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134 Cold War Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🤫 Secrets of Powerful Essay on the Cold War

The Cold War is a significant part of the world’s history. Its term refers to the period between 1950 and late 1980, known for a great tension between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Essays on the Cold War are important assignments because they allow students to research the topic in detail. As the war was a major event that has affected many countries, students should prepare well for writing their Cold War essays. Our goal is to help you in writing an outstanding paper.

Start with researching the topics for your essay and selecting the one that interests you the most. Here are some Cold War essay titles we can suggest:

  • Does the Cold War affect people or nations today?
  • The link between the Cold War and the Korean War
  • Argumentative essay on which country started the war
  • Capitalist and communist economies during the Cold War
  • The impact of the Cold War on international relations
  • The link between the Domino theory and the Cold War
  • The Effect of the Cold War on the environment

Select one of our titles or check out the examples of the Cold War essay topics online. Now you are ready to work on your essay. Here are some secrets of writing a powerful paper on the Cold War:

  • Research the selected issue and think of the Cold War essay prompts you will discuss. Develop an outline for your paper based on your future arguments. Remember that an outline should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  • Do not forget to add a title page, if necessary.
  • A good Cold War essay introduction should include some background information about the issue, its causes, and effects. Present a thesis statement in the last sentence of this section. It can look like this:

The Cold War still affects the population of North Korea.

  • Discuss all relevant data in the body paragraphs. Identify the Cold War leaders, its ideology, global powers, and propaganda. Remember that the reader should get a full perspective on the issue you are discussing.
  • Discuss the events that had happened before the Cold War began. What caused its eruption? What were the interests of parties responsible for the Cold War?
  • Reflect on the consequences of the Cold War and its effects on today’s world. It will help you to get the reader’s interest.
  • You can also discuss what would have happened if the war did not erupt or ended differently.
  • Support your claims with evidence and add in-text citations when you refer to information from outside sources. Hint: Use peer-reviewed articles or scholarly books as your main sources of information. Do not rely on personal blogs or websites like Wikipedia.
  • Summarize your arguments in a concluding paragraph. Restate your thesis and present the findings of the paper. Remember to end your essay on a positive note.
  • Although content is important, make sure that you use correct grammar and sentence structures too. Check the paper several times to make sure that you have made no crucial mistakes. Remember that spelling is important too. You can ask your peers to review the paper for you, if possible.

Remember that our free samples are there for you if you need some ideas for your paper!

