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  1. The Impact of Computer-Based Technologies on Business Communication
    The Importance of Facebook to Business Communication Facebook is one of the most popular social networking tools among college students and businesspersons. Blogs and Facebook can be used for the benefit of an organization.
  2. Solutions to Computer Viruses
    Efforts should also be made to ensure that once a computer system is infected with viruses, the information saved in it is salvaged.
  3. Computer-based Learning and Virtual Classrooms
    E-learning adds technology to instructions and also utilizes technologies to advance potential new approaches to the teaching and learning process. However, e-learners need to be prepared in the case of a technology failure which is […]
  4. Concept and Types of the Computer Networks
    As revealed by Tamara, authenticity is one of the most important elements of network security, which reinforces the security of the information relayed within the network system.
  5. How computers influence our life
    In the entertainment industry, many of the movies and even songs will not be in use without computers because most of the graphics used and the animations we see are only possible with the help […]
  6. Print and Broadcast Computer Advertisements
    The use of pictures and words to bring out the special features in any given computer and types of computers is therefore crucial in this type of advertisement because people have to see to be […]
  7. Computer Crimes Defense and Prevention
    Naval Academy and he said that the security of the United States is threatened by a new breed of adversaries that has found a way to harass and terrorize America.
  8. Apple Computer: The Twenty-First Century Innovator
    The Greeks and the Romans, and later the peoples of China, Japan and India, used the abacus in counting. The logarithms became the basis for the discovery of the slide rule.
  9. Ethical and Illegal Computer Hacking
    For the ethical hackers, they pursue hacking in order to identify the unexploited areas or determine weaknesses in systems in order to fix them.
  10. State Laws Regarding Computer Use and Abuse
    This study is about the laws of the state with regard to the use of computers and the abuse thereof. The New York state law according to the Legal Directories has criminalized the unauthorized use […]
  11. Purchasing or Leasing Computer Equipment: Advantages and Disadvantages
    When the organization decides to lease this equipment for the installation, will be on the part of the owners and maintenance, as well.
  12. Computer Security Breaches and Hacking
    To avoid such an attack in the future, it is advisable to keep both the client and server applications up to date.
  13. Computer Viruses: Spreading, Multiplying and Damaging
    A computer virus is a software program designed to interfere with the normal computer functioning by infecting the computer operating system.
  14. Computer Use in Schools: Effects on the Education Field
    The learning efficiency of the student is significantly increased by the use of computers since the student is able to make use of the learning model most suited to him/her.
  15. Introduction to Computers Malicious Software (Trojan horses)
    A simple example is a Trojan attached to email with a pop up informing one that he/she has won a lottery such that a user attempts to claim the lottery and in that event installing […]
  16. Computer Systems in Hospital
    The central database will be important to the physician as well as pharmacy department as it will be used to keep a record of those medicines that the hospital has stocked.
  17. Computer Fraud and Contracting
    The law does not provide the consumers with measures to enforcing the online contracts because the argument is that, it is impossible to tell the intention and the consent of the consumer when they signed […]
  18. Challenges of Computer Technology
    Computer Technologies and Geology In fact, computer technologies are closely connected to any sphere of life, and it is not surprisingly that geology has a kind of dependence from the development of computers and innovative […]
  19. Computer-Based Communication Technology in Business Communication: Instant Messages and Wikis
    To solve the problems within the chosen filed, it is necessary to make people ready to challenges and provide them with the necessary amount of knowledge about IN and wikis’ peculiarities and properly explain the […]
  20. Impact of Computer Based Communication
    It started by explaining the impact of the internet in general then the paper will concentrate on the use of Instant Messaging and blogs.
  21. Computer Communication Network in Medical Schools
    Most medical schools have made it compulsory for any reporting student to have a computer and this point the place of computer communication network in medical schools now and in the future.
  22. Are We Too Dependent on Computers?
    To reinforce this assertion, this paper shall consider the various arguments put forward in support of the view that computers are not overused. This demonstrates that in the education field, computers only serve as a […]
  23. Levels of Computer Science and Programming Languages
    For the programmer to create low-level programming languages, computer architecture is very necessary for machine coding in the Central Processing Unit of a computer.
  24. Writing Argumentative Essay With Computer Aided Formulation
    One has to see ideas in a systematic format in support of one position of the argument and disproval of the other.
  25. Computer Security: Safeguard Private and Confidential Information
    An operational security system within the business is essential in preventing cases of fraud in the business in the form of security gateways.
  26. Computer Survey Analysis: Preferences of the People
    The survey was conducted with the aid of the research questions which included; what type of computer was owned by the respondent and the brand of the primary computer.
