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66 AIDS Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best AIDS Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Rural Ethiopia: Identifying Risks
    This means that the risk of becoming infected is high and every person should know about the risk and ways the disease is transmitted to prevent it.
  2. HIV/AIDS in Africa and The PEN-3 model
    In most communities in Africa, the prevention of HIV/AIDS lies within the cultural practices. In conclusion, the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa should lie parallel with the eradication of cultural practices, which hinder promotion of […]
  3. Aids in Lesotho, Africa
    The earliest known form of the virus was detected from a blood sample of a man in the Democratic republic of Congo, but the means with which this man got the virus is mystery up-to-date.
  4. Gendered Issue of HIV/AIDS
    It also placed forward the importance of campaign to help the women in the effort to counter the disease. The common scenarios in the East and Southern Africa according to the recent concerns by the […]
  5. A Project on Establishment of Jousing Flats Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centers in Njoro Area to Reduce Prevalence of HIV/AIDS and Provide Nutritional Support Among the Youths Aged Between 16-35 Years
    Therefore the proposed project is aimed at establishing housing to victims and more VCT centers within Njoro area so that the services can be available to a high percentage of the population within the area […]
  6. Cognitive Aids for People With Multiple Sclerosis
    Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of occupational therapy in patients with multiple sclerosis as they assist in managing the symptoms but have failed to provide efficacies of the evidence based methods.
  7. Why HIV/Aids crises are high in African-American community
    Another factor that has resulted in the resulted in the heightening of the HIV crises in African Americans is that this group continues to have a markedly higher rate of other STDs.
  8. HIV/AIDS stigma in Tanzania
    The education sector is also affected due to the rise in the number of orphans who at times are forced to drop out of school owing to lack of parental care.
  9. Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP)
    At the heart of the efforts of CHAMP are the campaigns to highlight the problem of HIV in the society and sway the government into playing a more active role in HIV/AIDS prevention.
  10. Theory, Methodology and Human Development: HIV/AIDS and Education in African Countries
    This is correct despite advances of remarkable nature in our comprehension of the virus’s molecular biology and its effects on the body; advances that have resulted to therapeutic findings in the second decade of the […]
  11. Why lack of awareness leads to the spread of HIV/AIDS in New York prisons
    The health department in US intends to expand testing of HIV to the inmates because they found that twenty percent of the inmates are HIV positive.
  12. Impact of HIV/AIDS on Microeconomics
    The economic effects of HIV/AIDS are profound especially in Africa a continent that lacks the capacity and ability to deal with the pandemic due to economic constraints.
  13. Key Drivers of HIV and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa and in San Francisco and Church’s Response to the AIDS Pandemic
    In conclusion, the analysis of social, cultural and political situations in Sub-Saharan region and San Francisco has revealed that that there are a great number of factors contributing to the spread of the epidemic.
  14. Drivers of HIV and Aids in Sub-Saharan Africa and San Francisco
    The goal of this paper is to compare the impacts of the epidemic on these two regions by looking at the driving factors and the intervention efforts by the church.
  15. Key Drivers of HIV/AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa and in San Francisco
    The extent of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the region can be attributed to such things as; Sexual behavior-many men and women in the region have different sex partners concurrently; these may be in cases of […]
  16. AIDS as an epidemic of Signification
    This then implies that people of the African origin and the Haitians are more susceptible to Aids infection since they do not have the genetic mutation.
  17. AIDS: The Guilt and Failure of the West
    He contends that the genetic tests which identify the amount of mutation which has occurred to the virus suggest a date of entry into the human population that coincides with the imposition of forced labor […]
  18. HIV/AIDS among African Americans
    As the cases of the disease continued to increase unabated among African Americans, the government and health care system had to revise their preventive strategies to help in combating the epidemic.
  19. Implementation of AIDS control policies in Australia and South Africa
    It is evident that cases of HIV infection and deaths resulting from AIDS continued to increase globally during the early years of HIV discovery in the 1980s, including in Australia and South Africa, but the […]
  20. The HIV and AIDS problem between educated and non-educated children in Uganda
    According to the survey conducted by UNICEF, the number of children up to the age of 15 years living with HIV/AIDs dropped to a record 1.
