Success Essay, Research Paper Examples

Aspects to Cover in a Success Essay

What do we perceive as success? Why are some people more successful than others? These are some of the questions you can answer in your essay on success.

Success essays are engaging assignments that allow you to analyze personal stories and define qualifications for success. The purpose of these papers is to find the true meaning of success.

Before starting to work on an essay, think of the topic you want to discuss. Here are some examples of success essay topics and ideas we can suggest:

  • How one’s personal philosophy allows them to succeed
  • Do you need to work hard to succeed?
  • Self-confidence as a significant factor of success
  • Can success be harmful?
  • Overcoming personal challenges in life to achieve success
  • The differences between individuals’ perspectives on success
  • The link between success and wealth
  • Education is a key for success

Remember that you can choose from many other success essay titles, as the topic is broad. You can also ask your professor or peers about possible success essay ideas. Once you have selected one of the topics and titles for your essay, you can start working on your paper. Here are some important aspects you need to cover:

  • Think of the arguments you will present and develop an outline for your paper. Remember to include an introductory paragraph, several body paragraphs (at least three), and a summary of your work. When working on an outline, think about the purpose of your paper. Do you want to motivate the reader to achieve success? Do you want to show the possible disadvantages of being successful?
  • Hint: If you are not sure about the issue you have selected, find success essay examples online. It will help you to see whether the problem is relevant.
  • A thesis is a very important part of your essay. You should state it at the end of the introductory paragraph. A thesis statement can look like this:

Money and wealth do not define success. / Hard work is the most important contributor to one’s success.

  • Define success. This point is especially important if you are writing an opinion piece. State what success means to you and provide a dictionary definition. Provide a comprehensive perspective on success and analyze it from different viewpoints (wealth, social status, education level, etc.).
  • Discuss possible parameters of success. They can include wealth, good health, or academic knowledge.
  • Discuss the factors that can contribute to one’s success. You can share success stories or biographies of famous people to prove your points.
  • You can talk about the significance of motivation and dedication in achieving success. Address the value of hard work and patience. This way, your reader can get inspiration from your paper.
  • Keep your reader engaged by asking questions or providing interesting facts about the issue. At the same time, stick to the formal language if your professor did not say otherwise.
  • It is always good to support your claims with evidence. Although success can be a subjective concept, refer to outside sources in your arguments. Ask your professor about the types of sources you can use for your paper.
  • Provide examples throughout your paper. This step is crucial to help the reader understand your point better.
  • Discuss opposing perspectives on the issue if you are working on a persuasive essay. Remember to prove that your opinion is more reliable than the alternative ones.

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3 Leadership Aspects for Successful Organizational Collaboration

Abstract Organizations across the globe make strategic alliances in the form of collaborative relationships. These alliances hinge on the fact that that organizational collaboration is synergistic in nature and thus participating organizations benefit tremendously. This research paper sought to elaborate three key aspects of leadership that are essential for success in organizational collaboration. It was […]

Competitive Advantage and Business Success: McDonalds and Burger King

Introduction Business organizations compete to secure a large share of the market (Hoskisson, 2008). Each organization tries to offer something different from its competitors to maximize customer satisfaction and gain competitive advantage. This report lists two companies that deal in hamburgers. The companies to be compared for differentiation are McDonalds and Burger King. McDonalds McDonalds […]

Successful project of the Android

Development of the Android operating system is one of the recent successful projects. Android is an operating system developed in 2003 for mobile devices and tablet computers (McWhwerter and Gowell, 2012). The project was launched in 2007 to counter market domination by Apple, create a better and more efficient operating system, and improve standards of […]

The Reasons of Yahoo’s Success

Industry and macroeconomic factors Inflation and economic recession are some of the economical factors affecting the search engine industry (Jones 2). Since the search industry depends of revenue from companies, any slight performance of these companies affects the performance of the entire industry (Jones 1). Competitiveness and emergence of other customized portals, such as eBay, […]

Land Rover Project management: Failure and Success

Introduction The world is getting competitive and firms are struggling to come up with appropriate measures that can increase their efficiency and attract more customers in the market. In the automobile sector, competition has been taken a step higher. Different car manufacturers are coming up with different projects that can enable them capture larger market […]

How do religion, culture and ethnicity affect the success or failure of a global enterprise in China?