  27. Computer and Telecommunication Technologies in the Worlds’ Economy
    Computer and telecommunication technologies are on the rise as many people seek to bridge the gap between their knowledge and that of their predecessors.
  28. Computers & Preschool Children: Why they are required in Early Childhood Centers
    Long-Breipohl is of the opinion that “…the earlier a child is introduced to the use of computers, the better will he be prepared for coping with the demands of workplaces later in life and the […]
  29. Impact on Operations Resources of JIT at Dell Computer
    JIT inventory system stresses on the amount of time required to produce the correct order; at the right place and the right time.
  30. Responsibilities of Computer Professionals to Understanding and Protecting the Privacy Rights
    It is therefore the responsibility of computer professionals to take all the necessary steps that would help preserve the privacy of computer users, some of which have been mentioned in this essay.
  31. Preparation of Correspondences by Typewriters and Computers
    On the other hand, the computer relies on software program to generate the words encoded by the computer user. The typewriter user has to press the keys of the typewriter with more force compared to […]
  32. Company Analysis: Apple Computer
    Looking at the retail segment, this one carries out operations of the retail stores that are under the ownership of the company in the United Kingdom, the United Sates, Japan and Canada.
  33. Network Security and Its Importance in Computer Networks
    In the domain of networking, network security comprises of provisions and guidelines established by the network administrator to curb and monitor illegal or unauthorized access, misuse, alteration, or denial of the computer network and other […]
  34. The Computer Microchip Industry
    For instance, the company can decide to focus on durability and by doing so, the company will have a competitive advantage in the market.
  35. Computer Networks and Security
    The node and the server share the private or secret key known to the KDC and to the nodes and servers.
  36. HP: Arguably the Best Computer Brand Today
    With this age of imitations, it is easy to get genuine HP computers as a result. While this is commendable, it is apparent that HP has stood out as the greatest computer brand recently.
  37. Purchasing and Leasing Computer Equipment, Noting the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each
    In fact, this becomes hectic when the equipment ceases to be used in the organization before the end of the lease period. First, they should consider how fast the equipment needs to be updated and […]
  38. Project Management and Computer Charting
    The need to enhance the management of information has led to the development of computer charting a concept that incorporates the use of IT based patient information management tools.
  39. Information Technology: Computer Software
    Computer software is a set of computer programs that instructs the computer on what to do and how to do it.
  40. The Causes and Effect of the Computer Revolution
    Starting the discussion with the positive effect of the issue, it should be stated that the implementation of the computer technologies in the modern world has lead to the fact that most of the processes […]

👍 Good Essay Topics on Computers

  1. Computer-Based Testing: Beneficial or Detrimental?
    Clariana and Wallace found out that scores variations were caused by settings of the system in computer-based and level of strictness of examiners in paper-based. According to Meissner, use of computer based tests enhances security […]
  2. Basic Operations of Computer Forensic Laboratories
    All computer forensic laboratories in the US have to adhere to the national standards before they could be certified. Standard computer forensic equipment is used to support standard procedures and conditions in the laboratories.
  3. Preparing a Computer Forensics Investigation Plan
    However, if the information is thought to be contained in the permanent storage, then a computer has to be shut down before transporting it to a laboratory for forensic analysis. The first step in the […]
  4. Computer Forensics and Investigations
    It is crucial in the investigation of crimes that are related to the manipulation of computer systems. For digital evidence to be admissible in court, investigations should be conducted in a manner that adopts the […]
  5. Ethics in Computer Technology: Cybercrimes
    The first one is the category of crimes that are executed using a computer as a weapon. The second type of crime is the one that uses a computer as an accessory to the crime.
  6. Ethics in Computer Hacking
    Hacking by no means follows ethics; the infiltration is to the benefit of hacker and loss of users of computer system, network or website.
  7. Computer Aided Software Tools (CASE)
    The use of the repository is common to both the visual analyst and IBM rational software with varying differences evident on the utilization of services.
  8. Tablet Computer Technology
    It weighs less than 500g and operates on the technology of AMOLED display with a resolution of WVGA 800 480 and a detachable input pen.
  9. The Influence of Computer on the Living Standards of People All Over the World
    In the past, people considered computers to be a reserve for scientist, engineers, the army and the government. Media is a field that has demonstrated the quality and value of computers.
  10. Leasing Computers at Persistent Learning
    Under the fair-market-value” lease the company would be under rental agreement while under the “one-dollar-purchase” the company would provide financing for the computers purchase.
  11. Social Implications of Computer Technology: Cybercrimes
    In reading the discussion above it becomes clear that the term cybercrime actually refers to computer-related crime; however, some consider computer crime to be a subdivision of cybercrime that warrants its own definition and understanding.