🏆 Best Cold War Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The Cold War and Its Influence on Europe
    Control of Europe was at the centre of the cold war because communists controlled Eastern Europe and wanted to extent their influence to Western Europe as well.
  2. Importance of Berlin in Cold War
    The main causes were; Economic: The United States was interested in supporting free trade in the whole World but The Soviet Union did not show any interest in this venture as it feared if it […]
  3. The Cold War Between the Union Soviet Socialist Republic and the United States of America
    The Americans believed in the principles of democracy and free enterprise while the Russians believed that the whole world must convert to a system of governance according to the teachings of Karl Marx and Lenin.
  4. The Cold War: Global Prosperity and Human Rights
    The Cold War was one of the most famous and crucially important conflicts between the United States of America and the Soviet Union.
  5. Coverage of the Cold War in Life Magazine: The Bomb That Never Exploded
    The attitude to the atomic bomb and its role in the Cold War sufficiently changed with the course of time, and this change is reflected, in particular, in the coverage of Cold War events by […]
  6. The Cold War and The Fifties
    Studies point out that in 1945, the west, under President Truman strongly reacted to the policies set by Stalin in Poland by stopping all its support to the Soviet Union and expressing massive misgivings about […]
  7. The Cold War’s Developments in the Relations Between the US and the Soviet Union
    The cold war was fueled by mistrust between the USSR and the U.S. At the end of the World War II, USSR was the only power centre that nearly equaled the U.S.
  8. United States and Soviet Union Relationship throughout the Cold War
    Soon after the end of the Second World War, the signs of tensions and mistrust reappeared even though the two nations had been allies during the war and the US had even supplied Russia with […]
  9. Cold War and a Bipolar World
    It has been emphasized that important milestones like winning of Second World War, and development of the Marshall Plan were possible due to considerable investments in the military power by the US during the cold […]
  10. To what extent did the Cold War shaped the US relations with Latin America?
    The reasons are on one hand, the great fear to the Soviet Union catch up and expansion, on the other hand the fear of Cuba bring communism domino effect to the Latin America countries and […]
  11. To what extent did the Cold War play a role in the 1950s in catalyzing the Iranian revolution in 1979?
    S wanted the world to practice free trade while the Soviet union wanted nothing to do with international trade, the power rivalry where each of the nations wanted to dominate the other, another cause of […]
  12. Physical Fitness and Sport Policy in the Cold War
    Johnson presidential administration shifted the priorities in the sports national policy and vision of sports rivalry in the United States.”Addressing the subject in terms of federal initiatives during the 1960s, this article will argue that […]
  13. Modern American history from the second world war to the cold war
    From Ford’s, Jew hatred and political racism-Hitler was especially, personal had a high regard for the anti-Semitism of Henry Ford-; to the Carnegie’s involvement in creation of a Master Race; the relationship between Rockefeller and […]
  14. Reasons of the Cold War Between the Soviet Union and the US
    Furthermore, before the war, the US described the USSR as a reincarnation of the devil but the feeling was mutual; the USSR did not see the US any different from the devil.
  15. The Major Causes of the Cold War Between the Soviet Union and the United States
    According to Leffler in his book “The Specter of Communism” the cold war was a political and economical war between the United States and the Soviet Union, which started few years after the end of […]
  16. The Causes of Korea war and How it epitomized Cold War
    The Korean War was fought in Korean Peninsula between armies from North and those from South Korea. The only and main cause of the Korean War was the invasion of South Korea by North Korea […]
  17. The Cold War Between the United States and the Soviet Union
    Klaus and Lane state that this war came to be known as the cold war because the two sides: the Soviet Union and the United States never engaged in a physical fight. In conclusion, the […]
  18. Holocaust and the Cold War
    Cold war refers to the military and political tension between the United States of America and the Soviet Union immediately after the World War 2.
  19. Cold War Era and Threats to American Families
    Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by an atomic bomb marked the end of World War II and the beginning of the cold war.
  20. Origins of the Cold War
    The Cold War was the repercussion of World War II following the emergence of two key supremacy blocs in Europe one of which was subjugated by ideologies of the democracy of the capitalist America.
  21. The Cold War and Its Influence on the American Society
    After the collapse of the Nazi government, in the year 1945, the US and the Soviet Union became the world superpowers.
  22. Rethinking Cold War History
    Near the end of the World War II, upon the surrender of the Nazi, there emerged strong alliances among nations that had participated in the world war.
  23. Post-Cold War Challenges
    At the time when strained relations between the US and the Soviet Union ended, the financial systems of several countries, particularly those in Eastern Europe, were in the process of collapsing.
  24. The Cold War: US Foreign Policy
    The paper seeks to explore issues surrounding the US foreign policy in the course of the war, as well as the implications of the war on the United States’ society and culture.
  25. International Relations During the Cold War
    In the face of being associates opposed to the Axis powers, the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics differed in relation to opinionated philosophy and the arrangement of the post-conflict world at […]
  26. The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy
    Among the situations that called for America’s diplomacy during the Cold War include the deliberate efforts to improve relations with the Soviet Union and ease the hostilities between the U.S.and the Soviet Union.

