Financial Management Essay Examples and Topics

Management of Small Business

Competitive Advantage Strategies The business environment is very competitive especially in the modern world where technology has advanced and increased dynamism in the environment. Due to these changes, many organizations operating in different industries are seeking to establish themselves through use of various strategies. One of the common strategies is establishment of a competitive advantage. […]

Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Executive Summary Organizations are established to perform different functions. For profit-making organizations, the main motive is to increase profitability to their owners. On the other hand, nonprofit-making organizations are mainly concerned with increasing the social welfare of the people they are established to serve. While there are many criteria for distinguishing the two types of […]

Distribution Channel in Business

Introduction Distribution channel describes the process through which goods pass from the manufacturer to the consumer. An organization can carry out thorough marketing but if the distribution channel is not working, it will be difficult for the goods to reach the consumer (Gorchels et al, 2004, p. 40). Some organizations have rolled out distribution channels […]

Concept of Yield Management in Business

Summary Hotel managers are required to have a proper understanding of yield management, its use, as well as implementation. This is mainly because it is a strong determinant of the course hotel takes, that is, in terms of success. Its use has widely been witnessed in the aviation industry in which it has been a […]

Financial Management of Risk

There are numerous challenges entrepreneurs face seeking to succeed in business, in fact, these challenges are determined by the environment in which a business operates. Therefore, a business may be affected by either internal or external factors, whereby internal factors include factors emanating from the business structure, while external factors include those that are outside […]

Public Sector Financial Management

Introduction The quality of service delivery in any public service institution is determined by the effectiveness of its internal structures. One of the structures used in the monitoring and evaluation of public accounts is the audit procedure. The main role of an audit procedure is to assess, evaluate and monitor the systems in a public […]

Corporate Sustainability Management: Toyota Australia

Toyota Motor Corporation in Australia orients in its activities to the sustainable practices in order to overcome sustainability issues associated with the environmental protection and usage of resources. To protect the environment and community’s interests, Toyota should focus on implementing strategies developed to improve the technologies of the car production in relation to vehicle design, […]

Price of Football Players

Introduction Why do football players cost so much? Why do players transferred from one club to another get so very high price of £82,500,000 while another players a sum of £21,000,000? What determines these prices and are they determined? All these questions poses a potent reason for a demand supply analysis of football players. This […]

Competitive Balance in the Sports Fraternity

Introduction Authors and researchers have over time explored competitive balance by identifying the particular aspects of sports that equalizes different teams in the same league. This ensures that teams are motivated to compete and the fans on the other hand appreciate the fairness in the sport. They also point out that competitive balance makes the […]

Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Introduction Financial Management is simply the management of finances in an organization so as to meet all the financial goals of the organization. The key objectives of financial management would be to: create income for the business, generate profits, and provide adequate returns on investments. These key objectives are achieved bearing in mind the risks […]

Microsoft and Google Companies Financial Management

Introduction Growth in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in both the 20th and 21st centuries has been phenomenal. Since the discovery of the computer and subsequent development of cyber space, nearly every aspect of human life has been transformed. It is now easier for people thousands of miles away to communicate instantly, people conduct business […]

Financial Management Principles

Introduction A financial ratio refers to the relationship that shows the performance of a firm’s activities. Various ratios are used in the financial analysis to examine the current performance of the company as well as comparing the past with the present. This is very important in the sense that it helps in identifying problems which […]

Personal Financial Management

Introduction A contingency plan is an essential tool in the preparation of a retirement plan and an estate management plan. The goal of this contingency plan is guarantee the maximum possible use of existing and anticipated financial resources by coordinating all of the assets, liabilities, and other sources of income of an individual. In the […]

A Critique of an Academic Journal by Luis Garay and Xavier Font

Introduction This paper provides a critical analysis of the article: “Doing good to do well? Corporate social responsibility reasons, practices and impacts in small and medium accommodation enterprises”. The article is authored by Luis Garay and Xavier Font. The author’s arguments are based on a comparison of corporate social responsibility with corporate financial performance. The […]

The Ethical Issues in Financial Management

Financial managers play a dynamic role in an organization. As a matter of fact, the main duties of financial managers are to make decisions regarding investments and manage the financial portfolio. The decisions are not about which securities to hold but what business opportunities to pursue and finance (Van Horne & Wachowicz 2). The ethical […]

Social Performance in Global Star Corporation

Introduction Social performance refers to the organizational processes of achieving the social mission of an organization (Performance Improvement Institute, 2009, 45). In the process of achieving the social mission of an organization, practices should rhyme with the set and accepted social values of the organization. These values are related to the mission of satisfying customers, […]

Management change and innovation

Every organization needs positive change at one time or the other since it is inevitable. However it is natural for people within an organization to resist change. They will not readily accept new procedures that may be introduced and are ready to frustrate the management efforts in an attempt to maintain their status quo. Every […]

Operations Management in McDonald’s

Introduction to operations management at McDonald’s Operations management is defined as the planning, scheduling and controlling of all the activities that can transform organizational inputs into finished goods and service. Operations management focuses on effective planning in an organization and the control of manufacturing through the application of such concepts as engineering, quality management, production […]

Strategic Management: Case Study about Movie Industry

Industry environment analysis Threat of new entrants. Analysis. Factors (affecting the threat of new entrants) Analysis Threat Rating of New Entrants Economies of scale: Large scale production is of essence for economies of scale. However, the movie industry can still succeed if it operates in small scale basis Small scale producers can rely on the home […]

