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  1. The Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan
    Another cause for the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nogornij Karabach was due to the influx of the number of the Azerbaijanis living in the region.
  2. The Question of African Agency in Colonial Courts and Social Conflict
    While examining this context, I aim to trace the changes and explain; the intersections of the colonial trends in social and legal thinking, colonial administrative policies in Kisii, colonial political economy, and the ideals and […]
  3. Global Conflict Likelihood
    The world is changing rapidly and the changes are likely to lead to a global conflict in the future. The awareness will rekindle the animosities that existed between the civilizations in the past and each […]
  4. Current Conflicts in Sudan
    The conflict in Sudan began in 2003 after people in the Darfur region accused the government of favoring the Arabs in the region over the black African people.
  5. History of the Conflict Between Britain and the Colonized Nations
    This forced the British forces to retaliate and they drove the army out of New York and the State insisted that the British monarchy could no longer claim their allegiance and in 1776, they cut […]
  6. Conflict in The Mind – The Non-Assertive Reaction
    I tend to be more assertive when in the company of peers or other people who are my juniors, this is unfortunately not always the case because I rarely find this company as often as […]
  7. Conflict of Generations in Smoke Signals and “Two Kinds”
    Obviously addressing the young generation with the message of understanding and reconciliation, the movie is set in a form of narration that highlights the key stages in the process of accepting the father’s mistakes.
  8. Negotiations and Conflict
    The way questions and ideas are framed is a key determinant of the outcome of any negotiation. This the best way of negotiation and will facilitate easy concession.
  9. Death of a Salesman Conflicts and Themes
    It is a significant confusion that Willy has thought that for one to be successful, he has to be well-liked by people.
  10. Middle East Conflict
    However, the rebirth of the new country was the start of the tensions between the Jews and Arabs. Since then, a number of world leaders have played a pivotal role in efforts of bringing peace […]
  11. Jossey-Bass Academic Administrators Guide to Conflict Resolution
    This is because conflict is inevitable in all institutions and this book addresses this issue with profound understanding of the position held by administrators in a campus setting.
  12. The Time Machine Conflict of Class . Wells’ Book Analysis
    The Morlock live in the underworld and only to appear during the daytime to hunt for the Eloi and feed on them.
  13. Face-Saving Strategies. Examples of Conflict Negotiation
    Face giving is the action that is intended to defend and understand the inclusion of other party in the negotiation. Face-loss is an activity that leads to loss of dignity, self-esteem, and reputation to the […]
  14. Contact and Comparison of Types of Conflicts in White’s Charlotte’s Web and Munsch’s The Paper Bag Princess
    The conflict can be identified at the beginning or in the middle of the story, and it is usually solved at the end. The actions and thoughts of the main characters lead to the resolution […]
  15. Conflict Management
    The process of conflict management in organizations requires determination and participation of two parties, employees and the management. Furthermore, the employer should be empathetic to the employees and should be concerned of any problem with […]
  16. Culture Clash as a Great Conflict
    The way of life of people is a measure of their level of civilization. That is the reason as to why there is a big disparity on the issue of abortion.
  17. Ecological Problems Play Little Role in Generating Violent Conflict
    In this regard, it is evident that the issue of water scarcity has minimal effect in causing violent conflicts in contemporary world. In addition, water scarcity might lead to violent directly where a community fights […]
  18. Tools and Approaches of Conflict Resolution
    In this case, the individual uses a variety of resources and strategies of authority to achieve holistic goals. Successful communication as applied in conflict resolution occurs when a speaker considers the perception of listeners than […]
  19. Conflict Resolution
    The employees who have worked in the organization for long feels humiliated when a promotion is awarded to an employee who joined the organization recently.
  20. Libyan Conflict Involvement
    A leader of a member country of NATO would consider the following before participating in the Libyan conflict. A leader in addition must have a dream, obligation and energy to ensure that the dream is […]
  21. Mediation of Family Conflicts
    To be effective, the process of mediating family conflicts as a kind of intervention in a dispute should depend on such principles as the voluntary nature of the parties’ cooperation with mediators and the readiness […]
  22. Ethnic Groups and Conflicts
    On the other hand, the conflicts in the two American continents originate from the fact that the whites are historically known to have been the slave masters of the blacks.
  23. Successful Strategy of Resolving Conflicts
    In most cases, such disputes can be explained by the fact that people have different perceptions of the same problem of question.
  24. Ethnic Group Conflicts
    The Sunni and the Shiite are the two main Islamic groups, although the Sunnis are many as compared to the Shiite population.
  25. Legal Conflict Associated with Electronic Commerce
    One of the legal conflicts in relation to electronic commerce that has not been resolved arises from existence of uncertainty with regard to cross border disputes. This means that the principles adopted in relation to […]
  26. Israel and Palestinian Conflict
    The Israel and Palestinian conflict is mainly a misunderstanding between the Jews referring to themselves as “Israelis” due to their background, and the Arab population of Palestine, popularly “Palestinians” following the remaining by the Roman […]
  27. The Most Disastrous Civil Conflict in American History
    Most of the war was fought in the South but it took a lot of time for both states to recover from the effects of the war.
  28. US – Iran Conflict
    US concerns on Iran’s nuclear programme has been top in the list, defining US -Iran relations because the US under the Bush government consistently accused Iran of enriching its Uranium deposits and insisted that Iran […]
  29. Description of Conflict
    On the one hand, such an approach can foster the process of decision making and enhance the success of the project.
  30. Impact of Functionalism, Conflict, and Interactionism on a social institution
    The laws ought to protect the property of those who are in power at the same time control the behavior of those who do not conform to the needs of the elite of the society.
  31. Conflict inherent in a Parole Officer’s duties
    The officer may also make a surprise visit to the offender’s home or workplace during the rehabilitation period to check the progress of the offender that has been observed by the relatives and the workmates.
