Management Essay Examples and Topics

Management: Massive Open Online Courses

Introduction Following the proposal to research the introduction of MOOCs at UMUC, the taskforce on program implementation recommends further studies on MOOC for climate change. Concerning findings submitted on the research report, UMUC needs to conduct a unique course offering interaction with real global issues. Aware of the urgency of climate change awareness and the […]

Personal Model of Leadership

Introduction This personal model aims at creating a conceptual map from an individual perspective. Leadership is a process of social influence in which one person can influence the behavior of others. It is, therefore, apparent that there must be the leader and followers (Clark, 2003). The leader must be influential and directive to the people. […]

Management: Lean Operations and Production

Introduction Entrepreneurs have always sought the means of maximizing the output and reducing the number of costs to zero. In the 21st century, in the realm of globalization and technological breakthrough, the philosophy of lean production works was the key tool for achieving the above-mentioned goal. Lean operations, traditionally identified as the philosophy aimed at […]

Business Theory and Theoretical Constructs

Weick (1995) explained that the formulation of a new theory results in the emergence of several other theories that are mere approximations of the original theory (p. 385). He argued that most theories do not have strong ideas since their main ideologies have just been borrowed from other actual theories. He believes that those theories […]

Understanding Management Strategy

Executive Summary Foxlore is a newly formed company with a vision to become one of the world’s leading companies in the manufacture of detergents. With a strong vision and mission statements aimed at service improvements and market domination, its strategic direction is focused on customer satisfaction through service and community aid, with a goal of […]

GCGDA’s Project Management

Introduction Project management plays a foreground role in the utilization of organizational resources and achievement of the organizational goals. Project management inculcates processes, activities, systems, structures and people in the organization. It determines how the interplay between the mentioned factors contributes to the success of this organization (O’Connell 1994). This study highlights the various issues […]

Case Study Research of SHRM (workforce planning) of Ramsay Health Care

Background information on the problem The problem of ageing workforce is becoming a critical issue of management in Australia. Most organizations in Australia are getting overwhelmed by the issue of a rise in the number of ageing employees. Approximately a third of Ramsay Health Care employees are over 50 years. This denotes the likelihood of […]

Management in Technology

Abstract In any established technology company, there are unique ways of managing current affairs and changing trends in the field of technology. In this sense, there are only two basic focus of any technology-based corporation in management. These are managing processes and people. Management of emerging technology firms must be different from managing well-established technology […]

Ministry of Sound Strategic Management

Ministry of Sound Ministry of Sound was established by James Palumbo as a London Club in 1991, and it has put up a strong and exclusive brand. Ministry of Sound is known for its big name in dance music, and in year 2002, it faced a strategic drift. Fourth Phase at the close of the […]

Important Role of Leadership

Introduction Leadership plays an important role within any organization. This perhaps helps explain why several approaches to leadership have been developed. Although there are different advantages and disadvantages associated with the leadership approaches, it is worth noting that several factors influence the success achieved within organization. Based on this, thought leadership is put into perspective […]

Motivating Employee During the Crisis: Challenges and Directions

Company of Case Study: Dubai Real Estate Corporation, Wasl Properties Using the DREC and Wasl properties case, the company must resolve problems arising from noncompliance with all company policies being implemented (Robbins and Judge, 2007). The research of WASL and DREC is grounded on identifying possible internal conflicts and instituting policies to prevent escalation of […]

Balanced Scorecard and Performance Measures

The current global knowledge economies dictate innovation, upholding and use of information to establish the rate of success within firms. Organisation enrichment is inevitably enhanced through performance measurements as firms strive to improve their production systems which necessitate application of quantifiable scientific methodology (Irala, 2007). Consequently, the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) has been established as one […]

Knowledge Management Perspectives and Issues

Introduction This essay shall assess knowledge management (KM) in relation to the formation and development of ‘communities of practice’. In this context, KM strives to include any deliberate and systematic process or practice of gaining, capturing, sharing and using valuable knowledge to improve learning and output in organisations. KM aims at developing capabilities in an […]

Project Team Involvement in a Merger

Executive Summary This report discusses the use of project teams in achieving objectives of a given project in an organization. In this case, the report discusses the use of project team in a merger between Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Compaq companies in the computer industry. The merger was important in trying to solve the crisis facing […]

Onboarding Process for U.S. Federal & Public Employees

Introduction Onboarding is the process of integrating and acculturating new employees into an organization by providing them with the tools, re­sources, and knowledge needed to become successful and productive. It refers to the mechanism adopted by organizations and companies to help new employees acquire the needed knowledge, skill, and behavior to become effective members of […]

How Does Internal Public Relations Impact the Employee Productivity and Loyalty in Saudi Arabia?