  21. How the AIDS epidemic has affected the world on a political, social, economical way
    This paper give a brief overview of the history of AIDS, looks at the prevalence of AIDS in some of the highly affected countries, and gives the political, economic, and social impacts of AIDS in […]
  22. Pathology of HIV and AIDS
    Chronic phase follows closely and it is marked by great decline of CD4 + cells caused by the failure of the immune system to make new T cells and by general effects of immune activation. […]
  23. History of Treatment the HIV/AIDs
    The much that physicians have done is to develop medication to reduce the effects of the disease; the major challenge hindering the development of a cure is the different shapes that the virus takes when […]
  24. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Presentation Aids in Group Presentations
    The choice of presentation aid made may depend on factors such as: the constraints of the particular topic, the availability of the particular presentation aids and the cost of the aids among other factors.
  25. HIV/ AIDS in the UK
    The UK enjoyed high economic growth in the last half of the twentieth century and the early twenty first, however, the global economic recession tool a toll on them.
  26. AIDS Combating in the 21st Century: Issues and Challenges
    Individuals in these groups have taken advantage of the fact that AIDS is manageable to engage in dangerous unprotected sexual activities.
  27. Critical Review of Chapter 5 and 6 of the book HIV/AIDS
    Dimension of the problem The HIV-Aid epidemic has an impact on production of goods and service as well as politics of a country; a health population is a productive population, thus when the population is […]
  28. HIV/AIDS by Allan Whiteside
    The problem with HIV/AIDS is not only limited to the mortality rate and the epidemiology of the disease but also the social problems that it brings.
  29. Critical Analysis of Avahan – the India AIDS Initiative
    The fact that India is the second most populous country in the world today and has one of the highest rates of HIV infection, justifies the creation of the said non-profit group and why the […]
  30. AIDS: From the Perspective of Sociology
    The inability to combat AIDS at the early stage is a sociological problem because the lack of education and the lack of medical facilities enhance the power of the disease.

👍 Good Essay Topics on AIDS

  1. Hiv/ Aids In Papua New Guinea
    Even though the disease was first noticed in the earlier years of the 1980s, it was news to the country of Papua New Guinea till in the year 1987 when the first case of AIDS […]
  2. The International Problem of HIV/AIDS in Modern World
    In addition, the effects of HIV/AIDS today are not only confined to the families and individuals infected, but also involve the political, economic, and social factors of the country and people in the country.
  3. Importance of Airport Runway and Taxiway Markings and Landing Aids
    These markings are positioned on the right side of the centerline and are used to confirm to the pilot the description of the taxiway on which the aircraft is located.
  4. HIV and AIDS: an Evolving Global Response
    The use of condom has been proposed as an effective way of curbing the spread of the disease. This discourages the use of condoms.
  5. Ethical Issues on HIV/AIDS
    The issues to be discussed include ethical issues related to research and counseling for AIDS patients, discrimination, and intentional transmission of the disease and the protection of vulnerable groups in the society.
  6. HIV and AIDS prevention among the youth in Asia
    During this time most of the countries that were affected by the HIV AIDS started to battle the spread of HIV. Education is a vital component in the fight to prevent transmission of HIV and […]
  7. Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS
    Gates Foundation The main objective of the Gates Foundation is “to reduce the incidence of HIV infection and extend the lives of people living with HIV”.
  8. HIV/AIDS Definition, Prevention and Treatment
    The number of HIV-infected people is immense in South Africa. These rates prove the fact that HIV is the plague of the twenty-first century.
  9. Health Promotion Program HIV/AIDS in Kenya
    Studies have established that married couples and other people in more stable relationships have contributed to the highest number of new HIV/AIDS infection in Kenya.
  10. HIV/AIDS in Kenya: Evaluation Plan
    It reveals the number of people with infection, the way the population will be treated in order to prevent further expansion and the expected results of the program.
  11. HIV and AIDS in Kenya
    As a result of the high prevalence, the country is reported to have the fourth highest HIV burden in the world.
  12. Medicine: HIV/AIDS as the Key Threat for the Kenyan Population
    Although the issue of HIV/AIDS has been researched extensively over the past few decades, it still remains one of the key factors affecting the increase of the death toll in a range of states.