International Financial Management – Rainbow Company

Introduction In contemporary business environment multinationals are establishing their manufacturing plants in countries with cheap factors of production and whose international and local markets are booming; India and China are among the most favored countries by multinationals. Current campaigns to conservation the environment have grown renewable energy industry in different parts of the world. Rainbow […]

Strategic Management – Apple Company

Introduction In every organization, there is need to have an effective strategic management plan. In the contemporary world, the need for an effective strategic management plan has significantly increased due to the increased level of competition in the market. The contemporary business world has been characterized with a very high level of competition, a fact […]

Contemporary Issues in Management: Regulation

Summary of the Issue The retail financial sector in the UK is currently facing a lot of challenges which include customer exploitation through risky products, unethical practices such as selling products that do not meet the expectations of customers and inadequate supervision of the industry (Turner 2011). The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is the institution […]

Porter forces model on Dell Company

Introduction Dell is a multinational company operating in the computer industry and the company has achieved great success in marketing its products in the global markets. To maintain its market position the company has embarked on manufacturing differentiated products by the application of innovative technologies. The company has focused on marketing its products in the […]

Decision-Making Processes in the London Olympics 2012

Introduction Whether in a continuing business or when starting up a business, there is a decision that has to be made. In making a decision the first thing to do is to define the challenge that calls for a decision to be made. There are problems that require either a “no” or a “yes”, others […]

The Role of Rooms Management in Management of Hotels

Management of rooms is an important sector in the overall management of hotels. It entails setting up the appropriate price, room provisions and services that in turn keep customers interested in an organization. The single most important consideration that determines pricing of rooms is demand. This concept is used to refer to the change in […]

Management at SOL

Overview SOL is a cleaning service based in Finland. It can be described as one of the high-technology companies in the world. It was founded in 1992 by Joronen. SOL offers security services, cleaning services, domestic services, and facility services. The supervisors together with the employees make their own budget and other plans for the […]

Carlsen’s Norrkoping Project

Introduction The Norrkoping project was a serious undertaking by Carlsen company. This company had two other stores, in Stockholm and Copenhagen and looked to open a third as part of their expansion strategy. Findings of their research identified photo resist image processing as an under developed sector of the market. The availability of market for […]

Factors of Business Creation and Controlling

In this case study, the primary stakeholders include the television company, its employees and clients who constitute both small and big businesses. One of the relevant facts to the case study is that any business is established with an overall objective of making and increasing the profit margins. It is the increase in profits which […]

Morgan and Sunderland’s Management Styles

Sunderland’s Management and work style Sunderland’s management style is a combination of autocratic. From the case study, it is evident that coworkers consider Sunderland’s management style to be formal but effective. A formal management style is autocratic and employees are required to completely follow instructions issued by the top management to the letter. Sunderland is […]

International Management Current Event

International (Business related) Current Event According to a letter jointly issued by Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer and Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop and the Microsoft News Center, the board of directors of both companies have agreed that Microsoft purchases Nokia’s devices, services, mapping devices, and issue the company’s licenses and patents. To achieve the sales and […]

Strategic financial management

Introduction Strategic management is defined as the field of management that deals with the emergent and intended initiatives that are usually taken by the firm’s general leadership group on behalf of the board of the company. The strategic direction entails the specification of resource utilization, the objectives, mission, and vision of the firm, plan and […]

Intel Strategic Management

Summary of the case study By 2005,Intel had been in the process of identifying a location to site its Assembly and Test plant. The plant was to be the biggest for the company, helping it to enhance its efficiency. Consequently, the company had to evaluate different countries putting into consideration both the global relations, dynamics […]

Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations

Introduction The term financial management refers to organization of monetary resources to achieve desired objectives and maximize companys’ worth while ensuring positive growth. This paper seeks to highlight the four elements of financial management and explain the generally acceptable accounting principles and financial ethical standards. It is evident that the need for proper financial management […]

Quality management tools and techniques

SHUAA Capital The research topic How Quality and Management tools and Techniques are being implemented in SHUAA Capital. Introduction This research prepared is an individual project that is one of the necessities in a Course of Quality Management Tools and Techniques. The research will be handed over to the Course Instructor. The purpose of the […]

Yield Management

Handle flight control (controlling the filling of the flight) Airlines have found Yield Management to be extremely useful in most of their operations. This was after the realization that a lot of revenues were lost due to cases where a plane would leave with some seats unoccupied. The management of Emirate airlines has a duty […]

Strategic Management: The case of Coca-Cola

Introduction The Coca Cola Company is a leading multinational company in manufacture, distribution, and marketing of non-alcoholic beverages. The compay owns over 400 brands, including waters, juice drinks, diet, teas, energy and coffees. The Cmpany has recorded tremendous progress in respect of sales units, buyer loyalty, growth in product portfolio, and profitability. This paper seeks […]

The Role of the Financial Manager

Whether or not Chief Financial Officers can make good Chief Executive Officers is difficult to define. Recent trends in business suggest that more CFOs are willing to land in the CEO’s chair. Simultaneously, more companies choose former CFOs to become their CEOs, hoping that the latter will improve their financial and strategic performance. However, not […]

The Role of the Financial Manager – Nokia

Nokia Corporation used to be one of the key leaders in the international market of mobile devices. Nokia is well-known for the superior quality of its mobile devices and navigation products. The company develops and supplies cell phones and smartphones, mobile computers and applications, as well as Internet services like music and messaging (Yahoo Finance, […]

Essentials of Strategic Management: The Quest for Competitive Advantage

Coach Inc. has enjoyed a tremendous market share since its establishment back in 1940. The products of the company has continued to attract many customers both in local market and globally through manufacturing and selling of luxurious handbags and leather accessories. It has managed to penetrate not only the local market but also the external […]