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  1. Drug Use by Employees
    In a discussion like this, one student argued that not all drug uses affect the employee’s performance and according to him, if this is the case, then employers ought to show no concern to the […]
  2. The Connection between Drugs and Crime
    The central viewpoint is that it is not an absolute truth that drug use is not an obvious cause of crime.
  3. Enhancement Drugs in Sports Should Be Banned: An Argumentative Paper
    This is the reason why the justifications by the opponents of the total ban, that segment of the society advocating for the use of these drugs, appears so unconvincing.
  4. America’s War on Drugs
    At the time, Nixon was concerned by the sudden surge of drug related arrests among young people and the relation that the trend had on the high rate of street crime at the time.
  5. US Proposed Plan for Reducing Security Threat by Mexican Drug Cartels
    Terrorism in the modern world has become a big threat to the security of the world and especially the US citizens which is the largest economy in the world.
  6. Policing the Drug Problem in United States
    That is, through application of the current multi-lateralized drug policing strategies, the federal government has managed to control the spread of drugs from the American streets, through arresting and prosecuting masterminds of the illegal drug […]
  7. Should Smoking Tobacco Be Classified As an Illegal Drug?
    Although this is the case, the tobacco industry is one of the most profitable industries, a fact that has made it very hard for the government to illegalize the use of tobacco products.
  8. Reducing Drug Trafficking In the United States
    For this to be effective, the US government has instituted a task force that specializes in the capturing of drug dealers and traffickers.
  9. Concepts of Prenatal Drug Exposure Vs Poverty on Infants
    In conclusion parents are of great influence to the development of their children character. Drugs use and poverty are all parents fault, and has nothing to do with the child but they are a major […]
  10. Should We Have Mandatory Drug Testing For Professional Athletes?
    The concern for the enhancement of performance by use of drugs has shifted the efforts from the traditional illicit use of substances.
  11. Drug addiction and its effects
    The main cause of drug addiction is, obviously, the use of drugs but there are specific predictors making some people engage in drug abuse. Another sign of addiction is the need to use drugs in […]
  12. Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse
    Drug trafficking contributes to drug abuse in the society. Drug trafficking also contributes to increased criminal activities that affect the security of citizens.
  13. Use of performance enhancing drugs
    Purpose of sport In my view, the use of performance enhancing drugs is equivalent to cheating and does not add value to the spirit of fair competition in sport.
  14. War on Drugs and Its Effects
    This has led to the formation of laws to govern drug trafficking and drug use in most countries that are determined to eradicate this problem.
  15. Drug Test for Teachers and Athletes in Schools
    After the supreme ruling, more schools have incorporated the exercise of drug testing as they seek to battle the issue of drug use among student athletes.
  16. Should Patients with High Blood Pressure Take Drugs?
    The potential danger of drugs to inhibit blood flow to the kidney is one effect that manifests as a major concern for patients with high blood pressure.
  17. Random Drug Testing for Collage Athletes
    Despite the regulations, drug usage among college athletes is currently in the increase and is in greater relation to the fear of appraisal as opposed to repercussions. Lastly is the importance of continual testing and […]
  18. Adolescent’s Drug Abuse and Therapy Success
    When one accepts to put up with negative peer pressure, they end up giving up the personal trusts and values thus the pressure becomes a form of a negative force.”Does peer pressure affect the decision […]
  19. Fertility Drugs: Functions and Side Effects
    It is the purpose of this paper to critically evaluate the functions and side-effects of fertility-enhancing drugs with a view to demonstrate that their benefits outweigh social and health costs.
  20. Psychoactive Drugs
    Alcohol addicts are normally advised to know their cause of addiction to alcohol in order to fight the addiction in the most appropriate way.
  21. The Social Problem of Drug Use
    Many analysts, however, feel that the government and other stakeholders are using the wrong methodologies to tackle the problem such as pursuing the drug traffickers while totally ignoring the multiplicity of factors that leads people […]
  22. Drugs in My Neighborhood
    In a bid to explore the various impacts that are brought about by drug abuse, I took it upon myself to investigate the various aspects that could have contributed to drug abuse in my neighborhood.
