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  1. Problems of Everyday Addictions in Society
    The paper narrows the scope to the issue of drug abuse and addiction since this is arguably the basic source of information for the other forms of addictions as well.
  2. Where Does the Path to Smoking Addiction Start?
    What is causing even further worries is that the addiction is reported in the teenagers too, contrary to the common assumption that smoking addiction is evident in the adults.
  3. Comparison of Theories of Addiction: The Biological Model and the Genetic Model
    Genetic and biological models aim at disclosing the essence of addiction as something natural and irreversible and the methods which are supported by neurobiology and physiology and become more appropriate for using and controlling human […]
  4. Drug addiction and its effects
    The main cause of drug addiction is, obviously, the use of drugs but there are specific predictors making some people engage in drug abuse. Another sign of addiction is the need to use drugs in […]
  5. Sex Addiction as a Psychological Disorder
    It is in the final stage that a person comes to the realization that the addiction is more painful than pleasurable, but due to the addiction he or she cannot stop.
  6. Internet Addiction in Modern Society
    Good internet connectivity coupled with the fact that the cost of using the internet is very cheap make people to spent countless hours in the internet.
  7. Fast Food, Quick Problem Emergence, Rapid Addiction and Slow Recovery Process
    Because of the growing popularity of the fast food products, the concern for the effect that the fast food meals have on the population is growing increasingly big, yet the solutions for the problems and […]
  8. Internet addiction among college students
    It is definitely advisable that the schedule include at least a few hours to login to Facebook because at the end of the day the aim is not to put the person in total isolation.
  9. Addiction Severity Index
    On the other hand if it is for clinical purpose, it should be explained at the initial step to the client so that it can form the basis of understanding for both the subject and […]
  10. Analyzing Love and Love Addiction in Relationships
    Given that, the book focuses primarily on raising awareness on when love crosses into the realm of obsession, the characters in the book exhibit an intense and obsessive attraction for their partners, to the detriment […]
  11. Is drug (legal or illegal) addiction and or abuse individual responsibility or societies responsibility?
    In this case, the effects of drug addiction and drug use can be grouped into two classes: impact of drug use and/or abuse on an individual, and the impact of individual drug use and/or abuse […]
  12. Facebook Addiction in the Modern Society
    As a result of these occurrences, it has been proposed that Facebook is addictive since people appear to be hooked to the site and cannot keep away from it even considering the negative consequences.
  13. Substance Abuse, Addiction and Dependency among Adolescents
    The abuse of drugs and alcohol among the adolescent is a major problem in the United States and other developed nations.
  14. Understanding Drug & Alcohol Addiction
    The chemicals present in the drugs disrupt the functioning of the brain in two ways mainly through imitating the natural functioning of the brain and overworking the circuit of the brain.
  15. “Cocaine: Abuse and Addiction” by National Institute on Drug Abuse
    The literature provides us with a report of a research that has been conducted in the US regarding the topic of cocaine and drug abuse.
  16. Addiction of Digital Media in Society
    Currently, this rapid formation and the transformation of the landscape of digital news bring about a divide in the American community regarding the influences of digital news.
  17. Jim Carroll’s Drug Addiction in the Movie “The Basketball Diaries” by Leonardo Dicaprio
    After the bursting of Jim and apprehending of his friends, using drugs red handed by the couch, disintegration starts taking place in the group and most of the boys lose their essence for being thrown […]
  18. Pharmaceutical Drug Addiction Among African American Male Adolescents
    Among African American adolescents, there is high prevalence of abuse and addiction with regard to pharmaceutical drugs. There are numerous research undertakings with regard to the issue of abuse and addiction to pharmaceutical drugs.
  19. Problems of Internet Addiction Disorder
    Another possible cause of a reduction in the brain capabilities is the kind of the materials that one is exposed to on the Internet.
  20. Addiction of Whitney Houston
    This paper looks at the causes of addiction, hindrances to recovery, and the causes of relapse or successful recovery using the life of Whitney Houston as a model.