  32. Globalization: an Agent for Cultural Conflicts
    To reinforce this claim, this paper shall review some of the significant effects that are as a result of globalization. This paper set out to demonstrate that globalization may result in the fueling of cultural […]
  33. Managing Conflict in Organizations
    For management teams to find workable and viable solutions to conflicts, it is important for such teams to consider the underlying causes of conflicts, the behavior of the involved groups or individuals, and the nature […]
  34. Religions as a Prime Root of Conflicts
    The peace meeting between Muslim and Jewish leaders has demonstrated that religion play a significant role in the resolution of the conflict in Israel and Palestine The religious conflict between the Jews and Palestinians is […]
  35. The Libyan Conflict
    The pro-government forces on the other hand are opposed to the perceived involvement of the international community and the Western countries to impose regime change in their country.
  36. Toolkit for Conflict Management
    Change is the process of improving the organizations processes and employees performance with the intention of increasing productivity. Also, with the use of suggestion boxes, the employees are able to write down their views and […]
  37. Ethic of War as the Way Avoid the Conflicts
    Over the centuries the laws of war have experienced significant developments which include the following: To consider the plea of combatants during surrender and the treatment of prisoners captured during war in a humane manner […]
  38. Dr. Tram and the Vietnam Conflict
    From her perspective we learn of how the locals felt about the American involvement in the war, we learn that she hated the Americans with a passion for the killings and bombings they did to […]
  39. Critical Thinking about the Vietnam Conflict
    This forced the U.S.into supporting the establishment of an adversarial Vietnamese Republic in the south while arming, advising, and training the newly formed Army of the Republic of Vietnam.
  40. Pelasgus’ Conflict in The Suppliants by Aeschylus
    Since he has not had the time to asses the strength and weaknesses of the pursuing band, the likelihood that his Kingdom could be overrun in the pretext of re-capturing the girls is eminent.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Conflict

  1. The Impact of a Third Party in Averting a Conflict
    Another danger of meeting the women separately is a failure to find the deep cause of the disagreement and assumption by the third party who is the arbitrator.
  2. The Art of Conflict Resolution
    Conflict style theory: This theory stresses the importance of cooperativeness and the assertiveness of the parties in a conflict Since conflict resolution is an art, there are several skills that are required in resolving it.
  3. Significance of Psychodynamics in Conflict Analysis
    In this paper, through relating psychodynamics with all the other factors, I want to show that all the other factors are important; however, I believe psychodynamics are central because they determine the personality of the […]
  4. Conflict Management as the Essential Quality of a Leader
    Conflict management is one of the essential qualities of a good manager especially in a world that has a wide range of challenges to be confronted.
  5. Conflict and Conflict Resolution
    The definition according to an organizational context is that conflict is a leakage or a disruption in the standard channels of making decisions in the organization which hinders the choice of alternative options by either […]
  6. John Updike’s “A&P”: Themes & Conflicts Analysis Essay
    The main character of the story is Sammy, a teenager who tries to rebel against the system and structure of social norms represented in the text in the form of rules and standards typical for […]
  7. The Problem of Consumer Conflict in Business
    At times, consumers visit the market to buy something they regard as a need, but in the minds of other consumers, it is a want.
  8. Managing Conflict and Workplace Relationships
    In the case above, it is important for the manager to maintain calmness and approach the situation without any predetermined conclusions.
  9. Hamlet’s Renaissance Culture Conflict [Analysis Essay]
    The death of Hamlet as the play ends indicates that though he was the definite answer to all the questions before him as he faced death, he was not in any position to give any […]
  10. Social Conflict Theory
    The structure for setting a theory which views society as a ring of inequality which bears conflict and change is known as a social conflict approach. There is unequal distribution of power and rights among […]
  11. Conflict and Stress: Their Potential Impact on a Project
    It is thus essential for the management of an organization to have a clear understanding of conflicts and the effects they may have.
  12. Conflict Management in the Workplace
    In fact, one of the roles of management in an organisation is to ensure peaceful environment that is characterised by workforce collaboration in the effort to meet the goals, mission, and aims of an organisation.
  13. The Arab-Israeli Conflict Historical Significance
    During the late part of the 19th century, the development of Zionism as the focus on the historic connection between the Jews and the lands of Palestine led to the active Arabs’ opposition because of […]
  14. The Impact of the Arab-Israeli Conflict on the Domestic Politics of the Arab States (Lebanon, Jordan)
    However, the Palestinians remaining in the kingdom and those in the West Bank formed a simple majority and a threat to the existence of the Monarchial system of administration.
  15. Power, Conflict, and Coalition
    The cycle of forming a coalition, emergence of conflicts, and later prevailing of power is often witnessed in decision making processes.
  16. Analysis on Religion, Racism and Family Conflicts
    He believes in salvation through Jesus and condemnation for non believers The novel enlightens the issue of hypocrisy in the church.
  17. Conflict Identification and Resolution
    Therefore, all administrative and management staff must consider the implications of resistance to conflict resolution processes within the organization. Secondly, there is likely to be a reduction in the rate of occurrence of conflicts within […]
  18. Cultural Conflict between Christian Western Countries and Islamic Countries of the East
    In the eyes of the democratic western world, the violence is directly attributed to the oppressive political systems of the East.
  19. Stages of the Conflicts Resolving
    The importance of confrontation, confirmation, and comprehension can be discussed with references to the case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. The concept of comprehension can also be actively applied to the conflict between Martin […]
  20. Conflict Resolution as an Important Aspect of Life
    It is unfortunate that in this case there was no chance to talk through and find different ways of dealing with the situation.
  21. Interpersonal conflict in the film
    The film that has been selected for analysis in this essay is the Hitch, which was produced in 2005 by Mordaunt and Tadross and directed by Tennant.
  22. Designing A Conflict Management System
    The firm needs to inform workers the importance of restructuring and how this will improve the way they perform their duties.
