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72 STDs Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Healthy People 2010 Agenda and the Issue of Syphilis in Contemporary Society
    As the national agenda Healthy People 2010 is aimed at solving a number of health care problems and those related to the health of the population, it is necessary to indicate the key concepts that […]
  2. Unethical Research Study «Tuskegee Syphilis»
    The motivation for this study was the prevalence of syphilis among blacks and the possibility of coming up with mass treatment of the condition.
  3. Tuskegee Experiment: The Infamous Syphilis Study
    According to Biber, the head of the clinical research assured fellow researchers that, “…everyone is agreed that the proper procedure is the continuance of the observation of the Negro men used in the study with […]
  4. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study Evaluation
    This ensures that the beneficiaries own the entire process of the study, project or policy and that they give their consent for the study to advance.
  5. Chlamydia Campaign Overview and Analysis
    A survey can help the group members to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign by surveying people in the street about their awareness of such a campaign and the number of times they took Chlamydia […]
  6. Concepts of the Human Papillomavirus
    The infection has no exact form of manifestation, a fact that medics attribute to the ability of the body’s immune system to eliminate the virus from the body in a period of two years.
  7. The Tuskegee Experiment on Syphilis
    The issues of protection of human beings in research and violation of the people’s right for treatment and care are explored in “Miss Evers’ Boys” with references to the development and results of the Tuskegee […]
  8. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study Controversy
    Describe the facts surrounding the Tuskegee Syphilis study The Tuskegee syphilis study is the most controversial research ever performed on the black race.
  9. Chlamydia Infection, Its Diagnosis and Treatment
    The response of the patient revealed lots of disappointment and a lack of satisfaction. There is also a possibility of the mother transmitting the disease to the unborn baby.
  10. The Chlamydia Trachomatis Treatment
    The protocol for extraction, amplification as well as sequencing was tested on reference of strains of the culture stocks in the laboratory and on the medium fluid sample collected in the study conducted to investigate […]
  11. Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment and Ethical Principles
    The study started in 1929 when USPHS investigated the high incidence of syphilis in the rural areas of the South of the USA and possibilities for its mass treatment.
  12. Public Health: Chlamydial Infections
    The information that the nurse practitioner should consider is the possible non-sexually transmitted infections that can cause the change in the vaginal discharge and the urge to urinate frequently.
  13. Sexually Transmitted Disease: Syphilis
    Therefore, it is necessary to inquire about the social and sexual history of the patient, ask about the number of sexual partners, the history of STDs, the use of condoms, and the intravenous use of […]
  14. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Reduction in Hispanic Women
    Its purpose is to reduce STI’s Gonorrhea/Chlamydia among Hispanic women in Michigan and to plan a culturally appropriate intervention to address this area of health. The final data is also inclusive of the ethnic and […]
  15. Human Papillomavirus Awareness Among College Students
    The research addresses the problem of low levels of literacy concerning HPV and other related sexually transmitted diseases and the stigma associated with the diseases. This research aims to determine the level of literacy among […]
  16. The Tuskegee Syphilis Analysis
    The main purpose of the following study was “to record the natural history of syphilis in Blacks”. First of all, it was called unethical as all participants were not informed about the conditions of the […]
  17. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment: Research Ethics
    The fact that the researchers were driven by the principles of the Utilitarianism approach and viewed the deaths of Tuskegee people as an inevitable casualty seems the most surprising and deplorable one of all pieces […]
  18. Spirochaete: Syphilis T. Pallidum & Lyme Disease
    The term “Spirochetae” originates from the Greek “spiro” and “create” and owes its existence to the form of the bacteria, which has a spiral shape.
  19. Human Papillomavirus Vaccination in Hispanic Women
    The study is justified because establishing the level of HPV, cervical cancer, and HPV vaccine knowledge among Hispanic women would pave the way for the formulation of strategies on patient education on the issue.
  20. The Serologic Diagnosis of Syphilis
    In order to reject the diagnosis of contact dermatitis, it should be clarified which food and topical allergies the patient has.
  21. Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Initiation in Girls
    The background of the study presents the statement of the research problem and the justification of the study. The authors used a descriptive study design, which involved the analysis of routinely collected data on the […]
  22. Chlamydial Infections: Gynecological Conditions
    The diagnosis will have a short-term effect on SL’s life as she will have to have a discussion about STIs with her partner, which may be challenging for her.
  23. Bacterial Vaginosis: Watery Fish-Smelling Vaginal Discharge
    The symptoms started about a month ago, and attempts to get rid of the odour have not been successful. Location: vagina Onset: 30 days ago Character: watery discharge with a very unpleasant odour Associated signs […]
  24. Genital Herpes Caused by Herpes Simplex Virus
    The patient comes to the clinic with a complaint of lesions in the vaginal and perianal regions. The patient is bisexual she states that she has had sexual relationships with several male and female partners […]
  25. Vaccination Among HPV Virus
    With the HPV virus belonging to the second group, it seems reasonable for the government to lobby for the vaccination to become mandatory for middle school girls to reduce the number of HPV-related precancers.
  26. School Interventions Against HPV and Effect on Vaccination Rates
    The author uses the methodology of policy synthesis and legal analysis to describe the implications of establishing the HPV vaccine as a school-entry requirement for policy and practice.
  27. Women’s Health Issues: Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
    Sherman et al.find that patients’ and clinicians’ lack of knowledge about the vaccine and HPV leads to lower levels of protection against the virus.
  28. Sexually-Transmitted Infections: Syphilis in Women
    The patient’s preliminary and current symptoms align with the typical presentation of syphilis, thus suggesting the onset of the condition’s second stage.
  29. Human Papillomavirus Infection and Cervical Cancer
    Besides a description of HPV pathogenesis and epigenetics, the paper provides an overview of the global incidence and prevalence rates pertaining to infection and cervical cancer. HPV and HPV genotypes 16 and 18, in particular, […]
  30. Chlamydia Screening Studies Critique
    The Chlamydia Screening Studies was the analysis designed to receive the results of people’s reaction to the home-based screening for the sexually transmitted infection, Chlamydia trachomatis.
  31. The Tuskegee Syphilis: A Tragedy of Race and Medicine
    The government was at the forefront of supporting the research where the poor people were given some compensation for unknowingly participating in this fatal and unethical study.
  32. Syphilis in Black Americans: Causes and Treatment
    This paper seeks to find the major causes, the signs and symptoms of syphilis and why it is prevalent among the black people living in America. The infections the baby will get depend on the […]