  21. Online Gambling Addiction
    Gambling is an addiction as one becomes dependent on the activity; he cannot do without it, it becomes a necessity to him. Online gambling is more of an addiction than a game to the players.
  22. Computer Addiction in Modern Society
    Maressa’s definition that, computer addiction is an accurate description of what goes on when people spend large amount of time working on computers or online is true, timely, and ‘accurate’ and the writer of this […]
  23. The Qualitative and Quantitative Research Strategies: Drug Addiction
    This is why another purpose of this paper is to evaluate what kind of research strategy is more effective and better in regards to the topic of drug addiction.
  24. Definition of Alcohol Misuse (Alcohol Abuse and Addiction) in Youth Population Age 18-29
    Analyzing the article of Jiang, it is possible to define the alcohol misuse simply as the excessive consumption of alcohol where a number of the young drinkers is higher than any other group of age […]
  25. Problems of Pornography Addiction
    This paper provides you with a deep insight into the issues related to pornography including the factors leading to wide spread of this, the various perspective and attitudes towards the matter, and lastly, discuss its […]
  26. Effects of Internet Addiction on Family Relationships Among Teenagers
    In the modern society, cyber bullying refers to the instances where the individual uses the internet to interfere with the rights and freedoms of others.
  27. Literature Review and Research Methodology Draft: Effects of Internet Addiction on Family Relationships Among Teenagers
    The focus of the literature review will be to find information on effects of the internet on family members and also to determine the current state of research as regards to the effects of the […]
  28. Problem of Hydrocodone Addiction in US
    To gain a better understanding on hydrocodone abuse and the implications of compulsive behaviors resulting from addiction in an individual, a closer evaluation of historical and contemporary cases with particular interest on prevention and treatment […]
  29. The Role of Spirituality in Overcoming Addictions
    The faith and trust that we have in God is able to redeem and save one from the jaws of addiction.
  30. Addiction to an experience
    It is important to understand the aspects of drug abuse and addiction in order to contribute substantially in the prevention programs formulated to curb the vice.
  31. Theories of Addiction: General Counseling Methods
    The two methods chosen are useful in the addiction treatment due to their applicability, convenience, relevancy, and conventionality in counseling and addressing the provisions of drug addiction. This relates to the aspects of addiction mentioned […]
  32. Link between environment and addiction
    Environment is a critical contributor to the aspects of drug abuse and the alleged addiction. This indicates that the ultimate effect of a given drug is not the only contributor to drug abuse and addiction.
  33. The Concept of Addiction
    The recent developments in psychology, as well as intensive studies in the concept of addiction, has drawn considerable debates and concerns on the issue of relationships between the legal system and addiction.
  34. Peculiarities of the Addiction Treatments
    The purpose to reduce the stigma of addition can be found in the stereotype of the addicted people who are different than normal people and can be dangerous.
  35. Case Management: Drug Addiction
    While accepting that it is difficult to concisely define case management, Moore suggested that the definition of the term case management was social science that was individually adapted to meet the specific needs of a […]
  36. Attachment Dimensions and Adolescence Drug Addiction in Relation to School Counseling
    A meta-analysis of numerous studies relating to attachment and parental rearing behaviors have revealed that the quality of rapport between children and their caregivers is of intrinsic importance to the children’s development, and some studies, […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Addiction

  1. Drug Addictions Counseling: Assessment and Diagnosing
    Therefore, denial should be seen as “…a reflection of the interpersonal relationship between the counselor and the client”. In this respect, the task of a counselor is to develop the clients’ intrinsic motivation and enhance […]
  2. Methamphetamine Addiction and Prevention
    In the discussion of the paper, addiction implies problematic utilization of methamphetamine despite the partial or full awareness of its negative implications on the health of its abusers.
  3. Adolescent Risk: Substance and Addiction
    Despite the various consequences related to substance use and addiction, drug and alcohol use continues to be a problematic practice to a large number of American teenagers.
