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Financial Management Essay Examples and Topics

Virgin Australia Airlines Financial Strategy

With the increase in the number of operations of the airlines, the overall expenditures increased by 7.1 %. In fact, the airline expanded the workforce due to the increased activities and incurred an additional cost [...]

Business Strategy for Promoting a Promising Market

Emphatically, the deliberation on the market performance is conducted with the context provided below: A summary of Period 0 situation for Firm 'A' and employed an initial strategy; Firm A's performance objectives and actual performance; [...]

FDM Group: Financial Analysis

The first section details an analysis of the company's financial performance using relevant financial ratios relating to the organisation's operations in the last five financial years.

GlaxoSmithKline Plc’s Financial Reporting

Where the Group has the ability to exercise joint control, the entities are accounted for as joint ventures, and "where the Group has the ability to exercise significant influence", they are accounted for as associates.

Costs Categories in Incremental Analysis

Generally, incremental costs consist of variables costs used in determining the additional costs incurred during the process of production. They include the following: Fixed costs-as the term describes, fixed costs consist of all costs incurred [...]

Financial Management: Expanding Product Line

The Net Present Value method can be used in evaluating this project."The cost of capital is the expected rate of return that the market participants require to attract funds to a particular investment".

Financial Management for Business Combinations

When determining the cost of the company to be purchased, the management of the two companies have to value the assets, the potentials, and the perceived benefits or losses that the company is having; there [...]

UK Coal Company’s Cash Flow Statement

Another example of an item that does not involve the flow of cash is the net increase in the fair value of the assets. There was a general decrease in the cash and cash equivalents [...]

Walmart Company: Ratios and Analysis

In order to understand the company's position in the modern market with reference to its competitors' positions, it is important to analyze the data from the company's 2018 Annual Report.

Culture Influences on Financial Services Management

The following are specific objectives that the researcher seeks to achieve through this research: To determine the impact of culture on the management of financial services. They should understand how to align their products and [...]

Apple Company: Project Financing

The purpose of this paper is to describe a new product that has been recently launched by Apple, analyze the effectiveness of Apple's current projects and their financial outcomes, and discuss the funding of the [...]

Managerial Finance and Its Principles

The categories of the financial ratios are based on the type of information they convey. The profitability ratios are intended to assess the business's capacity to earn.

Walt Disney Company’s Financial Analysis

The annual report that the corporation releases is a critical assessment of the company's solvency and financial performance. The first part of the annual report discussing segments of the company's operation is especially relevant for [...]

Halliburton Company: Financial Analysis

The main goals of this paper are to review the profile of the Halliburton Company and conduct a ratio analysis of its financial indicators. It is a ratio of the last sale price to the [...]

The Body Shop: Financial Strategies

One of the areas that deserve attention is the financial work of the company since this aspect of the activity, as a rule, is hidden from prying eyes but plays almost the main role in [...]

Dove Company’s Pricing Strategy

Dove's goods are recommended by dermatologists, as the moisturizing effect is one of the main features of the company's products. It could be said that the evaluation of the prices of rival firms of gels [...]

McCain Foods Company’s Financial Performance

At the same time, this company has a leading position in the market, and monitoring its performance can identify a direction for improvement and the desired financial outcomes. In this case, McCain Foods' revenues solely [...]

Samsung Company’s Financial Performance

The purpose of this report is to present financial analysis of the performance of Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. The current ratio for the fiscal year 2013 and 2014 presented shows that Samsung has a ratio [...]

Financial Management: Significant Factors

A funds flow is a financial statement that is prepared to explain why there are changes in the financial statements between two statements of financial positions. The first step when preparing a funds flow statement [...]

Key Financials for SME Petroleum

The financial analysis of a company is useful to understand how the business has performed in the last accounting period. The information provided by companies in the financial statements is specific to the industry, and [...]

Best Buy Co. Inc.’s Finances and Investment

It indicates that the company is efficient in managing current assets, liability and the overall liquidity of the company. The value is greater than the cost of capital and it implies that the project is [...]

Vertical and Horizontal Financial Analysis

Shedding light on both financial opportunities and the factors that inhibit a company's performance in a particular market, a financial analysis creates extensive opportunities for getting the priorities straight and using available assets to a [...]

Budgeting and Its Role in Corporate Environment

It is clear that budgeting can be defined as the process of coordinated planning of a company's operation and management made with the help of budgets and financial indicators, which make it possible to determine [...]