  23. Drug and Alcohol Testing
    Thomas and Ulrike also explained that “the test result of the immunoassay and GC-MS are non-negative and confirm a concentration level of parent drug or metabolite above the well-known boundary, the MRO contacts the worker […]
  24. Mexican Politics, Culture and Drug Wars
    The 10-year civil war of Mexico that lasted from 1910 to 1920 is believed to be the key that opened up the doors to the new constitution of 1917.
  25. Drug and Substance Abuse
    Many experts consider addiction as a disease as it affects a specific part of the brain; the limbic system commonly referred to as the pleasure center.
  26. Drug and Alcohol Abuse
    For along time now, drug and alcohol abuse in the society has been a problem that affects the youth and the society at large. This paper highlights the problems of drug abuse and alcohol drinking […]
  27. Drug Free Workplace Evaluation
    Besides the assistance program, an employee awareness program should be included as well to educate them on the effects of drug abuse and the benefits of a drug free life.
  28. Psychoactive Drug Testing on Animals
    The alterations in behavioral traits of animals due to psychoactive drugs are primarily attributed to the changes in the brain functions or inhibition of certain brain components in animals which ultimately translates to changes in […]
  29. Drug Abuse as a Social Problem
    This poses as problem to the society because many of the people who are unemployed will resort to different ways of seeking money and pleasure.
  30. Drug Abuse Effects
    The effects associated with drug abuse tend to vary depending on an individual’s age and the phase of drug abuse that the person is in.
  31. How extensive is the drug problem among American Youth today?
    For the first time in the history of America, the number of new abusers of prescription drugs was at par with that of marijuana users.
  32. Pre-Colombia Era of Drug Trafficking in the Americas: Andean Cocaine, 1947-1973
    This led to the period where cocaine was considered as an illicit drug in most parts of the world. The United States utilized its popularity to spread the word over the continents on the dangers […]
  33. Music Analysis: Drug Abuse in Music
    So in this song the artist is also lamenting the dangers of drugs and the theme of the music is one that advocates against tackling the problem with issues of drug abuse by arguing the […]
  34. Drug testing in the US army
    Despite numerous ethical controversies, drug testing is essential for the lives and wellbeing of U.S.soldiers and those working in the United States Army. From the viewpoint of deontology, drug abuse is a direct violation of […]
  35. How Drugs and Alcohol Affect Pregnancy and a Developing Child
    Therefore, it is the intention of the paper to link all these studies in a bid to generate a comprehensive display of both substance abuse and alcoholism during pregnancy and the effects attached to this […]
  36. Should drugs be legalized?
    Incensed by the steadily growing number of deaths, crime and corruption created by illicit drug trade and use in the recent years, a number of persons drawn from both the government and the private sector […]
  37. Is drug (legal or illegal) addiction and or abuse individual responsibility or societies responsibility?
    In this case, the effects of drug addiction and drug use can be grouped into two classes: impact of drug use and/or abuse on an individual, and the impact of individual drug use and/or abuse […]
  38. Prescription Drugs Advertisement
    When companies introduce advertisements into the process, they influence the patient’s agenda negatively and lead to the commercialization of a highly sensitive industry. Talking about the merits of the drug instead of its risks is […]
  39. Drug trafficking in the US
    Kleiman argues that drug trafficking in the US has brought about harmful effects to families, children and the greater population of the young people.
  40. Should Marijuana Drugs Be Decriminalized?
    The production, preparation, trade and use of marijuana has been prohibited in most parts of the world and a lot of resources are used every year to combat it. Thus, decriminalization of marijuana is likely […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Drugs

  1. We Should Use Tax Money to Enforce Mandatory Drug Treatments on Drug
    In sum, it is agreeable that the significance of using tax payers’ money to fund the mandatory treatment of drug addicts is a necessary and worthy course.
  2. Drug War in Afghanistan
    Over the last three decades, the NATO has been making various strategies to end the war and the drug business in Afghanistan because of the negative activities that the Taliban carries out not only in […]
  3. Legal and Ethical Issues in Business: Drug Use and Privacy
    The issue of drug testing among the employees should define in contextual terms and, therefore, it does not often relate to the privacy issues.