  4. “Breaking the Chains of Cocaine: Black Male Addiction and Recovery” Book
    The book “Breaking the Chains of Cocaine: Black Male Addiction and Recovery” provides well researched insights into the problem of cocaine addiction among African American men, and offer a multiplicity of tenable alternatives that could […]
  5. Gambling Addiction Research Approaches
    Therefore, it is possible to claim that the disease model is quite a comprehensive approach which covers several possible factors which lead to the development of the disorder.
  6. Theories of Substance Addiction
    The risk is confounded when these factors occur in combination; thus, the more the risk factors, the higher the probability that the use of substances can result into addiction.
  7. Social Issues: Alcoholism as a Mode of Addiction
    Every single case of alcoholic dependence described in the lecture is perfectly consistent with the existing model, each piece of evidence falling into its place and, therefore, allowing the audience to have an entire picture […]
  8. Drug Addiction History in Urban Areas Since the 1970s
    In the 1980s, large quantities of cocaine from the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic were shipped to the United States. The involvement of the CIA and the government led to the imprisonment of many people […]
  9. The Challenges and Advantages of Facebook
    Kate Wadas studied the possible reasons as to why a student organization or educational institution should have a Facebook account in her article “The Challenges and Advantages of Facebook”.
  10. Gender Identity and Addiction Treatment
    Attributable to the greater impact of addiction in females when compared to males, many studies and caregivers propose the application of women-only programs in treatment.
  11. Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety and Addiction Withdrawal
    The clients’ irrational mindsets can be recuperated relying on three major concepts, which are the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, the ABCDE Model, and the Dysfunctional Thought Record.
  12. Caffeine: Carriers, Addiction and Diseases
    When caffeine is taken in, the body absorbs and then gets rid of it fast. But, generally, it creates no threat to the physical and social aspects of health, like the addictive drugs do, though […]
  13. Martyrdom as Addiction to Offset the Injustice
    Addiction might sometimes be thought of as an end in itself and a practice that is engaged in by certain people just for the sake of it.
  14. The Theme of Addiction in Tennessee Williams’ Plays
    Apart from that, one can mention that addiction is depicted as a force that ruins the family of the characters. This is one of the points that should be distinguished.
  15. Gambling and Addiction’s Effects on Neuroplasticity
    It was established further that blood flow from other parts of the body to the brain is changes whenever an individual engages in gambling, which is similar to the intake of cocaine.
  16. Addiction: Methods and Approaches
    First and foremost it must be noted that the main difference between the methadone maintenance approach and the therapeutic community approach is that the former believes in illegal substance abstinence through the use of substitute […]
  17. College Students Internet Addiction
    The authors also note that the use and access of the internet have increased in the past decades. Additionally, the authors argue that conflicts between parents and young individuals are likely to result in internet […]
  18. Addiction’s Etiology: Models and Theories
    An example of such a model is the 12-step approach that appeared in 1935 and emphasized the necessity of the “spiritual awakening” of the addicts.
  19. Disease Harm Reduction Addiction Treatment Model
    The harm reduction model implies the ability of the addicted patient to control and govern the undesired personal behavior while the disease model excludes the self-control aspect from the treatment methods and offers to consider […]
  20. Alcohol Addiction and Its Societal Influence
    The results of the discussion coincide with the given statement and in conclusion the necessity of the further investigation of this issue is given.
  21. Drug Addiction Issues in The Corner Miniseries
    Probably the main reason why The Corner does deserve to be considered utterly insightful, in the sense of how it treats the theme of drug-addiction, is that it exposes the fallaciousness of the assumption that […]
  22. Social Work and Addiction in Family Settings
    The patient experiences urges to use drugs regardless of the apparent negative consequences of this practice. Therapists and clients consider this stage to be the most difficult.
  23. Second Life Games Addiction and Its Reasons
    The purpose of this study is to examine and analyze the nature of user’s addiction to Second Life game in terms of cultural, social, and psychological aspects.
  24. The Intervention of Positive Coping and Drug Addiction
    The intervention in question is based on the three domains that are referred to as “the pleasant life”, “the engaged life” and “the meaningful life”.
