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  1. The Cold War and Its Influence on Europe
    Control of Europe was at the centre of the cold war because communists controlled Eastern Europe and wanted to extent their influence to Western Europe as well.
  2. Simplicius Simplicissimus: The Thirty Years’ War Period
    The thirty years period of war in Germany seems to have been a disaster to the innocent ordinary citizens full of suffering, mass killings, torture and destruction of property.
  3. The American War of Independence
    The American Revolution denotes the social, political and intellectual developments in the American states, which were characterized by political upheaval and war. The move by the colonizers seemed unpopular to the colonists and a violation […]
  4. America’s War on Drugs
    At the time, Nixon was concerned by the sudden surge of drug related arrests among young people and the relation that the trend had on the high rate of street crime at the time.
  5. The Vietnam War Outcomes
    The Vietnam War was and is still considered the longest deployment of the U. In conclusion, both the U.S.and the Vietnam governments have a lot to ponder regarding the outcome of the Vietnam War.
  6. Role of Prejudice in Wars in Iraq
    The main causes of prejudice are explained and how they can be used to resolve and be used for the benefit of fighting discrimination and stereotyping.
  7. Importance of Berlin in Cold War
    The main causes were; Economic: The United States was interested in supporting free trade in the whole World but The Soviet Union did not show any interest in this venture as it feared if it […]
  8. Industrialization after the Civil War
    This work explains how the industrial workers and farmers organized themselves in response to industrialization in the United States of America after the civil war.
  9. War Poetry: Poets’ Attitudes Towards War
    This paper will discuss the different attitudes adopted by four poets towards war.”The Charge of the Light Brigade” is a poem that talks about the Crimean war.
  10. The War in Iraq and the U.S. Invasion
    The terrorists’ attacks were the start of the battle cry for the search of liberty and freedom as American politicians promised to do everything in their powers to protect the way of life of the […]
  11. Protests and Music of the Vietnam War
    As the public absorbed the announcement, and the truth behind the war, they were angered by the fact that many American lives had been lost in the war, and the fact that the government was […]
  12. History of Spanish-American War in the 19th Century
    The Paris Treaty was used to ratify the conflict and after that, the Spanish colonies were taken over by the government of U.S.A.”These territories included Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and the Guam, and it also […]
  13. Realism in the Service of Politics: Two Views of War
    Nevertheless, the objections of the Nazi regime to all the non-realist artists is understandable in light of the Third Reich’s goals and methods of achieving them.
  14. The Cold War Between the Union Soviet Socialist Republic and the United States of America
    The Americans believed in the principles of democracy and free enterprise while the Russians believed that the whole world must convert to a system of governance according to the teachings of Karl Marx and Lenin.
  15. War Crimes During the World War II
    It is clear that the holocaust was a war crime by the fact that, these were innocent civilians who were targeted specifically because of the hatred that Hitler had for them.
  16. Changes in the Middle East After the World War I
    The involvement in the war by the countries from the Middle East not only led to loss of power but also spurred the economic decline and created social problems.
  17. The Role of the US in the Gulf War
    The paper will also analyse importance of the Gulf region as a major world supplier of oil and the role played by the US in guiding the UN in making the resolutions for Iraq’s withdrawal […]
  18. Reflecting the Horrors of War
    People learn more about the horrors of war through literature but do not infer from experience they gain; the only way they apply the knowledge about the war is the development of more sophisticated weapon […]
  19. The Canadian War Brides
    The department of national defence worked hand in hand with the Canadian Red Cross and the immigration branch and was responsible for the movement of the war brides and their children to Canada.
  20. Politics in the 1960s: Vietnam War, Bay of Pigs Invasion, Berlin Wall
    However, in recent years following the collapse of the Soviet Union between1980 1990 and the opening of Vietnam to the outside world in the same period it is possible to understand the motives of both […]
  21. Japanese Internment in the US during World War II
    The Japanese moved fast to occupy the territories previously in the hands of the US, and the more than 110,000 people of Japanese ancestry in the west coast raised issues for the president’s cabinet.
  22. Letters from the Civil War
    In relation to the opposition of the election and ideas of President Lincoln, 11 states on the Southern part of the United States of America separated from the rest of the states and formed the […]
  23. Causes and Consequences of World War 1
    In social and economic cycles, the interaction of the whites and Blacks was controlled by the laws that neither of the groups was allowed to cross the other party’s path.
  24. Role of United Arab Emirates in Iraq-Kuwait War
    However, the Kuwait and Iraq War forced the UAE to join the allied forces in setting free the Kuwaitis from the Iraqis.
  25. Causes of World War II
    Therefore the desire by the Germans under Hitler to conquer other countries and the desire by the Japanese to expand their territory was the key cause of the war in Europe and subsequently the World […]
  26. War on Drugs and Its Effects: Analytical Essay
    This has led to the formation of laws to govern drug trafficking and drug use in most countries that are determined to eradicate this problem.
  27. America and Democracy, at Home and Abroad, During and just after the First World War
    Democracy is a kind of regime in which all eligible citizens are allowed to contribute to the decisions of the state.
  28. War Requiem Response paper
    Humiliating the overall concept of humanness is the main idea of the movie striving to emphasize the negative consequences of war actions for shaping morality and ethics.
  29. How Different Love Between Catherine And Henry Could Be If There Was No War?
    In the first stages of the conflict, Henry is dedicated to the war and is not interested in a love affair.
  30. The Just War Theory
    The theory deals with the right to resort to war and proper conduct of war. A had gone to war and the outcome was positive.
  31. The Cold War: Global Prosperity and Human Rights
    The Cold War was one of the most famous and crucially important conflicts between the United States of America and the Soviet Union.
  32. Saving Private Ryan: War and the Value of the Sacrifice
    Saving Private Ryan is one of the best American films about war of all the times. This is one of the major themes in the movie.
