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65 IBM Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best IBM Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. The IBM Company Management of Information System
    The technological advancement allows the companies to be in a position of collaborating and exchanging information over contraction or stockholding. A good management system focuses on impact and risk analysis of the business.
  2. Information systems management at IBM and Dell
    It is worth noting that the systems that have been developed to aid organizations in meeting their information needs and approaches to development of strategies in the current business environment have developed due to availability […]
  3. The IBM Company’s International Success
    A great part of the need to change came with the culture and the public demands. As there is a lot of competition in the modern world, the changes that IBM makes have to be […]
  4. IBM and International Business
    IBM believes that this is an era of smartness and therefore the Smart Planet concept is relevant in helping business to lead and win in their respective markets.
  5. Management Consulting: Case Study of IBM
    Management consulting is defined as an advisory service contracted and provided by expert people who assist the client organization to identify and analyze management problems, devise suitable solutions and help in the implementation of the […]
  6. IBM Company’s Organizational Culture
    In relation to a big international company such as the IBM, the distance entails the dependence of the employees on their superiors, the complexity involving the rules, regulations and the predictabilities.
  7. IBM Promotes Social Responsibility Goals
    The company’s responsibility is notable in many places of the society since it has a number of projects that target the betterment of the lives of challenged persons in the society.
  8. IBM Company Analysis
    It was one of the first companies to develop the concept of the home personal computer, pioneered the development of the modern-day checkout line through the creation of the laser scanner, is the primary manufacturer […]
  9. The Fall of IBM
    Overall, the threat of new entrants is high in the software segment and moderate in the hardware segment of the industry.
  10. IBM – Management Review
    This is a considerable provision in the context of management. This is a considerable provision in the context of management and other business provisions.
  11. Real-World Example of a Business Facing a Social Responsibility Issue – IBM
    The company has to structure vital social responsibility programs so as to outdo other competitors in the global market. This grants IBM a critical mandate to deal with the social responsibility issue on sustainable development.
  12. Social Problems in IBM
    The other important fact of the situation is that the company should establish social responsibility programs in order to outdo its competitors in the market.
  13. IBM & Dell Companies’ Overview
    Its research and development team has continually endeavored to provide the company with the best information as regards the markets of its products. Of the two companies, IBM is more successful and somewhat unpredictable in […]
  14. Major Trends affecting IBM Australia
    External environment of a business is the area of the business environment outside the business which affects the growth and the existence of the business.
  15. IBM PC and Sony Walkman
    Furthermore, the convenience of its size was unrivaled in the PC market. It was relatively easy to penetrate the market at the time because the Walkman was the first of its kind.
  16. IBM HR Strategies in Talent Management
    However, to achieve the current popularity and success that the company is enjoying, IBM has come up with and implemented a number of strategies in its operations.
  17. IBM IT Security
    This is achieved through data security strategy and assessment that in turn assists in the development of a risk-balanced security strategy.
  18. Workforce Diversity: IBM
    Thus, management of workforce diversity is an essential part of protecting organisational performance and possible legal tangles from sections of the workforce that feel dissatisfied due to cases of harassment and discrimination because of their […]
  19. Data Consolidation at IBM
    The use of IBM applications is executed in these three flows including the product, information and the flow of finances. In addition to the physical tracking, the Execution Application Software also facilitates the proper material […]
  20. Global Outsourcing for IBM
    After an assessment of the institution, the human resource department determines the need to introduce new resources to the organization. The human resources at IBM and the machinery used to perform functions including the management […]
  21. IBM as a Technology Company
    This is a good practice because it helps IBM to maintain a highly competitive pay structure that is in tandem with its objective of attracting and maintaining the best skills in the market.
  22. Digital Economy: IBM Case
    The use of IBM applications is executed in these three flows including the product, information and the flow of finances. In this step, the company defines IT strategy and necessary infrastructure.
  23. IBM Company Changing and Adjustment
    The CEOs have also changed some of the management that would provide a shift from hardware to a software focus an in-depth knowledge of the culture and social specificities of other countries allowed for better […]
  24. RIM and IBM Companies Environmental Scanning
    Overall, the market penetration/market share guidelines utilized by either company is actually quite effective in enabling both IBM and RIM to determine the effectiveness of their current operational structure.
  25. IBM Company: Emerging Business Opportunities
    This realization was important in helping the management to develop strategies that would propel the growth of the businesses to greater heights.
  26. IBM Company: Growth and Opportunities
    The case study also shows that established businesses ignore the emphasis on higher growth of the business as compared to sustained profit.
  27. Applications of Machiavelli on IBM Operations
    The reason for this is because the incoming employees, together with the existing lot, are the key drivers of success in the organization.
  28. IBM’s vs. Eli Lilly and Co.’s Diversity Management
    In my own opinion, the proactive diversity management approach implemented by IBM is far much better due to a number of factors that are either absent or inadequately represented in Lilly’s diversity management approach.
  29. IBM Company’s Strategy Analysis
    IBM’s current strategic choice framework is the leadership strategy because the company seeks to retain its dominance in domestic and international markets through acquisitions of other companies.
  30. IBM Company’s Fifth Integration and Values Team
    The team should also examine the needs of different stakeholders. The purpose of the team is to connect more people.
  31. IBM’s Success Factors, Competitors, SWOT Analysis
    Kotler shows that the CEO, who took up the management in the 21 century, modified IBM’s vision and strategy to correspond to the current situation by shifting it towards software rather than hardware and focusing […]
  32. IBM Innovation: Search, Select, Implement, Capture
    In this article, we look at how IBM has used innovation to enhance its position in the global business and transformed other businesses.
  33. Apple’s, Samsung’s, IBM’s, Tesla’s Innovation and Creativity
    Apple is the best-known example of innovation and creativity in the world. Samsung is another modern company that is famous for the promotion of creativity and innovations.
  34. IBM Company’s Strategies and Changes
    However, the detailed and nuanced discussion of the internal shifts and strategy and structure changes that the company needs to adapt to adjust to the international business environment has been glanced over and discussed only […]
  35. IBM’s Diversity Strategy for Work- and Marketplace
    The central goal of the initiative was to bridge the workplace and marketplace in other words, seek ways of reaching out to the diversified markets of the modernity and ensure the recognition of the individual […]
  36. IBM Company’s Historical Functional Strategies
    IBM utilizes a complimentary distribution model since it offers a wide range of products and services globally to consumers located in different parts of the world.
  37. IBM Website and Human-Computer Interaction
    Concurrently, it considers features of the website, discerns both positive and negative aspects of the website, captures opinions of other parties regarding the usability of the website, and provides appropriate recommendations relevant in this context.
  38. IBM.com Website and Human-Computer Interaction
    The website even indicates software products, which are on offer and the savings in terms of percentage that the buyer would be entitled to when he/he buys the products online.
  39. IBM Company’s Multicultural Project Team Management
    Such practice would also give me a chance to easily adapt to cultural diversity and polish my problem-solving, networking, and team-work-related skills because teamwork can be regarded as one of the most effective ways of […]