  25. Video Game Addiction and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    As to me, I was interested in video games when I was a child because this industry was at its beginning and almost every pupil was involved in it.
  26. Addictions in Free Markets
    As a result of the lack of communication with the rest of the community members, people that experience stress as a result of dislocation may try to fill the void with developing an addiction.
  27. Social Cognitive Theory Against Addiction
    All the sources are closely related to the problem of alcohol addiction and, therefore, are included in the research. The study aimed to investigate the effect of the social cognitive theory implementation on people willing […]
  28. Addiction Occurrence and Reduction in Adolescence
    This implies that the earlier the start of the use of drugs, the higher the chances of the risk of becoming addicted.
  29. Addiction Prevention Programs in Miami-Dade County
    According to the county’s official website, the estimated population in 2016 was 2,712,945, making it the most populous county in Florida and the seventh-most populous county in the United States.
  30. Addictions: Treatment and Prevention
    On the other hand, addiction is the inability to stop practicing a harmful habit despite its negative consequences, as it is connected to the physical or psychological pleasures.
  31. Nicotine Addiction Research and Assessment
    The present paper offers a review of measures to assess nicotine dependence and provides five questions that are crucial to ask and five questions to avoid during the intake process Nicotine addiction is historically associated […]
  32. Addiction History and Concepts
    When the colonization of the Americas started, the consumption of alcohol was common practice in Europe, and it spread across the New World following the development of American society.
  33. Primary Care Providers Treating Opiate Addiction
    The current evidence presents several ways to stratify and minimize patient risk of opioid addiction, among which one may enumerate utilization of primary care providers, patient-centered delivery of opioid pain therapy, continuous monitoring, education, and […]
  34. Opioids Addiction in the United States
    The growing addiction, abuse, and overdose of opioids in the United States are some of the main concerns among the federal agencies involved in safeguarding public health.
  35. Stop Heroin Addiction: Service Delivery Program
    The overall mission of the program is to make sure that participants overcome the problem of heroin abuse through having information and tools necessary for dealing with the issue. The cultural variable should be at […]
  36. Heroin Addiction Educational and Preventive Program
    The mission of the chosen program is to educate people about the threats of heroin. The participants of this program have to get access to the information about heroin addiction globally and recognize the suggestions […]

📌 Simple & Easy Addiction Essay Titles

  1. Substance Addiction Treatment in Students
    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the etiology, the signs, and the design strategies to deal with addictions, as well as analyze and reflect on a case study of a student experiencing substance […]
  2. Addiction Recovery and Its Ethical Risks
    The purpose of the given confidentiality policy is to guarantee that all workers of the project and its participants correctly realize the existing requirements to the disclosure of personal data and confidential information.
  3. Addictions in Cultural Groups: Study Challenges
    One of the ways to solve this problem is by accepting that people with substance abuse issues can function normally. Consequently, people with substance misuse issues will become part of the research team because they […]
  4. Addiction Counseling and Certification in Arizona
    I have also defined the roles of the counselor in my area of specialization, that is, addiction counseling described the characteristics of an effective professional counselor in my field of specialization, and identified the licensing […]
  5. Drug and Alcohol Addiction: Athletes and Student Leaders
    It is possible to see individuals who have health problems because of drugs and those who still do not understand the danger.
  6. Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery
    In other words, the organization came to the realization that most rehabilitation and recovery programs for drug-related cases are not viable enough to change the whole menace brought about by the abuse of alcohol and […]
  7. Conditioning in Phobias and Addictions
    In classical conditioning, Extinction of a behavior is induced by use of a positive reinforcement to the organism which escalates a response.
  8. The Psychology of Addiction and Addictive Behaviors
    On the other hand, the psychology of addiction relates to how the mind is affected by the usage of substances like drugs.
  9. Alcohol Addiction and Psychological Assistance
    Smith is a supporter of the Democratic Party like most people in her family and among her friends and colleagues. Smith was asked what goals she wanted to achieve in the course of her treatment.