  33. Developing Economy in Russian Federation after World War II
    Despite the presence of the war, Russia was able to sustain production in parts that were not affected by the war and this trend continued even after the war.
  34. The bombing of Dresden in World War II
    The first planes from the Royal Air force started the journey from 1,100 kilometers away and they were tasked with the role of identifying Dresden and releasing Magnesium flares to light up the areas that […]
  35. Analysis of the Vietnam War Timeline 1961-64
    In essence, the analysis of JWPs in this war would entail critical exploration of the jus in bello, with the aim of determining the combatants and non-combatants, and this is important in the sense that […]
  36. War in Afghanistan: Security Strategies and Policies of the Countries Involved
    Afghanistan was the origin of the attack and thus U.S.troops were deployed to Afghanistan after the attack.U.S.military then overthrew the Taliban government leading to retaliations by the Taliban which have hitherto resulted to high levels […]
  37. Concepts of the Vietnam War
    The fear to go to Vietnam and participate in a war that many believed America will inevitably lose, continued to engulf their life even more.
  38. Coverage of the Cold War in Life Magazine: The Bomb That Never Exploded
    The attitude to the atomic bomb and its role in the Cold War sufficiently changed with the course of time, and this change is reflected, in particular, in the coverage of Cold War events by […]
  39. Views on Vietnamese war in the Revisionism School
    Though United States did not involve itself into the war in order to break the dominance of Soviet Union, it wanted to gain politically and economically.
  40. Vietnam War: John Kerry’s Role
    Kerry’s actions during the Vietnam war that eventually led to his acquisition of the Purple Heart is a as a result of his ability to stop the actions of the enemy as evident in their […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on War

  1. The Cold War and The Fifties
    Studies point out that in 1945, the west, under President Truman strongly reacted to the policies set by Stalin in Poland by stopping all its support to the Soviet Union and expressing massive misgivings about […]
  2. Slavery, the Civil War & Reconstruction
    Market revolution, which was crucial to the American lives contributed to new components of consciousness, politics and social life, which in turn brought about Civil War. Social change in the American history was brought about […]
  3. The coming war with Iran
    This was due to the fact that Soviet Union was to rely on Iran in the major supply of the oil which was to be used as a source of energy. The united states of […]
  4. Effects of War on America
    The Spanish-American War The first war that was waged by America after the American civil war that led to the unification of the states into a country was the Spanish-American war of 1898.
  5. The Aftermath of the American Civil War
    The war took four years after which the northern states won and that meant end of slavery end of the confederacy and the beginning of a functional federal government in the United States.
  6. Why the Iraq War did not go according to plan
    As everybody in the United States now knows, among the aforementioned objectives, none was fulfilled and the enemy in the objectives is the one who profited from the intervention of the U.S.in the Iraq war.
  7. The Vietnam War’s and Student’s Unrest Connection
    An example of such protests were held by the by the University of Washington during the national strikes that took an approximate one week as a reaction to the Kent University shootings and a culmination […]
  8. Causes and Effects of the Vietnamese War
    To the U.S.the war was a loss, because the reunion of South and North Vietnamese citizens marked the end of the war, hence U.S.’s undivided support for the southern region yielded nothing, apart from numerous […]
  9. Why and how did the US get involved in the Korean War?
    On the surface, the Korean War seemed like a normal war between North and South Korea; however, there was more to it than what met the eye.
  10. Baby Boomers After World War II
    The government is campaigning for extension of retirement age, as this would boost the capacity of the social security trust fund to pay retirees.
  11. The Cold War’s Developments in the Relations Between the US and the Soviet Union
    The cold war was fueled by mistrust between the USSR and the U.S. At the end of the World War II, USSR was the only power centre that nearly equaled the U.S.
  12. United States and Soviet Union Relationship throughout the Cold War
    Soon after the end of the Second World War, the signs of tensions and mistrust reappeared even though the two nations had been allies during the war and the US had even supplied Russia with […]
  13. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution of 1964 is a Turning Point in Vietnam War
    The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that occurred in August 7, 1964, was one of the major turning points in the United States military involvement into the flow of the Vietnam War.
  14. “Glory ” a American War Movie by Edward Zwick
    This movie reminds the viewer of the role played by the African American soldiers in the Civil War and in the obliteration of slavery.
  15. The United States Civil war
    At the end of the war, the Union forces were declared the victors because of a number of strengths and advantages they had over their opponents.
  16. Cold War and a Bipolar World
    It has been emphasized that important milestones like winning of Second World War, and development of the Marshall Plan were possible due to considerable investments in the military power by the US during the cold […]
  17. Effects of War on Humanity in Terms of Human Rights
    The effects not only affect the coalition governments in war, but also members of the attacked countries for instance, Iraq people recorded the greatest number of fatalities and casualties during the Iraq war.
  18. Mexican Politics, Culture and Drug Wars
    The 10-year civil war of Mexico that lasted from 1910 to 1920 is believed to be the key that opened up the doors to the new constitution of 1917.
  19. Vietnam War: The Battle Where There Could Be no Winners
    Inflamed by the ideas of the patriotic behavior and the mission of protecting the interests of the native land, the American soldiers were eager to start the battle.
  20. The First Barbary War
    The attack of the straps and stripes by Pasha was taken as assign of war declaration and the first Barbary war began in earnest in May1801.
  21. The War on Terrorism
    The paper mainly reflects on some of the pros and cons of war on terrorism and its effect on humanity and human rights.
  22. To what extent did the Cold War shaped the US relations with Latin America?
    The reasons are on one hand, the great fear to the Soviet Union catch up and expansion, on the other hand the fear of Cuba bring communism domino effect to the Latin America countries and […]
  23. Vietnam Women Soldiers in the Vietnam War and Life Change after the War
    In 1968, the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong forces attacked all the major cities of South Vietnam and even the US embassy followed where the war could not stop but in the year 1973 […]
  24. Causes of Revolutionary War in America
    As a result, the situation increased the tension between the colonies and the British government which was insensitive to the rights of the colonies.