  23. Designing and implementing a conflict management system
    In order to design an effective conflict management system, data has to be collected on the type of conflict affecting an organization so as to establish the type of conflict to address given that conflict […]
  24. Organizational Conflict Management
    Third, each of the departments will be encouraged to be emphatic towards the other. They will promote acknowledgement and listening to the views of each of the departments.
  25. Cross-Culture Conflicts in the Corning-Vitro Venture
    Inc demonstrated that, the need to access foreign markets was one of the factors that prompted it to look for joint ventures with foreign companies.
  26. Managing the Conflicts for Peaceful Co-existence
    By the right attitude, it means that employees work harder to benefit the organization so that they benefit from the productivity, and not working harder in order to compete with their colleagues.
  27. World Health Organization Conflict of Interest
    The departments had to work hand- in- hand in the assessment of the pandemic. All the departments were focused on solving the predicament, for the sake of the organization.
  28. Conflict Resolution and Peace Making
    The final element of conflict resolution and peacemaking is the establishment of stable trust relations between the parties which will enable third future dealings to be peaceful. The process of conflict resolution and peacemaking is […]
  29. Conflict Management Skills: the Case Study of Andy & J
    This is a skill that seemed to be well mastered by Andy; he employed this together with the rest of the skills made his discussion with J a successful.
  30. EasyJet Company’s Conflict
    The company has faced the problem in 2010 which was raised by the increase of the company revenue connected with the ancillary services.
  31. Functionalism, Conflict and Interactionism in Sociological Theories
    According to the views of the conflict theory, the main purpose of education in the society is maintaining social inequality as well as the power of those who rule in the society.
  32. Conceptualizing the Construct of Interpersonal Conflict by Jon Hartwick and Henri Barki
    In this article, Hartwick and Barki begin by stating that the premise of their research is the fact that few researchers have, so far, been able to give a clear definition and means of assessing […]
  33. Social and Political Conflicts: Analysis
    The Declaration stated that the Constitution of the United States restricted the power of the certain states. After the long period of slavery, the Declaration of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 was the breakthrough […]
  34. Horizontal Inequalities, Political Environment and Civil Conflict: Evidence from 55 Developing Countries
    The author evaluates the tendency of conflicts at ethnic, religious and regional levels due to the effect of factors such as the type of regime and political alienation.
  35. The Syrian Conflict
    While the crisis is taking place in Syria, some spillover of the war has been witnessed in the neighboring countries. Some of the minority Christians supported the President in the past because they saw it […]
  36. Conflict Management Revised
    This often leads to poor performance of the employees and the entire company. Instead of simply declaring the need to work more, the manager can develop a strategy to avoid probable negative attitude.
  37. Relationship Advice on Conflicts between Romantic Partners
    In an article on the conflict management in romantic relationship, Gilbert argued that conflicts are occurrences in any relationship particularly between the couples.
  38. Syria and United States conflict
    The Syrian conflict has enlarged risks to US interests by increasing the presence of terrorist elements in the region. The conflict in the country has led to unruliness in the country.
  39. Changing the Conflict in the Workplace into Cooperation
    The book by Pat Heim and Susan Murphy In the Company of Women is written for women who have difficult relationships in the workplace with other women. The authors start with the description and exploring […]
  40. The Kurdish Conflict in the Middle East
    This word has so many definitions but according to the government of the United States, it refers to threats of the people, manipulation of the state policy by force or fear, or trying to alter […]

📑 Simple & Easy Conflict Essay Titles

  1. History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    The struggle is extensive, and the reference is also used in mentioning of the prior stages of the same dispute, involving Jewish and Zionist yishuv and the Arab populace in Palestine under Ottoman or British […]
  2. Social Conflict in the Work of Marx and Weber
    Due to the variations in the forms of power, there is usually the likelihood of manifestation of conflict. This essay seeks to examine the status of social conflict in the work of both Karl Marx […]
  3. Conflict Resolution within an Organization
    There has been renewed interest on conflict in the organization context in the past decade which can be evidenced by establishment of the International Association for Conflict Management which facilitates in the research and development, […]
  4. Environmental effects of conflict
    Due to the similarity in the landscape of Iraq and some parts of the gulf, some effects of the Iraq war are similar to the effects of the gulf war.
  5. Tracing the Roots of a Family Conflict: Looking for the Things to Mend
    Thus, it can be considered that the first and the foremost source of the conflict is the boy’s mother who is trying to control her grown-up son instead of compromising.
  6. Conflict: Theories and Examples
    The needs and problems of individuals in a society have to be understood and addressed so that the issues that preoccupy the groups and people lose significance and therefore conflict can be resolved.
  7. Music in Times of Conflict
    The Public Safety Act and the Criminal Amendment Act which were signed in 1953 enabled the government to declare the state of emergency.
  8. Conflicts in the Working Place: The Art of Keeping Your Head
    The people who are going to be in the spotlight of this little drama are the most usual members of the most usual company in the world.
  9. Conflict between Aristotle and Copernicus
    Copernicus continued his research and developed a new model of the universe which contradicted Aristotle’s paradigm since the Earth was not the centre, but one of the planets moving around the Sun.
  10. Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking
    Inter-company conflicts reflect an extremely narrow aspect of conflict resolution and peacemaking, but the importance of the subject for business cooperation is difficult to underestimate.
  11. Conflict Management
    The human resource management should constantly track the signals of conflict in the organization in order to solve it in time to avoid hostile encounters and emotional outburst which negatively impact on the image of […]
  12. Rise of Islam and Social Conflict in Mecca
    Believers in Islam or the Muslims adhere to the recordings of the Quran with special emphasis on the life of Prophet Mohammad and his teachings.