  10. Drug Addiction Diagnostics and Therapy Prescription
    Poverty and lack of social support are some of the main factors that have made it difficult for Rosa Lee to overcome her drug addiction. Rosa Lee and her children are forced to live with […]
  11. Alcohol Addiction as a Learned Behavior
    Alcohol addiction is generally considered a disease of the brain since alcohol addiction alters the biochemistry and physiology of the brain.
  12. Addiction in Adolescences: Factors and Treatments
    It is crucial to study dependence in adolescences in a variety of its forms to identify the decisive tools and methods of influence to provide treatment interventions.
  13. Drug Addiction in Australia and Management Methods
    It becomes a critical task of the healthcare sector as the reconsideration of the attitude to addictive substances is one of the factors needed to improve the quality of people’s lives and guarantee their well-being.
  14. The Crisis of Opiate Addiction
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the opiate addiction problem, describe the contributing factors, and suggest ways of resolving the issue.
  15. Heroin Addiction and Its Biological Aspect
    Regarding the shift of priorities towards the cultivation of the improved quality of peoples lives and promotion of the appropriate lifestyle, the health of the nation becomes the central concern for the government and diverse […]
  16. Addiction as Moral Defect from Cultural Perspective
    In short, I believe that addictions can be viewed as a moral defect since the person failed to resist the initial addictive act, which led to the development of automatic behaviors.
  17. Food Addiction: How to Overcome It?
    To overcome food addiction, you should understand the cause of the problem and develop a plan of action to fight it.
  18. Likecoholic: Social Media Addiction
    Modern scholars have started likening the addiction to the use of social media to smoking, stating that companies such as Facebook must be regulated “exactly the same way you regulated the cigarette industry,” in which […]
  19. Ethical Codes and Principles in Addictions Assessment
    Therefore, it may be stated that the addictions professional is aware of the ethics code and makes a lot of effort to adhere to it.
  20. Ethical Codes and Principles in Addictions: Implications of Labeling
    According to Szwejka, images of addicts are negative, and being associated with the word may lead to the development of stigma.
  21. Models of Addiction and the Assessment Process
    The present paper offers an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the medical model and its implication to addiction assessment and treatment.
  22. Clinical and Addictions Assessment Tools
    According to Samet et al, addiction assessment tools are reliable and effective only for the cases of addictions, while the clinical screening may be used only as a supplementary measure for the diagnosis of comorbid […]
  23. Hallucinogens: Addiction and Treatment
    In the majority of cases, the structure of hallucinogens is similar to serotonin, a well-known human neurotransmitter. The desire and a burning need to repeat the same actions are the characteristics of addiction.
  24. How Does Addiction Affect Families
    The sober fact is that the health of all members of the family is a key aspect of the improvement of relations between all individuals belonging to it and the evolution of this institution.
  25. Probationers with Alcohol Addiction: The Case of O. K.
    In the case of substance abuse, this type of therapy can help to pinpoint the root cause of a habit and substitute it with a healthier pattern.
  26. Alcohol Addiction: Case Study
    The psychological content of codependency is evidence of the uniqueness of health disorders and personal functioning of a family member as compared with alcohol-related disorders.
  27. Addiction Assessment Tool Evaluation
    The purpose of the present paper is to conduct a review of the 10-item yes/no Drug Abuse Screening Test to evaluate its benefits and limitations.
  28. Addiction Assessment Tools
    Terrance is to use two assessment tools: the Drug Abuse Screening Test and the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test. In short, Terrance is recommended to use these two tools for a quick and low-cost assessment […]
  29. Addictions Assessment Process
    The first four stages are designed to assist in making the correct diagnosis and determining the level of care to ensure further rehabilitation of the client. The psychiatrist attended to the PTSD and mental issues […]
  30. Methamphetamine and Cocaine Addiction Treatment
    In fact, by doing so, people subconsciously try to prove that aggressiveness, anxiety, and panic attacks are not implications of drug dependence but the states they medicate with the help of methamphetamine.
  31. Opium Addiction: Cause and Effect
    The traffic of opium became unlawful only at the beginning of the 20th century when the scientists discovered the real properties of this drug and found out that it causes addiction.