  25. War Perception: The Price of Human Lives
    People should know what to fight for when they go to the war and give their lives in the name of some illusory purposes.
  26. Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878
    This war also led to significant recognition of the Christians living within the empire and a peaceful co existence was thus required.
  27. The Theme of Destructive War in «Slaughterhouse Five»
    At the end of it all, Billy is a traumatized individual and is unable to come to terms with the negative effects of war.
  28. The War of 1812 Impacts on the United States
    The war was fought from June 1812 and it climaxed in the spring of 1815 with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent, although the battle failed to solve the issues that had made it […]
  29. War and Nature in Literature
    At war time, pleasure is derived from the anguish and agony that is directed to the enemy as stated in Wilfred Owen’s poem.
  30. To what extent did the Cold War play a role in the 1950s in catalyzing the Iranian revolution in 1979?
    S wanted the world to practice free trade while the Soviet union wanted nothing to do with international trade, the power rivalry where each of the nations wanted to dominate the other, another cause of […]
  31. War and Violence
    In this paper we will discuss the fact that the greatest fear of women during times of war is not the killings and the hardships, but men.
  32. A Just War: Where Fake Faces the Reality
    In contrast to the weighed and reasonable ideas of war which Plato suggests, Augustine molds the basis of the war ideology on the idea that war can be a means to achieve piece.
  33. Effects of War on Economics, Politics, Society
    It is unfortunate that the major victims of any war are usually women and their children. Most of them are prone to sexual slavery and brutality in during the war.
  34. The Significance of the Korean War
    The Korean War was devastating to both the North and the South and it is deemed to be one of the world’s most destructive wars in terms of the proportion of the population that was […]
  35. Are 18-21 Years Old Psychologically Mature Enough to go for War/Military?
    This was done to improve the overall welfare of the service and the inclusion of the eighteen years old meant that they were psychologically fit to offer service in the military and war.
  36. Racism in America After the Civil War up to 1900
    This paper highlights the abolitionist views on race and change since the civil war to the year 1900 and how they affected the American view on race.
  37. Liberia: A country struggling from the effects of civil war
    The second civil war was ignited by conflict between the Liberians for Reconciliation and Democracy group and the local community; however, the government could do little to quell the situation as a result of sanctions, […]
  38. Nordstrom’s Anthropologic Analysis of War
    Specific approach of the author enables the reader see every facet of the multifaceted phenomenon, and observe the impact of war on particular individuals and the outcomes of war on global scale.
  39. French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the War of 1812
    In the course of the war, a peace treaty was signed in 1763 where the Britons acquired most of the territory that belonged to the French.
  40. Tim O’Brien: The True War Storyteller
    In How to Tell a True War Story, author Tim O’Brien directs the reader’s attention to the idea of truth, not simply in the telling and retelling of certain events from the Vietnam War that […]

📌 Simple & Easy War Essay Titles

  1. Iraq and Afghanistan wars impact on the USA’s economy
    The meaning of this is that the household would have a lesser amount of money to spend, as a bigger portion of it will be directed to supporting the war.
  2. Benefit Causes of War
    The wars of old were among the wars that were hailed as being among the most prolific and devastating wars in the world’s history of military and political conflict.
  3. Challenges and Suggestions that British and American Government faced after the Second World War
    In order to overcome these problems, the British politician insists on the necessity to singly out clearly the purposes, to grant simplicity of the decisions made, and declare the human rights and freedoms on the […]
  4. Making an Argument about War
    Debate has been wide-ranging about the necessity of war in the 21st century, with anti-war advocates arguing that war is not a necessary ingredient to the progression of man, while war supporters counteract by arguing […]
  5. Thinking Government: Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism in Post World War II Canada
    This leads to the second implication which was summarized by political scientists in the following statement: “nothing can be guaranteed in life and that all individuals are also free to fail, to stumble to the […]
  6. Why the Reconstruction after the Civil War Was a Failure
    The reconstruction era refers to the period following the civil war whereby the numerous different affiliations in the government intended to find a solution to the socio-economic and political problems imposed by the civil war, […]
  7. Doris Bergen: Nazi’s Holocaust Program in “War and Genocide”
    The discussion of the Holocaust cannot be separated from the context of the World War II because the Nazi ideology of advancing the Aryans and murdering the undesirable people became one of the top reasons […]
  8. Ethic of War as the Way Avoid the Conflicts
    Over the centuries the laws of war have experienced significant developments which include the following: To consider the plea of combatants during surrender and the treatment of prisoners captured during war in a humane manner […]
  9. Korean War: History, Causes, and Effects
    The Korean War which is termed as the forgotten war was a military conflict that started in June 1950 between North Korean who were supported by peoples republic of China backed by Soviet Union and […]
  10. Peloponnesian War: Summary, Causes, & Effects
    According to Bagnall, the major cause of the war as accounted by Thucydides was the indiscriminate expansion of Athenian power. The honor was for his contribution to the cautious policy that the Spartans employed during […]
  11. Appy, C. and Bloom, A., Vietnam War Mythology and the Rise of Public Cynicism, 49-73
    The first myth is that the intervention of the US in the Vietnam War was devoid of any political interests and colonial based ambition contrary to that of the French.
  12. The role of the Media in promoting Viet Nam War
    Between the periods from 1955 to 1960, the Southern communist Vietnamese assisted the North Vietnamese in their attempt to take over the government in the Southern Vietnam.
  13. The Role of Women in the Vietnam War
    For example, women in the Navy Nurse Corps and Army Nurse Corp were sent to take part in the Vietnam War and the Korean War.
  14. China’s Support for North Vietnam in the Vietnam War
    As of the time of the war, the capital city of South Vietnam was Saigon while that of the North was Hanoi.