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  1. Sex, Pregnancy, and STDs – Problem and Solution
  2. Online Dating Services for People With STDs
  3. Sexually Transmitted Disease Genital Causes Virus
  4. Genital Herpes Sexually Transmitted Disease
  5. Preventing STDs and Its Effects on Children
  6. Sex, Teen Pregnancies, STDs, and Beer Prices: Empirical Evidence From Canada
  7. Antibiotic-Resistant Sexually Transmitted Disease
  8. Sweatshops: Sexually Transmitted Disease and Better Jobs
  9. Sexually Transmitted Disease Among Teenagers
  10. Dealing With the Problem of Teenage Sex, Pregnancies, and STDs
  11. The Symptoms, Complications, and Features of Sexually Transmitted Disease Chlamydia
  12. STDs and How They Affect Society
  13. Sex Under the Influence: The Effect of Alcohol Policy on Sexually Transmitted Disease Rates in the United States
  14. The Sexually Transmitted Disease Epidemic: Common Diseases, Causes, Cures, and Stats
  15. Health Promotion Plans for Sexually Transmitted Diseases: The Role of Nurses and Health Care Practitioners
  16. STDs the Silent Infection
  17. Teenage Pregnancy and STDs Warning – An Argument Against Premarital Sex
  18. Sexually Transmitted Disease and Non Sexual Ways
  19. The British Government’s Policy on Prostitution and STDs
  20. Sexually Transmitted Disease and Popularity Limits

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  1. Correlation Between Abstinence and STDs or What Are the Main Issues Today’s Youth Have to Deal With
  2. STDs Classification, From Common Herpes to Life-Threatening AIDS
  3. The Symptoms and Treatment of Gonorrhea, the Most Common Sexually Transmitted Disease
  4. The Symptoms and Treatment of Syphilis, a Sexually Transmitted Disease
  5. Chlamydia: Sexually Transmitted Disease and Health Care Provider
  6. Sexually Transmitted Disease and STDs According
  7. The Symptoms and Treatment of Chlamydia, a Sexually Transmitted Disease
  8. The Most Common STDs Among Teens Today
  9. Theory-Based Health and the Prevention of HIV and STDs
  10. Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis
  11. Birth Control Methods and Fight With STDs
  12. Reproductive System; Sexually Transmitted Disease
  13. Sexually Transmitted Disease and Public Health
  14. Sexually Transmitted Disease Chlamydia Infection: Causes, Signs, Treatment, and Prevention
  15. Abstinence Programs That Can Help Prevent STDs and Teen Pregnancy
  16. STDs and Prevention Among Young Adults
  17. STDs During the Youth: The Great Imitator, Crotch Crickets
  18. The Infectious Disease Acquired Out of Lust – STDs
  19. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Not Just a Sexually Transmitted Disease
  20. The Aging Population Sexual Awareness of STDs and Sexual Behaviors

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