Responsibility and Sustainability
    The investment culture across the world is highly dependent on the ability of financial institutions and investors to collaborate in addressing various issues relating to corporate governance and the principle of the common good.
  10. Russell Means: Activist for American Indian Rights
    He says he prefers the term American Indian because with it he says he knows the origin. It was in the 1960s that he fought for the rights of the American Indians under the American […]
  11. The Possibilities of Transnational Activism
    The implied position underlying the focus objectives of this paper come from the understanding that the influence of society on the state and vice versa is unavoidable.
  12. Perils and Possibilities of Doing Transnational Feminist Activism
    These have promoted awareness of human rights among women and other masses, ensured and led to the adoption of the rules and regulations recognizing women rights and that supports ending of women violations and participated […]
  13. Feminist Activism for Safer Social Space by Whitzman
    The scientist pays special attention to the municipal parks, mainly High Park in Toronto, from the point of view of feminists trying to make women involved into the discourse concerning different aspects of the park.
  14. Thomas Pain: Life and Time of a Political Activist
    Thomas Pain opposed monarchical government and any America’s reconciliation with Great Britain and he was for American independence an immediate action and the approval of a republican structural form of constitution for the people of […]
  15. Shirin Ebadi’s Perspective on Women’s Human Rights Activism and Islam
    It is worth noting that Shirin Ebadi’s self-identity as an Iranian woman and a Muslim empowers her experience and perspective in women’s rights activism.
  16. Deaf Youth: Social Justice Through Media and Activism
    The Deaf Youth USA for instance strives to educate, inspire, and empower the deaf youth to make difference in the communities.
  17. The Gay Community’s Activism Events
    Research through interviews actually indicates that more than 60% of the population in the United States has come to the recognition and appreciation of their gay counterparts.
  18. Intersectionality and Activism: Politics of Inclusivity
    Nevertheless, it is crucial to introduce intersectionality into modern movements to ensure the inclusion and protection of the rights of vulnerable groups.
  19. Jazz and Activism Relationships
    In the given article, the author attempted to analyze the musical-theoretical and cultural foundations of jazz from the 1960s to the 20th century in the socio-cultural aspect, establishing the relationship between socio-political events and the […]
  20. Youth-Led Activism and Political Engagement in New Zealand
    As the authors admit themselves, this choice of topic was due to the article being a part of a larger research project on the organization’s activism in New Zealand.
  21. Communication Final Project: Youth Activism, Social Media, and Political Change Through Children’s Books
    Picture the Dream was an unconventional exhibition of children’s picture books related to the topic of the Civil Rights Movement and was held in the High Museum of Art.
  22. Disabled Activist Narrative in Irish Society
    Many people, including some politicians, believe that disabled activists fight for special privileges, while all they want is to enjoy the same rights and opportunities as other people do.
  23. Judicial Activism in Australia
    This is where the judicial activism came about whereby even if it is not the duty of the judges to make a law, they can use the law to fit in a new situation.

📌 Simple & Easy Activism Essay Titles

  1. The Life and Activism of Harriet Tubman, an American Abolitionist and Humanitarian
  2. The Wall Street Walk and Shareholder Activism: Exit as a Form of Voice
  3. The Wolf at the Door: The Impact of Hedge Fund Activism on Corporate Governance
  4. The Importance of Social Media to Activism
  5. The Increase in Judicial Activism in Ran Hirschl’s Towards Juristocracy
  6. Women ‘s Political Activism During The 19th Century
  7. The Issue of Social Justice Activism in Various Social Media Networks
  8. Difference Between Judicial Activism And Judicial Restraint
  9. Timely Partnerships? Contrasting Geographies of Activism in New Zealand and Australia
  10. Agency Theory in Practice: A Qualitative Study of Hedge Fund Activism in Japan
  11. World ‘s Centers Of Arab Journalism And Political Activism
  12. Understanding Islamic Activism in the Middle East
  13. An Analysis of Idealism and Radical Activism in Beyond the Barricades: The Sixties Generation Grows Up by Whalen and Flacks
  14. American Indian Movement: Activism And Repression
  15. Women Activism and Participation in Reforms Throughout the History of America
  16. Bottom-Up Activism: A Local Political Strategy for Higher Policy Change
  17. Creating Space For Citizenship: The Liminal Politics of Undocumented Activism
  18. The Importance of Considering Nonbinary Persons on Gender and Activism
  19. An Analysis of the Public Response to John Lennon’s Assassination and His Political Activism
  20. The Negative Side of Men’s Right Activism and the Significance of Social Equality of the Sexes
  21. US Barbarians at the Japan Gate: Cross Border Hedge Fund Activism

👍 Good Research Topics about Activism

  1. The Supreme Court A Court Of Judicial Restraint And Activism
  2. Caution and Activism? Monetary Policy Strategies in an Open Economy
  3. The Southern Roots of Ida B Wells-Barnett’s Revolutionary Activism
  4. The Journalism And Activism Compatible By Susan B. Anthony
  5. The Mission and Activism of the Life Choices Pregnancy Resource Center, a Non-Profit Organization Supporting Women with Unplanned Pregnancies
  6. The Social Activism in the Works of Charles Dana Gibson and Elizabeth Shippen Green
  7. The Role of Student Activism in Pushing Forward the Feminist Movement in the 1960s
  8. Women ‘s Activism Throughout Latin America And The Caribbean
  9. Ties That Bind: How Business Connections Affect Mutual Fund Activism
  10. Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Policy, and NGO Activism in Europe and the United States: An Institutional-Stakeholder Perspective
  11. Cultivating Capabilities through Activism: Examples from India
  12. Towards the Resilient Region?: Policy Activism and Peripheral Region Development
  13. The Role of Hacktivists in the Future of Activism
  14. The Real Effects of Hedge Fund Activism: Productivity, Risk, and Product Market Competition
  15. The Paradoxes and Pitfalls of Revived Fiscal Activism
  16. White Slave Crusades : Race Gender And Anti Vice Activism
  17. Union Commitment and Activism in Britain and the United States: Searching for Synthesis and Synergy for Renewal
  18. Using Taylor Rules to Assess the Relative Activism of the European Central Bank, the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve Board
  19. The Politics of Shareholder Activism in Nigeria
  20. The Returns to Hedge Fund Activism in Germany
  21. The Progressive Movement: Anti-Monopoly Activism, Social Control and Cohesion, and Increased Efficiency
  22. The Politics and Activism of the Working Class Women in the 20th Century
  23. Trust, Coordination, and the Industrial Organization of Political Activism
  24. The Organizational Roots of Political Activism: Field Experiments on Creating a Relational Context
  25. Union Activism, Workers’ Satisfaction and Organizational Change

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