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99 Topics about Teenage Pregnancy Essay Examples, & Tips

Want to know how to write an essay about teenage pregnancy? This issue is very hot, sensitive, and controversial. Numerous articles and researches focus on its causes and effects.

We’ve collected a list of topics about teenage pregnancy, as well as a number of tips on outlining your essay, writing an introduction, and formulating a teenage pregnancy thesis statement. Get inspired with us!

โ— Teenage Pregnancy Essay: How to Write?

Whether approaching the subject from a demographic or medical point of view, the interest of a teenage pregnancy essay heavily roots itself in the issues of today.

With a multitude of topics dealing with different sides, from mothers and children to the government, creating a unique essay that will get you a good grade is a matter of adequately constructing your argument.

  • Chose a single theme that you will address. All teenage pregnancy essay topics center on one problem but concern themselves with different facets of it. Thus, you have to decide whether you want to write about government-supported methods of pregnancy prevention or the repercussions of an increase in numbers of teenage mothers.
  • Carry out your research process and compile your findings into a bibliography. You should use book and journal titles to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of the issue, property referencing your sources within your paper when you use them. The more you understand about your chosen problem from the viewpoint of different researchers and their studies, the more you can hope to write a comprehensive essay.
  • Write an outline. By doing so, with or without using topic sentences, you can see how many sub-themes you touch upon and how inclusive your work is. This action will help you save time by writing and rewording the better part of your paper, as you will see potential structural issues early on.
  • Construct a title. As the first thing a potential reader sees, it should be both engaging and thought-provoking. However, teenage pregnancy essay titles should grab their readersโ€™ attention without a shock factor, intriguing them with information but not demeaning their topic. Regardless of your opinion regarding the issue, remember that you are writing about living people who deserve fair treatment.

You should draft your paper traditionally with an introduction, body, and conclusion. You can start your first paragraph with an interesting fact or statistical number to gain your audienceโ€™s attention. However, do not forget to write a thesis statement, as well as a hook.

Your introduction and conclusion should reflect each other, and that may become possible only if your first paragraph gives your reader an idea of what your stance is and what you plan to achieve in your paper. Without a thesis, you can neither expect readers to get interested in your work, nor write an excellent conclusion yourself.

Understand what your teenage pregnancy essay body needs, and include only information that will help you advance your main argument.

For example, if you are writing a paper from a sociology studies perspective, then you may see that you may gain an advantage by writing from a statistical or socioeconomic perspective.

Remove any sentences that do not link to your thesis statement, directly or indirectly. Your central argument should be pivotal to your paper, as exciting as the various facts that you find may be.

Superb structure comes from reading up on even better examples. You can easily find a teenage pregnancy essay example or two, and use them to get inspired. Do not forget to assess these sample papers on technique and information included, gauging which methods you can uplift into your own work.

However, remember that you cannot and should not plagiarize, as copying and pasting information is an academic offense. Safeguard your paperโ€™s grade by remaining academically honest.

Teenage Pregnancy Thesis Statement

Early pregnancies remain one of the most acute social problems in the world. Still, formulating a teenage pregnancy thesis statement might be a challenge. To make it easier for you, we’ve prepared some examples.

  • The complications associated with early pregnancies are the main cause of death for 15-19-year-old girls in the world; therefore, the problem of teenage pregnancy needs to be addressed on the governmental level worldwide.
  • Teenage pregnancies have severe health, social, and economic implications both in developed and developing countries.
  • Sex education in schools is the best way to prevent early pregnancies.
  • Reducing social pressure on girls to marry and bear children early is the best way to lower the levels of teenage pregnancies in the least developed countries.

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๐Ÿ† Top 10 Topics about Teenage Pregnancy

  1. Teenage pregnancies in developed countries
  2. How to prevent teenage pregnancies?
  3. Adolescent pregnancies in various regions of the world
  4. Teenage pregnancy as a cause of death
  5. Early pregnancies and health consequences
  6. Early childbearing and severe neonatal conditions
  7. Social and economic effects of teenage pregnancies
  8. Adolescent pregnancies in developing countries
  9. Causes and effects of teenage pregnancy
  10. Sex education as a way to prevent early pregnancies