  15. Physical Fitness and Sport Policy in the Cold War
    Johnson presidential administration shifted the priorities in the sports national policy and vision of sports rivalry in the United States.”Addressing the subject in terms of federal initiatives during the 1960s, this article will argue that […]
  16. The validity of Thucydides’ arguments in explaining the actions of Athens in the war
    Though the manner of the presentation the historical data by Thucydides is affected by his Athenian background, his attempts to make his works objective allow the modern historians to evaluate the validity of the arguments […]
  17. Modern American history from the second world war to the cold war
    From Ford’s, Jew hatred and political racism-Hitler was especially, personal had a high regard for the anti-Semitism of Henry Ford-; to the Carnegie’s involvement in creation of a Master Race; the relationship between Rockefeller and […]
  18. Thucydides Arguments on Actions of Athens in War
    Thucydides was elected to the office of general in the eight year of the war in 4242 BCE, and stayed on throughout the war.
  19. A Historical Literary Analysis: The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam by Bau Nihn
    The nonlinear narrative coupled with a series of reminiscences and flashbacks, enhances the realism of the story in that it is indicative of the human memory process and the mind’s ability to cope with and […]
  20. The Role That the Northern and Southern Women Played in the Civil War
    Some of these issues include the social cultural perspective of the war, the economic aspects, the political dimensions of the wars and the roles that various people played in the war.
  21. Terrorism: The War on Iraq
    The war against Iraq by the US has come under a lot of criticism because of the effects it has subjected to the Iraqis and US citizens.
  22. Reasons of the Cold War Between the Soviet Union and the US
    Furthermore, before the war, the US described the USSR as a reincarnation of the devil but the feeling was mutual; the USSR did not see the US any different from the devil.
  23. The Major Causes of the Cold War Between the Soviet Union and the United States
    According to Leffler in his book “The Specter of Communism” the cold war was a political and economical war between the United States and the Soviet Union, which started few years after the end of […]
  24. The Costs Effects of the War in Afghanistan
    This highlights the causes of the war and Justifies the United States Action to invade Iraq on the argument of self-defense based on the UN Charter.
  25. Effects of the War in Afghanistan
    The trigger for the current war in Afghanistan was the September 11 attacks in the United States in the year 2001.
  26. Presidential Powers and the War on Terror
    The September11, 2001 attacks on the United States put the powers of the president on a spot-check and led to a generalized debate on what the president could and could not do even in the […]
  27. Obama’s Wars and the International Relations
    The rapid developments and the relatively limited presence of international media in Libya saw the imposition of a degree of uncertainty on the latest twists of the conflict drama.
  28. Pearl Harbor in the World War II
    Pearl Harbor is very significant in the history of the World War II because it is the place where the war started. This was another factor that contributed to the World War II, which began […]
  29. US Militarism: War Brides and Internment
    This piece of work will look at the concept of the US involvement in foreign wars and its effects on Asian women in the US and other parts of the world. The discrimination and oppression […]
  30. Impacts of English Civil War
    This was as a result of the growth of the colonies in terms of strength and liberty due to the authority Cromwell and the Puritans had bestowed to them which were against England’s laws3.
  31. The Vietnam War in the “Child of Two Worlds”
    Therefore, in the future, he is like to live in the outside world rather than in the inside one. Therefore, Lam wants to start a new life in the US and forgets his roots, which […]
  32. Wars in the Middle East
    Answering the following question will help understand the war is unjust, why is Iraq and Afghanistan the focus regarding attacks on terrorism, are the allegations against the Middle East be substantiated, is there sinister motive […]
  33. Independence Day: How the Ultimate War Movie Showcases Masculinity
    Instead of fighting human villains, the lead actors in this movie fight the aliens and eventually win the ultimate war for the survival of mankind.
  34. Bush Doctrine, Explanation of the Administration and War on Terror
    This was so after the events of 9/11, which President Bush translated as threat to the security of America and stability of the world.
  35. Civil War Paper: Valley of the shadow
    The valley of the shadow explains the history the citizens especially the blacks had to go. The free blacks got involved in farming as this constituted a large part of the valley prosperity and wealth.
  36. The Causes of Korea war and How it epitomized Cold War
    The Korean War was fought in Korean Peninsula between armies from North and those from South Korea. The only and main cause of the Korean War was the invasion of South Korea by North Korea […]
  37. Importance of Accountability: World War I
    It is clear from the beginning of this article, that the statistics on the World War I causalities indicates that the Germans suffered fewer casualties compared to their western counterparts, who are the French and […]
  38. Iraqi War: An Unjust War
    The war in Iraq resulted to the ousting of Saddam Husain, the then president, and caused a major destabilization in the country.
  39. The Vietnam War: A Clash of Viewpoints
    With the help of the most realistic descriptions and the vivid pictures of woes that soldiers had to take in the course of the battles, the author makes the people sink into the mind of […]
  40. American history: The Civil War (1861-1865)
    It was a belief of Federalists that in order to ensure the union does not collapse, there was need for the federal government to hold on to power.

🎓 Writing Prompts for War

  1. Causes of Civil War
    The government that was put in place entrenched the concept of African slavery in that the Africans were regarded as lesser humans and unequal to the whites. The states that encouraged slavery saw this as […]
  2. Race in World War II
    During the war and after the incarceration of the Japanese Americans, the American public was shown video footage and pictures that justified the confinement of Japanese Americans in the concentration camps.
  3. The Cold War Between the United States and the Soviet Union
    Klaus and Lane state that this war came to be known as the cold war because the two sides: the Soviet Union and the United States never engaged in a physical fight. In conclusion, the […]
  4. Second World War in U.S. History
    Studies on the Second World War have yielded varied perspectives; according to Erdelja, “there is no other experience that was more crucial to the development of the U.S.and Europe in the 20th century than the […]
  5. Outbreak of War in Europe in 1914
    The assassination led to the war between Serbia and Austria-Hungary and with Russia trying to defend Serbia, Germany declared war on Russia and it spread all over with the formation of alliances.