  13. Why did conflicts in Yugoslavia lead to war in the 1990s?
    The term coined to refer to the war is Yugoslav war which refers to a sequence of campaigns carried out by military between the years 1991 and 1995 in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
  14. The Young Fast Optoelectronics Company’s Conflicts
    Several stakeholders are involved in this argument: 1) the workers of this manufacturing facility and trade unions; 2) the management of YFO; 3) the government of the country, and 4) international companies, supplied by YFO.
  15. Israel Palestine Conflict
    The next phase of the conflict ranged from the year 1948 to the year 1967-a phase that was marked by the time the state of Israel was declared and the time the six days war […]
  16. Sikh-Muslim conflict
    Many Sikhs and Muslim are oblivious of the fact that Guru Nanak sole aim was to promote friendly relationships between the Hindu and the Muslim people. The violent nature of Sikh-Muslim relationship is a manifestation […]
  17. Relationship, Task and Process Conflicts at Workplace
    In life conflicts is not evitable; conflict can be defined as a disagreement between two or more parties having different views, opinions, and interests; solving a conflict can be a challenging or simile issue depending […]
  18. Overview of Conflict Management
    In order to understand the significance and role of conflict in organizational management, as well as the causes of disagreements in the employed environment, conflict definitions should be identified.
  19. The handbook of conflict: theory and practice
    The authors of the book “the handbook of conflict: theory and practice” tailored the text to suit both the student and the professionals who have the desire of deepening their knowledge and understanding on issues […]
  20. The Maori and Pakeha of New Zealand Conflicts Case
    According to Weeks, the physical artifacts, which are the physical layout and use of facilities that represent a symbolic expression of an underlying meaning or values and beliefs as exhibited in the case of the […]
  21. Rise of China and International Conflicts
    This is why it is very important to understand and investigate the validity of the claim by the realist that the rise of China will inevitably lead to international conflict and order.
  22. The Conflict of Interest Between Iran and the USA
    In fact, responding by attacking the U.S.allies in the Persian Gulf would also prompt the united states to attack the Iranian fleet located in the Persian Gulf with consequences of hefty damages to Iran.
  23. “Functional and dysfunctional conflicts in retailer-supplier relationship”
    The purpose of the journal is to identify the relationship between the quality of supplies provided to an organization, and the management of conflicts between retailers and suppliers.
  24. Culture and Conflict
    Paul looks at how understanding and communication are essential to analysing issues of culture and conflict among people from different cultural backgrounds.
  25. The Effect of Family Conflict Resolution on Children’s Classroom Behavior
    This qualitative study seeks to establish whether family conflict resolution plays a role in the development of certain behavior in the classroom.
  26. Constructive Conflict Management in Tesco
    Tesco’s internal conflict with its employees has so far been dealt inappropriately resulting in the escalation of tension and the company’s perception by both employees and consumers has suffered.
  27. Conflict models or theoretical approaches
    We shall use the Deutsch model in an attempt to understand the conflict among John, Bob, the female Student, and Melanie Roberts, the Bank CEO.
  28. Cultural conflicts that existed in the US in 1975
    The essay first gives the synopsis of the book in order to understand the viewpoint of the author. She notes that the family arrived in Michigan unprepared, which forced the sponsor to find a place […]
  29. Conflicts in the World
    The authors address the viewpoint that Islam is one of the major causes of conflicts which took place in the world lately.
  30. Biblical Worldview on Conflict Resolution
    For this case, the defense argues that there are certain obvious facts and thus the case is within the jurisdiction of the court to determine.
  31. Conflict of the Sexes in Play “Medea” by Euripides
    The man cannot understand that things mean nothing to a woman if her family is being destroyed. Thus, Jason’s biggest mistake is that he thinks Medea simply wants to remain his only wife.
  32. Conflict Mode Assessment
    Accommodating is not assertive, contrary to competing, the next party is considered in a conflict. Compromising mode is the preferred style of conflict management in the scenario above.
  33. Impact of online social media in conflict situations
    A study commissioned by The George Washington University indicates that determining the actual effects of the new media in conflict situations is cumbersome due to methodological challenges and the newness of the subject. The use […]
  34. Conflict Management Strategies
    Thus, one needs to have a clear understanding of the characteristics of the team members and the responses that they have in the process of a conflict in determining the strategy that he/she will use […]
  35. Conflict in The Age of Innocence and Manhattan Transfer
    The American society in The Age of Innocence and Manhattan Transfer reflect these changes, and the society is divided in issues concerning the new changes; there is a conflict in the society.
  36. To What Extent, and How, Do the Traditional Theories of Employment Relations Help Us to Understand Conflict in the Modern Australian Workplace
    The different perspectives and the traditional employment relation theories therein help in the understanding of the various concepts and activities such as conflicts that are involved in the employment relationship in the Australian workplace.
  37. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict vs. Apartheid in South Africa
    One of the first points that should be made is that ethnic conflicts were present in the history of many nations, but many countries were able to overcome them at least to some degree, for […]
  38. Organizational Behavior: Family/Work Conflict
    However, this strategy will require the support of the organization where a person works since without the support of the organization, the boundaries set by the employee will not be respected and the whole strategy […]
  39. The Rules of Engagement and the Laws of Armed Conflict
    The rules of engagement and the laws of armed conflict are aimed at reducing the risk of such events. The thing is that they were not required to act in such a way by the […]
  40. Effective Conflict Resolution in a Culturally Diverse Workplace
    In order to enrich organizational culture and improve the overall employed environment in an organization, Australian managers should make a shift to a collectivist thinking to understand the in-group activities performed by Eastern members of […]

📌 Writing Prompts about Conflict

  1. Does Title VII Conflict with the First Amendment
    The government is not justified to disallow religious expression at workplaces by the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Title VII statute and the First Amendment both provide protection for an employee’s religious rights.
  2. Non-Violence Approach to Conflicts
    The rarity of success of non-violence approach to conflicts is a clear indicator that there is the need for further analysis of both the failure and success of non-violent movements.
