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63 Medical Marijuana Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Medical Marijuana Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Medical Uses of Marijuana
    The feelings of hallucination make one to lose consciousness and feel as though in very different world that is full of bliss.
  2. Should We Legalize Marijuana For Medical Use?
    In addition to that, the use of Marijuana especially by smoking either for medical reasons or to heal ailments, is a social activity that will help bring them together and improve their social ties.
  3. Medical Marijuana Policy in the United States
    The importance of legalization of medical marijuana is that, the government will be able to monitor and control marijuana in the country.
  4. How New York Would Benefit From Legalized Medical Marijuana
    The arrests resulting from possession of marijuana in New York is quite huge compared to those in California and New Jersey states in America.
  5. Medical Marijuana use for Terminal Colon Cancer
    The author hopes to use this paper to highlight the uses of marijuana in management of colon cancer at its terminal stage.
  6. Federal Drug Laws vs. State Medical Marijuana Acts
    A senate bill for the case of Los angeles is on the process of considering the use of marijuana for medical purpose.
  7. Debates Around Legalization of Medical Marijuana
    The supporters and opponents of the legalization of marijuana have opted to focus on either the positive or the negative aspects of the effects of the drug to support their views on policies to legalize […]
  8. Medical Marijuana Program in California
    The physicians should also do a periodic review of the treatment and how the patients respond to the medical marijuana. The medical marijuana is only restricted to patients who are qualified and recommended by a […]
  9. The Safety of Using Medicinal Marijuana for Pain Relief
    Speaking about the introduction section of the study, it is important to note that it is rather short if compared to other parts of the article as the researchers were paying more attention to presenting […]
  10. Marijuana History, Medical Purposes and Threats
    Although many people believe that marijuana is harmless and the access to it should be unlimited, it has a number of negative health effects and might lead to addiction.
  11. Controversy Around Medical Marijuana Legalization
    The consideration of the problem of marijuana legalization from the perspective of public safety involves such points as crime rates and traffic accidents. The fact of economic benefits of the Cannabis legalization is also apparent: […]
  12. Policy Analysis: Rules for Growing Medical Marijuana
    Overall, the main goal of the document is to address the health needs of people requiring marijuana to relieve the manifestations of their illness as well as the implications of growing marijuana for medical purposes.
  13. Medical Marijuana Policy and Framing Approach
    This is a clear indication that different arguments can be presented by these actors to support the legalization and use of medical marijuana.
  14. Medical Marijuana Legalization Rebuttal
    The claim of fact is that A.C.A.continues to be beneficial despite the arguments of Republican politicians and current challenges. The claim of policy is the appeal to Republicans and Democrats to work together on the […]
  15. Medical Marijuana Legalization by National Football League
    However, it must be realized that some of these players are usually in excruciating pain to the point that some may have lost consciousness.
  16. Medical Marijuana in the Army: Addressing a Problematic Issue
    Denying the use of medicinal marijuana as one of the fastest and the most efficient ways of relieving pain in the military setting, one will inevitably infringe upon the rights of American troops.
  17. Medical Marijuana: Legal and Research Concerns
    However, while the purpose of recreational marijuana is often disconnected from its long-term effects on people’s health in scholarly discussions, the use of medical marijuana is viewed from the point of patient’s health and the […]
  18. Medical Marijuana Legalization Concerns
    This change raises political concerns and requires the government to review its economy to adapt to the use of MM. The representation of the legal process highlighted the history of previous legislations and reported on […]
  19. Legalization of Medical Marijuana: Help or Harm?
    Nowadays, a majority of people worldwide support the legalization of marijuana, and it is possible to predict that this support will keep getting stronger in the future.
  20. Medical Marijuana: Pros of Legalizing
    It must be admitted that at the time of the passage of these laws, histories from some, but not all, heroin users indicated that the use of marijuana had preceded the use of heroin.
  21. Federal vs. State Law: Medical Marijuana in the US
    The main problem is that these laws and regulations have not reduced the number of people who use marijuana for medical purposes.
  22. Decriminalizing Marijuana for Medicinal Use
    Because of inconsistent and problematical data, it is impracticable to access quantitatively to what extent that drugs encourage the incidence of crime.
  23. Federalism and Medical Marijuana
    Needless to say, United States faced political and social challenges as well, and the disputes over federalism and over the legal use of marijuana in medicine are still the most burning and controversial issues in […]
  24. Pros and Cons of Legalization of Medical Marijuana
    It is evident that medical treatment with the use of marijuana would be beneficial for both: patients and the government because of the opportunity to earn on taxation.
  25. The Medicinal Value of the Marijuana: There Are Potential Benefits to a Patient Other Than Risks
    This article provides an insight to the effects of chemotherapy treatment to the body of the cancer victims. It defines the drug in a lengthy way including what the drug is, the effects of taking […]
  26. Use of Marijuana for the Medicinal Purposes
    It is therefore quite evident that even though the marijuana legalization will go hand in hand with a set minimum age within which individuals will be allowed to use it, at the long run the […]
  27. Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?
    Medical marijuana is used to refer to the use of marijuana as a physician-recommended form of medication in its natural or synthetic form.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Medical Marijuana

  1. Arguing for Medical Marijuana Legalization
  2. Cannabis: Law and Medical Marijuana
  3. Controlled Substances Act and Medical Marijuana Research Paper Examples
  4. Regulating and Prescribing Medical Marijuana
  5. The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on Student Time Use
  6. The Impact of Medical Marijuana Laws on Crime
  7. Legal and Medical Marijuana: Implications for HR and the Workplace
  8. Legalized Medical Marijuana Pros and Cons
  9. Treating Chronic Pain, Curing Cancer, and Mood Disorders With Medical Marijuana
  10. Medical Ethics and Ethics Regarding Medical Marijuana
  11. Sickle Cell Anemia and the Usage of Medical Marijuana
  12. Medical Marijuana and Its Place in Today’s Society
  13. Sixties Culture Shows the Need to Legalizing Medical Marijuana
  14. Medical Marijuana and Its Positive and Negative Effects
  15. The Common Symptoms and Side-Effects of Medical Marijuana
  16. Medical Marijuana and Its Uses and Effects
  17. Legalization for Medical Marijuana for NFL Players
  18. Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana

📌 Simple & Easy Medical Marijuana Essay Titles

  1. The Correlation Between Medical Marijuana and Suicide
  2. Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain Management
  3. Treating Ptsd and Depression With Medical Marijuana
  4. Medical Marijuana Laws and Teen Marijuana Use
  5. The Beneficial Effects of the Use of Medical Marijuana
  6. Medical Marijuana Laws and Their Effect on Opioid-Related Mortality
  7. The Destruction of Stereotypes Regarding Medical Marijuana Users
  8. Medical Marijuana Policy and Its Effect on Health Care
  9. An Examination of the Use of Medical Marijuana to Treat Children With Cancer
  10. Medical Marijuana and Its Uses in Our Technologically Advanced Society
  11. The Employment of Medical Marijuana in the United States of America
  12. An Analysis of the Marketing Strategy for Medical Marijuana
  13. An Introduction to the Importance of Medical Marijuana Initiative
  14. Psychological Effects of Medical Marijuana
  15. The Social Causes for the Opposition to Legalizing Medical Marijuana
  16. Explaining Variation in Medical Marijuana Market Size
  17. Effects of Medical Marijuana Market Growth on Marijuana Use
  18. On the Health Consequences of Increased Medical Marijuana Access

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