  4. Prescription Painkillers, the New Drug Abuse of Choice
    Studies attribute the recent increase in the misuse of prescription drugs to an increase in the use of the Internet, which facilitates the growth of illegitimate online drug stores and uncontrolled online prescription drug sales.
  5. Drug Abuse and Society
    Regardless of the many intervention measures that can be adopted to solve this problem of drug abuse, the most effective intervention measure is to create awareness to youths to enable them change their behaviors and […]
  6. Drug Use in the American Society
    The article describes the focus of the mother on the positive results of treatment and her plans to find the physician to assist her to treat the boy with the help of marijuana legally.
  7. Reasons behind Youth’s Engagement to Drug Abuse in the 21st Century
    Although youths in the 21st century engage in drug abuse due to several factors, it suffices to declare factors such as the rising unemployment status, peer pressure, and their hiked tendency to copy their parents’ […]
  8. Drug, crime and Violence
    This essay offers a brief discussion of how the abuse of illegal drugs is related to both crime and violence. It is prudent to mention that drug and violence have been noted to be closely […]
  9. Drug Abuse and Current Generation
    Drug abuse also breeds an array of behavioral problems among young people, which may affect their suitability to fit in the society.
  10. Jim Carroll’s Drug Addiction in the Movie “The Basketball Diaries” by Leonardo Dicaprio
    After the bursting of Jim and apprehending of his friends, using drugs red handed by the couch, disintegration starts taking place in the group and most of the boys lose their essence for being thrown […]
  11. Drug Prevention/Recovery Program Review
    In addition, other local stakeholders were also incorporated in the program with the aim of boosting the drugs awareness campaign. According to Arevian, the objectives of the training program were met as anticipated.
  12. Sport Drugs and Its Ethic and Morality Impacts
    Ethics and morality have often been a part of the debate in the usage of such drugs and especially, the influence that the case will have on the greater public.
  13. The Impact of Drugs on Harlem Residents
    Women form the bulk of the population and most of the time they are the heads of their families. The grim statistics prompted the government to investigate the causes of excess mortality in the area.
  14. Pharmaceutical Drug Addiction among African American Male Adolescents
    Among African American adolescents, there is high prevalence of abuse and addiction with regard to pharmaceutical drugs. There are numerous research undertakings with regard to the issue of abuse and addiction to pharmaceutical drugs.
  15. Chemical Medicine: Meridia drug
    This paper will attempt to look at the side effects against the advantages of the Meridia drug. This advice is a manifestation of the fact that the drug is harmful.
  16. Drug Cartels in Mexico
    According to sociologist Luis Astorga, the history of drug cartels in Mexico has a correlation with the political eras in the region. As such, they are the eyes and ears of the drug cartels.
  17. Drug testing at the workplace
    In this case, it is a fact that there is time for everything and that is why employers should be free to drug test their employees to be sure that nothing will be compromised.
  18. Prohibition: War on drugs
    American Labor Leader Andrew Furuseth spoke before Congress in 1926 and noted that just after prohibition began, there was a large change in the working population, but he also added: “Two years afterwards I came […]
  19. Drug Analysis: Amphetamine and Methamphetamine
    Analysis of amphetamine and methamphetamine is carried out in a series of steps that entails employment of numerous tests for conclusive identification of this group of stimulants.
  20. Drug Abuse as an Ethical Issue
    On the side of duties and obligations, the societal norms stipulate that individuals should be caring to other members of the society especially the children and the old.
  21. Drug Use and Abuse in America: Historical Analysis
    The new law was similar to the Boggs Act of 1951 in that it employed the same formula of using perceived increase in drug use in the country.
  22. The Effect of Gender, Age, and Race on the Use of Intravenous Drug
    The research focused on some of the demographic factors that show prevalence in the usage of hard drugs. It was also clear from the two sources of data that race and gender are factors that […]
  23. The Main Categories on the DSN-IV-TR Drugs
    At least three of the following elements of dependence occur within a twelve-month period: tolerance, withdrawal, unintentional use of bigger quantities, lack of the ability to control use, difficulty in obtaining, using, or recovering from […]
  24. Drug Courts and Their Efficiency
    Thus, the absence of an effective policy is the main factor that led to the establishment of drug courts. These are one of the main points that can be made.