  6. Civil War in America: “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” by Ambrose Bierce
    For instance, in his story, Bierce gives specific details of the setting of the story, which is during the civil war in Alabama.
  7. War in Afghanistan: Should the U.S. Pull Out Now?
    Therefore, the United States need to pull out its troops from Afghanistan because the cost of retaining them is unsustainable, Al-Qaeda organization is no longer a threat, and that Afghanistan requires independence to fight terrorism.
  8. Holocaust and the Cold War
    Cold war refers to the military and political tension between the United States of America and the Soviet Union immediately after the World War 2.
  9. Use of Arts in the Second World War by Nazi
    The films featured several themes such as the virtue of the Nordic or Aryan, the strength of the military and the German industry, and the evils of those who were perceived to be enemies.
  10. Terroristic Threat in the Movie “Dirty War”
    The British authorities namely the Scotland Yard race against time to foil the attack but they seem to have no idea of what the attack would be.
  11. The Effects of the Korea Division on South Korea after the Korean War
    The Korean War of 1950 to 1953, was a war between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, backed up by China and the Soviet Union; and the Republic of Korea, backed by the United States […]
  12. The War of 1812 in the American History
    The impacts of the War of 1812 were felt by the slaveholders in the South. In conclusion, the War of 1812 provided an opportunity to the Americans to grow stronger and wealthier.
  13. United States and the Second World War
    According to article 25-1, the attack on the Pearl Harbor was one of the reasons that forced the US to join the war.
  14. America in World War II – Experiences and Impacts
    During the World War II, aggression of Adolf Hitler and Nazi party led to persecution of Jews who lived in Germany.
  15. American History During World War Two
    The Nazi under the leadership of Hitler is ready to kill all the Jews as witnessed in the atrocities against them.
  16. Analysis of some US documents in the Second World War
    The importance of this speech is in the statement of the reasons of the war, the development of the USA before its intrusion in the war and the betrayal of Japan which attacked the USA […]
  17. Rape as a Tool of War in DRC
    Sexual violence continued in the Congo throughout the peace process and the national elections in 2006. The war in the Democratic Republic of Congo led to a serious economic crisis.
  18. Drug War in Afghanistan
    Over the last three decades, the NATO has been making various strategies to end the war and the drug business in Afghanistan because of the negative activities that the Taliban carries out not only in […]
  19. Similarities and Differences between Korean and Vietnam Wars
    There were also several differences such as the way of development of the conflicts where the Korean War was during three years, and the Vietnam War was the prolonged struggle, the participation of the Chinese […]
  20. The World War I
    The war brought to the fore various issues which had been in the air in the end of the nineteenth century and in the beginning of the twentieth century.
  21. Cold War Era and Threats to American Families
    Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by an atomic bomb marked the end of World War II and the beginning of the cold war.
  22. The Vietnam War Causes
    The aftermath of the Second World War had the South Vietnam controlled by the French and the North Vietnam controlled by Viet Minh.
  23. Civil Liberties, Habeas Corpus and the War on Terror
    In the light of the war against terrorism, the question tests the morality of the institutionalization of this act by the regime of Bush.
  24. The Best War Ever
    The historian observes that the US was forced to engage in the Second World War in order to restore peace and tranquility.
  25. The Role of Airplanes during World War I (1914-1918)
    The government further formed a consultative ‘Aircraft Production Board’ that was made up of members of the Army, Navy, as well as the sector to assess the Europeans’ fortunes in aircraft sector in a bid […]
  26. The Causes of the First World War
    In his description of the war, it is clear that Europe played a key role towards the formation of the war alliances.
  27. Origins of the Cold War
    The Cold War was the repercussion of World War II following the emergence of two key supremacy blocs in Europe one of which was subjugated by ideologies of the democracy of the capitalist America.
  28. Habeas Corpus and the War on Terror
    The protection of the American citizens against the State’s detention is the vital role of the writ of the habeas corpus.
  29. Period of Civil War in the American history
    Economics was one of the main reasons which caused the development of the Civil War as the slavery in the South was caused by the desire of the Northern Americans to get more money at […]
  30. How the Aftermath of the War of Independence Affected the Lives of African Slaves in the North and South
    The lives of the Africans were affected by the aftermath of the war of independence. When they were colonized, it marked the end of the war between the Africans in the south and those from […]
  31. Why the United States Entered Iraq and Kuwait War
    The original itinerary of the Desert Storm was the 1990 attack of Kuwait by the Iraqi. The speedy retort to the invasion of Iraqi on Kuwait brought about a recreational character in the victory of […]
  32. Role of United Arab Emirates in the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait
    Initially, UAE’s operations in the Middle East were considered to have fuelled the Iraq- Kuwait conflicts during the early 1990s. Before the onset of the war, UAE was among the first Arab countries to object […]
  33. The Cold War and Its Influence on the American Society
    After the collapse of the Nazi government, in the year 1945, the US and the Soviet Union became the world superpowers.
  34. The Effects of the Second World War on US
    The war provided Americans with an opportunity to take control of the world and stamp authority in regions that belonged to other world powers.
  35. What Led up to the Civil War and Could It Have Been Prevented?
    The economy of northern states relied heavily on industry and development of technology whereas southerners tended to keep their ways as they were in the eighteenth century.
  36. The War of 1812 for Americans
    The War of 1812 was instigated by the agitation of the Americans due to the dissatisfaction with the British government. After the War in 1816, the Bank of the United States was chartered by the […]
  37. Signs of the Third World War’s Beginning in “The Power Elite” by W.Mills
    Mills points out in the article that there are signs of the beginning of the Third World War in case things are not changed within the society in the nearest future.
  38. War and Violence: predisposition in human beings
    Past wars and violence have shown that most wars emanated out of the need to accumulate resources. This suggests that we have to comprehend war economies and the role of greed in perpetuating violence.