There are many factors that would tend to have a significant impact to the success or failure of global enterprises or businesses operating in international scenes. As a matter of fact, these factors are highly regarded in every segment of the modern business world, considering their significant impact on businesses. These factors would tend to […]

Google’s Corporate Culture and its Success

Google’s culture can be analyzed through evaluating various artifacts. However, of great essence is the fact that Google corporate culture is integrated and constitute of four major elements namely reward, mission, fun and innovation. This corporation’s corporate culture has extensively depicted success and the significance of adopting a strategically suitable culture. The culture at Google […]

The socioeconomic success of second generation immigrants

A great number of people come to the United States hoping that their children will have more opportunities in terms of education, employment, or healthcare. However, the socioeconomic achievements of second generation immigrants can differ dramatically. Thus, it is important to understand the factors that contribute to this inequality among the descendants of immigrants. Overall, […]

Success and Money

The development of the information technologies and the ongoing progress led to the reconsideration of the values and beliefs. It is significant to understand that there is no right or wrong answer for the question regarding the connection between money and success as every person has unique experience and background. Success can be determined as […]

Phenomenon of Pixar’s Success

Internal Analysis Phenomena within Pixar Pixar’s success can be attributed to the internal resources the company possesses. In terms of tangible resources, the company has financial capabilities which enable it to fund projects, create a desirable environment for its employees to grow, and support operations. In terms of intangible resources, Pixar’s greatest asset is its […]

Methods of Measuring Campaign Success

Campaigning for the event is a critical aspect of the whole process since it is only through the campaign that potential attendees will get to know of the event and possibly learn about the BS8901 standard and adopt it. After the campaign, it is important to determine whether they have achieved success or not. The […]

How Companies Can Successfully Enter The French Fashion Industry

Introduction Background to the study Over the past few decades, firms in different economic sectors have experienced an increment in the intensity of competition. One of the reasons for the increment in competition is the high rate of globalization. As a result of globalization, management teams of large and small enterprises are considering implementing strategies […]

Human Resource Management Skills are Critical to Organisational Survival and Success

Introduction Specialist human resource management skill is an important attribute that managers must possess in the present age of globalisation. It provides a playing field for an effective management of staff and enhances retention and turnover processes of an organisation. HRM also enables management to maximize effective utilization of employees through investment in identified human […]

Successful Knowledge Worker Teams

Factors key to the success of knowledge worker teams Also termed as human capital, free agents or knowledge entrepreneurs, knowledge workers comprise of the fastest evolving division of workers globally. Peter Drucker precisely defined knowledge workers as high level workforces applying analytical and theoretical knowledge attained through learning to produce and improve new services and […]

Success is an Individual’s Secret

Introduction Student’s giftedness is a measure of their outstanding ability, which allows them to interact freely with their environment leading to high levels of achievement, performance, and/or creativity. Although many people view giftedness as largely dependent on inherent and inborn factors playing a focal role in success of the gifted students, others still view success […]

Managing Change for Competitive Success

This paper explores two concepts that have been studied in due course; personality and change. The paper begins by defining the concepts and then goes ahead to provide a summary of them. In addition, the paper will give data outlining a problem related to one of the concepts. Moreover, the paper will give a summary […]

Change Management, BPR and successful ERP implementation

It is a challenging endeavor to implement an ERP system since the process involves external and internal entities. Thus, the implementation of an ERP system necessitates change management and business process reengineering. Business process reengineering (BPR) The successful implementation of an ERP requires the involvement of certain level of business process reengineering. This is to […]

Characteristics of Successful Teams

Executive summary A team is described as an assemblage of workers for a common purpose. Within the business perspective, a team comprises of a group of employees who perform the assigned tasks together in order to achieve a shared goal or purpose. In most cases, within the business environment, teams are normally assembled to undertake […]

Success Factors of Implementing E-Services Project

E-Service Projects According to the Hill (2006) there are many challenges that come from the implementation and administration of e-based projects. These constraints resemble the challenges that are faced in implementing information technology projects in the world. Many organizations are finding it very hard to manage information technology projects. The management of information technology based […]

What Makes a Successful Situation Comedy?

