Management Essay Examples and Topics

Destructive and Constructive Power of Groups

Individuals in a group often have different personalities, viewpoints, and experiences that lead to conflicts due to misunderstandings. These strategies aim to reduce the intensity of effects that conflicts have on individuals and the group [...]

The US Labor Market

The aim is to evaluate the existence of unionization of employees as a factor in the motivation of the workforce at the workplace.

Australian Women Small Business Owners

This paper is a discussion of the available literature on female business owners in Australia, a summary of the views of one female entrepreneur, and recommendations that can be adapted to encourage more women to [...]

Big Data in Decision Making Software

To start with, the introduction of the "big data" principle into the company's information management system presupposes that most of the company's processes must be reorganized and restructured.

Staffing Models – Employees Management

In the business case study described, I would be expected to ensure that my current operation is successful by minimizing the staff turnover so that I can qualify for the loan to expand it.

Addressing Discrimination at Workplace

This research focuses on how the issue of diversity in the workplace can be addressed in order to improve the workplace environment The American society has been affected by the problem of discrimination ever since [...]

Loss Prevention in a Retail Chain

Loss Prevention involves formulation of policies, procedures and practices in organizations to prevent possible losses of inventory and other assets in a retail chain.

Organisation Conflict Resolution

The conflict worsens the result of the organisation's work, and it can be resolved with the help of such techniques as the focus on completing the organisational goal, provision of more resources for working, changes [...]

Reasons for Organizational Change

This change will also ensure the company provides the best services and goods to its customers. The company might also adopt new technologies and programs in order to achieve its goals.

Why Business Models Matter?

A properly created and thought through model of a business includes a variety of aspects that can be changed and the result of each change can be calculated and studied.

The Essential Skills for Managing

I learned from the chapter that business is run not only through marketing and branding as it used to be in the past but through the implementation of effective management strategies. For instance, I would [...]

Enterprise Resource Planning Efficiency

According to Barker and Frolick, one of the reasons ERP fail is lack of consultation to determine the expectation of the client, capabilities of the product, and overall commitment of the client to the implementation [...]

Formalized Career Development System

A formalized career development system may be helpful to an organization in terms of setting the expectations and reviewing the success through competencies and learning objectives.

Training Transfer Process

The training activities would only become useful to the organization if the learned skills and knowledge were transferred to the workplace. The evaluation is done on the cost of the training and how effective the [...]

Motivation Management Tools and Tactics

The goal of using these methods would be to convince employees that change is inevitable and beneficial, and thus motivate them to accept additional responsibilities and embrace new ways of doing things. One of the [...]

Employment Management for Business Expansion

Particularly, one of the most crucial issues conjoined to this factor is the increased inadequacy of qualified workers prior to business growth and the reduction in the customers' proportionality to the employees.

Leadership Concept: Meaning and Style

Experts argue that an effective leader is one who understands his or her leadership style well and makes an effort to ensure that it compliments the interests of their followers.

The Global Code of Conduct

The company shall expect all employees to adhere to the contents of the code. Employees must protect the name of the company, and they should uphold the integrity of the company in professional issues.

The Dubai Quality Award

In addition to recognizing the top achievers in the various sectors, both private and public, the award aims to foster a culture of excellence by inciting the players in the industry to aspire to continually [...]

Management: Research Methods

This form of research is used when the researcher has little control over the outcomes of the research. The disadvantage of ex post facto evaluation is that this design cannot show the cause and effect [...]

Risk Management: Types of Insurance

Even though insurance cannot avoid the occurrence of bad things, it has the capability of transferring the financial consequences of the events to an insurance carrier, thus limiting the financial commitments of the insured firms.

Leadership Definition and Its Resources

As a leader, I am supposed to pursue a good organizational image not only to the internal stakeholders of the organization but also to the external environment; which comprise of customers, suppliers, and even competitors [...]

Socialization and Career Development

For instance, effective socialization structures have enabled employees of institutions that operate in the tourism sector in the US to understand the needs of customers and what is expected of them.

Labor and Employment Issues

To minimize the risk of workplace violence, employers should ensure that hiring and interview practices bring out the company's desire to maintain a good work environment.

Business Creativity and Innovation

One of the key aspects of any business is to be able to interest the public or society in the products or services that are being offered to people and other organizations.