  39. World War 1 Origins (How and Why the War Started)
    William Anthony Hay claims that according to McMeekin, a tutor of international relations, “The war’s real catalyst lay in Russia’s ambition to supplant the waning Ottoman Empire in the Near East and to control the […]
  40. Civil War in United States
    In the early 19th century, the main issue that threatened the unity of the North and the South was slavery. In this view, the North and the South gradually differed on the issue of slavery, […]

💡 Interesting Topics to Write about War

  1. Rethinking Cold War History
  2. How and why the Union was the Civil War
  3. “War Horse” (2011) by Steven Spielberg
  4. History of the American Revolutionary War
  5. How Americans Won the Revolutionary War?
  6. The Culture Wars in the United States of America
  7. History of the Post-War Europe
  8. The Major Powers of the Second World War
  9. European History during World War II
  10. The Second World War Unrest
  11. World War II and Humanism
  12. UAE Involvement in the Iran-Iraq War
  13. How war is depicted in films of different generations
  14. War on Poverty in US
  15. How Did War Change People
  16. Ira Hayes: The American Indian War Hero
  17. The Role Played By Texans in World War II
  18. Post-Cold War Challenges
  19. World War I Technology
  20. The Cold War: US Foreign Policy
  21. International Institutions’ Role in Prevention of War
  22. The American Civil War Causes and Outcomes
  23. Differences Between State of Nature, State of War and United States Constitution
  24. The American Civil War: Causes and Aftermath
  25. Did nuclear weapons bring the world to the edge of war or did they help ensure peace?
  26. The Vietnam War: Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy Leadership Roles
  27. American Civil War Strategy and Leadership
  28. Prohibition: War on Drugs
  29. International Relations During the Cold War
  30. Humanities: Nuclear War by Kahn’s On Thermonuclear War and Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove
  31. The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy
  32. War on Poverty: Poverty Problem in US
  33. America’s War on Terrorism
  34. The Aftermath of World War I for Germany
  35. Ghost of Civil War Past 1850-1859
  36. Why Did The United States Lose The Vietnam War?
  37. Racial Injustices and the Cost of Civil War: The African American Perspective
  38. Battles and Wars Through the History
  39. The American Civil War: Rules, Chronology and Turning Points
  40. Who Takes Us to War
  41. The turning point of war; Stalingrad battle
  42. The Impacts of the Second World War on Asia
  43. Liberal Optimism for Post Cold-War Period
  44. World War II as the Most Devastating War in World History
  45. The Music Industry versus the Internet: MP3 and Other CyberMmusic Wars
  46. The Experience of War by Women
  47. The Civil War Dilemmas: Slave-Owner Relations
  48. WWI-War: Revolution, and Reconstruction
  49. Torture During the Algerian War and Its Relevance on the War on Terror
  50. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Developed in Repeated War Zones Deployment
  51. Would Macimilien De Robespierre have Supported America’s War with Iraq?
  52. War and the Meaning of Home
  53. Summary of the Republican War of Science
  54. Republican War of Science
  55. Gone with Wind: The Ideas of the Civil War in the Movie
  56. The Role of Media in the Iraq War
  57. Why Europe Went to War
  58. The Arab States After The Second World War And The Six-day War
  59. Effects of the Industrial Revolution In Relation To World War I
  60. Impact of regional Azerbaijan-Armenia war on neighbouring countries and foreign policies
  61. Historical and Geographical Dynamics That Had Shaped China by the End of World War II
  62. The World War 2 Positive and Negative Repercussions
  63. The Post War Japan
  64. Privatization of the world’s water and wars of water
  65. Why did conflicts in Yugoslavia lead to war in the 1990s?
  66. The American Civil War as the Turning Point in American History
  67. The Civil War and Its Aftermath
  68. Public Diplomacy Approach: The U.S. and Soviet Union
  69. Developmental experiences of post war Japan and Korea
  70. The Mass Media and War: Introduction to Human Society
  71. The Palestine-Israel War: History, Conflict, Causes, Summary, & Facts
  72. United States and World War I
  73. Just War Revisited: Why Pacifism Qualifies as a Viable Alternative in the Modern International Realm
  74. New and Old Wars Comparison
  75. Music of the Civil Wars, Civil Rights & Freedom Movements of Europe, Africa, North & South America during the 20th Century
  76. War, Its Definition, History and Aspects
  77. Wars in Modern Arab history
  78. American Revolutionary War: Causes and Outcomes
  79. Nationalism in World War II
  80. Media and the War in Iraq
  81. The Political Aftermath of the Sri Lankan Civil War
  82. The mass media and war
  83. What New Demands on Policing Have Resulted From the International ‘War on Terror’?
  84. Causes of Civil War in the USA
  85. New Zealands diplomatic relations with China since World War II
  86. America’s War with Spain
  87. World War II History
  88. Development Theories after Second World War
  89. The Korean War: 1950-1953
  90. U.S. Historical Events: Fight for a Better Nation
  91. How did the media shape Americans’ perceptions of the Vietnam War?
  92. Paul Fussell: The Great War and Modern Memory
  93. Cold War politics, Culture and Wars
  94. Blood Diamonds and Financing Civil Wars in West and Central Africa
  95. Critical Analysis of “Walking Since Daybreak: A Story of Eastern Europe, World War II, and the Heart of Our Century” by Modris Eksteins
  96. “War” and “The other Wife”
  97. American Government’s War on Drugs
  98. Calderon and the War against the Cartels
  99. The Main Impacts of the Civil War in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  100. Mexican Drug War: Political, Social, and Economy Damages