  25. Phases of Preclinical Trials in Drug Development
    The procedures in establishing the effectiveness of the drug in the first phase are similar to the procedures in the third phase.
  26. Drugs in sports
    The nature in which a drug is used depends on the purpose of the drug. The only way to have a level playing field for all players is through a total ban on the drugs […]
  27. Molly Drug Usage in the American Society
    Molly is a new ecstasy drug sold to the youth in the United States. The article is interesting as it associates abuse of the drug with Electric music parties.
  28. The Extent of Drug Abuse Among People in America
    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Said He Lied about Crack Cocaine Use Because He Was Embarrassed Mayor lied about the use of crack cocaine The article titled “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said he lied about crack […]
  29. Drugs: the love of money is the root of all evils
    The political issues concerning the use of drugs consist of, but not limited to, the substances that are defined as drugs, the means of supplying and controlling their use, and how the society relates with […]
  30. Historical Analysis of Drug Use and Abuse in the United States of America during 1900–1950
    One of the most exciting periods of a cultural shift in relation to drugs occupies around fifty years: in the first half of the twentieth century, the general cultural trend in America’s attitude to drugs […]
  31. The Qualitative and Quantitative Research Strategies: Drug Addiction
    This is why another purpose of this paper is to evaluate what kind of research strategy is more effective and better in regards to the topic of drug addiction.
  32. Drug Abuse & Its Effects on families
    Focusing on the family seems to be by far, the most known and effective way of finding a solution with regards to the “war on drugs” since it more promising to end the vicious cycle […]
  33. Successes and the Failures of the “Drug War”
    In the past century, the use of illicit drugs reduced drastically owing to the drug war. The growing of the illicit drugs like Cannabis in the US has drastically reduced due to the drug war.
  34. Should Marijuana drugs be decriminalized?
    The production, preparation, trade and use of marijuana has been prohibited in most parts of the world and a lot of resources are used every year to combat it.
  35. A study of drug use among students at London South Bank University
    From the above information it is evident that much of the information that is lacking and is hard to obtain in this type of research, is the views of drug abusers themselves.
  36. Organized Crime in Labor and Drug Trade
    The organized crime groups in the above mentioned countries will also be compared and contrasted with those found in the US.
  37. Next steps for Australian Drug Policy: A Comparison with USA
    The government later banned the use of heroine, and took measures to prevent the use of the illicit drug. The federal government has therefore put in place laws to help in the regulation and prevention […]
  38. Ethical Issues with Performance Enhancing Drugs in Professional Sports
    The spirit of sports emphasizes on the biological potential, fairness, and justice to the competitors; nevertheless, the use of performance enhancing-drugs undermines the same.
  39. Drug Misuse and Its Impact on Crime
    According to Best, et al, the aim of the study was to find out if there is a correlation between treatment for drug use using methadone and crime. The research conducted by Best, et al.has […]
  40. The benefits and the potential problems associated with prescription drugs being advertised
    The high level of advertisement has popularized these drugs and the public have become to regard them as any other drugs. The purchase of the prescription drugs has increased with people buying them like the […]

🔍 Good Research Topics about Drugs

  1. Pfizer’s Drug-Testing Strategy in Nigeria
    What are the different phases that a Drug Company goes through in order to bring a new drug product to market in the U.S.and Europe?
  2. Drugs Usage in Sports
    The coach touched upon a few issues concerning drug testing policies, drug education and awareness programs for coaches and athletes used at high schools in Mississippi. On the one hand, drug-free environment is important for […]
  3. Drug Education and Prevention
    The book brings out the relevance of the main economy to the policies that are made concerning the issue of drug abuse.
  4. Different types of drug
    Psychopharmacology is the study of the use, mechanisms, and effects of drugs that act on the brain and subsequently alter behavior.
  5. Drug use and misuse in western society: Effects of chronic marijuana use among young women and girls
    It is also based on the fears of the impacts of the drug use, concerns over the reduced productivity that’s likely to cause harm to the user and the society and so on.