  13. Medicine: HIV/ AIDS Campaign Slogan
    One of the most important processes in the provision of health care services is the effective communication of health information. The reason this slogan would be effective in running a health campaign for this kind […]
  14. HIV/AIDs Education’ Importance for Young People
    Due to the impact of this challenge in many countries, better education system that informs the youth and new generation is essential in informing the youths on the safety behaviors that can help reduce the […]
  15. HIV/AIDS Patients: Legal Ethics and Patient Rights
    Moreover, in the clinical environment where the treatment of patients with the infection is regarded as a norm, the denial of service is easier to detect because it will violate the professional standards of behavior […]
  16. Ancillary Services for HIV/AIDS Patients
    The second trend having a direct impact on case management programs for people with HIV/AIDS concerns the fact that comprehensive care is now needed more than ever before not only due to the increasing complexity […]
  17. HIV/AIDS as a Communicable Disease
    Drawing from a study by Ngatchou, the choice of the word human is linked to the fact that the virus only causes disease in human beings.
  18. Legal Ethics, Patients’ Rights, and HIV/AIDS
    In this case, being the head health administrator at the USA Community Hospital implies that I have to pay vehement attention to the compliance of the procedures with the safety regulations and minimize the frequency […]
  19. “The Cure for AIDS” by Apoorva Mandavilli
    It is correct to argue that there has been some achievement in fighting this disease, and the author of this article confirms that there has never been a positive development except for the invention of […]
  20. AIDS in New York in “How to Survive a Plague” Film
    The media started to give coverage to this problem when the activists decided to demand the government to develop new drugs or to change the process of AIDS drug approval.
  21. HIV/AIDS Policies in India and Antropological Study
    Different enterprises in the informal and formal sectors have been guided to implement powerful policies that can support the needs of patients with HIV/AIDS.
  22. The Impact of AIDS
    One of the facts about AIDS is that it occurs as a result of the weakening of the body’s immune system by the HIV virus.
  23. HIV/AIDS Prevention by Anti-Retroviral Drugs
    Thus, the research became the breakthrough of the year as it shifted the previous misconceptions about HIV/AIDS prevention by proving the effectiveness of ARVs in reducing transmission.
  24. HIV/AIDS Activism in “How to Survive a Plague”
    The main parties involved in the process of the social construction of AIDS in the USA were the activists, policymakers, and the media.
  25. AIDS Discrimination in the “Philadelphia” Movie
    “Philadelphia” is the film that appeared on the screens at the end of the 20th century. He is a lawyer, who copes with his duties easily and is known as one of the best professionals.
  26. Act Up Movement for Surviving HIV/AIDS Plague
    AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power is a movement advocating for the improvement of the lives of people with HIV/AIDS and calling for legislation, research, and treatment to eliminate the disease.
  27. HIV/AIDS as a Long-Wave Event in Politics
    Since the emergence of HIV/AIDS in the 1980s, the disease has prevailed for a long-time and with wide-spread repercussions. In any case, the lack of social and political goodwill to accommodate those affected and infected […]
  28. Group Policy Regarding the HIV/AIDS Transmission Issue
    The primary issues related to HIV transmission are the following: A high risk of infection Limited access to treatment The virus’s rapid growth and transmission A tremendous number of people born with the virus Lack […]
  29. HIV and AIDS Infection Levels and Their Social Effects
    One of the social effects of HIV/AIDS is that it causes stigmatization from members of the society. One of the long-term effects of children suffering from the disease include seclusion from the other children, which […]
  30. Business Strategy Course and Extra Teaching Aids
    The author begins with a brief description of the company and its history and then looks into the external forces that affect the company’s business using Porter’s five models.
  31. HIV and AIDS Early History and Risks
    It is extremely important to learn about the early history of HIV/AIDS, since this knowledge can offer a clue to the problem of curing the disease or at least stop the rapid expansion of the […]
  32. Health Fraud: HIV/AIDS and Sexual Enhancement Scams
    The form and the result of using health fraud scams is the quackery as a process of treating the disease and different health conditions with the focus on unproven remedies and strategies.
  33. Spreading and Dying from AIDS
    The writer has straightforwardly represented the data, there is a free and fair flow of ideas and one point leads to another.
  34. HIV and AIDS: Legal and Ethical Conduct
    During the conversation, I would inform the patient about his HIV status, focusing on the potential health effects of this condition and the types of contacts that may cause the further transmission of the virus.
  35. Drug Treatments for HIV/AIDS
    To lower the complacency of people to HIV/AIDS and change the perceptions about the condition for individuals with and without HIV/AIDS, health care professionals should focus on such aspects as safety, responsibility, and stigma.
  36. Medical Anthropology. HIV&AIDS Preventive Measures
    Since the detection of the first case of HIV in India, the government introduced both surveillance and preventative plans to reduce the risk of the disease spread.

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