Vietnam War Essay, Research Paper Examples

Key Points to Use to Write an Outstanding Vietnam War Essay

Chemical warfare, civilian peace protests, and an overwhelming number of casualties are all central circumstances of a Vietnamese-American 19-year conflict that garnered attention all over the world.

Reflecting all these topics in a Vietnam War essay is essential to writing an excellent paper, as well as other structural and informational points. In the prewriting stages:

  • Research your issue. Doing so will not only help you choose among various Vietnam War essay topics but also help you start assembling a list of sources that can be of use. Compiling a bibliography early on will allow you to gauge how well covered your subject is and whether you can approach it from different viewpoints. Use various book and journal titles to give your work academic credibility.
  • Write a Vietnam War essay outline. This action will help you distribute the weight of your ideas evenly between sub-themes. In turn, doing so will allow you to create a smooth flowing, interconnected narrative of whichever issue you choose.
  • Compose a title for your paper. Vietnam War essay titles should be both reflective of their author’s stance and representative of the chosen methodological approach. Since your title is the first thing a potential reader sees, it should grab their attention in the best way.
  • Read available sample essays to see which tools and techniques may work in your own paper. While plagiarism is punishable in the academic world, there are no repercussions for getting inspiration or pretending to grade an essay for yourself. Good examples may be just the thing you need to write an excellent paper yourself!

Now you are ready to begin writing. Layering your paper with the appropriate information is only one aspect of essay writing, as you should also:

  • Begin your introduction by placing a Vietnam War essay hook in it. This catch can be a remarkable piece of information, a quote from a famous person, or an opposing viewpoint on the subject. Whichever you choose, placing a hook allows you to interest your readers and secure their interest for the duration of your paper.
  • Use appropriate terminology. A war-related paper may call for an in-depth understanding of technology, while an ideology related one requires more event-related knowledge. Choose your words according to the specifics of your issue and use them to write a comprehensive and well-rounded essay.
  • Understand the cause and effect war environment. Clearly define the links between events and make sure your audience understands all the intricacies of the issue. A timeline, written by you or found online, should help you trace these connections, creating an interflowing essay.
  • Recognize the effect of seemingly background events. The recognition of a soldier’s civil rights and the rise of a movement that called for American citizens to return to their home continent is not battlefield-related but greatly impacted politics regarding the issue. Remember that there may be connections between seemingly unrelated problems, and finding them is your goal as an essayist.
  • Stick to your Vietnam War essay prompt and the received instructions. Ignoring the specified word count in favor of drafting a more extensive coverage of the problem is not worth losing a grade on a suburb essay.

Always check the rubric that your instructor provided to receive good grades.

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Vietnam War

Introduction Vietnam War was a long time tussle between the northern and the southern region of Vietnam which culminated into one of the bloodiest wars of the time. America played a dominant role in this particular war with Hanoi and Washington waging war in an attempt to ensure that Vietnam was free from the domination […]

America’s Failure in Promoting Its Politic in Vietnam

Introduction America’s political agenda in Vietnam is not as clear as it should be. Existing literature purports that, part of America’s agenda in Vietnam was to stop the spread of communism and in other literature excerpts, it is reported that, America was persuading North Vietnam to stop supporting the war in South Vietnam (Xomba, 2009, […]

How did the media shape Americans’ perceptions of the Vietnam War?

Abstract American presence in Vietnam was due to perceived threat in spread of communism. However, it ended with a terrible defeat of both South Vietnam and America military. Many believe uncensored media contributed due to its influence on public opinion. This paper examines how the media worked in this period and gives a detailed account […]

Why Did The United States Lose The Vietnam War?

Vietnam is a strip of land situated on the Eastern part of Indochinese Peninsula in Southern Asia, sharing the northern border with China and stretching over a thousand miles. Lying in the tropics close to the equator, Vietnam has never been peaceful, as the region was always torn by constant civil wars, where the Vietnamese […]

The Vietnam War: Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy Leadership Roles

During the mid-twentieth century, the United States became increasingly involved in the world affairs. As there were problems in different parts of the world, the United States, as the emerging world power, took its responsibility and sought for ways of tackling the problems. Notable among these is the Vietnam War (1955-1975) that the U.S. involvement […]

The Vietnam War Causes

The Vietnam War occurred in 1955 in the regions of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. The war brought around rival countries that supported different ideologies. This is to mean that there was involvement of Soviet Union and the United States with all propagating the spread of their ideologies. This paper hence tries to illuminate the issues […]

The Vietnam War: A Clash of Viewpoints

Introduction: The Deadly Breath of the War Among all controversial issues that the humankind conceal sin the folds of time, the history of was must be the most biased one. Caused by certain political issues and demanding enormous blood-shedding to satisfy its thirst for cruelty, war is the most despicable and disgusting invention of the […]

The Role of women in the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War took place between 1959 and 1975. Also called the Vietnam Conflict, the War involved a confrontation between the Southern Vietnamese government with support from the US and the communist Northern Vietnam (Rushby 2). The participation of the US and other western nations was based on the fact that the Northern Vietnam was […]

Causes and Effects of the Vietnamese War

The Vietnam War was one of the longest fought military battles in the Southeast Asian history. Although the war was primarily between north and South Vietnam, the United States and other Guerrilla armies gave a divided support to the two worrying factions, a fact that intensified the war leading to numerous losses of lives, properties […]

The Vietnam War’s and Student’s Unrest Connection

The involvement of U.S. combat troops in the Vietnam War led to historic incidences in the U.S. related to protest protocols. There were obviously some U.S. citizens who supported war and, on the other hand, there were some U.S. civilians who were against the war. Among the protesters of the war were college/university students. The […]

Vietnam War era

Kerry’s significance John Kerry was awarded a number of medals for his role in the Vietnam War. These medals include Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Kerry’s ability to lead the swift boats in the enemy territory in an effort to reduce their attack on Americans and Vietnamese civilians through gathering intelligence is considered […]

Views on Vietnamese war in the Revisionism School

The Vietnamese War is one of the hotly contested debates among political scientists, historians and even journalists. In the event of hot debates, different personalities induce different ideologies creating different schools of thought. From orthodox to revisionism, there are still contentious issues on who was responsible for the war in Vietnam and why America decided […]

Concepts of the Vietnam War

Introduction Leading historical scholars term the Vietnamese war an accident while accusing United States for its contribution. The war did bring controversies nationally and internationally. The controversy was because of some faction supporting it whiles the rest opposing it vehemently. Interestingly, majority of the people who opposed the war were college students simply because, in […]

Vietnam War Timeline 1961-64

Introduction Indeed, the just war wage policies (JWPs) were famous with the Vietnam War of 1961-64. However, it can be critically argued that the JWPs might fail in certain war cases owing to several challenges such as terrorism, lethal weapons, and genocide issues, which render this policy ineffective. Therefore, it is important to re-think whether […]

Protests and music of the Vietnam War

Introduction The Vietnam War was perhaps the worst war the U.S. ever took part in. The government suffered massive losses, and the war substantially tainted its image. As the war progressed, the government faced great set-backs because public were totally against the war. The government had lied to the public about the intentions of the […]

The Vietnam War Outcomes

Introduction The Vietnam War was and is still considered the longest deployment of the U.S military in the history of U.S wars. It took place when John F. Kennedy was in power in the 1960’s. Over two thousand military soldiers were deployed to the South Vietnam where the number increased gradually over time. President John […]