  6. Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports
    Some people argue that performance enhancement drugs and steroids will forever be around because of the demand there is for the drugs by the users who are already addicted.
  7. How Ethical Considerations Affect the Cost of Developing a New Prescription Drug
    Considering the formation of the cost of the new prescription drugs and its connection with the ethical issues, it is important to address the ethical issues which may impact the creation of the new prescription […]
  8. Drug Abuse and Harmful Health Effects
    The principle recognizes the importance of helping drug addicts out of the activity but also sees the importance of protecting their rights to health matters if the country is to realize economic development.
  9. American Government’s War on Drugs
    Analyzing the success of the war on drugs in the society, it is important to understand the drug control rhetoric, which is aimed at realizing a drug-free society.
  10. Concept and Problem of Drug Dependence in Society
    A person is described as drug dependent when a particular drug or drugs becomes the centre of his or her life.
  11. Mexican Drug War
    The cartels use the law enforcement agents against rival cartels through bribes and leaking information on their activities to the police Origin of the Escalating Violence The violence in the county is as a result […]
  12. Importance of Drug Therapy in Management of Alzheimer’s disease
    The effects of Alzheimer’s disease can be controlled by early detection. Most studies are based on the effects of drug therapy mild Alzheimer’s patients.
  13. Rockefeller Drug Laws History
    In the year 1977, the committee that was in charge of drug evaluation in the United States, combined efforts with association of the bar and the Drug Abuse Council Corporation, to criticize the Rockefeller drug […]
  14. Drug Abuse and Religious Spirituality Concept
    Particularly, this high rate of relapses was determined by Olmstead et al.as a direct result of a degree of failure on the part of drug abuse treatment programs to sufficiently address the primary reason why […]
  15. Spirituality Effect on Drug Abuse Treatment Programs
    The hypothesis of the study was that spirituality is appropriate in the formal treatment of addiction; the study confirmed this hypothesis.
  16. Illegal drugs and the US government
    The government eventually created the Federal Bureau of Narcotics in the 1930s in order to curb the use of marijuana and other outlawed drugs.
  17. A new alcohol and drug-abuse rehabilitation center in Liverpool Hospital, Sydney
    The hospital, in response to this distress, has decided to bring help closer to the people of Liverpool by the construction of the annex facility.
  18. Drug Abuse: Awareness Amongst the Youths
    This project is going to carry out a public awareness campaign with the aim of educating the young people on the hazards related to the vice of drug and substance abuse. The awareness campaign is […]
  19. Latin America Affected by Illegal Drugs
    The aggressive war on drugs waged by the Latin American states has failed to yield significant results and the drug problem continues to plague the region. The argument made by the Latin American leaders fails […]
  20. Use of psychotropic medications in the treatment of drug abuse
    This is because the mental illness is, literally, the one that sustains the abuse of drugs and thus after it is healed; the patient will have no reason to continue abusing the drugs.
  21. Should Professional Sports Allow the Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs?
    The skill of the prescribing physician, in the view of opponents to permitting PEDs, could become as important a determinant of success as the effort and commitment of the athlete.
  22. Evidence of drug shortage in the United States currently
    Currently, it is observable that some hospitals in the US can hardly satisfy the demands of their patients in the realms of medication and other relevant services due to emerging drug shortages in the country.
  23. The cultural context and ethics of prevention of drug abuse
    The first prevention strategy outlined in the document is the involvement of young people in all levels of the prevention program establishment. Concurrently, it is crucial to relate this technique with the subject of culture […]
  24. Drug abuse prevention programs
    Additionally, it is possible to prospect the success of the program in case the required readiness from the community can be unveiled prior to the program execution.
  25. Prevention research: the fight against drug abuse
    It is agreeable that US’s ‘War on Drugs’ has been an effective substance abuse prevention plan despite the hiccups that the program faces and its inability to attain some of its designated mandates within the […]
  26. Drug Abuse: Age, Gender and Addictive Susceptibility
    This incorporates the aspects of gender where males and females possess varying biological constitutions that might affect the prescribed treatments in the realms of addiction. It is important to consider the rapidity and susceptibility of […]
  27. Case Management: Drug Addiction
    While accepting that it is difficult to concisely define case management, Moore suggested that the definition of the term case management was social science that was individually adapted to meet the specific needs of a […]
  28. Food and Drug Administration in United States of America
    The headquarters of the Food and Drug Administration are located in the State of Maryland, Silver Spring. The Office of Criminal Investigations and the Office of Regulatory Affairs conduct most of the FDA’s fieldwork.