  3. National Security Policies That Intersect/Conflict With Local Police Power
    The state police have a role to play in the information sharing policy because the state police advise the governor on the best practices to employ regarding terrorism.
  4. Why Does Conflict Occur in the Employment Relationship?
    Specifically, it deals with social and sometimes political aspects of the workers association and the sharing of authority between the administration and workers. Therefore, it is necessary for Wal-Mart management to change the terms and […]
  5. Interpersonal skills and Conflict Management
    The presented solutions should be enlightened by the prevailing problems and be considerate of all parties in conflict. All members of a team in negotiation should recognize the relationship and be willing to make the […]
  6. Conflicts of Sects, Cults and Religious Movements
    This happens when the sect is forced to embrace the features of the denomination in order to comply with the law.
  7. History of Palestinian-Israeli Conflict in 20th Century
    The emergence of Palestinian filmmakers in re-telling the conflict is a departure from the western perception of the conflict. This paper therefore explores the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the perspectives of Arab filmmakers and the mainstream […]
  8. Conflict Resolution Field’s Stages of Development
    Stage one Failure to control the eruption of the First World War led to people coming up with ways to avert reemergence of wars in the future.
  9. Conflicts in FUBU Company
    As opined in the article, “marketing channel conflicts management”, the enterprise should meet all the legal and ethical consideration while using the internet to reach out to the target population.
  10. Tourism and Environment in Conflict
    The increase in silt in the ocean leads to a higher sea level, which leads to the extension of the shoreline.
  11. Tourism and Environmental Conflict
    The Routledge Handbook of Tourism and the Environment by Holden and Fennel is a popular source that addresses the issue of tourism and the environment.
  12. Tourism and Environment in Conflict
    Eventually, the resort will choose the market segments to be exploited and the ones to be ignored; in essence this is the ones to be exploited will be the target markets. The analysis will help […]
  13. Relational conflict
    Solutions to a conflict refer to the various mechanisms that may be used to improve the state of a disagreement between parties to a conflict.
  14. Conflict in Organisations
    Lastly the struggle of power in the organisation may also be a cause of conflict in the organisation. The major problem that comes about upon occurrence of a conflict within the organisation is the renunciation […]
  15. Work-Life Conflict
    In the light of the available literature this paper will examine the problem pertaining to the suffering of workers in the context of work life conflicts and what strategies can be adopted by organizations in […]
  16. Work-Life Conflict and Performance
    The importance of the proposed study consists in the possibility of improving the working conditions of employees that suffer from the work-life conflict in case of successful outcomes of the research.
  17. A Critical Investigation of Work-Life Conflict on Employee Performance & Organizational Productive Capacities
    According to Higgins, the demands of the modern economic environment are so much interlinked with employees’ professional and personal lives to a point where it becomes almost impossible to draw a clear line between the […]
  18. A Conflict of Loyalties
    This article is an assessment of the factors that are the main source of the problems of public administration in the “conflict of loyalties” case study.
  19. Ethnic Conflicts in International Relation Policies
    It is a fact that the fall of the Soviet Union led to various ethnic conflicts. The principle of neutrality in the ethnic conflicts is immoral if the conflict leads to genocide.
  20. Middle East Conflicts
    History about the conflict in the Middle East reveals that the close of the 1800s showed increasing concerns regarding how the Jews would prevail over the maltreatment and anti-Semitism in Europe. The political and social […]
  21. NIKE – Channel conflict
    The success of the proposed solutions can be evaluated through analyzing the behavioral performance of the channels and distinguishing forewarning signs of unacceptable performance within the channels.
  22. Concept of Marital Conflict
    This is one of the pitfalls that should be avoided. This is one of the aspects that can be singled out.
  23. Conflict Management Styles
    The article by Chan et al.is relevant to the issue of conflict management in the workplace as it explores the concept of leadership and open communication in conflict resolution.
  24. Christian-Muslim Conflict in Nigeria
    Furthermore, the existing religious competition appears to be fueled not only by Christian-Muslim relations at the central level but also by the nature of links that these groups have with the government of the day.
  25. Human Resource Management and Conflict Resolution
    Within the scope of the study, the author has chosen an important and debatable topic because human resource management is one of the most important issues affecting all institutions in the modern world.
  26. “Organizational Communication and Conflict Management” by Kenan Spaho
    The author goes further to explore the relevance of conflicts in an organization. It is the duty of managers and supervisors to deal with all types of conflicts in their organizations.
  27. Conflict Resolution
    One of the most important approaches to the resolution of the interpersonal conflict is the inculcation of willpower which is the aspirations of the individual in dilemma driven by the strength and the opportunities.
  28. Work-Family Conflict and Career Satisfaction
    It is the responsibility of both the organisations or employers and the employees to ensure that there is a well balanced life where the possible causes of conflict are eliminated.
  29. Conflict Management
    In studying conflict management and theories that explain the rationale behind it, this essay is going to focus on one type of conflict. As a remedy to interpersonal conflict, this theory demands understanding of the […]
  30. Effects of the Arab Spring and the Conflict in the Middle East
    The major aim of the Arab spring has been to reverse the social situation that exists between the ruling class in these Arab countries and the subjects.
  31. International Conflict Analysis and the Main Actors
    In the study of international conflict, there is no one single method that can be termed as the dominant or most preferred in the analysis of the various processes, reasons and genesis of the conflicts.
  32. The Arab-Israeli Conflict History in the 20th Century
    The history of the conflict encompasses more than a century beginning in the end of the 19th century when the political Zionist movement was created.
  33. Peace and Conflict Resolution
    Through the interaction between the director, McNamara, and a series of events like numerous phone calls during the interview describing events during the war, the audience is able to get a clear view of the […]
  34. Do Justice Perceptions Influence Styles of Handling Conflicts with Supervisors?
    The main purpose of the article is to examine the relationships that exist between organizational justice and the concept of conflict management.