Apple Incorporation’s Stocks and Bonds

The changes in Apple's stocks are reasonable, as the stocks have a tendency to rise due to the presence of the intensified competition and the escalating stock values of the primary adversaries.

Apple Company’s Financial Statement Analysis

Its annual report for the previous year contains plenty of business-related information and is divided into four major parts: Part 1 encompasses all the background information about the company, the history of its development, its [...]

Chief Financial Officer vs. Chief Executive Officer

The framework for a successful transition of the CFO to become the CEO can be developed internally within a company through leadership and mentorship opportunities. There are several challenges in the evolution of a CFO [...]

Major Components of a Working Capital Strategy

An effective working capital management strategy serves to ensure that the current assets in the business are able to match the current liabilities for purposes of managing operational costs and meeting short-term needs.

Project Financing: Key Concepts

When financing of large projects in the energy industry is developed and implemented appropriately, it is possible to state that project finance mechanisms work to create the value.

Nestlé Group Ratio Analysis Results

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the financial ratios of Nestle Group; therefore, it focuses on ratio calculations of the company for 4 years, and discusses on the key points.

Horse Hill Project Financing Configurations

Despite the forecasted opportunities associated with the exploration of the oil site, UKOG had no resources to fund the project. From this point, project funding is another option that can be selected by companies and [...]

Advanced Financial Management

The intrinsic value is a projected true value of an entity, while the market value is the value of the entity that is reflected by the price of its stock.

Post-Merger Financial Management

Defining financial drivers triggering the merger, assessing financial performance during the post-merger stage, and underlining the significance of various factors affecting the financial planning process are the critical goals of this essay.

Cash Flow Gap, Cash Balance, and Cash Cycle

What is more paramount is to develop the mechanisms of managing cash because it is the employment of such tools that makes the business successful and protects it from bankruptcy and negative influence of economic [...]

Revenue Management: Price Optimisation

Besides, the paper will present a comparative analysis of the revenue management strategies that the Midland Mainline and the InterContinental Hotels Group apply in their service businesses.

Financial Engineering and Its Relevance

While financial engineering has been found to be useful in the determination of how financial resources can be distributed within the firm, chief financial officers seldom apply its techniques and tools in the execution of [...]

Mergers & Acquisitions. Synergy Valuation Models

Nonetheless, it is important to take them into account due to the essentiality of the maintenance of the efficiency of the business processes and the lack of knowledge of the synergies applications in the context [...]

Management of Small Business

The employee is able to know when to trigger the need of consumers, emphasize the dissatisfaction in the consumer, concentrate its efforts to its target market, and understand the changes in the consumer demands Marketing [...]

Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Preparation of Balance Sheets In the preparation of balance sheets and other financial statement of the profit-making organizations, a reflection of the financial position of organizations is made in the effort to provide an insight [...]

Distribution Channel in Business

The company is one of the manufacturers of the products in the diverse economy. Wholesalers of these shoes have specialized in moving large qualities of the products from the manufacturers to the different retailers.

Financial Management of Risk

Thus, the paper seeks to elaborate on the risk involved in moving business to Thailand or Louisiana, and review financial reports of Coca-Cola Company to highlight the management of risk involved in moving the business.

Price of Football Players

The theory of marginal revenue product of the players demonstrates that the price of a product or marginal revenue of a product depends on the price of the last good that was sold and on [...]

Competitive Balance in the Sports Fraternity

The authors identify that there is a particular interest in the need to improve the collective bargaining of team managers as well as players in regard to the specific revenues that they rake in from [...]

Microsoft and Google Companies Financial Management

Despite Microsoft's slight dependence on leverage, it still is the stronger of the two companies in terms of fixed asset turnover ratio, return on equity and return on assets. 9x Inventory Turnover Industry Comparison - [...]

Financial Management Principles

Various ratios are used in the financial analysis to examine the current performance of the company as well as comparing the past with the present.

Personal Financial Management

Under estate planning, providing for the children is a major concern and the course of action should be that all of the property will be passed to the surviving partner and the distribution to the [...]

Management change and innovation

In the case of Coca Cola Company, they had to apply innovation as well as change in their product development so as to cater for the required health standards in the market in regards to [...]

Contemporary Issues in Management: Regulation

The Financial Services Authority is the institution that is responsible for the regulation of the retail financial industry. The following strategies are to be used by FSA in regulating the activities of firms in the [...]