Contribution of the Study The success of any business organization depends on various fundamental issues, which have to be put into consideration by the management and other stakeholders. These factors have significant impact in determining and setting performance pace for the organization. They create an environment that allows high productivity among employees. One of these […]

Developing Coaching Skills

Introduction Coaching can be described as the art of developing the performance, learning and development of another person. It involves unlocking the capabilities of another person in order for him to improve his performance. It bridges the gap between, about performing and performing a certain activity. It is about performing a certain activity through assistance […]

Quality of Life in Contract Security

Introduction A contract security company, such as G4s and Walden, should have an effective framework that deals with critical issues experienced by employees. This may include wages, union representatives, job placement, and pension, among others. According to Schermerhorn, Osborn, & Hunt (2000), a vast majority of the contract security companies is faced with a dilemma […]

Business Ousourcing Strategy

Executive Summary Business enterprises, both profit, and non-profit organisation have adopted outsourcing as a viable way of increasing effectiveness and efficiency. To assess the factors leading to outsourcing, this study delves into the outsourcing strategy used by the University of Wisconsin (UW), as well as the challenges they face in the implementation process. As such, […]

International and Comparative Human Resource Management

Introduction The human resource management is responsible for managing the human resources of an organization. The HRM aims at improving the performance of an organization through effective management of human resource. It is involved in job description in an organization, planning and recruitment of employees. According to Risher (2003), strategic human resource management involves merging […]

Business Strategy – Haier Group

Introduction Devising effective business strategies that improve the overall performance of an organization and its successful participation in the global market has become one of the most burning ambitions that managers in companies that intend to increase customer preference, profitability and sustain competitive advantage have assumed. Studies point out that as a business in the […]

Change Management Approaches that Support the Learning Organization Philosophy

Learning organization is a term commonly used among corporations that facilitate knowledge gaining to their members. Such organizations endlessly transform themselves through acquisition, creation and transfer of knowledge by modifying the behavior of their members so as to reflect new knowledge and insights (Love, 2003). It develops as a result of the challenges facing contemporary […]

Using Teams in Production and Operations Management

Introduction Coca Cola Company is a global multinational with operations in many countries. The company is a manufacturer and retailer of various beverages and non-alcoholic drinks. All withstanding, the company is well known for its flagship brand Coca Cola although it has more than 500 brands. As far as a wider global presence is concerned, […]

Organizational and Capacity Building

Abstract Companies have tended to focus a lot on philanthropy as one way of marketing themselves. This has been equated to capacity building in myriad of ways. However, the term capacity building can be viewed from various perspectives. For instance, building cooperation and coordinated minds in an organization is one form of capacity building. The […]

Strategic Information Systems in Theme Parks

Executive Summary The objective of this report is to study how strategic information system in theme parks can be used to enhance customer satisfaction and gain customer loyalty. This has been done through the case study of Disneyland, who pioneered the theme parks industry by introducing cartoon characters from television and cinema. Today, it has […]

Applied Study: Bubba Gump

Interventions that will Reduce Management Turnover Retention and training: this is necessary for a company to achieve prosperity. Any company believes in taking successful training managers who are conversant with all the organizational aspects or culture of a company. This is because when they are placed in a new unit, they will be able to […]

Transformational Leadership Theory and Personality

The concept of leadership is as old as mankind. A number of theories and conceptual models that explain this concept have been put forward by psychologists among other organisational experts. The theories have been classified into eight broader schools of thought. They include: the trait approach to leadership, the behavioral theories, the contingency or situational […]


What is the common theme of situational and contingency leadership theories? Explain and contrast Fiedler’s and Hersey and Blanchard’s theories The common theme of the situational and contingency leadership is that there is no perfect leader. Each leadership approach is right on its own. The common point of agreement is that each situation requires a […]

