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65 Cannabis Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Cannabis Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Cannabis Dependence and Psychiatric Disorders: Outline
    The discussion focused on cannabis dependence which is how an individual constantly consumes marijuana to achieve a feeling of relaxation or euphoria.
  2. Cannabis Smoking in Canada
    The money spent on combating the growth and trade of the product should be re-channeled and boosted from the revenues of marijuana to cater for the health issue of the people in general.
  3. Cannabis and its Effects on Long Term Memory
    The memory function in general has been studied in acute administration studies of long term users of cannabis to humans and animals, and in long term studies of cannabis users.
  4. Dangerous Effects of Alcohol and Cannabis
    Alcohol is a depressant that alters the transmission of messages between the brain and the rest of the body. There is a lot of advocacy on the dangerous effects of alcohol and cannabis use.
  5. Cannabis and Its Medical Worth
    Thompson, Flom, and Schmarzo underline the importance of statistics in the analysis and the implementation of the description as the main method to introduce a concept and develop its urgency.
  6. Medical Cannabis Policy and Reform Strategy in the US
    For instance, 90% of the participants of a survey implemented by the Minnesota Department of Health mentioned the positive effects of the treatment.
  7. Cannabis as a Probable Cause of Lung Illnesses
    However, the failure to create a strong logical connection between the presence of THC in vaping devices and the associated health issues causes the immediate disconnection from the article’s main argument.
  8. Cannabis Effects on Mental Health
    I am a nursing student who will present today on the topic of cannabis and mental health, providing you with an overview of the adverse effects of marijuana and the possibilities of addiction treatment.
  9. Cannabis and Cancer Pain Management
    CBD that is selected as the intervention for the proposed study interacts with the cannabinoid cell receptors on its surface to activate and enhance the response of the nervous system.
  10. Legalization of Cannabis in the State of New Jersey
    The release of the “New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory and Expungement Aid Modernization Act” gave a start to the new phase of debate around marijuana legalization in New Jersey.
  11. Can Cannabis Cause Schizophrenia?
    Regarding this assignment, I am going to address the importance of this topic in the field of addiction and healthcare, assessing the research that suggests that cannabis plays a role in schizophrenia and the strengths […]
  12. Cannabis Abuse Increases the Risk of Depression
    The youths who are the backbone of society are going to be wiped out by this killer drug, the students’ performance in schools which the government spends a lot is going to decline seriously, the […]
  13. Cannabis Edibles Dessert Shop Marketing Plan
    The sales are increasing because of the overall expansion of the market, and edible marijuana is a healthier alternative to smoking.
  14. Mental Health Care in Cannabis Addiction Case
    Based on the experience of studying the stories of juvenile delinquents, Bowlby revealed the influence of early separation from the mother and the experiences of loss and separation associated with it on the violation of […]

📌 Simple & Easy Cannabis Essay Titles

  1. The Argument In Favor Of Medicinal Cannabis
  2. The Benefits Of Criminalization Vs. Cannabis Prohibition
  3. The Legalization Of Marijuana And Cannabis Programs
  4. The Decade Long Controversy Surrounding the Cannabis
  5. The Effects of Cannabis on the Human Reproductive System
  6. The Medicinal Use of Marijuana or Cannabis Sativa
  7. Smoking Cannabis: Use and Periodontal Diseases
  8. The Effects Of Methamphetamine On The World After Cannabis
  9. The Effect Of Cannabis Use On The Initiation Of Psychosis
  10. The Intoxicating Ability of the Cannabis Plant Depicted in Michael Pollan’s Book The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s Eye-View of the World
  11. The Cannabis Wellness Center: Industry & Competitive Analysis
  12. The Tradition Of Consuming Cannabis Orally
  13. The Potential Environmental, Economic, and Social Benefits of the Cultivation of Cannabis Sativa
  14. The Benefits of Therapeutic Application of Cannabis and the Importance of Clinical Trials
  15. The Health and Mental Effects of Cannabis
  16. The Description of the Cannabis Plant and Controversy over Its Legalization
  17. The Issue of Cannabis Legalization as a Performance-Enhancing Drug
  18. The Relationship Between Cannabis And Schizophrenia
  19. The Policy Design For Recreational Cannabis Model
  20. The Debate over the Controversial Issue of Legalization of Cannabis Sativa
  21. The Classification of Cannabis Under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
  22. The Issue of Cannabis Cultivation in Himachal Pradesh
  23. The Effect of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries on Opioid and Heroin Overdose Mortality
  24. Should Cannabis Be Legalized? – Criminal offense, Criminology, Required
  25. The United States Government Should Legalize Cannabis
  26. The Use of Cannabis and Its Relation to Schizophrenia
  27. The Argument Regarding The Decriminalization Of Cannabis

👍 Good Essay Topics on Cannabis

  1. Smoking Cannabis Virtually Doubles The Risk Of Developing Mental Illness Such As Schizophrenia
  2. The Human Interest in Tending to and Relying on Cannabis as a Result of a Desire for Intoxication in Michael Pollan’s Book The Botany of Desire
  3. The Global Tradition Of Strict Prohibition Against Cannabis
  4. Should The Use of Cannabis be Legallised
  5. The Impact of Cannabis Use on Health
  6. Trichomes, Cannabis and Light Microscopy
  7. Distance to Cannabis Shops and Age of Onset of Cannabis Use
  8. United States Marijuana Cannabis Medical
  9. An Analysis of the Reaction to Medical Cannabis Access Referendums on the Ballots in Arizona and California
  10. Trends in daily cannabis use among cigarette smokers: United States, 2002-2014
  11. An Analysis of the Cannabis and Biochemistry in The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan
  12. Carnivorous Cannabis: How Legalizing It Can Help Improve U.S. Economy
  13. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cannabis Legalization
  14. The Uses of the Cannabis and the Ethical Aspects Regarding Its Legalization
  15. Why Parents Worry : Initiation into Cannabis use by Youth and their Educational Attainment
  16. Smoking Cannabis Virtually Doubles the Risk of Developing Mental Illness
  17. Drugs: Cannabis and Marijuana Legalization Marijuana
  18. Time Trends Matter: The Case of Medical Cannabis Laws and Opioid Overdose Mortality
  19. Controversy Regarding Cannabis-Related Legislations in Canada
  20. The Argument Over the Decriminalization of Cannabis
  21. Could The Economy Of A Nation Benefit From The Legalization Of Cannabis
  22. Alcohol And Cannabis : The Second And Third Most Consumed
  23. Toward a Regulatory Framework for the Legalization of Cannabis: How Do We Get to There from Here
  24. An Argument in Favor of Cannabis in the United States

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