  101. The Film Industry During Cold War
  102. Western Women in World War Two
  103. The Causes and Consequences of World War Two
  104. World War 2 Consequences
  105. Effects of World War I on the Development of Modern Art
  106. Rape as a Tool of War in the Democratic Republic Of Congo
  107. Japanese War Crimes
  108. Controversies of World War II
  109. Wars of religion and consolidation in France
  110. Civil Liberties, Habeas Corpus and War on Terror
  111. The First World War and the Russian Revolution
  112. The French wars of religion
  113. Water Wars in Bolivia
  114. Inflation Tax – Printing More Money to Cover the War Expenses
  115. Nature of state sovereignty in the post-Cold War era
  116. Implementing the War Measures Act and sending troops into Quebec
  117. The Onset of the Cold War
  118. Currency Wars in China
  119. Sierra Leone’s 1991 Civil War
  120. Water War in Bolivia
  121. Immigration to the US After the Second World War
  122. The Second Lebanon War 2006
  123. The Gaza War 2008-2009 in Media
  124. Iraq War in 2003
  125. The Colonial War in Southwest Africa
  126. Anti-war Movement and American Views on the Vietnam War
  127. Third World War will be Over Water
  128. Water war in the Middle East
  129. The United States in the Aftermath of 1860-1870’s Civil War
  130. Society Ethics in Modern War Technology
  131. The War-prone and Chaotic 21st Century
  132. Ethical Issue in Nuclear War
  133. Killing the Innocence in War, Justified or Murder?
  134. “Reconstruction: The Second Civil War, Parts I and II”: Revealing Narratives and Lesser-Known Lives
  135. Currency War and Economic Turmoil
  136. Christian Pacifism in the Modern World
  137. A One-Second Frame Worth a Million: A 2010 Perspective on the Algerian War
  138. Religious Ethnic Factions of Syrian Civil War
  139. The First World War’s Aftermath
  140. Modern Armed Forces and the “War Among People”
  141. Reconstructing the United States After the Civil War
  142. Total War in Modern World History
  143. World War I Technological Advancements
  144. Orientalist Constructions of Muslim Bodies and the Rhetoric of the «War on Terror»
  145. U.S. War in Afghanistan: Pro and Contra
  146. The Revolutionary War Changes in American Society
  147. The War of 1812
  148. Effects of the Pact of Steel Agreement on World War II
  149. Novel Analysis: “War Trash” by Ha Jin
  150. Vietnam War in the Book “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien
  151. Religious Scriptures: Justifying War and Peace
  152. The U.S. Civil War and Its Aftermath
  153. Peace and Conflict Resolution in “The Fog of War” Movie
  154. “The Blitzkrieg Myth: How Hitler and the Allies Misread The Strategic Realities of World War II” by John Mosier
  155. Can use of Force be justified as a Humanitarian War?
  156. Motivation in Combat: The German Soldier in World War II
  157. Britain and the United States War of 1912
  158. Misperceptions and the Cold War
  159. A Just Humanitarian War: Kosovo 1999
  160. Man, the State and War by Kenneth Waltz
  161. War and Crusades: The Concept of War
  162. The Post-War Army: Problems New and Old
  163. Lysistrata: An Anti-War Play
  164. Nazi Germany and Jewish Question
  165. Hanoi and Washington: The Vietnam War
  166. Causes of the 1812 War
  167. Women in World War II
  168. How did Reconstruction Change the United States after the Civil War?
  169. Japan’s Role since the end of the Cold War
  170. When the War Comes to an End: Expansion, Panic and Surge of Nationalism
  171. The Liberal Way of War: Killing to Make Life Live
  172. Syrian Civil War and its Possible Ramification on Turkey’s National Security Interests
  173. United States War on Terror Policy
  174. The role of the Cold War in shaping transatlantic relations in the period 1945 to 1970
  175. Supercapitalism: The POST WAR: 50s AND 60s
  176. Feminism has nothing to tell us about the Reality of War, Conflict and Hard, Cold Facts
  177. The German Way of War
  178. First World War: Causes and Effects
  179. Ernist Junger’s World War I Experiences
  180. The History of Great War
  181. Failures of the Media during the Falklands War
  182. How did the Cold War order of the Asia-Pacific differ from that of Europe?
  183. Film Analysis: Korean War Films
  184. Waterboarding in Time of War: Is It Justifiable?
  185. Principal Causes and Consequences of the Spanish-American War
  186. Warfare in the Age of Gustavus Adolphus Through the Lens of the Western Way of War
  187. The Greater War: Europe’s Political Transformation
  188. The Trajectory of the World War
  189. Cold War Consequences for European Countries
  190. United States – China Relations during World War II
  191. The Liberation War of Algeria and its Many Mistakes
  192. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Civil War or Religious Conflict and the Role of Women
  193. The US Influence on the Middle East in the Post-Cold War Era
  194. “Presidential War Power” by Louis Fisher
  195. Is Torture in Time of War Justified: Waterboarding
  196. United States Office of War Information
  197. Mexican Drug Cartels and the War on Drugs
  198. Currency Wars in Japan
  199. Seven Weeks’ War through the Lens of Clausewitz’s Paradoxical Trinity Concept
  200. Religion, Politics and Globalization: Effect of Middle East Wars on Shia-Sunni Alliances
  201. The War on Drugs in the US
  202. First World War and Germany
  203. Religious Values in War and Peace
  204. Was the American Use of the Atomic Bomb against Japan in 1945 the Final Act of WW2 or the Signal That the Cold War Was about to Begin
  205. Role of Manchukuo in the Second Sino-Japanese War
  206. Post-Civil War Reconstruction in the American History
  207. The Book “The First World War” by John Keegan
  208. Post-war public administration theorists
  209. The Second Battlefield: Women, Modernism, and the First World War
  210. Effect of Civil War on Economic Growth: Evidence from Sudan
  211. “Monsters, Inc.” and the War on Terror
  212. “The Second World War: A Short History (Struggle for Survival)” by Robert Alexander Clarke