Disagreements between the management and workers

This report is aimed at discussing the options that the management of a company can take provided that the negotiations with the labor union reach a deadlock. In particular, one should focus on the involvement of strikebreakers, lockouts, mediation, and arbitration. These are the main strategies that can be identified. In this case, the main […]

Human Resources at Disneyland

Challenges of managing a large, global team of employees Managing over one thousand cast members is a challenge for Disney Report Paris because of discordant pay. Workers from one part of the world may have to relocate to a different region. They could object to payments received in target countries. Likewise, cast members in, say […]

Victor Lipman, a Forbes Magazine contributor talks about the management practices

Victor Lipman, a Forbes Magazine contributor talks about the management practices that help enhance productivity in organizations. The article outlines the activities that managers can engage in to improve productivity in an organization. This review will compare, synthesize, and evaluate the effects of these practices. The article states that all managers expect their employees to […]

The Meaning of Management: The Great Awakening

Article Summary The article “Meaning of Management: The Great Awakening” by Steve Denning seeks to explore the need for business firms and organizations to implement organizational development programs permanently to be at par with the ever-changing business environment. The author describes the process of learning within organizations as employee training and continuous organization behavior modification. […]

Atelka, a leader in outsourcing within Canada

Atelka was selected for this paper since it is considered a leader in relationship management in the field of customer service and business process outsourcing (BPO) within Canada. The company specializes in the provision of business process outsourcing services to companies. Basically, they outsource the customer service departments of corporations within the U.S. to locations […]

The Strategic Management Of Sport Organizations

A sport organization, like any other one, needs efficient management that is based on the latest principles and is aligned with the key theses of a specific theory. In addition, it is essential to keep in mind that, due to the recent technological breakthrough, as well as the new health concerns stemming from environmental, economical […]

Entrepreneurship: An Emirati Perspective

Encouraging private entrepreneurship in the highly competitive environment of a globalized market is not an easy task; however, by addressing the current economic, political and financial issues efficiently in order to encourage the progress of private entrepreneurship and introduce European and American standards into public and private entrepreneurship, the government of UAE will be able […]

The impact of studying abroad on graduate employability

Introduction The United Kingdom’s government policies promote the development of higher education. The government advocates for the increment of the catchment population for higher education and growth of proportions of labour market entrants with degrees. Government policies may lead to the increase in the supply of graduate labour. The media and society in the UK […]

The Major Business Excellence Models

An analysis of the major business excellence models demonstrates a number of factors that should always be observed by business unit as a way of maintaining products quality. These business excellence models demonstrate a number of issues that should be taken note of by business units in order to be considered as operating optimally. These […]

Blue Mountain Resorts

Introduction Blue Mountain Resort is a successful ski resort in Canada. The company has shown considerable increase in its activities due to its lucrative business plan. In 1991, the company hired a new human resource manager. The new manager noted that despite the fact that the company was profitable, its reputation was beginning to suffer. […]

Building a Compensation Plan

Introduction The aim of the paper is to design a compensation plan for the sales force of an engineering company that mostly entails in B2B sales. The company had posted high sales in 2006-07 but with the recession, sales had gone down. Apart from declining sales another problem that the firm faces was attracting, retaining, […]

Influence of Disciplines on Organizational Behavior

Introduction Organizational behavior involves studies of interpersonal management process, dynamics of an organization and behavior that contribute to success of an organization (Wright, 1997). The outward picture that a company demonstrates is contributed much to by individual’s behavior in any organization. Therefore, it is very important to nurture excellent behavioral practices that can lead to […]

Strategic Management for Small and Medium Enterprises – “Navigating in Turbulent Times“

Background of the Study Small and medium enterprise is a very sensitive and vulnerable sector affected by change in economic climate. Most small and medium enterprises are affected by financial crisis by reducing their development rate. Currently, most SMEs are bracing themselves for changes in their socio-economic landscape and operating environment in order to survive. […]

‘Plan Australia’ Strategic Expansion Plan Proposal Report for Human Resource

Introduction This strategic plan proposal for Human Resource Management is meant to establish priorities, plans and activities for the management of human resource that supports Plan Australia’s efforts of protecting and supporting children and strengthening its management practices (Plan Australia, 2010, Home page). The proposal focuses on the four organizational priorities which include: strengthening of […]