  35. Conflict Resolution
    In the first place, it is essential to point out peculiarities of the on-going research. To sum up, the researchers overview major approaches used in the study of conflict resolution.
  36. Conflict Management and Organizational Roles
    To put an end to such misunderstanding in the office, the individual roles should be clearly established beforehand by the senior member of staff who overlooks the whole working body of staff members.
  37. Conflict between India, Pakistan, China and Kashmir
    According to the Indian government, the instrument of Accession of Jammu and Kashmir to the union of India was legitimate according to the Indian laws and international law and therefore cannot be revoked.
  38. Industrial Relations: Conflict and Cooperation
    State regulations: the state play an important role in the determination of the management control strategy to be adopted by an organization.
  39. Peace and Conflict Resolution
    This is mainly due to the root cause of the conflict in reference to internal and external factors and the possible consequences of the intervention to the parties involved, citizen and the world as a […]
  40. Crisis Communication and Conflict Management in Health Care Environment
    Crisis communication and response have a large significance in restoring the organization’s status and their effectiveness depends on skills of the crisis communicators and their understanding of crisis management.

🔎 Good Research Topics about Conflict

  1. Social Theories in Conflict and Examples of Application
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. International Policy Responses toward the Threats of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Regional Conflict
  4. Conflict of Interest
  5. International Law and the ‘Non-international Armed Conflict’ in Syria
  6. The Conflict between Entrepreneurial Orientation and Uppsala Model of International Expansion
  7. Small Arms Trafficking and the Conflict in Uganda
  8. Using Workplace Conflict to Good Effect
  9. The Effectiveness of Marriage Conflict Resolution Programs in Reducing Number of Divorce Cases in USA
  10. Timeless Lessons learnt from previous U.S Conflicts
  11. Level of Task Independence Acceptable Between Teams and the Impact of Interteam Conflict on Departmental Performance
  12. Syrian Conflict (Research Proposal)
  13. Conflict in the work team
  14. Effects of Conflict or Nuclear Materials on Environment and Society
  15. Conflict management in planning
  16. The Personal Conflict Resolution
  17. Organizational conflict
  18. Organizational Behavior, Motivation and Conflict Management
  19. Conflict Resolution
  20. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  21. Constructive Conflict Management in Tesco
  22. International Relations Theories: The Conflict between Macedonia and Greece
  23. Conflicts and Their Effects on Group Performance
  24. Managing Conflict in People in Organizations
  25. The Usefulness of the Concept of Structural Violence in Analyzing and Understanding International Conflicts
  26. The Israeli – Palestinian conflict
  27. Conflict Resolution In a Team Building
  28. Intergroup Conflicts in Organisations
  29. Conflict, Decision Making and Organizational Design
  30. Conflict, Decision Making, and Organizational Design
  31. Conflict in The Age of Innocence and Manhattan Transfer
  32. Workplace Conflict
  33. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Civil War or Religious Conflict and the Role of Women