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  1. Business Analysis of Outsourcing in the United States of America with an Example of IBM Company
  2. A Comparison of Macintosh and IBM Computers
  3. Analysis Apple and IBM Marketing
  4. Analysis: How Can Lenovo Increase Its Competitiveness From The Deal With IBM – From A Strategic Alliance Perspective
  5. What major achievements have IBM?
  6. Analysis Macro and Micro Environment of IBM
  7. An Overview of AIX (IBM’s Unix Flavor) Memory Management and How It Works
  8. How IBM Creates Value through People, Knowledge, and Relationships?
  9. Brand Personlities: IBM and Apple
  10. Analysis of Life Cycle of IBM
  11. What Challenges Do Global Teams at IBM Face and How Is IBM Helping Them to Deal with These Challenges?
  12. Why Financial Strength Comes from People. The Case of IBM?
  13. An Analysis of the IBM Clones, Computers Which are Identical To the IBM C in Every Important Respect
  14. Business Analysis of IBM

📝 Interesting Topics to Write about IBM

  1. A Company Overview of IBM and Its Global Market Operations
  2. History of IBM
  3. Benefits Of IBM The World’s Biggest It Benefits Supplier
  4. Critical Incidents in Growth of IBM
  5. Culture, leadership, and power: the keys to Organizational Change. An idea behind the success of IBM
  6. Employee Training at IBM
  7. Environmental Leadership of IBM
  8. Financial Analysis on IBM Corporation
  9. Harvard Business Case Study of IBM
  10. How IBM Enters in India
  11. IBM and Microsoft Financial Statement
  12. Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov. Victory of the man over the machine.

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