  12. Computer Based Training Verses Instructor Lead Training
    This paper will discuss the similarities between CBT and ILT; the differences between CBT and ILT; and the advantages and disadvantages of CBT and ILT.
  13. Through a Computer Display and What People See There: Communication Technologies and the Quality of Social Interactions
    Reaching for the Most Remote Corners of the World: The Positive Aspects One of the most obvious advantages of communication technologies is the fact that with the help of the latter, one can keep in […]
  14. Experts Respond To Questions Better Than Computers
    However, experts give better responses because they possess ability to synthesize, evaluate, and criticize information in order to provide best answers to queries.
  15. Ergotron Inc Computer Workstation Environment
    Policies of the organization In this context, the guiding principles and comprehensive rubrics for organizational activities are used to delineate the strategy of an organization.
  16. Modeling, Prototyping and CASE Tools: The Inventions to Support the Computer Engineering
    Despite the fact that the engineering is constantly being enriched with the new notions and techniques which add the new ways and methods to make the process of engineering quicker and flawless, the science still […]
  17. Computers in the Classroom: Pros and Cons
    Teachers will need to be able to teach kids how to think critically and apply the information that is available to them in solving problems.
  18. Advancement of the Computer: Microchips and Semiconductors
    The first type involves sharing of the valence electrons in the material, while ionic bonding is the process where acceptance and donation of valence electrons between the atoms are present.
  19. The Evolution of the Personal Computer and the Internet
    Due to the complexity of the subject matter it is necessary to digress once more and discuss briefly the history of the World-Wide-Web so that there is a clearer understanding of what it is all […]
  20. Strategic Marketing: Dell and ASUSTeK Computer Inc
    Another factor contributing to the success of iPad is the use of stylish, supreme marketing and excellent branding of the products.
  21. Computer Addiction in Modern Society
    Maressa’s definition that, computer addiction is an accurate description of what goes on when people spend large amount of time working on computers or online is true, timely, and ‘accurate’ and the writer of this […]
  22. The Alliance for Childhood and Computers in Education
    Of course, there are certain benefits of computers and the abilities children may get, however, it is necessary to remember about the limits and pay enough attention to active life, healthy food, and real communication […]
  23. Tablet PCs Popularity and Application
    The main reason why people prefer the tablet PCs is the ease of mobility and operability compared to the laptops and the desktops.
  24. HP Computer Marketing Concept
    The marketing concept is the criteria that firms and organizations use to meet the needs of their clients in the most conducive manner.
  25. The Impact of Computers
    Morris argues that ‘…the ever-accelerating progress of technology gives the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the history of the race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue.
  26. ClubIT Computer Company: Information and Technology Solutions
    The procurement department is active in ensuring that the company gets materials at the right time and the supplies are of an appropriate quality and quantity.
  27. Reflections and Evaluations on Key Issues Concerning Computer
    It is a challenge for the common users of the computers or cyberspace to maintain great level of privacy and integrity of information concerning individuals.
  28. Computer Safety: Types and Technologies
    The OS of a computer is a set of instructions communicating directly to the hardware of the computer and this enable it to process information given to it.
  29. Security of Your Computer and Ways of Protecting
    Authentication is used to mean that the information in the computer is only available and accessible to the authorized parties. This method is more effective as it can include hardware using multiple versions of software […]
  30. Computer Technology and Networked Organizations
    The current wave of changes in organization is a result of advances in technology which has been necessitated to cope with emerging demands.
  31. Key Issues Concerning Computer Security, Ethics, and Privacy
    The issues facing computer use such as defense, ethics, and privacy continue to rise with the advent of extra ways of information exchange.
  32. Human-Computer Interaction in Health Care
    On the other hand, siren speakers may produce a lot of noise which will interfere emergency workers inside the ambulance to perform their work, and this may cause errors Poor HFE leads to designing of […]
  33. Ethics and Computer Security
    The introduction of computers and the internet in the 1970s marked the end and the beginning of a new era where human labour was no longer required in the production of goods and services.
  34. Third Age Living and Computer Technologies in Old Age Learning
    This essay gives an analysis of factors which have contributed to the successful achievement of the Third Age by certain countries as a life phase for their populations.
  35. The Future of Human Computer Interface and Interactions
    The computer is programmed to read the mind and respond to the demands of that mind. The future of human computer interface and interactivity is already here.
  36. Apple Computer Inc. Marketing
    The company became the new market leader in consumer electronics with the latest success coming from a range of products including the iPod Touch, iTunes, the iPhone, and the iPad.