  29. Mexican Drug Cartels and the War on Drugs
    The examination of the current research on Mexican drug cartels and the War on Drugs helps to understand the causes of the outburst of violence, define the major tendencies of the Mexican War on Drugs […]
  30. Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
    For instance, the needle and syringe exchange program has helped to reduce the rate of HIV infection among the injection drug users in the UK, which is the pioneer of needle and syringe exchange program.
  31. Colombian Drug Cartels
    For instance, the Cali cartel participated a great deal in the downfall of the Medellin cartel as it was involved in the manhunt of the leaders of the Medellin cartel which saw the killing of […]
  32. The Mexican Drugs Cartels
    Apparently, Mexican drug cartels have dominated the illegal drug trading in the United States, as there is increased co-operation with the prisoners and street peddlers in the United States; moreover, drug trafficking has spread rapidly […]
  33. Attachment Dimensions and Adolescence Drug Addiction in Relation to School Counseling
    A meta-analysis of numerous studies relating to attachment and parental rearing behaviors have revealed that the quality of rapport between children and their caregivers is of intrinsic importance to the children’s development, and some studies, […]
  34. The War on Drugs in the US
    In the US, the negative impacts of drug use became evident in the society at the end of the 19th century, when it was observed that psychotropic drugs such as cocaine and morphine led to […]
  35. Community Education Forum on Drug Use Among Teenagers
    The organizer can enlist the participation of volunteers to support the noble initiative. The organizer can provide leadership in communication and delegates other roles to volunteers.
  36. Drugs and Their Effects
    Therefore, as a drug addictions counselor, I would rather take control of the alcohol-addicted patient and focus on the patterns of his behavior to avoid complications and risks to the patient’s health.
  37. Drug Addictions Counseling: Assessment and Diagnosing
    Therefore, denial should be seen as “…a reflection of the interpersonal relationship between the counselor and the client”. In this respect, the task of a counselor is to develop the clients’ intrinsic motivation and enhance […]
  38. Pharmaceutical Industry and Drugs
    Some of the current changes in the pharmaceutical markets include the shifting growth from the developed markets, increased focus on biotech developed drugs and approval of new drugs.
  39. Colonisation and Drug Trade
    Comprehensively, this paper shows that the influence of colonialism on drug trade centres on the opium wars, expansion of drug markets, and the role of colonial wars in liberalising the trade.
  40. Federal Drug Laws VS. State Medical Marijuana Acts
    A senate bill for the case of Los angeles is on the process of considering the use of marijuana for medical purpose.

✅ Simple & Easy Drugs Essay Titles