Introduction A situation comedy is a comic television series composed of episodes or scenes involving similar group of characters dealing with an issue, abnormal situation and many other scenes that may arise1. The short form of situation comedy is sitcom. This is usually accompanied by jokes as part of a conversation. A successful situation comedy […]

The Success International Company

Introduction The Success International Company has managed to expand its business given that the aim of every business operation is to increase productivity. However, the expansion of its business operation has necessitated an increase in labor. As a result, the company has been characterized by work overlap that tends to create a challenge while handling […]

Why Knowledge Management is important to the Success of Organizations

Knowledge management involves the combination of different processes and strategies within an organization which integrates data and information technology as well as distributing of employees’ potential to help the organization achieve its objectives. It is very important for the organizations if they want to succeed in their operations. The type of knowledge management program depends […]

Easyjet’s Success and Challenges

In business world, organizations must be smart to identify the areas that can bring commendable returns. The airline industry is a very competitive industry. Since Easyjet airline was a small company it would not have made it if it decided to compete with big companies such as British Airways, which is among the top airline […]

The successes of Applebee’s Grill and Bar

Introduction This paper highlights the successes of Applebee’s Grill and Bar, which is an American company, based in Kansas. The company mainly operates through franchises and it has a presence in 16 countries around the world (Zimbio, Inc., 2011). Applebee’s Grill and Bar has in the past maintained a fair degree of success, based on […]

Book Critique: “The intentional church: moving from church success to community transformation” by Randy Pope

Introduction Randy Pope is a church leader and founding pastor of Perimeter Church. The church is located in Duluth, Atlanta Georgia. The church has a following of more than 6000 members who are devoted to reaching people in North Atlanta and the whole world who are “unchurched.” Pope’s vision and dedication to train disciples is […]

Project Marketing to Improve Project Success

Introduction This paper aims to provide a better understanding of project marketing and to contribute to the literature the perceived relationship between project marketing and project management. A research question can be asked to get a closer look at the entire dissertation, that is: how can project marketing be used to attain project success? We […]

Critical factors of executive success: Steve Jobs

Introduction The successful of business organisations is often depended on the leaders or executives who drive leadership in these business organisations. Business leaders are the main strategists of business programs that define the success of the firm in the industry and the economy in which it operates. Executive competence is one of the leadership attributes […]

Role of Education for Successful Careers

Introduction Over the years, there has been ongoing debate on the importance of education for a successful career. Even to those who agree that education is important, there is still the lingering question on the level of importance. Many learners and employment seekers have repeatedly been questioning the importance of education with respect to personal […]

Project Success – Leadership Management

Introduction In the recent past, project management has become a very vital component element to any organization that needs to succeed. This has been due to the increased need for a company (or any organization in operation) to respond to the changes taking place within the business cycle and the stiff competition that has been […]

Successful Strategic Human Resource Planning

Introduction For an effective operation, organizations need human and physical resources; properly managed organizations have an appropriate number of personnel’s, in number, experience and expertise. To ensure that the right number of people is available when required, a company’s human resource management should develop effective framework of planning human resources (Bandt and Haines 1). This […]

Successful Family Business

Introduction Family-owned firms are one of the foundations of the world’s business community. There is however no proper definition of family business and academic literature appreciate this (Donnelly 1964). Their creation, just like Perdue Farms growth and length of existence are critical improvement of the world economy. The farm is now a major contributor to […]

Factors influencing successful buyer–seller relationships

Purpose of the article Understanding the factors that influence the relationship between the buyer and the seller is of great importance in developing and maintaining such a relationship. Previous research has identified these factors but the relative importance of the factors had not been determined empirically. The article reports the research by Powers and Reagan, […]

What Entrepreneurs Should Do to Become Successful

Introduction An entrepreneur is an extremely crucial element in the contemporary business world. He or she is an individual who puts into effect initiative through organizing a given activity in an effort to take benefit of an opportunity. An entrepreneur is also a decision maker and settles on what to be produced, the manner of […]