๐Ÿฅ‡ Best Teenage Pregnancy Essay Examples & Topic Ideas

  1. Increasing of Sex Education in Schools to Curb Teenage Pregnancy
    Increased sex education is important because it emphasizes on the need to abstain and use of contraceptives. It is therefore important to increase sex education in schools to avert cases of teenage pregnancies.
  2. Teen Pregnancy: Causes, Effects and Prevention
    Teenage pregnancy is the pregnancy of underage girls during their adolescent period, normally between the ages of 13 to 19 but this range varies depending on the age of the menarche and the legal age […]
  3. Teenage Pregnancy in the Modern World
    Teenage pregnancy rate in America is among the highest among the developed nations; although the teen pregnancy rate is said to be dropping in the past years in the developed world, in the US, rate […]
  4. Popular Culture and Teenage Pregnancy Among Americans
    This has been the case particularly in regards to the Western society of the early to the middle 20th century and the up-and-coming international normalcy of the late 20th and 21st century.
  5. Teenage Pregnancy Major Causes and Solutions
    Thus, one of the manifest functions of the family is to be the meaningful unit which supports the accepted social order and is a support of the state.
  6. Teenage Pregnancy Concept and Problems
    This becomes potentially dangerous to the teenage girls due to the lack of prenatal care and the fact that her body is not fully developed to carry a pregnancy.
  7. Teenage Pregnancy Causes and Effects
    In addition to this, the modern society allows the teenagers to have a lot of time and space with the opposite sex on their own, which results to instances of pregnancy at teenage hood.
  8. Teenage Pregnancy and Its Consequences to the Society
    The opportunities of mother and the child to build a future are further depleted by these risks. Education to the youthful teens would be a valuable tool to curb early pregnancies.
  9. Positive Impacts of Sex Education on Teenage Pregnancies
    Failures of Sex Education in reducing teenage pregnancies According to the article by Stobbe, education has not achieved much in terms of helping students change their attitudes and behavior on sex and use of birth […]
  10. The Major Factors of Teenage Pregnancy
    Mooney, Knox, & Schacht, states that low self-esteem is often associated with abused children and are one of the factors that shape teenagers’ sexual behavioral patterns and lead to teen pregnancy.
  11. The Ways to Reduce Teenage Pregnancies
    Although teen pregnancy is an ongoing problem, it can be reduced with good education, parental support, and birth control Over the last couple of years, the United States of America has woken up to the […]
  12. Sex Education Role in the Teenage Pregnancy
    In a bid to survive, the teens resort to prostitution as a means of earning a livelihood, which in turn leads to teenage pregnancies.
  13. Teenage Pregnancy and Abortion: Articles Evaluation
    The article highlights the importance of coming up with sexual health services and contraception methods, which are community-based for the benefit of the young people in a bid to counter the seemingly never-ending menace of […]
  14. Teenage Pregnancy, Abortion and Sex Education
    According to, some individuals in the society particularly the religious ones see abortion as a vice affecting every corner of the world.
  15. Teenage Pregnancy Rates and Prevention Programs
    The purpose of this paper is to study the adolescent pregnancy rates in the US, identify the risk factors, list health and mental risks of teenage pregnancy, and find existing and other possible solutions to […]
  16. Psychological Causes of Teenage Pregnancy
    They are not settled in their lives and are not able to bear the responsibility of a child. Abortion is also justified in the unfortunate event of teenage marriage and pregnancy.
  17. The Problem of Teenage Pregnancy
    Marx, Fleur Hopper Faith-Based versus Fact-Based Social Policy: The Case of Teenage Pregnancy Prevention published in Social Work, Volume 50, 2005, is dedicated to the idea of teenage pregnancy in the United States.
  18. Teenage Pregnancy Statistics, Factors and Strategies
    One of the causes of the high levels in teen pregnancies is attributed to poverty and the social inequalities in both Britain and America.
  19. Teenage Pregnancy in New Jersey
    This paper aims to address the issue of teenage pregnancy in New Jersey and identify the parties that influence young people’s decisions related to sexual behavior.

๐Ÿ“Œ Interesting Teenage Pregnancy Research Paper Topics

  1. The Rise of Teenage Pregnancy Rates in the United States of America
  2. Teenage Pregnancy: Keeping Healthy Relationships With All Involved
  3. Children and the Issues of Teenage Pregnancy and Gangs
  4. The Importance of Condom Distribution in Schools to Prevent the Rise of Teenage Pregnancy
  5. The Misunderstanding Of Contraceptives: The Rising Teenage Pregnancy Rates Around The Globe
  6. Understanding Teenage Pregnancy in Society
  7. Sexual Education: Teenage Pregnancy a Global View by Andrew Cherry
  8. The Issue of Teenage Pregnancy in America and the Alternatives to Legal Abortion
  9. Teenage Pregnancy And The Role Of Health Professionals
  10. Physical and Mental Effect of Teenage Pregnancy
  11. The Failures of the Abstinence-Only Education to Curb Teenage Pregnancy in the United States
  12. Teenage Pregnancy And Parenthood As A Social Problem
  13. Why Hollywood’s Perception of Teenage Pregnancy is Flawed
  14. Teenage Pregnancy And Adolescent Pregnancy
  15. The Effect of Minimum Legal Drinking Age Restrictions on Teenage Pregnancy and Pregnancy Outcomes
  16. The Serious Issue of Teenage Pregnancy in America and the Reasons for the Rise of the Social Problem in the Country
  17. The Relationship of Childhood Sexual Abuse to Teenage Pregnancy
  18. The Cause and Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy in the United States
  19. The Serious Issue of Teenage Pregnancy in the Philippines and in Developed Countries Around the World
  20. The Central Issues of Teenage Pregnancy and Out-Of-Wedlock Childbearing