  37. Comparison of three tablet computers: Ipad2, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy
    The most common tablet Pcs in the market includes Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom, and Ipad2. Thus, the operating system and camera resolution of Ipad2 is more advanced than that of Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy.
  38. Are We Too Dependent on Computers?
    The duration taken to restore the machine varies depending on the cause of the breakdown, expertise of the repairing engineer and the resources needed to restore the machine.
  39. Computer-Mediated Communication
    The Cyber Factor: An Analysis of Relational Maintenance Through the Use of Computer-Mediated Communication by Houser, Fleuriet, and Estrada, IMing, Text Messaging, and Adolescent Social Networks by Bryant, Sanders-Jackson, and Smallwood, College Students’ Use of […]
  40. Paralinguistic Cues in Computer-Mediated Communications in Personality Traits
    The aim of the current study was to investigate whether paralinguistic cues in CMC interactions were sufficient to challenge the expectation that the target individual was introverted on personality trait rating.

💡 Simple & Easy Computers Essay Titles

  1. The Role of Computer Forensics in Criminology
    In fact, since the development of the virtual machine monitors, the live-state analysis in digital forensics has become common and easy to understand.
  2. Review: “Computers Learn to Listen, and Some Talk Back” by Lohr and Markoff
    Therefore, the paper critically examines the functionality of computer and its application in the day-to-day people’s interactions based on the views and opinions presented in the article. The core issue or theme in the story […]
  3. Negative Impacts of Computer Technology
    For instance, they can erase human memory, enhance the ability of human memory, boost the effectiveness of the brain, utilize the human senses in computer systems, and also detect anomalies in the human body. The […]
  4. Analyses and Model Forms: Computer Sciences Corporation Case Study
    In the context of liability capping, the organization should take into consideration purely commercial aspects, which specifically refer to the subject of the negotiation between the parties.
  5. Computer-Based Information Systems and E-Business Strategy
    The following are the information needs of the three categories of managers. The adoption of an e-business strategy is likely to affect the information systems function of a company.
  6. Apple Computer, Inc. Organizational Culture and Ethics
    The company pioneered in the use of the mouse to drive the computers, with the first machine of this kind being produced in 1984 in the company.
  7. Computer-Mediated Communication: Study Evaluation
    The impacts of intercultural awareness in the use of electronic email exchange between Hungarian learners and native English speakers seem to correspond with Laura that use of email as a communicative device provides a platform […]
  8. People Are Too Dependent on Computers
    One thing which is common in computer use is that computers have increased efficiency and minimized the time spent on tasks. In the end, computers have destroyed the friendships, families and the very relationships that […]
  9. Dell Computer Company and Michael Dell
    These numbers prove successful reputation of the company and make the organization improve their work in order to attract the attention of more people and help them make the right choice during the selection of […]
  10. Microsoft Operating System for Personal Computers a Monopoly in the Markets
    Microsoft operating system has penetrated most of the markets and is considered to be the most popular of the operating systems in use today.
  11. Computer Forensics Related Ethics
    Due to advancement in technology, individual information can be kept in databases, the risk of accessing this data is evident and this necessity the need of such a law so as to ensure security.
  12. Information Security Fundamentals: Computer Forensics
    In addition, the paper provides an overview of the techniques used in obtaining evidence from the internet and web resources, the types of evidence that can be recovered from electronic and computer resources, and the […]
  13. The Convergence of the Computer Graphics and the Moving Image
    The history of media art is place in a course of the pedigree of the media technology as opposed to art history.
  14. Telecommunication and Computer Networking in Healthcare
    The key areas emphasized in this legislation are the maintenance of confidentiality, the protection of patient information and the respect of the rights to privacy of the patients.
  15. Computer Technology in Education
    The task should be based on the content of the text, however, the stress should be made on the new words and the use of the vocabulary by students.
  16. Apple Computer Inc. – History and Goals of This Multinational Corporation
    It is impossible to upgrade the RAM because the memory modules and RAM are fused with the logic board. In case of battery replacement, the Macbook should be send to Apple because the battery is […]
  17. Dependency on Computers
    For example, even the author of this paper is not only using the computer to type the essay but they are also relying on the grammar checker to correct any grammatical errors in the paper. […]
  18. Computer Security and Its Main Goals
    Confidentiality is an aspect of security that ensures that access to data and other computer assets is limited to the authorized parties.
  19. The Computer-Mediated Learning Module
    A runtime data model will be used to encode the information received into a standard format of programming, and a standard metadata will also be used to identify a particular activity in the performance criterion […]
  20. Turing Test From Computer Science
    While analyzing human intelligence in relation to the Turing Test, one is to determine the functions, the degree they are fulfilled, and the ways these functions are carried out.