🥇 Most Interesting Cold War Topics to Write about

  1. Liberal Optimism for Post Cold-War Period
    Essentially, the liberals believed that the damage caused to the allies in the Cold War would clarify the stance of the liberals.
  2. Public Diplomacy Approach: The U.S. and Soviet Union
    Among the situations that called for America’s diplomacy during the Cold War include the deliberate efforts to improve relations with the Soviet Union and ease the hostilities between the U.S.and the Soviet Union.
  3. Cold War politics, Culture and Wars
    The Western democracies led by the United States and the Soviet Union engaged in a discussion regarding the development of the war and the nature of the post-war settlement.
  4. The Film Industry During Cold War
    The end of world war two marked the start of the cold war between the Unites States of America and the Soviet Union.
  5. Nature of state sovereignty in the post-Cold War era
    To begin with, a discussion will be carried out on the impact of the Peace of Westphalia of 1648 and how it played a significant role of reshaping the state of sovereignty especially after the […]
  6. The Onset of the Cold War
    The majority of historians adhere to the idea that the period of ideological tension dates back to the period after the World War II whereas other scholars agree that its beginning refers to the end […]
  7. Misperceptions and the Cold War
    After the WW II, the America rose to become the most powerful nation in the world, however, the USSR perceived this negatively, which resulted into fierce rivalry between the two nations and the war hang […]
  8. Japan’s Role since the end of the Cold War
    Having assumed a relatively ‘peaceful’ stand, Japan was able to recover from the impacts of WWII to become one of the most powerful countries in the world at the end of the Cold War in […]
  9. The role of the Cold War in shaping transatlantic relations in the period 1945 to 1970
    It was considered to give a connotation to the international structure throughout the cold war and could work as a dynamic aspect in generating the dynamics of the east-west conflict.
  10. How did the Cold War order of the Asia-Pacific differ from that of Europe?
    The primary difference in the cold war order of the Asia-Pacific and that of Europe was instigated by the reason for security arrangements between the two regions.
  11. Cold War Consequences for European Countries
    After the war, the nations faced humongous economic slump, the pecuniary implications of the war took toll on the European Nations.
  12. The US Influence on the Middle East in the Post-Cold War Era
    The aim of the essay is to evaluate the impact of the shift from bipolar to the unipolar international system on the Middle East.
  13. Was the American Use of the Atomic Bomb against Japan in 1945 the Final Act of WW2 or the Signal That the Cold War Was about to Begin
    Therefore, to evaluate the reasons that guided the American government in their successful attempt at mass genocide of the residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, one must consider not only the political implications behind the actions […]
  14. Cold War Paranoia in “Captain America” and “Batman”
    This form of unexpected events underscores the uncertainty that surrounded the tension between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.
  15. How U.S Relations have Impacted and Affected Pakistani-Indian Relations Post Cold War
    S Pakistan relationship is however strained in that Pakistan has lost its trust for the U.S.it blames the U.S.for the violence that has escalated in the country in the recent past.
  16. John Lewis Gaddis: “The Cold War: A New History”
    For the Soviet Union, the war was a significant devastation and the amount of people and cities lost was enormous. 2 It is obvious that the governments of the two powerful world nations had their […]
  17. Muslims Increase and the Spread of Islam
    Also, the paper will highlight the reasons that have hampered the spread of Islam in the US and in the modern world.
  18. Cold War Major Aspects and Events
    Conflicts of interest between the United States and the Soviet Union were the main cause for the cold war which replaced the Second World War in the year 1945.
  19. Cold War’s Impact on the Southeast Asia
    According to a number of studies, the increasing interests and involvement of the western world and the USSR in the region inspired the rise of the Militarism in Vietnam during the War.
  20. The Current Tendencies of the Cold War
    Stone estimates the principles of McCarthyism, which identifies the era of the Cold War regime and stems from the conspiracy games of the American senator Joe McCarthy.
  21. The Cold War: Causes of Tension and Role of Media
    The Cold War involved the United States and the Soviet Union due to their different ideologies on ways of managing the economy of a country. The beginning of the Cold War was marked by the […]
  22. The Rapid Ending of the Cold War
    Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union that had been going on ever since the end of the Second World War lasted for decades and involved all of the spheres of the […]
  23. The Soviet Space Program Role in the Cold War
    The paper will begin by providing an overview of the Cold War in order to highlight the conditions that led to the space race between the US and the USSR.
  24. Hard or Soft Power in the Cold War’s End
    One of the biggest motivations that triggered the involvement of the United States in the cold war was the need to stop the Soviet Union spreading their communist ideologies into other parts of the world.
  25. Richard Nixon’s Diplomacy During the Cold War
    The term ‘Cold War’ refers to the persistent state of military and political anxiety that was experienced by countries in the Eastern Bloc, including Russia and Warsaw pact allies; and the Western Bloc countries such […]
  26. “Berlin Airlift” – Cold War History
    The pathetic living conditions of the people provoked feelings of hatred towards the four forces that were contesting for the ownership of the city.

