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Financial Management Essay Examples and Topics

Revenue Management: Price Optimisation

Besides, the paper will present a comparative analysis of the revenue management strategies that the Midland Mainline and the InterContinental Hotels Group apply in their service businesses.

Financial Engineering and Its Relevance

While financial engineering has been found to be useful in the determination of how financial resources can be distributed within the firm, chief financial officers seldom apply its techniques and tools in the execution of [...]

Mergers & Acquisitions. Synergy Valuation Models

Nonetheless, it is important to take them into account due to the essentiality of the maintenance of the efficiency of the business processes and the lack of knowledge of the synergies applications in the context [...]

Management of Small Business

The employee is able to know when to trigger the need of consumers, emphasize the dissatisfaction in the consumer, concentrate its efforts to its target market, and understand the changes in the consumer demands Marketing [...]

Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Preparation of Balance Sheets In the preparation of balance sheets and other financial statement of the profit-making organizations, a reflection of the financial position of organizations is made in the effort to provide an insight [...]

Distribution Channel in Business

The company is one of the manufacturers of the products in the diverse economy. Wholesalers of these shoes have specialized in moving large qualities of the products from the manufacturers to the different retailers.

Financial Management of Risk

Thus, the paper seeks to elaborate on the risk involved in moving business to Thailand or Louisiana, and review financial reports of Coca-Cola Company to highlight the management of risk involved in moving the business.

Price of Football Players

The theory of marginal revenue product of the players demonstrates that the price of a product or marginal revenue of a product depends on the price of the last good that was sold and on [...]

Competitive Balance in the Sports Fraternity

The authors identify that there is a particular interest in the need to improve the collective bargaining of team managers as well as players in regard to the specific revenues that they rake in from [...]

Microsoft and Google Companies Financial Management

Despite Microsoft's slight dependence on leverage, it still is the stronger of the two companies in terms of fixed asset turnover ratio, return on equity and return on assets. 9x Inventory Turnover Industry Comparison - [...]

Financial Management Principles

Various ratios are used in the financial analysis to examine the current performance of the company as well as comparing the past with the present.

Personal Financial Management

Under estate planning, providing for the children is a major concern and the course of action should be that all of the property will be passed to the surviving partner and the distribution to the [...]

Management change and innovation

In the case of Coca Cola Company, they had to apply innovation as well as change in their product development so as to cater for the required health standards in the market in regards to [...]

Contemporary Issues in Management: Regulation

The Financial Services Authority is the institution that is responsible for the regulation of the retail financial industry. The following strategies are to be used by FSA in regulating the activities of firms in the [...]

Porter forces model on Dell Company

The market has been unfavorable to new entrants because the costs of entering the market have been very high and this makes the existing companies to continue dominating the market.

Management at SOL

On the other hand, it is the duty of employees to follow the orders of the manager simply because he is the one in-charge.

Carlsen’s Norrkoping Project

The onset of the project amonster' was characterised by the formation of a high-level team to improve on the quality of the product they had in the market.

International Management Current Event

Microsoft's goal of building a partnership with Nokia was to create a new momentum in the growth of its market shares in mobile devices and services, and to issue Nokia's patents.

Strategic financial management

Strategic management is defined as the field of management that deals with the emergent and intended initiatives that are usually taken by the firm's general leadership group on behalf of the board of the company.

Intel Strategic Management

The plant was to be the biggest for the company, helping it to enhance its efficiency. Operation costs in the majority of the South East Asian and Asian countries were the lowest globally, making these [...]

Quality management tools and techniques

The research's purpose is to identify the Quality and Management Tools and Techniques that the organization is implementing successfully. Following the strictest standards, the transparency has been one of the pillars of the company's success.

Yield Management

This is done with the aim of ensuring that the profits of the organization is maximised out of the fixed asserts.

The Role of the Financial Manager

The knowledge and financial experience of the new CEO became the foundation of the company's success in the food manufacturing industry. The pros and cons of choosing CFOs to become CEOs are obvious.

The Role of the Financial Manager – Nokia

The company is fighting to restore its position in the financial market, and the price of its shares slowly increases. Apparently, Nokia is in the dire straits of the mobile devices business and needs an [...]