  1. Substance Abuse: Media Representation of Drug Abusers
  2. Impact of Drug Abuse on Adolescent Development
  3. Mexican Drug Trade
  4. Abuse of Using Drug Medicine in UAE
  5. Psychologists Prescribing Drugs Issue
  6. Mexican Drug Cartels and Human Trafficking
  7. Predictors of Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Use
  8. US Border Protection and Drug Policy
  9. Drug Abuse Among the Youth
  10. Drug Mescaline Peyote
  11. How Drugs Get Into the Brain and Their Effects to Brain Chemistry
  12. Drug Abuse and Medicaid Program
  13. The War On Drugs
  14. Drug and Polygraph Testing
  15. War on Drugs in Mexico
  16. The Effect of Drug X on Self-Reports of Anxiety in a Sample of Undergraduate Psychology Majors
  17. Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
  18. Drug Usage by Students
  19. Alcohol and Drugs Effects on High School Students
  20. Healthcare: Sedative Drugs “Krokodil Tears”
  21. Health Law: The Never-Ending War on Drugs
  22. Drug Addiction History in Urban Areas Since the 1970s
  23. Drug Legalization and Intellectual Horizons
  24. Drug Use in American Society – Sociology
  25. Understanding of the Drug Dangers – Sociology
  26. Drug Use in U.S. Society
  27. Prison-Based Drug Treatment Approaches
  28. Illegal Drug Trafficking
  29. Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport
  30. Merck Company and River Blindness Drug
  31. Welfare Recipients Drug Testing
  32. Drug Policy Dilemma
  33. The Approval Process: Medical Device versus a New Drug
  34. Are Drug Prices Being Set Ethically?
  35. Biologic Drug Clinical Trials – Pharmacology
  36. Alcohol and Drugs in Fatally Injured Drivers
  37. Human Resources for the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health
  38. The U.S Government Drug Policy
  39. Selling Illegal Drugs: Psychological Reasons
  40. The Placebo Drugs Controversy
  41. Drug Producing: Theory, Practice and Law
  42. The Criminal Justice’ and the Drug Policy’ Relations
  43. The Drug Effect: Health, Crime and Society
  44. Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports
  45. Food and Drug Administration’s Strategies
  46. Sunitinib Drug: Efficacy and Safety
  47. Drug Addiction Issues in The Corner Miniseries
  48. Drug Traffickers Arrest: Intelligence Cycle
  49. Drug Legalization: Increased Taxes v Health Issues
  50. Drug Efficacy: Factorial Analysis of Variance
  51. Antimalarial Drug Efficacy: Statistical Analysis
  52. Ethical Challenges in Developing Drugs for Psychiatric
  53. Drug Trafficking in Central Asia and US Interests
  54. Hallucinogens, Inhalants and Prescription Drugs Effects
  55. Drug Use and Abuse: Prevention and Treatment
  56. The Comprehensive Drug Use Prevention and Control Act
  57. What Can Law Enforcement Do About Drug Trafficking?
  58. Poly Drug Use: Causes and Explanations
  59. Drug Abuse Prevention in Probationers
  60. Drug Trafficking, National Security and Intelligence
  61. Illicit Drugs Policy and Criminal Justice
  62. Hypertension and Prescribed Drug Interactions
  63. Child Abuse and Neglect: Drug and Alcohol Problems
  64. Hypokalemia and Prescribed Drug Interactions
  65. Prescription Drug Abuse in the United States
  66. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Thyroid Drugs Treatment
  67. US Food and Drug Administration Approval System
  68. Drug War in “Baltimore: Anatomy of an American City”
  69. Youth Drug Abuse Among, Education, and Policies
  70. Privacy Threats in Internet, Work and Drug Testing
  71. Genzyme Company’s Drug Marketing Strategy
  72. Drug Control, Gun Ownership, Sex Offender Policies
  73. Genzyme’s Orphan Drugs and Innovation Management
  74. American Drug War, Its Achievements and Failures
  75. Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug
  76. Los Angeles: Housing, Homelessness, Drugs, Crimes
  77. Acetaminophen Use and Drug Regulation in the US
  78. The Intervention of Positive Coping and Drug Addiction
  79. HIV/AIDS Prevention by Anti-Retroviral Drugs
  80. Drug War Policies and Freiberg & Carson’s Models
  81. Narcotic Drugs Use and Legalization in the UAE
  82. Genzyme Company’s Focus on Orphan Drugs
  83. Drug Policy in Vidal’s and Rosenthal’s Arguments
  84. Illegal Drug Use, Prostitution and Money Laundering
  85. Drug and Alcohol Use and Emotional Intelligence
  86. Drug Prevention Among Rural Hawaiian Youth
  87. American Drug War from the Economic Perspective
