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Evaluating Performance in IBM Research Paper

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Updated: Sep 9th, 2021

International Business machines Corporation (IBM), deals with computer technology through manufacturing and selling computer components. All though it has been an information technology company in the USA with its headquarters at Armonk New York.

Due to the current state of competition in the information technology market in the USA, the company has adopted various organizational behavior tools such as motivation, instilling ethics, and emphasizing conflict management between the organization administration and the employees n above managing conflict between the workers. With a high number of employees close to 350,000, the organization has been trying to dominate the market through the use of organizational behavior concept that motivates the employees.

In all cases, organization behavior concepts play an important role in determining the performance health of such entities. Organizational behavior deals with how different behavioral therapies of workers at the workplace. For IBM, this rule is not an exception. Perhaps the outstanding performance with the corporation is deeply rooted in its outstanding behavioral concepts. Throughout its history, it has been known to be a responsible initiator in developing good organizational behavior concepts.

Motivation is a concept that IBM uses to improve its employee’s interest in the performance of roles and duties within the corporation. It does this through the understanding of the importance. All through the corporation has worked on improving its performance through the use of motivational concepts its workers. It has a labor union that works to fight for the rights of the employees. With this scheme, the employees have been able to enter into different motivational undertakings that seek to promote both the benefits of the workers and the company. Throughout history, the company has had a remarkable relationship with its employees where high staff retention has been seen. Due to its good reputation, there have been very few cases of employees turnover. In 2005, the organization revised its pension scheme to facilitate better pension pay to its workers. Either the company has been voiced it offers very attractive remunerations to its workers which have been an incentive for working harder and therefore improving the productivity of its workforce. Generally, the organizational structure of the company forms a good basis for the motivational structure of the corporation where a cordial relationship between the administration and the workers has been fostered. The program between them and the administration for example in 2003 the company led to provide an integration seminar where workers’ issues were discussed.

Either the organizational behavior of the company is catchments are where employees develop different personal ethics through which they can improve on their productivity. Through their interaction in various undertakings within the corporation, the workers can develop various professional work ethics, ethos, and codes of conduct at their work. As a psychological rule human behavior normally will undergo various changes through experience with the environment. Due to their daily services delivery to the corporation the worker change their ethics to suit the corporation’s work environment requirement. Human ethics is modeled through learning. Such learning involves interaction with the work environment. For # IBN ethical issues are chattered by 2003, bill or the company values. Through its meeting worth 52,000 the company was able to sanction a dialogue between it and the workers above the implementation program on work values and ethics the company would adopt. As an activation in this dialogue, workers were to be paid high salaries during the spring.

Conflict management is the IBM most adopted tool for ensuring higher worker productivity hence improving the corporation’s performance. The organizational behavior environment within IBN is by itself authentic scenery where conflicts resolutions can be addressed. Within the corporation is a structure of persons and the different duties that they should play. Delegations of duties are delegated according to a professional qualification to avoid any conflicts between workers. Either the company has drafted a comprehensive draft that serves as the rules and regulations of workers with it. Different work positions are applied with the performance duties and requirements which helps the supplied with the performance duties and requirements which helps the workers to work cordially with one another. Human resource management is highly developed with an extensive database that monitors the movements of workers. The organizational behavioral pattern of IBM itself serves as a good basis for solving conflicts between the workers with good relations being highly prescribed.


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