  32. Advanced Addiction Psychology Contemporary Perspectives
    The aptest critique of the test is provided by the discussion that Cox has provided when they suggest that the test should be considered along with the connectionist model.
  33. The Reality TV Shows Addiction: Cause-Effect
    The viewers feel like the actors are just in the same scenario as them and every development is a success to both the actor and his viewer.
  34. Women’s Addiction in All Its Manifestations Analysis
    In the Substance Addiction category, women usually indulge in Food, Alcohol, and Drugs in that order of priority; however, addiction of women to alcohol and drugs is more prevalent in Western countries {albeit to a […]
  35. Alcohol Addiction Issue in USA
    In order to do well in the group of Alcoholics Anonymous, it is better if the individual is talkative and open to conversations, as the main way of psychological therapy is telling stories about their […]
  36. Sexual Addiction, Compulsivity, or Problematic Behavior
    Sex, in general, is most common among the male, they are the ones who can have many ladies just to have sex with them, and they will never think of sex as being sacred or […]

💡 Most Interesting Addiction Topics to Write About

  1. Antidepressant Addiction and Abuse
    Depressed addicts need to have a proper examination of their addictive behavior to be able to abstain from processes and substances for altering moods fully.
  2. Drug Addiction: A General View of New Concepts
    Users who are weak-minded or peer adulating, tend to imitate others and use the drug not because they really want to, but in order to appear ‘cool’ and ‘one of the group.’ This is a […]
  3. Online Gaming Addiction Analysis
    For example, in World of Warcraft, there are 10 million players around the world who pay about $15 a month to blitz around the world of Azeroth.
  4. Caffeine Addiction as a Mental Disorder
    And it is a rather pragmatic question stipulated by the professionals need to debate about, but not by the addiction nature itself.
  5. Computer Addiction: Side Effects and Possible Solutions
    Since that time humanity started to speak of different signs of “computer addiction” the term stands to emphasize the seriousness of the problem and implies the possibility of drastic consequences that computer mania might have.
  6. Behavioral Change: Drugs and Addiction
    The reasons for such usage could vary according to the substance used and to the life rhythm of the addicted person.
  7. The Problem of Gambling in the Modern Society as the Type of Addiction
    Old people and adolescents, rich and poor, all of them may become the prisoners of this addiction and the only way out may be the treatment, serious psychological treatment, as gambling addiction is the disease […]
  8. Addiction: Is It a Disease or Moral Failing?
    According to the journal article of clinical and research news, a disease can be defined as a complicated relationship existing between the environment of an individual and the general genetic makeup that combines together resulting […]
  9. Online Video Games Addiction
    The changes are far-reaching: the definition of online video game; the nature of the information ‘commons’ for the citizen; the right of privacy in communicated expressions; the regulation of information infrastructures; the definition of information […]
  10. Drug Addiction Treatment: Variety of the Methods
    Basing on the importance of the learning process in the development of drug addiction practice, CBT makes use of the learning process, firstly, in helping the patients to recognize the conditions which stimulate them to […]
  11. The Addiction from Cocaine Main Aspects
    The impact of the cocaine on the human brain can be explained by the chemical dopamine and its variations in the brain of the drug addict, as well as by three main areas of the […]
  12. Addictions and Emotions in Biopsychology
    The impulse sent to the brain in response to the stimuli is sent to two different parts of the brain: cortex and thalamus.
  13. The Development of Phobias and Addictions
    On the other hand, addictions are the behavioral pattern that is characterized by either psychological or physical reliance on substances abuse which is known to have negative impacts on the health and the life of […]
  14. Psychoactive Substances and Addiction
    Substances that could easily lead to addiction are the elements that directly motivate the dopaminergic system such as marijuana, cocaine, nicotine, and heroin.
  15. Facebook: The Latest Addiction
    Most delegates had laptops in the room connected to the internet and my surprise a good number of them were misusing the privileges of the internet provided by the UN by accessing Facebook and other […]
  16. Facebook Addiction Problem Overview
    This paper is an in-depth analysis of the risks that Facebook poses to children and the steps that parents should take to ensure that their children do not become victims of Facebook use.