Best Bet Business Plan

Executive summary Best Bet PR officers will be offering private Public Relations services to companies and individuals in China. The firm is owned by three business partners; Felix Adam and Jared. The partners have done other businesses together and one of the partners has actually worked as a PR officer in Hong Kong before. This […]

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Introduction Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) supplies both electricity and gas utilities to its clientele, mainly based in California. The company has expressed its long-standing commitment to manage its corporate responsibility, through addressing the safety issues of its workforce and public, achieving diversity and widespread inclusion, constantly addressing issues related to environmental performance, as […]

Learning Experience Interviews

Description of Role and Function of Patients Record Managers and Chart Coders Effective patient records management is indispensable to coordinating and controlling operations within our medical center. Each patient should be registered and, as a result accurate information should be included into our computer database. Our director of patient records is aware of the roles […]

The Public Library

Introduction Rapid development of information technologies, especially Internet and various social changes contributed to the decline of public library usage in the United States and many other countries (Goulding 2006, p. 112). This trend urges these organizations to improve their practices and find new ways of attracting visitors. This paper is aimed at describing an […]

Challenges of International Information Systems Management

Introduction Information refers to a piece of data or a message that needs to be passed from one individual to another. A system is a combination of interrelated items that work together to achieve desired objectives (Peng, 2009). Information Systems refers to a combination of information, the people concerned and the technology that supports the […]

Job Evaluation, Market Pricing & Pay Structures

Difference between job evaluation and market pricing approaches in setting pay ranges and the strengths and drawbacks of each approach One of the most common approaches used in determining employee payment within the private sector entails establishing pay ranges (Cushway, 2011, p. 78). According to Mathis and Jackson (2011, p.383), human resource managers should set […]

Enterprise Architecture and Its Implementation in Federal Domain

Definition of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Federal Enterprise Architecture According Michael Platt, “enterprise architecture (EA) is a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of an organization” (Platt 5). This definition takes into account how “an organization can effectively use EA to achieve both its current and future aims” (Platt 5). This means that […]

Directional Policy (GE-McKinsey) Matrix

Introduction The GE/McKinsey is a portfolio analysis model that was developed by the General Electric Company in (GE) in the 1960s (Afuah 2011). The model is used to draw a comparison between businesses in terms of their market attractiveness and competitive strengths. This paper seeks to conduct a directional policy GE matrix analysis for Nintendo […]

Strategic Leadership: Gap Inc.

Executive summary This paper reviews leadership models and theories with reference to GAP Inc. It begins by reviewing the theory and model that is currently utilized in the company. In addition, it avails a number of methods to be highlighted to put the company back on the trendy success. The paper further compares the management […]

Organisational Development and Change

Introduction Proper organizational management is a critical provision in various corporations. It helps in attaining organizational efficiency, expertise, viability, and developmental desires. Contextually, this paper critically analyses organisational development and change with respect to King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC), a leading referral hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Evidently, the hospital has enacted […]

Training and Development the Skills of Employees

Olaniyan and Ojom (2008) opine that growth in organizations can be achieved by training and developing the skills of employees. They continue to explain that training provides employees with skills which are necessary to perform their duties. This is achieved by improving the skills of employees, and shaping the skills of new recruits to match […]

Developing a Successful Business Team

Executive Summary This paper analyzes the importance of effective team coordination in disaster relief efforts. This analysis is done within the context of how different teams helped in the relief efforts of the 2004 tsunami disaster. Comprehensively, this paper establishes that teams need to be properly motivated, have a predetermined structure of conflict resolution and […]

Strategic Role of Human Resources

Introduction One of the strategic roles of human resource management is to promote effective teamwork at the workplace. Organizations bring together employees with different abilities and behaviors. Consequently, the behavioral strengths, as well as, weaknesses of every employee must be identified in order to promote teamwork. A team refers to “a congregation of individuals, each […]

Master of Risk Management

Introduction In the modern dynamic organizational or rather operational environment, many organizations have faced situations that hinder them from achieving strategic plans, goals and objectives. Thus, embracing the concepts of risk management can greatly enhance the organization’s capacity to mitigate such unhealthy conditions (risks). For the purposes of discussions of the paper, risk management refers […]