  213. Microsoft and Netscape Competition
  214. “The First World War” by John Keegan
  215. Greek Tale: Greek Tale and the Trojan War
  216. Australia’s Leading Supermarkets: Milk Price War
  217. The American Strategic Culture in Vietnam War
  218. “American Soldiers” by Peter S. Kindsvatter
  219. Ethnic Polarization and the Duration of Civil War
  220. Effect of Civil War on Economic Growth
  221. Do You Think There Is Gender War
  222. Six-Day War: Background & Summary
  223. World War II Innovations
  224. Feminist Pro-Porn During Sex Wars
  225. War for Talent in Business
  226. Cold War Paranoia in “Captain America” and “Batman”
  227. The Western Front: First World War
  228. Global-Wine War: New versus Old
  229. Australia’s Soldiers and Wars in Middle East and Europe
  230. Australia’s Involvement in Pacific War
  231. Cyber-Attacks and the Laws of War
  232. The Caste War of Yucatan
  233. Outcomes of the Wars of the Roses
  234. The Origin and Definition of Christian Just War Theory
  235. How U.S Relations have Impacted and Affected Pakistani-Indian Relations Post Cold War
  236. Understanding the Failure of the Global War on Terrorism and Suggestions for Future Strategies
  237. Pricing: The Sneaker Pricing Wars (Adidas-Nike)
  238. Why the Soviets Lost their War in Afghanistan
  239. Arguing the Just War in Islam
  240. Photos of Vietnam War
  241. Contribution of Women in the Vietnam War
  242. The War on Drugs and the Incarceration of Black Women
  243. War is Nothing Like Criminality and Chaos
  244. The United States Stance with North Korea and Iran on Nuclear War
  245. Rumsfeld’s Memo & the War on Global Terrorism
  246. Kosovo Conflict: Richard Holbrooke’s “To End a War”
  247. Why Do Nation-States Go to War?
  248. John Lewis Gaddis: “The Cold War: A New History”
  249. War on Drugs in Mexico
  250. War on Terrorism: How to Cope with the Global Threat?
  251. Mexican War: Diplomatic and Military Causes
  252. Causes of Civil War in America
  253. The French Wars of Religion, 1562-1598
  254. Faith, Justice, War – and Human Rights in the Realm of the Present-Day World
  255. Role of the Woman during the Spanish Civil War
  256. Total War of World War I
  257. History of the Peloponnesian War
  258. Peace and Normalisation Treaties Signed After World War II
  259. A Critical Discussion of the History & Failure of Japanese War Apologies
  260. The Neutrality of Vatican City during World War II
  261. The Post World War II Nuclear Arms Race
  262. Critical Review of the ‘Invisible War’
  263. Hilberg’s Destruction of the European Jews and Dawidowicz’s The War against the Jews
  264. Has Security Been the Main Driver Behind European Integration Since World War Two?
  265. All Diplomacy is a Continuation of War by Other Means
  266. Iran and Its Pursuit of Nuclear Weapons: Is War Imminent?
  267. War in Afghanistan: Origin, Impact and Reactions
  268. “How to Write a War Story” by Tim O’Brien
  269. Assaults on the Environment as a Form of War or Violence
  270. The Black Hawk War
  271. Muslims Increase and the Spread of Islam
  272. Entering The Great War in War is A Blessing, Not A Curse
  273. Slavery and the Civil War
  274. Comparison Between Sun Tzu’s Art of War and Machiavelli’s Art of War
  275. Health Law: The Never-Ending War on Drugs
  276. Lesson Plan Review: Effects of the War
  277. The Iraq War: Reconsidering the Invasion Reasons
  278. United States History Since the Civil War
  279. The Gulf War’s Diplomatic Choice
  280. Canadian Studies: Wars Between England and Mi’kmaq
  281. History: The British Mi’kmaq War
  282. History of World War I: Positive and Negative Effect on Canada
  283. Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War
  284. American Foreign Policies in World and Cold Wars
  285. How to End the Syrian Civil War?
  286. The Iraq War: Background and Issues
  287. Role of Civilian Population in World War I
  288. War and Conflict in Africa and Asia
  289. Condition of Women and Minorities During the War
  290. War Horse Film Analysis
  291. The Phenomenon of War Poetry
  292. War Impacts in “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien
  293. Government in War Time
  294. Federal Government Expansion During World War I
  295. First World War Issues and Causes
  296. American History: The Road to Civil War
  297. Holy War over Ground Zero by Joseph Bottum Literature Analysis
  298. Photographic Representation of War
  299. The Coming Civil War Predict Reasons
  300. The Arab Defeat in 1967 War
  301. African American Soldiers during Vietnam War
  302. War and Peace Effects on Foreign Aid in Bangladesh
  303. Modern Civil War in Ukraine
  304. Cold War Major Aspects and Events
  305. Fast Food War in Singapore: The Stiff Competition and Fight for Customers
  306. Blue Gold: World Water War Documentary
  307. The War Finance Feature in Promoting Military Success

❓ Research Questions About War

  1. Why Did the War of 1812 Take Place?
  2. Was War Between Athens and Sparta Inevitable?
  3. Can Religion Cause War?
  4. Could Cold War Have Been Avoided?
  5. Are We Heading Towards World War III?
  6. Could Another Civil War Ever Happen in the US?
  7. Was It Ever Possible for Germany to Win World War II?
  8. Who Would Win in a War Between India and China?
  9. Could the American Revolutionary War Have Been Avoided?
  10. Will the United States Ever Go to War With China?
  11. Has the United States Ever Lost a War?
  12. Why Has China Never Apologized for the Korean War?
  13. What Are the Most Unknown Facts on the Second World War?
  14. Did Germany Have the Sole Responsibility for World War I?
  15. Does NATO Stand a Chance in a War Against Russia?
  16. What Is the Likelihood of Nuclear War?
  17. Did the Appeasement Policy Make the Second World War Inevitable?
  18. Was the Vietnam War a Mistake? Why or Why Not?
  19. Why Did India Lose the 1962 War Against China?
  20. Is India Heading Towards a Civil War?
  21. How Far Away Are We From Nuclear War?
  22. Did the Trojan War Actually Occur or Did It Exist Only in the Myths of the Greeks?
  23. What Was the Cause of the Cold War?

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