💡 Simple & Easy Cold War Essay Titles

  1. Post Cold War Period: Instability in Europe
    This paper looks at the end of the Cold War and emergence of peace in Europe, the internal consistency that brought about the cold war and that which has prevailed in the post Cold War […]
  2. The Cuban Crisis as the Challenge of the Cold War
    The agreement that the United States made with the Soviet Union was that the government of the United States had to dismantle its nuclear stations in Italy and Turkey.
  3. Cold War in Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove” Movie
    The period of history known as the Cold War was characterized by an increasing tension between the Soviet Union and the United States, two of the world’s greatest superpowers.
  4. Cold War Origins in American and Russian Views
    The studies of the Cold War era are experiencing rejuvenation in the latest decade, mainly thanks to the availability of the previously classified documents. The book Debating the Origins of the Cold War: American and […]
  5. The Cold War Impact on Social Conditions
    One of the consequences of the Cold War for the lives of USSR civilians was the discord in the Soviet society.
  6. Cold War and End of Empires in the 20th Century
    The Cold War was the political and military tension that existed primarily between the USA and its allies, on the one hand, and the USSR on the other, even despite the fact that these forces […]
  7. R. Mugabe’s Diplomacy in Zimbabwe During Cold War
    The role of the Soviet during the period was the main factor why the president chose to announce and use the doctrine while he was in office.
  8. Canada Role in the Cold War
    In the article from the Globe and Mail, the main argument is that Canada, as an ally of the United States and the United Nations was inclined to support military activity in Korea during the […]
  9. The Cold War: Did Intelligence Make Any Difference?
    It is through such complexities that the article answers the pertinent questions on the role of the intelligence on the Cold War.
  10. America During the Cold War
    One of such pages was the Cold War – the period of geopolitical tension that started after the World War II between the US and the Soviet Union.
  11. Cold War Discussion: Six Facts
    The continuously developing conflict between the USSR and the USA became one of the most important aspects of the 20th century.
  12. Cold War Korea in “Joint Security Area” Movie
    Both people and soldiers were taught that the other side is the enemy without a clear understanding of the true nature of the ideological conflict.”The ideological training they had received to hate and to kill […]
  13. The United States in the Cold War Era and Korea
    The following paper will explain and cover the USA’s role in the Cold War era in Korea, and other significant shifts of this period.
  14. Firefighting History from Cold War Era to Present
    This essay aims to outline how the social and political events had impacted the lives of firefighters in the times of Cold War and the Civil Rights movement, as well as to explore the current […]
  15. Cultural Diversity, Cold War Art and Technology
    For instance, the CIA was at the forefront of promoting American Abstract Expressionist art in the form of paintings. The media is one of the technological avenues used to achieve this.
  16. American Foreign Policy: Cold War Orthodoxy
    The realization of the American citizens that there was a distance between the thoughts of the policy makers and the realities on the battlefield led to an intensified opposition to the war.
  17. The Cold War: A New History
    The United States of America and the Soviet Union were the two most powerful nations involved in the war. Another factor that contributed to the end of the cold war was the economic deterioration of […]
  18. Why Did the Cold War Begin?
    The Cold War was the defining conflict after the end of World War Two. One of the defining aspects of the Cold War is the feeling paranoia experienced by all sides of the conflict.
  19. The End of the Cold War
    Analyzing Gorbachevs actions and his incentives in the economy of the USSR, it is possible to conclude that the primary aim of these actions was the destruction of the welfare of the country, the growth […]
  20. Cold War II: A Big Misunderstanding
    Nevertheless, the posture of Russia and the actions towards former Soviets have been still regarded in terms of the Cold War after the USSR has dissolved and the Cold War was Over.
  21. End of the Cold War and Global Economy
    Regarding the authoritarian nature of the Soviet power, the following issues significantly affected its collapse: the persecution of the Church and dissidents, forced collectivism, the domination of single ideology, the prohibition of communication with other […]
  22. Civilization in XIX Century and Cold War
    Even though it might appear to be nonsense, the fact of the matter is that there is more truth in the words of this unknown man than we, people living in the twenty-first century, might […]
  23. Cold War and Its Global Impact
    The competition between the USSR and the USA, the dissolution of the former, and major armed conflicts in Korea and Vietnam are among the events that still impact the world.
  24. Oleg Penkovsky, a Double Agent of the Cold War
    The political race of the Soviet Union and the United States began after the end of the Second World War. In 1953, Penkovsky began working in GRU and was sent to work in Turkey as […]
  25. China’s Rise and Cold War with the US
    Thus, it is necessary to apply the concepts of liberalism and constructivism to understand the real reasons and probable consequences of the rise of China for the world.
  26. North Atlantic Treaty Organization After the Cold War
    Thus, detailed analysis is necessary to determine which of the two approaches above is the most suitable to explain NATO enlargement after the end of the Cold War.