Ways of influencing change in organizations

Introduction Change is a factor that cannot be avoided within an organization in the current business environment. According to Gerritsen (83), business units are faced with numerous factors that demand changes in various operational strategies in order to remain competitive. In the oil industry, the competition has gotten so stiff that managements of various oil […]

Impact of employee motivation in performance of an organization

What is the impact of employee motivation in performance of an organization? In leadership management, motivation is important and functions between individual interaction and internal attributes of the involved parties. As a component of motivational functionality, the aspect of perception of an employee is vital towards the environment of leadership, influence and performance of that […]

Prevalence of High Power Distance Among Indian Workers in the United Arab Emirates

Background The cross cultural issue under analysis is the prevalence of high power distance among Indian workers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Indian immigrant population is one of the largest in the UAE. However, because the emirates have a high representation of foreigners, Indian employees tend to experience difficulties at work that stem […]

Culture and Innovations in Organisations

Introduction Organisational culture is a set of rules and priorities which help the company meet its mission and vision, complete tasks, satisfy customers’ needs, and create its image. Depending on the country the company performs into, the principles of the organisational culture may differ. The innovation in organisation change may vary because of the peculiarities […]

Transfer of New Capabilities in the Workplace

Introduction Employee training is one of the most effective strategies for human resource planning and management in an organization. Ability by employees to reliably, apply new capabilities they learn training to their jobs is very important. Employees transfer knowledge they acquire in training directly into their workplaces and ensure its availability for use by others. […]

The Role of Line Manager in Enhancing Employees’ Performance in Google

Introduction One of the areas currently being accentuated by organisations’ management is ways through which employees’ performances, engagements and commitments can be enhanced. In fact, most organisations focus on how they can improve their employees’ commitments to jobs and attainment of goals as well as the motivation of workforce to perform beyond expectations (Schuler, 2002). […]

Strategic and Operational Roles of Procurement within DHL

Executive Summary The aim of this paper was to analyze the strategic and operational roles of procurement at DHL. The company’s procurement function was analyzed using various procurement tools and concepts. Furthermore, secondary data was collected from a variety of sources that included the company’s website, peer reviewed journals and textbooks to complete the analysis. […]

Summary of Continuous and Stage CMMI

The history of CMMI is based on CMM that originated from a study by the Air Force, which was meant for software subcontractors (Kasse 12). The primary intention was to measure the development of software applied in the maturity of the process. The CMMI model identifies the levels of the process maturity of the organization […]

Service Line Development

Executive Summary The main purpose of a service line is to coordinate the patient’s activities when assessing personal health care. Service line is designed to ensure that the patient gains maximum benefits while the health facility gains sufficient business benefits. Therefore, service line is viewed as a structure in an organizational system that focuses on […]

Jewel Production and Its Purpose

The following essay is research report based on the topic jewel production. Jewel is regarded as a luxury yet its demand and value has always made jewels to be one of the most expensive products. The more expensive jewellery is the more it is demanded. This makes jewel production to be a worthwhile aspect of […]

Managing Customer Relationships in Thailand Airline Industry

Executive Summary Over the past few decades, the worldwide airline industry has been grappling with some major challenges. Just a few of them are: the aftermath of September 11th attack in the US, the ever increasing and fluctuating world oil prices, the effects of the devastating global economic downturn, as well as political and social […]

Motivation in Radisson Hotel in Dubai

Introduction Radisson Hotel is located in a number of the developed countries across the globe. In a bid to provide guest with maximum satisfaction, the hotels experience a number of challenges, with high level of competition in the hotel industry being the major concern, especially in Dubai. This has influenced the position of Radisson Hotels […]

Private and Government Sectors in the UAE

Introduction The United Arab Emirates has experienced tremendous changes in the last five decades since the discovery of oil and its related resources. From a poor desert country in the Middle East, it has grown to feature in the top thirty richest nations in terms of Gross Domestic Product and among the top ten nations […]

Personal Productivity Self-Assessment

Summary Personal productivity assessment is the starting point for improving one’s work effectiveness and efficiency. Self-assessment is important in identifying one’s strengths as well as self-defeating habits that hinder an employee from reaching optimum productivity. A higher score on the test indicates greater efficiency in workload and time management. The writer’s score on the test […]

