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Management Essay Examples and Topics

Accountability in Hotel and School Management

From a certain perspective, it can be stated that accountability involves not only taking responsibility for when actions result in adverse consequences but also the use of a moral and ethical framework in a decision-making [...]

Enterprise Business Performance Measurement Tools

Before implementing the BSC, the executive should have a precise comprehension of the vision and goals of the organization. In clarifying the strategy, the BSC translates the strategy into quantifiable measures and clarifies the management's [...]

Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence

Evans stipulates that, a clear understanding of the cause of the variations will enable one determine how to reduce the variation in a business process. A manager can influence culture by spelling out what attributes [...]

Parkland Manufacturing and ISO 9000 Standard

In case, a company updates its software system to maintain records of its customers and inventory for quality management and its employees are not interested in the feedback provided by the software then the ISO [...]

Time Management Problem

When asked by my teacher why I was a notorious timekeeper I used to answerer, "my home is the furthest and I could not make it early as my colleagues".

Knowledge Management Departments

The bigger the scope of the organization is, the larger are the amounts of information that it has to process. The purpose of the KMD is to manage the corporation's incoming and outgoing information streams [...]

Linking Resilience to Sustainability

Moreover, the nature of management determines the resilience of supply chains because risk management and prevention practices play a central role in the achievement of resilience and sustainability.

Grand Stores’ Business Excellence Model

The introduction of business excellence in the early 1980s, as well as the launch of several management quality awards, encouraged organizations to be more committed to their impact and total quality principles.

Recommendation for Implementing Change

Before initiating the process, every individual should be aware of the importance of the needed change. My friend should, therefore, consider the above insights in order to implement change successfully in his organization and maximize [...]

Change Management: ADKAR Model

The creation and implementation of a changing view present the most important stage in the model because it forms the basis for the whole process, and the outcome of the initiative depends on the success [...]

Importance of Organization’s Self-Assessment

The process aims at juxtaposing desirable efficiency to the actual situation and identifying the means of achieving the target. The second step is planning the assessment, involving distributing responsibilities and specifying the goals, cost, and [...]

Woolworths Company’s Macro Product Line

Applying Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to the Australian company known as Woolworths and the Macro product line that it has recently launched, one will be able to determine the presence of vast corporate issues that [...]

Issues of Data Management in Technology

After a careful analysis of the websites of many recruitment agencies, I settled on two that suffice for this assignment. I can argue that there are ethical technological advancements that can be used to lower [...]

Headland Hotel’s Improvement and Excellence Model

The management of Headland Hotel initiated the improvement journey in order to drive the hotel towards excellence. Using the EFQM Model in the improvement journey helps organisations from various sectors of the economy to compare [...]

Service Blueprinting in Operations Management

It should be considered that coordination of the process is among the responsibilities of the operation managers, and the blueprint can assist the process by minimizing confusion and providing clear guidance on the sequence of [...]

Non-Profit Organisations and Team Building

The authors of the article introduce the notion of feedback interventions, or FI, as a tool for managing the organizational performance, and provide a historical review and meta-analysis of the evidence for its efficiency and [...]

Sustainable Supply Chain and Triple Bottom Line

In essence, the sustainability of the supply chain is central to improving the performance and growth of logistics operations. In essence, the green supply chain promotes and supports green business practices to improve the sustainability [...]

Operation Management and Its Important Points

Operation management also involves the planning, execution, and control of inputs, process, and outputs. Ideas and technologies are applied in order to improve the velocity, flexibility, and efficiency of operations.

Disaster Recovery Plan and Team

Disasters are those critical events that affect the lives of the general public and cause great damage to their properties. It guides professionals, revealing how they are expected to act to enhance the situation and [...]

The Continuous Improvement Concept

For example, Becker and Glascoff explain that continuous improvement influences the sphere of leadership considerably and that the historical overview of Deming's attempts to investigate the methods of quality improvement should help to clarify the [...]

KFC Company’s Quality Management

DMAIC is a part of the Six Sigma phenomenon, which involves Defining the area of interest, Measuring it, Analyzing it to determine the key cause, Improving it with the help of the information gained in [...]

Performance Measurement Criteria

As for the positive sides of the phenomenon, the use of heuristics involves the rule of thumb, and the latter is sometimes able to produce rather accurate results in cases without specific circumstances.

Task Performance Criteria

The majority of the working activities of the database assistant are related to data management and other repetitive tasks that do not require a creative approach and are mechanical in their nature.

Non-Profit and Public Administration Organizations

The following literature review explores the evidence of the relevance of the approach for non-profit and public administration organizations, reviews the current methods of assessment, looks into the role of IT as a factor, and [...]

Organizational Structure: Project Leadership

They can include building a trusting relationship, overcoming resistance to change, timely conflict resolution, active listening the opinions of all members, and the conclusion of appropriate agreements for the benefit of the company. As a [...]

World-Class Organizations: Operational Strategies

Nowadays, in a constantly changing competitive market, the application of technology has become of the most important elements of a company's operation plan since it reduces the costs of labor and material, improves the quality [...]

BlackBerry Company’s Change Management

The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to the importance of change management in the company. It is clear that most clients are no longer interested in the physical keyboard, and it is [...]

The Control Function of Management

Control is geared to monitoring organizational goals while comparing them with actual performances and giving the way forward on the progress of attaining the goals. The Target operational control is geared to the regulation of [...]

Product Recalls in Automobile Industry

However, despite the stated above, the companies should recall the commodity in case any potential issues were found because the life of the purchaser is the highest priority and concern.

Utilizing Quality Concepts and Elements

At home, when one behaves ethically, maintains integrity with their relatives, and engages in appropriate and effective communication with them, this can lead to the development of trust and recognition, which is likely to result [...]

Integrated Emergency Management

This phase ensures the readiness of the stakeholders to the occurrence of the event and includes allocating roles and assigning responsibilities. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge and address them as a part of the [...]

The SMART Goal-Setting Process

In order to achieve success in pursuing a goal, there has to be a way to measure success, which is why the second point of SMART goals theory is that the goals need to be [...]

The Balanced Scorecard Approach Implementation

This paper aims to analyze the case study of BAE Systems' attempt to implement the BSC approach by comparing the company's introduction method to the traditional one and evaluating the efforts that contributed to the [...]

Saudi Power & Energy Companies’ Knowledge Management

Training and development functions, with the aim of providing performance backing, are utilizing technological advancements and apparatuses to convey content and assess learning in a more compelling manner for both the learner and the organization.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard

The most noticeable difference between ISO 9001:2015 and its previous version, ISO 9001:2008, is that the newer edition of the standard follows a completely different structure of system standards.

Operations Management Issues

In the context of a large supermarket, the role of operations management would be to assist in managing the products and the personnel, particularly in terms of oversight of inventory, purchasing, and supplies, hiring employees, [...]