  17. Drug Abuse and Addiction
    Holimon has succeeded in reviving some of her family relations, and she is still putting a lot of effort to get ahead in this area to the fullest extent possible.
  18. Shopping Addiction: Personal Experiences
    She realized that she had wasted most of her life and she was heading to destruction. She began thinking of taking a positive turn in her life; although she knew it would not be easy […]
  19. Food Addiction and Obesity in Children and Teens
    Many turn to comfort eating to cope with this stress, to the point where it takes on the characteristics of an addiction. Overeating and obesity can also become a vicious cycle: children would eat to […]
  20. Alcoholic Anonymous Organization Fighting Addiction
    By accepting the problem and causes, a participant can try to resolve. In the program, participants have to admit their past wrongs and errors to a group and receive support to change.
  21. Social Media Addiction in Society
    The person takes the substance, or in case of social media, keeps checking and updating online status or website on and on.
  22. Adolescent Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Dependence
    And while overall statistics show a decrease in the number of unique and persistent cases of substance abuse in Western countries in general and in the US in particular, this problem is still extremely urgent.
  23. Addiction Treatment: Challenges in Case Management Settings
    Case management has a vital role in addiction treatment as it helps to adopt a holistic approach and empower the client. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS, 2004), “substance abusers have better treatment outcomes if their other problems are addressed concurrently” (pp.1-2). Case management aims at planning and coordinating health […]
  24. Anxiety Among Us: How and Why, Drug Addiction
    As the effects of the drug are not long-lasting, people who take phenobarbital tend to use the medicine more often than it is allowed in the drug prescription.
  25. Team of Professionals: Addiction Case Analysis
    Second, the client needs to undergo a thorough medical assessment to understand if he presents the signs of comorbidities. Considering that the client may find it difficult to organize and keep track of all appointments, […]
  26. Symptoms of Addiction: Case Analysis
    Second, the inability to fall asleep without alcohol or a sleeping pill is a definite sign of addiction. Third, the client initially takes large doses of alcohol, which is a sign of increased tolerance.
  27. DSM-5 and Introduction of Behavioral Addictions
    The combination of substance abuse and behavioral addiction is another point that is widely debated to be recognized in the DSM-5.
  28. Addiction in the Elderly: Structured Critical Review
    Therefore, it is in the interest of national and global communities to prioritize the needs of the elderly and investigate the particularities of their addiction to substances.
  29. Refraining from Diet Coke: Substance Use Addiction
    Speaking of my plans on the use of diet coke, I would like to emphasize that I do not plan to drink it.
  30. Mental Health Nursing of Cocaine Addiction
    The 1983 Mental Health Act is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that applies to the residents of England and Wales.
  31. Mental Health Care in Cannabis Addiction Case
    Based on the experience of studying the stories of juvenile delinquents, Bowlby revealed the influence of early separation from the mother and the experiences of loss and separation associated with it on the violation of […]
  32. Valium and Heroin Addiction: Compare and Contrast
    The purpose of this paper is to contrast and compare Valium and heroin from a point of view of addiction and withdrawal.
  33. The Case of Katie’s Addiction
    Katie became one of the unfortunate people who had to deal with chronic pain, which led her to develop an addiction to the medication which was supposed to benefit her and relieve the car accident’s […]
  34. Caffeine Addiction and Negative Effects
    The thesis of this paper is that scientists need to reclassify caffeine as a potentially addictive stimulant drug. In addition to the potential to cause addictive behavior, caffeine can have an adverse effect on the […]
  35. The Internet Game Addiction: Case Study
    HC’s philosophical stand is to stop the addiction, meaning that he is motivated and hopes that the obsession will end. The addiction process started at a very young age of 7 years, back when HC […]
  36. Searching the Web for Research Evince: Drug Addiction Among School Aged Children
    Defining the topic in the form of a question or statement and separating the question into specific logical components or concepts is the principal strategy to search the CINAHL database.

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