Value at risk analysis approach

Value at risk analysis Value at risk analysis approach is one of the techniques that have been widely used to quantify and measure financial risks with a given period in an organization, a financial institution or even an investment portfolio. Risk managers utilize Value at risk (VaR) to counter risk levels through the application of […]

Leading High Performance Groups

Introduction The importance of group work has become relevant in the current competitive business environment. Organizations have come to realize that the best way of achieving success is by breaking down tasks, and assigning small groups of employees’ different tasks as a way of achieving the overall objectives of an organization. According to Partridge (1999), […]

Participative Leadership: Strengths and Weaknesses

Leadership is defined as the ability of a person to influence other people to do things which they would not have done without the influence. People with this ability are referred to as leaders and can be found in different settings and contexts. In organizational setting, leaders are responsible for planning, coordinating and controlling organizational […]

Management and Strategy Making

Management refers to the organization required in resource allocation in order to attain goals. The task is a complex process involving vast risks, opportunities, along with resources that need to be efficient innovations. Mostly, effective management relies on the timeliness and accuracy of information for decision-making; this is because the process requires quality assessment of […]

Dual Career Systems

Introduction Dual career systems are organizational regimes that enable employees to advance their careers without mandatory supervisory or managerial undertakings that could undermine their progress with regard to career advancement. These systems serve the interests of employees who bear specific skills and competencies but have no desire to serve as managers or supervisors. Such systems […]

Compare and Contrast Job Analysis and Competency Models

The daily deadlines experienced in business organizations ensure their managers pay attention to pressing issues. This may include issues which provide relatively immediate financial gains. As a consequence, human resource managers usually find it hard to allocate the required time needed to formulate new job descriptions or competency models specific to a vacancy. Instead, they […]

“Power Play” Article by Jeffrey Pfeffer

The article by Jeffrey Pfeffer is about the use of power through influencing others to get things done in one’s dimension. In the essay the writer tries to explain what power play is and how it comes about. The major set up is concentrated in an organization citing various examples. According to Pfeffer (85), the […]

Improving the Creativity of Organizational Work Groups

In this article, Leigh Thompson discusses the ways of improving creativity of organizational workgroups. In particular, the author examines various barriers preventing teams from developing original ideas such as conformism or lack of motivation. Furthermore, the writer offers recommendations that can help managers create an environment that fosters creativity. This article should be considered by […]

Impact of Internal Factors on Strategic Planning

The pre planning stage is the first step towards developing a strategic profile. During this phase an organization is gathering information from its main stakeholders. Information obtained during this phase entails overview of the company history, past sales figures and what products and services are viewed in the market. From this information an organization can […]

Initech and Coffee Bean Case

The two cases namely Initech and Coffee Bean describe two contrasting working environments that are defined by different leadership practices. Based on the leadership practices employed by Initech, as revealed through the interview conducted with Peter Gibbons, one of the company employees is demoralizing to the workers. Therefore, it has resulted to decreased productivity among […]

Customer Relationship Management Systems

In executing a business strategy, poor data quality results from two main sources. These include the use of flawed performance indicators and incoherent analysis of business operations and performance metrics. In many businesses, this problem is exacerbated by shifts into business management systems that synchronise business and computer-based systems. This approach increases the risks posed […]

Management Prospective-HSBC Holdings PLC

Executive Summary This report entails an analysis of HSBC Holdings, which operates in the banking industry. The firm has established a network of banks in different parts of the world. The report is organised into a number of parts. The first part outlines the company’s profile. A brief background analysis of the company is illustrated […]

Welcome Aboard Case

Difficulties Encountered by Cheryl Lakeland Wonders is a family-owned business that has been in operation for 94 years. In order to attain its vision of business growth and competitive advantage, the firm decided to employ a CEO who is an expert in management. However, things did not go as expected because of managers’ resistance to […]

Strategic Information System Planning

Introduction It is notable that even with the outstanding advancement of the Information Technology and the widespread use of computer science and internet services in the regular works of individuals, the use of Strategic Information System or SIS had not been very widespread in the business organisations even before two decades. Rather, SIS was considered […]

Organisational Sustainability

Introduction The past two decades have been characterised by an unprecedented rate of globalisation, technological developments, and competition, which have led to a remarkable revolution within and across organisations. Despite the changes arising from the macro environment, businesses have to maximise their level of profitability. This assertion highlights the need for organisations to develop sustainability, […]