  21. Supply Chain Management at Dell Computers
    Therefore, the roles of the supply chain manager at Dell computers are to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the product distribution utilized by the company.
  22. Theft of Information and Unauthorized Computer Access
    Such people might attempt to steal information with a motive of using it to exploit the company by selling confidential information to the competitors or to leverage on the same to get a new job.
  23. Computer Manufacturer: Apple Computer Inc
    There is no single company in the computing industry that has full control of new technology and therefore, each player in the market has to change in the same pace as technology in order to […]
  24. Computer and Digital Music Players Industry: Apple Inc. Analysis
    This paper will analyze the competition in the computer and the digital music players industry in order to determine the industry that is associated with greater competition. The threat is also low since the “capital […]
  25. The Usefulness of Computer Networks for Students
    The network has enabled us to make computer simulations in various projects we are undertaking and which are tested by other learners who act as users of the constructed simulations.
  26. Human Computer Interface: Evolution and Changes
    The conferences will not require members to be there in person as the events can be transmitted to people in their homes and they can make suggestions too.
  27. Computer Forensics and Digital Evidence
    When electronic data has been collected to identify the kind of the incident and introduce evidence of the crime, it is important to organize a meeting with the witness who can provide details of the […]
  28. Apple Computer, Inc.: Maintaining the Music Business
    This has assured its customers of high quality products and services from the company. Apple’s marketing and innovative strategies make it a leader in the industry.
  29. Human Computer Interaction – Heptic Technology in PlayMotion
    With the introduction of haptic applications of in gaming, PlayMotion does not constitute the ultimate gaming experience any more. What haptic technology promises gamers tactile is feedback on their gaming experience and a multisensory involvement […]
  30. Computer Games: Morality in the Virtual World
    It is necessary to note that these sets of morals are often employed in the virtual world only as many people create alter egos when playing games.
  31. Computers and Information Gathering
    On the other hand, it would be correct to say that application of computers in gathering information has led to negative impacts in firms.
  32. Computer Adaptive Testing and Using Computer Technology
    Item selection is the other component that is used in developing the computer adaptive test where the psychometrics of the test chooses the next item to be administered to the examinee.
  33. Implementing Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in EFL Classrooms
    CALL modifies the role of both the teacher and student in the process of language learning drastically. The implementation of CALL in EFL settings should enhance the learning outcomes of learners and facilitate the meeting […]
  34. Corporate Governance: Satyam Computer Service Limited
    However, the debate in the next section addresses corporate governance within the context of the UK in the effort to determine whether the Satyam fraud, possibly the Indian Enron, could have been avoided under the […]
  35. Computer R Us Company: Initiatives for Improving Customer Satisfaction
    The result of the second question shows that the overall satisfaction of female customers is higher than that of male customers. Therefore, there is a need to improve the level of satisfaction of the male […]
  36. Corporate Governance in Satyam Computer Services LTD
    The Chief Executive Officer of the company in the UK serves as the chairman of the board, but his/her powers are controlled by the other board members.
  37. “Interaction” in Human Computer Interaction: iPad’s Design Framework
    In addition, a page navigation function included in the iPad allows a user to preview the contents of a page before opening it by pressing and holding the scroll bar area.
  38. Environmental Friendly Strategy for Quality Computers Limited
    As opposed to the obsolete misconceptions concerning the negative impact of the eco-friendly strategies on the companies’ profits, the concept of the triple bottom line which comprises the three P shows that the human, ecological […]
  39. Computer Technology in the Last 100 Years of Human History
    These communication tools are based on computer technology, and are the foundation of younger generations’ living. Computer technology is detrimental to the lives of younger generations because it fails.
  40. How Computers Work: Components and Power
    The CPU of the computer determines the ultimate performance of a computer because it is the core-processing unit of a computer as shown in figure 2 in the appendix.

🥇 Most Interesting Computers Topics to Write about

  1. Computer-Based Technologies That Assist People With Disabilities
    The visually impaired To assist the visually impaired to use computers, there are Braille computer keyboards and Braille display to enable them to enter information and read it. Most of these devices are very expensive […]
  2. Computer Security – Information Assurance
    Some of the health care information stored in shared computers is sensitive, and it calls for health care practitioners to use a two-factor authentication to make sure that other users do not access the information. […]
  3. Melissa Virus and Its Effects on Computers
    The shutting down of the servers compromises the effectiveness of the agencies, and criminals could use such lapses to carry out acts that endanger the lives of the people.
  4. Computer Science Corporation Service Design
    Notably, the matrix service design that the CSC has been using over the years has been of great importance and effective to the company.