🎓 Good Research Topics about Cold War

  1. From World War to Cold War
    The end of World War significantly shifted the balance of power in Europe and globally, leaving a void that both the United States and the Soviet Union sought to fulfill.
  2. The Role of Ideology in the Cold War
    The Cold War was a significant period for the history of the United States, the Soviet Union, and the Eastern Bloc, as well as other countries.
  3. The Cold War’s Aftermath in Europe
    The collapse of the Soviet Union, which occurred after the end of the Cold War, led to profound political and economic changes in many countries.
  4. Cold War Between the United States and the Soviet Union
    The matters of the cold war have been regarded by historians from both sides of the ocean for the years, and everyone accuses the opposite side of starting the cold war.
  5. Cold War 1945-1968, and 1973-1993 in USA
    At the suggestion of England and France the main provisions of the Marshall Plan were discussed in 1947 at the Paris meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the United States, England and France. […]
  6. Effects of Cold War in Economic Development
    The increasing demand for the arms by many militaries increased the supply of the weapons and this and subsequent income increase to the manufacturing industries and the need for more and advanced technology to create […]
  7. Cold War History: McCarthyism and Nuclear Weapons Race
    The foreign and the domestic policy by the US was featured by the increased fear of communism, and all the efforts were aimed to struggle with the leftist views, regardless of the fact, that the […]
  8. “The Cold War: A New History” by John Lewis Gaddis
    In Chapter 1 “Return of Fear”, Gaddis states that the Cold War was caused due to the competing and divergent ideologies of the United States and the Soviet Union.
  9. A Post Cold War Era
    The era of the Post Cold War period was considered to be the time of rehabilitation. The principal mission of the American policymakers after the Cold War period was containment.
  10. Post-Cold War Era and Covert Activity
    Post 9/11, a review of the entire intelligence structure of the US was undertaken and all 16 intelligence agencies were placed under the central coordination of the Director of National Intelligence.
  11. The Cold War: Causes and Consequences
    United States, which sustained the minimal damage during the apocalyptic war, was elevated to the status of the savior of the new world in the west whilst mighty Soviet Union whose winters not only mercilessly […]
  12. Impact of the Vietnam War and Results of the Cold War
    It galvanized the enemy and opponents of the war in both Vietnam and America and led many to question the ethics of the campaigns.
  13. Cold War: Development of the Events
    Churchill accused the Soviet Union of the deployment of global expansion and the attack on the territory of “the free world”.
  14. Cold War in the US. May’s ”Homeward Bound” Book
    In my view, domestic containment was a result of the insecurities and ambitions that were the outcome of the war and that is exactly what May argues, that it started inside the homes, “potentially dangerous […]
  15. Cold War Space Race Analysis
    The objective of this paper is to critically analyze the historic events that escalated as a result of the space race between America and the Soviets during the Cold war.
  16. The United States of America: The Post Post-Cold War Scenarios
    In the field of economy, it is expected that by the year 2010, China will be the largest economy in the World.
  17. A Zero-Sum Game or a Win-Win Situation: The Outcome of the Cold War
    As for the historical context, after the War the USA had rather a beneficial position which helped the country to revive quickly and set the economical and political domination: the Marshall Plan, which seemed to […]
  18. US Involvement in Southeast Asia and the Cold War
    Vietnam is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that experienced the United States involvement in its politics in the 1950s Some of the reasons that have been fronted as having led to the involvement […]
  19. End of the Cold War and Geopolitical Environment
    In the current global political and economic setup, United States has played a critical role in the promotion of free trade, deterrence in the development of nuclear weapons and enhancement of international security.
  20. Cold War: Summary, Causes, History, & Facts
    The plot of the Soviet Union to spread the issue of communism to all parts of the world stands out as the major cause of the Cold War.
  21. The Cold War and Motivations Behind It
    Evaluating the situation, it appears that the major motivation behind the actions of the major players in this conflict was the distribution of authority in the world which started after the capitulation of Germany.
  22. The Cold War and the Events of September 11
    The anxieties arising from the issue of European immigrants echo the sentiments of securitization and Islamophobia following the events of September 11.
  23. US Actions Abroad During the Cold War
    With the intensification of the Cold War in the 1950-s, the chase for dominance between the Communist countries and the US was manifested by the invasion of the empires into the domestic affairs of Vietnam […]
  24. Post-Cold War Russia: Global, Strategic, and Diplomatic Importance
    The end of the Cold War and dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 marked the considerable shift in global politics and economics, making reconsider a large number of issues in international relations and diplomacy.
  25. Cold War: Personalities of Individuals and Their Nations
    Cold War was a period in world history where the tension between the United States of America and the Soviet Union was at its peak. One of the key characters to improve the relationship between […]
  26. Latin America and the Cold War
    In the conditions of the Cold War, namely in the middle of the 1940s-1970s, Latin America was the arena of the struggle for the spheres of influence of the US and the Soviet Union.