Establishing ECL Culture in China

Introduction Business management is a very dynamic activity that continues to change with time. This change has been attributed to many factors such as the evident transformation in the mode of operation for businesses. In China, this change has been driven by the need for businesses to survive in the changing environment. Otherwise, they are […]

The Role of Leadership in Business and Its Advantages

Introduction Leadership is a critical ability that enables one to influence others in accomplishing an objective. In business, leadership entails strategic thinking in fulfilling a task to attain the objective of the organisation. Leadership skills play a crucial role in determining the performance as organisations operate in the market and compete against each other. Successful […]

3D Leadership Models

According to the Concepts of Leadership (2013) report, different companies are looking forward to adapting leadership models which address specific leadership problems and challenges depending on the situations that arise. Wal-Mart is one example of companies with a cooperate structure that has successfully integrated and used the 3-D IT leadership model to provide successful leadership […]

A Financial Analysis of 3D Systems

Introduction A review of the financial report of 3D systems reveals that its current market is quite unpromising. In 2012, the market worth was $2.2 billion across the world. The value increased by 29% from the previous year. The massive movement from the production of prototypes to the production of finished goods resulted in the […]

Trends in the Workplace

HR Functions that will be Affected by the MRP System From a critical point of view, there are several human resource (HR) functions that will be affected by the incorporation and the implementation of this system. First, I predict that this system will affect the transactional functions of the HR department. Transactional activities include the […]

Scouts Canada Membership

Case Analysis Since its inception, Scouts Canada enjoyed massive membership as well as support from various institutions. It was among the first organizations to advise people on importance of conserving the environment. It was a vibrant organization which attracted many people especially the youth. This was depicted by the high number of members who joined […]

P&G, McDonalds and KFC Companies in the Saudi Arabian Market

Management differs from one organization to another due to the differences in size and income. Multinationals, SMEs, and global organizations have different styles of management since they deal with different cultures, employees, and clients in various areas of investment. At the global and multinational level, an organization has to adjust to international management standards in […]

Women and Human Resource Management

Introduction The recent trends in Human Resource Management (HRM) show that many people, particularly women have accorded HR a high regard as a career. Many researches indicate that women have taken the lead as HR professionals. For instance, the 2011 Forbes list confirmed Human Resource Management as one of the top ten best-paying jobs for […]

Management of human resources

Introduction Sound recruitment and selection systems are more important than reward systems. The presence of qualified staff in business enterprises has a lot of benefits, with regard to increasing market share and growth, as well as maximizing on profits by organizations. Innovation is a key factor to success for any businesses. It is essential that […]

Hong Kong’s Container and Social Enterprise

Summary Container shipping and transportation sector is one of the busiest sectors in China that records many transactions daily. The sector is credited for revolutionizing export and importation of diverse products from one nation to another. Exemplary performance is recorded in the sector because operations are executed under noble ideals and effective operative strategies. They […]

Individual Research Project: Preliminary Research Design

Formal research and business proposals have similarities and differences. However, the two are independent of each other. Reflectively, there are series of differences between formal research proposal and business proposal on uses, purposes, sections, and goals. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to explicitly explore similarities and differences between formal research proposal and business proposal. Proper […]

E-Recruitment: Analysis of Current Trends

Introduction In an organization, recruitment is one of the core activities or responsibilities of the Human Resource Department. It involves finding, interviewing, selecting, and employing qualified applicants. E-Recruitment is one of the methods used by organizations to find suitable candidates for job positions. It involves recruiting employees with the help of electronic sources, mainly through […]

Orange PLC’s Organizational Culture and Structure

Introduction: The Orange PLC Company Orange PLC Company is one of the most profitable international companies in the global PC business arena. The company has its headquarters in New York. The New York branch has 250 employees in the three departments of production, marketing, human resource management. In order to survive and control a sizeable […]

Literature Review & Critique on Project Success

Introduction The investigation of factors that lead to better project performance and success is increasingly gaining currency among scholars and practitioners, especially after the realization that project management provides organisations with the means to be efficient, effective, and competitive in a changing, complex, and unpredictable environment (Ika 2009; Tabish & Jha 2012). Interestingly enough, according […]