  5. Design and Installation of a Computer Network
    For instance, the software installations and the hardware installations team leaders should determine their resource requirements in good time and forward such to the operations head.
  6. Computer-Aided Cooperative Learning
    The effect of computer-assisted cooperative learning methods and group size on the EFL learners’ achievement in communication skills The study points at the effect of the computer-aided cooperative learning method and the group size on […]
  7. Computer Science: Threats to Internet Privacy
    Allegedly, the use of the Internet is considered to be a potential threat to the privacy of individuals and organizations. Internet privacy may be threatened by the ease of access to personal information as well […]
  8. Computer Science Program in Colleges and Universities
    In many colleges and universities in the United States and globally, the computer science program is offered to students to prepare them to the identification of computational challenges in all spheres of contemporary life, as […]
  9. The Drawbacks of Computers in Human Lives
    Since the invention of computers, they have continued to be a blessing in many ways and more specifically changing the lives of many people.
  10. Euro Computer Systems and Order Fulfillment Center Conflict
    The current process in the OFC is largely manual-based, and involves generating the orders on a weekly basis, dating the orders and putting them in an Order Bin located in the order processing area, entering […]
  11. Computer’s Memory Management
    Memory management is one of the primary responsibilities of the OS, a role that is achieved by the use of the memory management unit.
  12. Globalization Influence on the Computer Technologies
    In spite of the fact that globalization may be defined as a serious problem in different spheres of life, it is wrong to believe that the future of IT may undergo negative effects; it seems […]
  13. How to Build a Computer?
    Preparation and Materials In order to build a personal computer, it is necessary to choose the performance that you want by considering the aspects such as the desired processor speed, the memory, and storage capacity. […]
  14. Humanities and Computer Science Collaboration
    Much attention has over the years been given to IS as a social science, and much has been published on the application of IS in the humanities, however, the gap in the reflection and theory […]
  15. Dell Computers Company Planning and Organization
    Michael Dell, the proprietor of Dell Computers, has been one of the most successful entrepreneurs shipping computers and computer components directly to customers in different locations around the world.
  16. Computer Security and Computer Criminals
    The main thing that people need to know is how this breach of security and information occurs and also the possible ways through which they can be able to prevent it, and that’s why institutions […]
  17. Computer-Mediated Communication Aspects and Influences
    The development of computers and the ease of internet’s accessibility have played a vital role in improving the efficiency of communication.
  18. Computer Hardware: Past, Present, and Future
    Overall, one can identify several important trends that profoundly affected the development of hardware, and one of them is the need to improve its design, functionality, and capacity.
  19. Computer Mediated Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication
    Despite the fact that social media clearly poses a tangible threat to the culture of live communication and, therefore, will contribute to the shriveling of people’s social skills, computer mediated interpersonal and intercultural communication will […]
  20. HP Company’s Computer Networking Business
    According to HP Networking, HP is one of the dominant firms in the networking sector because it has capitalized on a networking innovation to create a competitive edge over its competitors.
  21. Personal Computers in the U.S Market
    In the case of personal computers, there are many reasons that are leading to its decline in the market, especially in the US’ market.
  22. Human-Computer Interaction in Health Care Settings
    Though it is impossible to find out whether changes are for the better, using a simple method of trials and errors is often much more beneficial than ignoring the possibility of choosing the new ways […]
  23. Computer Architecture for a College Student
    It is also important to consider that the student might have to carry the computer to college on a regular basis.
  24. Pointing Devices of Human-Computer Interaction
    The footpad also has a navigation ball that is rolled to the foot to move the cursor on a computer screen.
  25. Medical Uses of Computer-Mediated Communication
    Telemedicine is vast because it incorporates communication between professionals in the field of medicine and transfer of such information to the target populations.
  26. Human Overdependence on Computers
    It is through this process that they are able to demonstrate that they can live without the use of computers. There is no going back to the time when people are not too dependent on […]
  27. Human Computer Interaction in Web Based Systems
    The personalization of web services has been seen to improve the interaction that the user will have with the information presented by the machine.
  28. Online and Computer-Based Technology Issues
    Also, the ability of teachers to adopt the new method of teaching is of great concern due to the adoption of technological change. The introduction of technology in the education sector has led to a […]
  29. Human Computer Interaction: Types of Special Needs
    The rapid growth of the information technology sector worldwide, with the accompanying rise and spread of the internet denotes the intensity of the challenge of meeting the special needs of persons who cannot use the […]
  30. Computer Evolution, Its Future and Societal Impact
    In spite of the computers being in existence since the abacus, it is the contemporary computers that have had a significant impact on the human life.