  34. Diplomatic and Military Fronts: 1948 Arab-Israeli Conflict
  35. Intergroup Conflicts in Organisations
  36. Childhood Assumptions in Conflict Resolution
  37. Sri Lankan Tamils and Sinhalese Ethnic Groups: Ethnic Conflict
  38. Conflict Identification and Resolution
  39. Conflict Identification and Resolution
  40. CIA. Operations and Intelligence: A Potential for Conflict?
  41. Organizational Conflict and Its Reasons
  42. Managing Change: Conflict Management and Acceptance of Compromise
  43. China’s Media Regulations and Its Political Right to Enforce: Conflict with Foreign Correspondents
  44. Moving Beyond Simple Conflict of Interest
  45. Human Trafficking Conflict
  46. Conflict Management in Organizational Teams
  47. Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
  48. Effectiveness of Various Conflict Management Practices
  49. The Conflict between Boston Charter Schools and School Districts
  50. Israeli Gaza Conflict
  51. Conflicts in Syria Present No Opportunity for Future Democratisation
  52. Conflict in Syria: Opportunity for Future Democratisation?
  53. The Conflict-Positive Organization: It Depends Upon Us
  54. Cause of Conflict in Organisation
  55. Conflict at Walt Disney Company: A Distant Memory?
  56. Global Marketing’s Legal Conflicts
  57. Approaches to Resolving Conflicts
  58. Dick Spenser’s Sources of Conflict
  59. Conflict Prevention in Project Management
  60. Selina Lo’s Conflict Management in Ruckus Wireless Company
  61. Conflicts in the Business Communication
  62. Social World Conflicts and Its Resolution Styles
  63. Conflict at Hotel Fortina
  64. Can Culture Be a Hurdle to Conflict Resolution?
  65. Functionalist, Conflict, and Interpretive Theories
  66. Three Major Sources of Interpersonal and Intergroup Conflict
  67. Prime Suspect: The Peculiarities of the Conflicts
  68. Why Has the Arab-Israeli Conflict over the Gaza Blockade Gone on for so Long?
  69. Political and Social Conflicts and Ling-Ling’s Perception of Life in Shanghai
  70. A Brief History of the Conflict between India and Pakistan
  71. Common and Distinct Characteristics of the Abkhaz-Georgian Conflict
  72. The Conflicts and Complexities in the Early Christianity
  73. Conflict and Resolution Concepts
  74. Conflict in Cyprus and in Northern Ireland
  75. Middle East Conflicts
  76. ALM Unlimited and the Trump Organization. Business Conflict
  77. Arab-Israeli Conflict
  78. Sisters of Gion: A Conflict of Value Systems
  79. Religious and Cultural Conflicts in Syria
  80. Conflict Management in the healthcare sector
  81. ‘Guidelines for Resolving Conflict as a Counselor’
  82. Conflict Between Palestine and Israel
  83. Cultural Differences and Conflicts in the Workplace
  84. The Conflict between Behaviourism and Rationalism in Linguistics
  85. Conflicts in the South China Sea
  86. The US and Britain Role in the Middle East Conflict
  87. Asian Studies: The Palestine-Israel Conflict Origin
  88. Managing Conflicts
  89. Public vs. Parochial Schools: the Principle Points of Conflict
  90. Organizational Conflict, Its Characteristics and Principles
  91. Management Issues: Conflict Mediation
  92. Structural Functionalism and Social Conflict Theories
  93. The Main Characters’ Conflict in “Yellow” by Del Shores
  94. Role of Coaching in Conflict Management
  95. Effective Leadership: Coaching and Conflict
  96. Riordan Manufacturing: Diversity and Conflict Management
  97. War and Conflict in Africa and Asia
  98. Organisation Conflict Resolution
  99. India Political Conflicts in the XVII Century
  100. Ethno-Religious Nationalisms in Conflict in Bosnia
  101. Dealing with Political Conflicts: Strengths and Weaknesses
  102. Conflict Over Human Rights
  103. Human Security in International Conflicts
  104. Conflict Theory as a Tool to Study Social Situations
  105. Communication: Negotiations, Pricing, and Conflict Resolution
  106. Climate and Conflicts: Security Risks of Global Warming
  107. Prejudice, Aggression and Social Conflict
  108. Employee Motivation, Conflict and Personnel Management
  109. Wasta Company Conflict Managment
  110. When Ethics and Euthanasia Conflict?
  111. Family Conflicts
  112. Public Policy Conflict
  113. Southwest Airline Company: Unresolved Conflict
  114. Hutus and Tutsis Ethnic Groups Conflict
  115. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in Business
  116. Basic Conflict in Antigone by Sophocle
  117. Water Related Conflicts in Africa
  118. Ethnic Conflicts and Misrepresentation of Rwandan Hutus
  119. Conflict and Anxiety by Psychoanalysts and Behaviourists
  120. Conflict in Afghanistan: Pakistan Funds the Taliban Fighters
  121. Bahrain Conflict: Historical and Analytical Study
  122. “Divine Intervention” Film: the Palestinian – Israeli Conflict
  123. Dealing with Angry Customers: the Art of Managing Conflicts
  124. Class Conflict: Karl Marx and Mikhail Bakunin Ideas
  125. The Police Agency’ Conflict Management
  126. Global Conflict and Poverty Crisis
  127. The Conception of Conflict between Iran and the US
  128. Battle of the Holy Land: the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  129. Race Conflict in London: Mark Duggan Case
  130. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: History and Concept
  131. The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
  132. Life Conflict: “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy
  133. Conflict Management in “The Avengers” Movie
  134. Ethnicity Significance in the Post-World War Conflicts
  135. Maritime Conflict: Offshore Political Geography
  136. Project Success and Interpersonal Conflicts
  137. Asia Pacific Regional Cooperation and Conflicts
  138. Uppsala Conflict Data Program’s Report for 2012
  139. Arab League and US in Israel-Palestine Conflict
  140. Conflict Resolution Theory in Arab-Israeli Issue
  141. Wal-Mart’s 2005 Channel Conflict and Resolution
  142. Conflict in Syria: Jihadi and Western Views
  143. Social Conflicts in “Animal Farm” by George Orwell
  144. Conflicts in Anglophone and Francophone Africa
  145. Conflict Resolution in Management Teams
  146. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Optimistic Prognosis
  147. War and Conflict in North Africa and Southwest Asia
  148. ISIS and the Middle East Conflict
  149. Ethnic Group Conflict in the United States
  150. Third Parties in Conflict Resolution
  151. Racial and Ethnic Conflicts in “The Help” Film
  152. The South Sudanese Inter-Ethnic Conflicts
  153. Conflict of The Beatles and the Religious Far Right
  154. Singapore Airlines Conflict Management and Negotiation
  155. Middle East’s Conflicts and History: What Went Wrong?
  156. Group Conflicts in Business Organizations
  157. Cultures in Conflict and Modernity
  158. Organizational Conflict: Pros, Cons, Prevention
  159. Indians and Colonists Relations and Conflicts
  160. The Renewal of Imperial Conflict
  161. The UAE’s Reaction to Yemeni Political Conflict
  162. The Spratly Islands and Maritime Conflict
  163. Common Conflict Areas in Marital and Couple Relationships
  164. Walt Disney Company’ Conflict
  165. The Balfour Declaration: Israel Creation and Palestinian Conflict
  166. Sudan Conflict: Historical Stages and Events
