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57 Ban Smoking Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Ban Smoking Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Smoking Cigarette Should Be Banned
    Ban on tobacco smoking has resulted to a decline in the number of smokers as the world is sensitized on the consequences incurred on 31st May.
  2. Conclusion of Smoking Should Be Banned on College Campuses
    However, it is hard to impose such a ban in some colleges because of the mixed reactions that are held by different stakeholders about the issue of smoking, and the existing campus policies which give […]
  3. Smoking Ban in New York
    What must be understood is that the smoking ban that will be put into effect is a direct result of two rights clashing against each other, namely: the right of people to work/eat etc.in a […]
  4. Should Cigarettes Be Banned? Essay
    Banning cigarette smoking would be of great benefit to the young people. Banning of cigarette smoking would therefore reduce stress levels in people.
  5. Smoking Ban in the United States of America
    This is due to the health concerns which are or have been concerned with smoking. In addition to this, there is a negative implication to the non-smokers who work with or seek the services of […]
  6. Smoking Should Be Banned In the United States
    For numerous decades, smoking has remained the most disastrous problem in the universe in spite of the full awareness of the risk accompanied with its use.
  7. Should Smoking Be Banned in Public Places?
    Besides, smoking is an environmental hazard as much of the content in the cigarette contains chemicals and hydrocarbons that are considered to be dangerous to both life and environment.
  8. Smoking Bans in US
    The issue of whether to ban smoking indoors by the governments of various countries is popular as they try to take a step towards curbing the harmful effects of smoking.
  9. Smoking Ban in the State of Florida
    These are the Total Ban Policy, the Partial Ban policy and the Liberated Smoking policy. The policy is authoritarian and ignores the interests of the smokers.
  10. Ban of Tobacco Smoking in Jamaica
    The first part of the paper will address effects of tobacco smoking on personal health and the economy. Cognizant of its international obligation and the aforementioned health effects of tobacco smoke, Jamaica enacted a law […]
  11. Smoking Ban and UK’s Beer Industry
    However, there is an intricate type of relationship between the UK beer sector, the smoking ban, and the authorities that one can only understand by going through the study in detail The history of smoking […]
  12. The Smoking Ban: Arguments Comparison
    The first argument against banning smoking employs the idea that smoking in specially designated areas cannot do harm to the health of non-smokers as the latter are supposed to avoid these areas.
  13. Ban Smoking Near the Child: Issues of Morality
    The decision to ban smoking near the child on father’s request is one of the demonstrative examples. The father’s appeal to the Supreme Court of California with the requirement to prohibit his ex-wife from smoking […]
  14. Smoking Bans: Preventive Measures
    There have been several public smoking bans that have proved to be promising since the issue of smoking prohibits smoking in all public places. This means it is a way of reducing the exposure to […]
  15. South Illinois University’s Smoking Ban Benefits
    The purpose of this letter is to assess the possible benefits of the plan and provide an analysis of the costs and consequences of the smoking ban introduction.
  16. Microeconomics: Cigarette Taxes and Public Smoking Ban
    The problem of passive smoking will be minimized when the number of smokers decreases. It is agreeable that the meager incomes of such families will be used to purchase cigarettes.
  17. Smoking Should Be Banned Internationally
    The questions refer to the knowledge concerning the consequences of smoking and the opinions on smoking bans. 80 % of respondents agree that smoking is among the leading causes of death and 63, 3 % […]
  18. Smoking Bans: Protecting the Public and the Children of Smokers
    The purpose of the article is to show why smoking bans aim at protecting the public and the children of smokers.
  19. Ban Smoking in Cars
    Out of this need, several regulations have been put in place to ensure children’s safety in vehicles is guaranteed; thus, protection from second-hand smoke is an obvious measure that is directed towards the overall safety […]
  20. Ban on Smoking in Enclosed Public Places in Scotland
    The theory of externality explains the benefit or cost incurred by a third party who was not a party to the reasoning behind the benefit or cost. This will also lead to offer of a […]

📌 Simple & Easy Ban Smoking Essay Titles

  1. Smoking: Epidemiology and Immediate Outright Ban
  2. America Needs a Complete Smoking Ban
  3. Arguments For and Against a Smoking Ban
  4. Effects Of Smoking Ban On Students Education
  5. Ban On Smoking: Why Smoking Should Be Banned
  6. Does a Smoking Ban Reduce Smoking? Evidence from Germany
  7. Estimating and Decomposing Conditional Average Treatment Effects: The Smoking Ban in England
  8. The Debate Of A Ban On Smoking In All Public Places
  9. An Analysis of the Concept of Loosing Freedom to California Smoking Ban in the United States
  10. The Effects of Smoking Ban Regulations on Individual Smoking Rates
  11. The Impact of the Workplace Smoking Ban in Korea
  12. The Impact of Smoking Ban Fatwa on Indonesian Tobacco’s Company: Evidence from Stock Market Return
  13. Ban On Smoking In Dallas Area Restaurants And Businesses In Early 2003
  14. The Efficiency of the Mandatory ETS Smoking Ban in the United States
  15. The Socioeconomic Effect of the Smoking Ban in Dubai’s Restaurant Industry
  16. Thailand Smoking Ban Goes Into Effect
  17. Smoking In Public Places – Smoking Ban for Germany
  18. An Examination of California Smoking Ban of the 1998

👍 Good Essay Topics on Ban Smoking

  1. The Inadequate Enforcement of the Cigarette Smoking Ban at West Virginia University
  2. Should The Government Ban Smoking In All Business Areas
  3. The Demand For Casino Gaming With Special Reference To A Smoking Ban
  4. The Smoking Ban on Campus is a Problem Because It Is a Waste of University Resources
  5. The Effects Of Smoking Ban On Employees And Passive
  6. Legislation is NOT the Best Way to Ban Smoking
  7. An Argument Against the Smoking, Ban Smoking in the United States of America
  8. Smoking Outside: The Effect of the Irish Workplace Smoking Ban on Smoking Prevalence Among the Employed
  9. It’s Right Thing to Ban Smoking in the Public Place
  10. An Analysis of the Outline, Reasons, and Personal opinion on the Smoking Ban in Melbourne
  11. Tobacco: Why We Should Put a Ban on the Smoking of Tobacco in America
  12. Smoking Ban and Life Satisfaction: Evidence from the UK
  13. Should Our Democracy Ban The Smoking Of Tobacco
  14. An Argument Against the Ban of Smoking in Bars Around California
  15. Why The Ban On Smoking In College Campuses Should Be Scrapped
  16. Why Ban Smoking in US Military
  17. U.S. Public Places and a Smoking Ban
  18. What Effects Did the 2006/2007 Smoking Ban Have on the UK
  19. Understanding Individual Attitudes Towards Ban on Smoking in Public Places

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