  31. Fertil Company’s Computer and Information Security
    The rapid growths of technologies and the rise of digital devices that impact the functioning of various establishments and organizations introduce numerous changes to the way the modern world functions.
  32. Personal Computers and Protection of Privacy
    To minimize the risks of the deprivation of rights, it was decided not to provide the police authorities with the opportunity to determine a sufficient ground for a search or seizure.
  33. The History of Computer Storage
    Thus, the scope of the project includes the history of crucial inventions for data storage, from the first punch cards to the latest flash memory storage technology.
  34. Computer Crimes and Internet Security
    After the synthesis of this information, the researcher will obtain the necessary background to evaluate the current state of affairs in the area of computer crimes and Internet security.
  35. Epistemic Superiority Over Computer Simulations
    The first challenge is to explore and determine the source of the epistemic privilege of an experiment. Parke also observed that simulations are seen to have less impact than experiments on the generation of scientific […]
  36. Graph Theory Application in Computer Science
    Speaking about the classification of graphs and the way to apply them, it needs to be noted that different graphs present structures helping to represent data related to various fields of knowledge.
  37. Life Without Computers Essay
    One of the major contributions of the computer technology in the world has been the enhancement of the quality of communication.
  38. Computers in Security, Education, Business Fields
    The development of computers is a major breakthrough in the history of humanity which has drastically changed the way humans live nowdays.
  39. Computer Viruses, Their Types and Prevention
    A memory-resident virus is one of the most resilient types of viruses out there since it resides in the RAM of the computer and comes out of stasis every time the computer’s OS is activated.
  40. Computer Literacy: Parents and Guardians Role
    Filtering and monitoring content on the internet is one of the most important roles that parents in the contemporary world should play, and it reveals that parents care about their children.

🎓 Good Research Topics about Computers

  1. Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
  2. Computer-Based Information Systems
  3. Computer Emergency Readiness Team
  4. Dell Computer Corporation: Competitive Advantages
  5. Computers R Us Company’s Customer Satisfaction
  6. Enhancing Sepsis Collaborative: Computer Documentation
  7. Computer Hardware Components and Functions
  8. Education Goals in Computer Science Studies
  9. Computer Hardware and Software Policies for Schools
  10. Computer Technology in the Student Registration Process
  11. IBM Website and Human-Computer Interaction
  12. IBM.com Website and Human-Computer Interaction
  13. Memex and Dynabook as Early Portable Computers
  14. Zayed University’s Computer Security Internship
  15. Computer Games and Instruction
  16. Computers and Web 2.0
  17. The Popularity of Esports Among Computer Gamers
  18. Computer-Based Systems Effective Implementation
  19. Graphical Communication and Computer Modeling
  20. Allocating a Personal Computer
  21. Internship in the Computer Service Department
  22. Technical Requirements for Director Computer Work
  23. Computer and Internet Security Notions
  24. Dam Computers Company’s Strategic Business Planning
  25. Computer Crime Investigation Processes and Analyses
  26. Computer Forensics: Identity Theft
  27. Computer Forensics and Cyber Crime
  28. Computer Crimes: Viewing the Future
  29. Keystone Computers & Networks Inc.’s Audit Plan
  30. Computer Forensics in Criminal Investigation
  31. Apple Inc. and Computer Market
  32. Personal Computer and Social Media Security
  33. Use of Robots in Computer Science
  34. Computers Will Not Replace Teachers
  35. Apex Computers: Problems of Motivation Among Subordinates
  36. Computer Science. Open Systems Interconnection Model
  37. Bill Gates’ Contributions to Computer Technology
  38. How Computers Negatively Affect Student Growth
  39. Uniform Law for Computer Information Transactions
  40. Computers: Science and Scientists Review
  41. The American Military and the Evolution of Computer Technology From the Early 1940s to Early 1960s
  42. Gaming System for Dell Computer: Media Campaign Issues
  43. Computer Engineer Stephen Wozniak
  44. Computer Financial Systems and the Labor Market
  45. Use and Benefit of Computer Analysis
  46. Firewalls in Computer Security
  47. Modern Portable Computer – Battery Technology, LCD Displays, Low-Power CPUs
  48. Computer Network Types and Classification
  49. Computer Virus User Awareness
  50. Computer Vision: Tracking the Hand Using Bayesian Models
  51. Growing Compatibility Issues: Computers and User Privacy