Business Skills on Job Market

In this respect, the employees, managers, and entrepreneurs must be ready to adapt to the changes in the job market for them to be relevant in the future.

Effective Waste Management Steps

Step 6: To guarantee the effective reuse of the waste, it is necessary to pay attention to the containers for storing the waste and to the method used for reusing the substances.

Strategy Uniqueness Challenges in Business

The article's thesis is that the evaluation approaches employed by the financial market analysts are imperfect as they "undervalue companies with complex or unique corporate strategies", which, however, turn out to be valuable.

Execution Strategies in the Hospitality Industry

They compare the performance of companies in developing countries with those in developed nations and claim that the former have higher and better chances of improving their performance and controlling huge markets compared to their [...]

Business Process Automation

The business environment has changed from the traditional environment where processes were manual to a level where information and efficiency is an asset to the firm.

AgriStability in Canadian Small Businesses

The aspect of confidence among Canadian small businesses in the agricultural sector is fundamental for the sustainability of the projects. The analysis, therefore, made it necessary for the government to instill optimism among farmers by [...]

Management Issues: Conflict Mediation

It is very important that the leaders of such companies apply the skills of conflict mediation in order not to let the interpersonal relationships influence the effectiveness of the business process and the organization's success.

Risk Management Theoretical Concepts

Some of the relief activities conducted in the event of a disaster include repairing the vital utility lines that are destroyed by a disaster, food provision to the affected, and relocation of people in the [...]

Organisational Behaviour and Its Influence

As evident in the scientific management theory and applied in Hawk Car Company, emphasis was directhe ted to the training of employees by managers with equal division of an labour between the management and employees.

Workforce Diversity

Diversity is not optional for organizations that wish to expand their operations to other parts of the world. It is in the interest of such organizations to have a good reputation.

Community Partner – the Brothers of Change

This continuous communication from the team leader helped the entire group to secure the chance of serving the organization. At the beginning of the project, we communicated to the organization through emails.

Crowdsourcing Definition

The idea is to create a database of various car dealers and spare parts distributors for various vehicle manufacturers, the manufacturers' recommended retail prices of these parts, and the selling prices of these parts as [...]

Changing Workforce and Retention of Employees

The second benefit is that the diversified workforce can eventually improve the relations of the company with its clients. A person can be more loyal to the company that values fairness and equal treatment of [...]

Compensation’s Flexible Benefits

In the article "Flexible Compensation Evaluated," the author underlines the need for organizations to meet the challenges of individual needs by implementing flexible compensation programs.

High Performance Cultures

Strong organization culture fosters the image of the firm in the industry, and it helps attract and retain competent employees. According to the article, organizational culture is entwined with the objectives of the firm.

Management Principles

The management, therefore, evaluates the company's strength and weaknesses, the opportunities they are likely to reap from and threats to the realization of set goals and objectives.

Information System Briefing

The importance of steering committee is necessary as James, asserts the project committee helps in assessing the needs, i.e, why a new information system is needed in the organization, identify the proposed system requirements, and [...]

Improving Organization Retention

The case study highlights employee retention as a problem to an organization and the primary causes of the problem as well as its effects on the organization.

Human Resources Recruitment Strategies

Additionally, a kindergarten teacher should be someone gentle to the kids - this is crucial because if the teacher is too harsh towards the kids, it will be difficult for him/her to establish a friendship [...]

Self-assessment of Leadership

To a butcher, the organizational goals of increased productivity, the input of both the individual and groups in the organization remains invaluable. To this end, the strengths and weaknesses that are inherent in my style [...]

Crafting Strategy

Below is a definition of strategy, the importance of strategy to individuals within the organization, how the knowledge of strategy will help in being successful in business, the business model of McDonald and Microsoft and [...]

Joint Venture

Apart from a joint venture, a business may opt for a wholly owned subsidiary which refers to a company that is fully owned by the parent company.

Goal Setting

When the goal is set, one should be able to visualize himself enjoying the benefits from the target after the specified time has elapsed, to avoid engaging in unachievable ventures In setting goals, we should [...]

Managing Conflicts

Therefore, it can be considered that once the USA Harvest organization had established the principles of transparency as the basis for its organizational strategy, the failure would have been avoided.

Diversity and Cross-Cultural Management

The bail-out strategy that the UK administration adopted in the face of the global financial crisis that began off in 2007 underline the change acceptance as well as the resilience that is synonymous with the [...]