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68 Sex Education Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Sex Education Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Sex Education Class Compared to Science Class
    Given a week of study in either sex education class or science class, would you prefer the sex education class as opposed to the science one?
  2. Increasing of Sex Education in Schools to Curb Teenage Pregnancy
    Increased sex education is important because it emphasizes on the need to abstain and use of contraceptives. It is therefore important to increase sex education in schools to avert cases of teenage pregnancies.
  3. Reasons to Teach Sex in Schools: Examples of Sex Education
    As the first reference point for adolescent, parents are seen to be the best sex education teachers however; parents avoid the topic of sex education because of their concerns that such education will encourage their […]
  4. Importance of Sex Education
    Information on abortion is also important as it elaborates the negative effect of abortion and how to practice safer sex in order to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.
  5. Sex Education
    Increasing sex education will be preparing young people to be responsible, as they will have knowledge on sex and sex matters.
  6. Ad on Sex Education Distorts Obama Policy
    Obama has only one accomplishment in the field of education and that accomplishment was during the Illinois sex education bill, which did not even become a law.
  7. Religion and Politics Work on Children’s Sex Education
    The controversial issue of whether or not sex education is appropriate in schools calls for both religious and secular views in order to make policies.
  8. Should schools increase sex education and at what age?
    Such factors include the level of education of the youngsters in question, the contents of sex education and the characteristics of people charged with the task of providing education.
  9. Sex Education and Early Pregnancies
    Although most people have failed to address the issue of sex education, the failing nature of the gospel of abstinence and thus increased rates of teenage pregnancies has led to a new awakening for all […]
  10. Sex education for children and teens
    The increase in the number of teenage pregnancy and the rise in HIV and AIDS cases across the globe have led to the development of sex education programs incorporated in the education curriculum for many […]
  11. The pros and cons of sex education in school
    The reasoning behind this is that the role of sex education is not to instruct children not to have sex but rather to provide comprehensive and inclusive education on sex.
  12. Positive Impacts of Sex Education on Teenage Pregnancies
    Failures of Sex Education in reducing teenage pregnancies According to the article by Stobbe, education has not achieved much in terms of helping students change their attitudes and behavior on sex and use of birth […]
  13. The Theme of Sex Education in the Movie “Superbad”
    Seth and Evans are assuming that they are going to have sex with their classmates Jules and Becca respectively when they get them to be drunk in the party and break their virginity.
  14. Sex Education – Does it help?
    Such research has touched on the topics of community based sex education programs, perception of sex education among teenagers, teachers and parents, sources of sex education and importance of sex education.
  15. A Case for Sex Education in Schools
    This paper set out to discuss the merits and demerits of sex education in school so as to show that it is beneficial for the youth.
  16. Intervention to Address the Need for Sex Education in an Elderly Population
    Interaction of sex, gender, and age in the development of psychopathology Psychopathology developments involve the study of abnormal behaviours in relation to their causes and processes that lead to their manifestations.
  17. Sex Education in District School Curricular
    The paper will undertake the identification of the difference in the extent to which sexual education is being included in the curriculum of different school districts. The number of school districts that offers sex education […]
  18. Pregnancy’ and Sexually Diseases Prevention – Sex Education
    It is also common for students in college and universities to engage in an unsafe group sex where different STIs are passed to the participants.
  19. Sex Education Role in the Teenage Pregnancy
    In a bid to survive, the teens resort to prostitution as a means of earning a livelihood, which in turn leads to teenage pregnancies.
  20. The Effects of Sex Education in America
    To enhance the usage of condoms in the prevention of the spread of STDs and prevention of unwanted pregnancies, the responsible stakeholders are supposed to transform the way sex education and condom usage promotions are […]
  21. Importance of Sex Education for Teens
    One of the advantages of cohabitation in modern society is that it eliminates the obligations of marriage while providing sexual and emotional intimacy for couples. One of the disadvantages is that for most couples, cohabitation […]
  22. Sex Education, Its Approaches and Legal Aspects
    Thus, one can argue that the values of residents can be reflected in the design of sex education curriculum. In particular, one should determine the extent to which these people try to influence this area […]
  23. Teenage Pregnancy, Abortion and Sex Education
    According to, some individuals in the society particularly the religious ones see abortion as a vice affecting every corner of the world.

📌 Simple & Easy Sex Education Essay Titles

  1. The Other Side: The Importance of Sex Education in High School
  2. The Ongoing Debate over Sex Education and Its Influence on Our Children
  3. Why Sex Education For Children Is Very Important
  4. The Importance Of Sex Education In Today’s Schools
  5. The Effects of Sex Education on Teen Sexual Activity and Teen Pregnancy
  6. Sex Education Programs Should Reduce Pregnancy Rates
  7. The Importance Of Comprehensive Sex Education To Decrease Teen Pregnancies
  8. The Importance of Perfecting Sex Education in Schools
  9. Teaching Abstinence and Abortion in Junior High Sex Education
  10. Where and How, If at All, Should Sex Education Be Conducted
  11. The Different Views About the Controversial Topic of Sex Education in the U.S
  12. The Rise of Sex Education in Schools in the United States
  13. The Religious And Cultural Aspect Of Sex Education
  14. Single Sex Education Are Becoming More Complicated Countries
  15. Why There Should be Comprehensive Sex Education in Schools
  16. The Reasons Why Sex Education will Help Reduce Teen Pregnancy
  17. Improving the Effectiveness of Sex Education in Schools
  18. The Importance and Need for Sex Education to Deal with Teenage Pregnancy
  19. What Sex Education Topics Are Most Effective in Elementary Schools
  20. Gender Discrimination For Single Sex Education
  21. How Sex Education Can Change Teenage Sexual Behavior
  22. Why Teens Need Comprehensive Sex Education

👍 Good Essay Topics on Sex Education

  1. The Importance of Sex Education in America and to American Teenagers
  2. The Main Features of Sex Education in Traditional Societies and Its Importance
  3. The Effects of State‐Mandated Abstinence‐Based Sex Education on Teen Health Outcomes
  4. Why Sex Education Should Be Taught in Schools
  5. The Issue of Teaching Sex Education in Public Schools
  6. The Importance of Teaching Sex Education and Homosexuality
  7. The Three Forms of Sex Education in the United States
  8. The Inclusion of Sex Education in the School Curriculum
  9. When Values Clash With Faith: Sex Education In Religious Based Schools”
  10. High Teen Pregnancy Rate: Comprehensive Sex Education at Fault?
  11. Opinion of Secondary School Teachers on Sex Education
  12. What are the Pros and Cons of Sex Education in Hong Kong Secondary Schools
  13. Implementing Sex Education In Middle And Elementary School
  14. Should Sex Education Be Increased in Schools to Curb Problems in Society?
  15. Teaching Morality More Important Than Sex Education In Public Schools
  16. Why Comprehensive Sex Education can Help Prevent Teenage Pregnancy in Philadelphia
  17. The Impact Of Single Sex Education On Girl ‘s Academic Performance
  18. The Need for a Comprehensive Sex Education in American Schools
  19. The Benefits of Sex Education in Public Schools
  20. Why Highschools Should Have Sex Education Starting Freshman Year
  21. Whether We Should Have Sex Education In High School
  22. The Controversy Surrounding Teaching Morality in the Case of Sex Education
  23. The Pros and Cons of Teaching Sex Education in Public Schools

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