  52. Computer Software and Wireless Information Systems
  53. The Concept of Computer Hardware and Software
  54. Computer and Information Tech Program in Education
  55. Mind, Brains, and Computer: Homunculus Theories
  56. Computer Security: Bell-Lapadula & Biba Models
  57. The Research of Computer Assisted Instructions
  58. Resolving Software Problem: Timberjack Company
  59. Legal and Ethical Issues in Computer Security
  60. Recommendations for Computer to Purchase

🔍 Interesting Topics to Write about Computers

  1. Computer Adventure Games Analysis
  2. The Increasing Human Dependence on Computers
  3. State-Of-The-Art in Computer Numerical Control
  4. Computers in Education: More a Boon Than a Bane
  5. Computer Systems: Technology Impact on Society
  6. Boot Process of a CISCO Router and Computer
  7. “ESL Students’ Computer-Mediated Communication Practices” by Dong Shin
  8. Marketing: Graphic and Voice Capabilities of a Computer Software Technology
  9. Computer Addiction: Side Effects and Possible Solutions
  10. Biometrics and Computer Security
  11. Why to Choose Mac Over Windows Personal Computer
  12. Principles of Computer Security
  13. How Computers Have Changed the Way People Communicate
  14. Technical Communication: Principles of Computer Security
  15. Computer Mediated Communication Enhance or Inhibit
  16. Dell Computer Corporation: Management Control System
  17. Computer Security: Intrusion Detection System Policy
  18. Analogical Reasoning in Computer Ethics
  19. Computer Security System: Identity Theft
  20. Quasar Computers Company’s Economic Strategies
  21. Computers Have Changed Education for the Better
  22. Human Mind Simply: A Biological Computer
  23. Computers: The History of Invention and Development
  24. “Failure to Connect – How Computers Affect Our Children’s Minds and What We Can Do About It” by Jane M. Healy
  25. The Effectiveness of the Computer
  26. Advantages of Using Computers at Work
  27. TUI University: Computer Capacity Evaluation
  28. Shaping and Profiting From the Computer Revolution: Bill Gates
  29. Computer Assisted Language Learning in English
  30. Computers Brief History: From Pre-Computer Hardware to Modern Computers
  31. Mathematics as a Basis in Computer Science
  32. Computer Laboratory Staff and Their Work
  33. Strayer University’s Computer Labs Policy
  34. Sidetrack Computer Tech Business Description
  35. Malware: Code Red Computer Worm
  36. History of the Personal Computer: From 1804 to Nowadays
  37. The Five Developments of the Computers
  38. Computers’ Critical Role in Modern Life
  39. Technological Facilities: Computers in Education
  40. How to Sell Computers: PC Type and End User Correlation
  41. Purpose of the Computer Information Science Course
  42. Smartwatches: Computer on the Wrist
  43. Sales Plan for Computer Equipment
  44. Computer Tech Company’s Medical Leave Problem
  45. Maintenance and Establishment of Computer Security
  46. Research Tools Used by Computer Forensic Teams
  47. Computers and Transformation from 1980 to 2020
  48. Overview of Computer Languages – Python
  49. Computer Sciences Technology: Admonition in IT Security
  50. Protecting Computers From Security Threats
  51. Computer Problems: Review
  52. Computer Sciences Technology and HTTPS Hacking Protection
  53. Building a PC, Computer Structure
  54. Life, Achievement, and Legacy to Computer Systems of Alan Turing
  55. The Life, Achievement, and Legacy to Computer Systems of Bill Gates
  56. Viruses and Worms in Computers
  57. Honeypots and Honeynets in Network Security
  58. Evolution of Computers in Commercial Industries and Healthcare
  59. Computer Network: Electronic Mail Server
  60. Current Laws and Acts That Pertain to Computer Security

❓ Computer Essay Questions

  1. How Have Computers Changed the Wage Structure?
  2. Do Computers and the Internet Help Students Learn?
  3. How Are Computers Used in Pavement Management?
  4. Are Americans Becoming Too Dependent on Computers?
  5. How Are Data Being Represented in Computers?
  6. Can Computers Replace Teachers?
  7. How Did Computers Affect the Privacy of Citizens?
  8. Are Computers Changing the Way Humans Think?
  9. How Are Computers and Technology Manifested in Every Aspect of an American’s Life?
  10. Can Computers Think?
  11. What Benefits Are Likely to Result From an Increasing Use of Computers?
  12. How Are Computers Essential in Criminal Justice Field?
  13. Are Computers Compromising Education?
  14. How Are Computers Used in the Military?
  15. Did Computers Really Change the World?
  16. How Have Computers Affected International Business?
  17. Should Computers Replace Textbooks?
  18. How Have Computers Made the World a Global Village?
  19. What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages for Society of the Reliance on Communicating via Computers?
  20. Will Computers Control Humans in the Future?

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