  88. Problem of Drug Abuse in Schools
  89. Generic Drugs and Prices in the United States
  90. Addictive Personality in Drug Rehabilitation
  91. Recreational Drugs Use and Legalization
  92. Addressing the Drug Abuse in Parolees and Probationers
  93. Juveniles in Drug Courts: Evidence-Based Program
  94. Drug Abuse Decreasing: Financial Plan
  95. The Cost of Drugs and Their Effectiveness
  96. The Crown Court Case: Drug and Weapons Trafficking
  97. Prescribing Drugs: Ethical and Legal Implications
  98. Genzyme Company’s Focus on Orphan Drugs and Competition
  99. Long-Term Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation
  100. Prescription Drug Coverage in the UK and the UAE
  101. Alleged Crimes: Aggravated Assault and Drug Dealing
  102. International Drug Trafficking and Its Legal Status
  103. Parkinsonism: Future Clinical Modalities and Drugs
  104. Human and Drug Trafficking as Transnational Organised Crimes
  105. Prescription Drug Abuse and Lebanon Students
  106. ACTIQ Prescription Drug Abuse
  107. Employee Rights and Drug Laws in the US
  108. McKesson Drug Company’s Economost System
  109. Social Behaviour as a Science: Drug Abuse in Youth
  110. Diabetes Care Advice by Food and Drug Administration
  111. War on Drugs and Terror and American Promise
  112. Pharmacology: HIV Drug Resistance
  113. Water Maze Experiment for Hydergine Drugs Testing
  114. Drugs and Aggressive Pharmacological Intervention
  115. Treating Adolescents with Drug and Mental Issues
  116. EFI Testing to Detect Drug Resistance of Tuberculosis
  117. Health Services for Drug and Alcohol Treatment
  118. Drug Abuse Among Young People in the US
  119. Addictive Behavior Programs and Drug Abuse Trends
  120. Political Influence of the Drug Industry
  121. Drug and Alcohol Addiction: Athletes and Student Leaders
  122. Schizophrenia Drugs’ Mechanism of Action
  123. Drug Tests on Employees
  124. Puffery and Deception in Drug and Sweets Advertising
  125. Sociological Imagination in Drugs in Sport Debates
  126. Malaria Disease and Drugs in Developing Economies
  127. Biopsychosocial Experience in Drug Abuse Treatment
  128. Drug Abuse Diagnostics in Counseling
  129. Drug Abuse and Depression Treatment
  130. Psychology: Drug Impact and Use Prevention
  131. Orphan and Nonprescription Drugs: Associated Risks
  132. Drug Abuse Resistance Education and Its Outcomes
  133. The Effect of Drugs on the Organism
  134. Reflection on Drugs, Narcotics and Treatment Options
  135. Police Attitudes Toward Drugs and Drug Enforcement
  136. Illegal Importation of Drugs
  137. Topical Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs Against Pain
  138. Illicit Drug Trade: Income Source for Developing States
  139. Use and Abuse of Drugs in New York
  140. Drug Addiction Diagnostics and Therapy Prescription
  141. The Drug Effects Analysis
  142. Social Work Experience with a Drug Distributor
  143. Change Management: the Stolen Drug Case
  144. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Drug-Free Therapy
  145. Medical Economics: Generic vs. Brand Drugs
  146. Food & Drug Administration: Federal Health Agency
  147. Seniors Selling Prescribed Drugs: What to Do?
  148. Cases of Drug Seizures
  149. Drug Use in “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin
  150. Feelings of Families Regarding Drug Dependence: In the Light of Comprehensive Sociology
  151. Drug Addiction in Australia and Management Methods
  152. The Problem of Adolescents Using Drugs
  153. Food and Drug Administration Importance
  154. Obtaining a Drug Enforcement Administration Mumber for Nurse Practitioners
  155. Medical Care for Homeless Drug Users
  156. Drug Administration Errors: Weighing the Evidence
  157. Performance-Enhancing Drugs Use as Ethical Dilemma
  158. Type 2 Diabetes and Drug Treatments
  159. Off-Label Drug Use in Pediatrics
  160. Contraceptive Drugs’ Effects: Descriptive Statistics
  161. Drug Treatments for HIV/AIDS
  162. US Department of Justice: Drug Courts
  163. Social Media Impact on Drug Abuse
  164. Drug Trafficking in the UK
  165. Mass Culture’s Influence on Attitude to Drugs
  166. Drugs, Behavior and Deaths in Modern Society
  167. Modern Society as a Drug Use Influencer
  168. Social Trends & Drug Control: Normalisation Theory
  169. Eli Lilly: Recreating Drug Discovery for the 21st Century

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