  167. Ancient Rome: Visigoths’ and Rome’s Conflict
  168. SEC vs BlackRock: Conflict of Interest Case
  169. General Hospital’s Conflict Resolution
  170. Organisational Conflict: Unitarist v Pluralist Views
  171. Controlling Emotions in Conflict Situations
  172. Teams and Conflict: Triggers and Solutions
  173. Business Protocols and Personal Values Conflict
  174. Ethnic Conflicts in “A Different Mirror” by Takaki
  175. Conflict in Teams: Leveraging Differences
  176. Media Contribution to Majority-Minority Conflict
  177. Regional Conflicts and Dubai Financial Markets
  178. Conflict in South Sudan and Its Influence
  179. Western Media Portrayal of the Arab‐Israeli Conflict
  180. Conflict Management: Importance and Implications
  181. Conflict Criminology and Crime Causation Theories
  182. Conflict Theory and Politics in Criminology
  183. Project Regulation, Staffing, Conflict Resolution
  184. Native Americans and Colonists’ Conflict
  185. International Business Conflicts Resolution
  186. The Libyan Conflict and Required Leadership Skills
  187. Middle Eastern Conflicts and Regional Factors
  188. Conflicts and Negotiations in the Real World
  189. Conflicts in the “Finding Forrester” Movie
  190. Family Conflict in Unigwe’s, Kwa’s, Gebbie’s Stories
  191. Marxism vs Feminism: Human Nature, Power, Conflict
  192. Internal Conflicts in Congo and Yemen
  193. Complementary Conflict Patterns in Families
  194. Newlywed Conflict on Expectations and Duties
  195. Nile River Conflict Between Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan
  196. Adolescent Development, Changes and Conflicts
  197. Law Obedience and Moral Obligation Conflict
  198. Interweaving Conflict in “Star Wars” Series’ Plot
  199. Empathy in Conflict Resolution
  200. American Involvement in African and Eastern Conflicts
  201. Engineering Ethics and Conflict of Interests
  202. Interracial Conflict in “Dutchman” by LeRoi Jones
  203. Multicultural Conflict in the Engineering Setting
  204. Employee Conflict Sources and Resolution Approach
  205. Conflict Communication in Family Relationships
  206. NDC Company’s Case: Kamal and Saleh Conflict
  207. Marbles Construction Company’s Conflict Management
  208. The Arab-Israeli Conflict Analysis
  209. Conflict in Hobbes’, Marx’s, Rousseau’s, Plato’s Works
  210. Gender and Conflict in Prisons
  211. Karl Marx’s Sociology and Conflict Theory
  212. Benchmarking and Creativity’s Conflict
  213. Human Resource Management: Conflict Case
  214. Qatar and GCC Countries Conflict
  215. The Current Conflict between Sunni and Shia
  216. Intragroup Conflict in a Nursing Environment
  217. History of Yemen Conflict
  218. Principal’s Conflict Defusing Technique
  219. Sunni–Shia Religious Conflict in Iraq
  220. Empire and Democracy Conflict by Thucydides
  221. Functional Conflict, Its Sources and Resolution Styles
  222. The 1994 Major League Baseball Strike and Conflict
  223. Stress, Conflict and Misunderstandings in the Workplace
  224. Early Years Educators’ Work in Conflict Areas
  225. Teacher Shooting as an Organizational Conflict
  226. Geographic Factors of Civil Conflicts’ Duration
  227. Incentive Conflicts Caused by Communication Disruption
  228. Conflict Management in Nursing Decision-Making
  229. Team Communication: Conflict and Performance
  230. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Theory and Analysis
  231. International Court Punishing Rape in Armed Conflict
  232. The United States Preparing to Future Conflicts
  233. Negotiation and Conflicts in Mergers and Acquisitions
  234. Sources of Conflict Between Parents and Teenagers
  235. Hybrid Channel Conflict in the Business
  236. Religious Conflicts in Rational Choice Theory
  237. Conflict Perspective of the Immigrants
  238. Arab National Identity in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  239. Conflicts of Interest in the Financial Services Sector
  240. Inner Conflicts in Twain’s “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”
  241. Conflict of Interest and Ethical Administration
  242. Anxiety and Cultural Models in the Conflict
  243. Justice and Conflict & Cooperation and Competition
  244. Male-Female Conflict in Education System
  245. Abu Dhabi Sports Council’s Conflict Management
  246. Masdar City Project and Conflict Management
  247. Etisalat Company’s Conflict Management Practices
  248. Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism’s Conflict Management
  249. Oil in Fueling Violent Conflicts in Libya
  250. Forgiveness for Workplace Conflict Resolution
  251. Cultural Conflicts in Fadiman’s “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down”
  252. Managerial Conflict Resolution for Marketing Team
  253. Concourse Equity Inc.’s Conflict Management
  254. Co-Owners’ Conflict of Hiring New Employee
  255. Motivation and Conflict: Analysis and Design Methods
  256. African Union Military Force in Darfur Conflict
  257. Tucker Company’s Restructuring for Conflict Resolution
  258. Intergenerational Conflict at the Workplace
  259. Interpersonal Conflict Resolution at the Workplace
  260. Modern Workplace Issues: Stress, Conflict, Quality
  261. Workplace Conflicts and Rational Choice Theory
  262. Employee Empowerment and Conflict Resolution
  263. Donaldson’s Type 1 Conflict and Its Resolution
  264. Conflict Analysis: Suitable Negotiation Process
  265. Custom Chip Inc.’s Management Issues and Conflicts
  266. Personal Communication and Conflict Styles
  267. Positive Conflict Management Strategies
  268. The Rwandan Conflict and Social Network Approaches
  269. Group and Gender Conflicts and Their Resolution
  270. Martyrdom Culture in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  271. Journalistic Mechanisms for Covering Death in Violent Conflicts
  272. Conflict in the “Wanda’s Visit” Play by Durang
  273. Schneider National Inc.’s Conflict Management
  274. Workplace Conflicts and Effective Communication
  275. Leader’s Mood Impact on Conflict Resolution
  276. Class Conflict in Marxism and Other Theories
  277. Manufacturers and Retailers Conflicts
  278. Interpersonal Communication: Relationship Climate and Conflict
  279. Cultural Differences and Conflicts
  280. Ethnic Conflicts According to Humanistic Theory
  281. Teams and Conflict at Riordan Manufacturing
  282. The Scholarship Coordination Office: Conflict and Leadership
  283. Containing Violence Conflict: Peacekeeping
  284. The Class on Cross Cultural and Conflict
  285. Ethical Issues and Conflicts of Interest in the Company
  286. Negotiation, Pricing and Conflict Resolution
  287. Approach to Negotiation and Conflict
  288. Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin Conflict’s Management
  289. Zimmerman vs. Martin Conflict and Its Resolution
  290. Conflict & Crime Control vs. Consensus & Due Process Model
  291. “Nash in Najaf”: Game Theory in Iraqi Conflict
  292. Post-Soviet Eurasia’s Conflicts and Reconciliation
  293. Conflict and Culture in the Organizational Behavior
  294. Competitiveness and Intercultural Conflict in Qatar
  295. Rahim’s Conflict Management Model in Practice
  296. Conflicts and Disagreements Between Co-Workers
  297. Workplace Conflicts and Their Sources

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