๐Ÿ‘ Good Research Topics about Teenage Pregnancy

  1. The Social Problem of Teenage Pregnancy in the Philippines
  2. The Impact Of Teenage Pregnancy On The Health Care System And Population Subgroups
  3. Teenage Pregnancy And Parents Were Not Ready For Kids
  4. Psychosocial Development and the Effects of Teenage Pregnancy
  5. Teenage Pregnancy and the Role of the Fathers
  6. The Issue of Teenage Pregnancy in Dysfunctional American Families
  7. The Determinants of Teenage Pregnancy Using the Seedhouse
  8. Relationship Between Delinquency And Teenage Pregnancy
  9. The Introduction of Teenage Pregnancy in Frank Furstenberg’s Unplanned Parenthood
  10. The Social Issue of Teenage Pregnancy in High Schools in America
  11. Why Comprehensive Sex Education can Help Prevent Teenage Pregnancy in Philadelphia
  12. Teenage Pregnancy : Protecting Our Youth Through Abstinence
  13. The Health Issues and Risk of Teenage Pregnancy in Philadelphia
  14. The Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy On Teenage Mothers
  15. Teenage Pregnancy And Its Effect On Children Essay
  16. The Different Social Factors That Influence Teenage Pregnancy Among American Teenagers
  17. The Significance of the Introduction of Birth Control for Teens to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy
  18. The Socio-Economic Effects of Teenage Pregnancy on Girls in Secondary School
  19. The Teenage Pregnancy Versus Parental Consent in Regards to Unwanted Abortion
  20. The Issue of Sexual Activity Among Teenagers and Teenage Pregnancy in the United States

โ“ Research Questions on Teenage Pregnancy

  1. What Cultural Factors Contribute to the Spread of Teenage Pregnancy?
  2. Why Does Reducing the Risk of Teen Pregnancy Matter?
  3. What Are the Statistics of Teenage Pregnancy in the United States?
  4. What Is the Incidence of Teenage Pregnancy Among Blacks and Hispanic Teens?
  5. How Does Sex Education Affect Teen Pregnancy?
  6. What Is the Role of the Media in Raising Awareness of the Social Issue of Teenage Pregnancy?
  7. How Does Socioeconomic Status Affect Early Adolescent Pregnancy?
  8. What Social and Personal Factors Affect Adolescent Pregnancy?
  9. How Teenage Pregnancy Changes Lives Forever?
  10. What Are the Causes and Effects of Teenage Pregnancy?
  11. How Does Teen Pregnancy Affect Academic Performance?
  12. What Caused the Teenage Pregnancy Epidemic?
  13. How To Prevent Health Problems During Teenage Pregnancy?
  14. What Can You Do To Reduce Teen Pregnancy Rates?
  15. How Does Developing Gender Expression Affect Teen Pregnancy?
  16. What Causes Social Isolation in Teen Pregnancy?
  17. How To Prevent Stress and Depression in Teen Pregnancy?
  18. What Are the Physical and Mental Implications of Teen Pregnancy?
  19. How Teenage Pregnancy Stops Students From Finishing What They Started?
  20. What Facts About Teen Pregnancy Should You Know?
  21. How Can Teenage Pregnancy Be Prevented?
  22. What Are the Implications of Teenage Pregnancy?
  23. How Can Society Prevent and Avoid Unwanted Teenage Pregnancy?
  24. What Are the Causes and Effects of Teenage Pregnancy?
  25. How Teenage Pregnancy Affects the High School Dropout Rate?
  26. What Is the Role of Health Care Professionals in Preventing Teenage Pregnancy?
  27. How Can Comprehensive Sexuality Education Help Prevent Teen Pregnancy in Philadelphia?
  28. Why Has the Teenage Pregnancy Rate Been on the Rise for Many Years?
  29. Do Certain Economic Factors Affect Abortions in Teenage Pregnancy?
  30. What Is the Dilemma of Teenage Pregnancy in Indonesia?

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