❓ Cold War Essay Questions

  1. How Did the Cold War Transform American Foreign Policy?
  2. What Are the Main Origins of the Cold War, and Why?
  3. What Role Did Sport Play During the Cold War?
  4. How Did the Cold War Begin and What Weapons Were Used to Fight This War?
  5. How Did Cold War Affect Popular Culture?
  6. What Factors Influenced the Origins of the Cold War?
  7. What Did the Berlin Wall Mean to Both Sides in the Cold War?
  8. Why Was the Cold War Called the Cold War?
  9. How Did the Cold War Shape the American Economy, Society, and Politics?
  10. How Did the Berlin Crisis Affect the Cold War?
  11. What Role Did Sport Play During the Cold War?
  12. What Were the Main Reasons for the Beginning of the Cold War Between the USA and the Ussr?
  13. What Were the Key Elements of the Policy of Deterrence and Containment During the Cold War?
  14. How and Why Did the Cold War End?
  15. Why Did the Cold War in Europe and Asia Get More Serious?
  16. Did the Cold War Affect International Relations?
  17. Why Was Ronald Reagan Not Responsible for Ending the Cold War?
  18. Why Did the Cold War End, and What Roles Did Hard and Soft Power Play?
  19. Why Was the Cuban Missile Crisis a Turning Point in Cold War Relations?
  20. Why Did the Liberal World System Win the Cold War?
  21. Why Did the Detente Didn’t End the Cold War?
  22. What Impact Did World War II and the Cold War Have On the Development of Science in the 20th Century?
  23. Why Did the United States Get Involved in the War in Korea, and in What Sense Was It an Outgrowth of the Cold War?
  24. What Were Americans Fears During the Cold War?
  25. What Was the Domino Theory During the Cold War?
  26. What Was the Cold War, and How Did It Start?
  27. Did Ronald Reagan End the Cold War?
  28. Why Did the Cold War Never Become Hot?
  29. What Caused the Clash Between Communism and Capitalism During the Cold War?
  30. How Did the Cold War Affect Domestic Policy and American Society?

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