Factors Affecting the Success of Mega-Events

Introduction In the recent past, the popularity of events management and related projects has increased. According to Bladen (2010), the phenomenon involves the application of project management concepts to the administration of events and occasions. In this paper, the author will analyse a number of contemporary issues affecting the management of these undertakings. To this […]

Project Management Success

Introduction To some degree, the success of every project depends on the expertise of a leader who has to guide the activities of team members and foster their cooperation. In some cases, this professional has to coordinate the work of people who may be located in different countries and this task can be very challenging. […]

Critical Success Factors for a CRM Program: A Discussion

Introduction Today, in the business world, organisations competing for market power and success are continuously looking for avenues to step ahead of their competitors. This, however, is becoming a more taxing objective for organisational managers as rapid advancements in information technology lead to mounting transparency of management activities across companies, making it exceedingly challenging to […]

Success factors in business

The more companies develop and become successful the complex their operations and virtual organizations become. The interconnectedness of these organizations promotes success in a company; in contrast, it may result in delays and discontent hence lack of successes in the hierarchical components that work together to achieve a common objective. Success factors are the inputs […]

Key factors of competitive success in the water bottling industry

Any water bottling company wishing to gain a competitive advantage should consider its economies of scale. These dictate a number of other factors such as developing an efficient low-cost production method, access to conveniently located distributors who include; large grocers, beer, wine and food distributors, supermarkets and convenience stores. It should consider cost reductions by […]

Successful managers of tomorrow will be the ones who have a high cultural quotient

Introduction Managers are mainly involved in running and administrating an organisation aiming at achieving the set goals and objectives. They are accountable to the shareholders of the company and ensure that they have achieved the corporate goals of the company within a particular time frame. They are responsible for formulating the plans and strategies to […]

Success Indicators for Hotel Managers

The idea behind the establishment of any business organization is to make profits and eventually achieve business success. This implies that managers are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that their businesses succeed. Although all business ventures are challenging, the hospitality industry has more challenges that require a manager to work hard failure to which […]

Qualities of successful marriages

Communication Good communication is important in any marriage in order for it to succeed. Good communication helps to avoid all forms of disrespect between the parties. Such forms of disrespect have been referred to as disrespectful judgments. They include ridiculing, sarcasm, making statements in a judgmental way or making false accusations. In other words, proper […]

The Role of Interactivity to the Success of Reality Television Shows

Introduction Over the years television programs were meant to inform, educate and entertain listeners. Most programs were mostly transmitted in a one direction way. However, this has changed as most television programs nowadays continuously seek to involve the listeners either to ask questions or to give their opinions and comments concerning the program. The aim […]

Cultural Aspect as the Peculiarity of the Successful Business Strategy of Multinationals in Foreign Countries

THESIS: An adaptation of the corporative culture of the international company to the national traditions of a foreign country is necessary for business development. I. 3M Russia as an example of successful overcoming of bureaucracy II. Attitude of Southwest Airlines to the Mexican traditions III. Healthcare programs and a safe driving campaign of Vodafone Egypt […]

How Characteristics of Innovation Affect Success of a Product

According to Keller and Kotler, clients are the center for success of organizations and their products. In this essay, success of electronic products (product I bought) is explained with reference to characteristics of innovation (relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, divisibility and communicability) while putting into perspective Keller and Kotler’s approach in marketing. For an electronic product […]

“Success international”. Writing effective reports: Progress report

Purpose statement Success international has been producing papers they used for documents and distributed in the office, its customers, and its other business partners. Due to the expansion in the company where it increased the number of its employees thereby getting more customers, the company’s demand of paper and other supplies went up increasing the […]

Reasons for the Success of the Jewish Yishuv in 1947

Introduction The birth of a Jewish nation occurred in 1948 when the United Nations established the state of Israel and the international community recognized it as a legitimate entity. However, this great accomplishment by the Jews took many years to realize. The single entity which is credited with the successful establishment of the state of […]

Why do Successful Companies Fail

Introduction In the world today, there are very many companies that have become obsolete and they have shrunk their market share because many other companies have emerged thereby taking the market share that was previously occupied by the fallen companies. For example, the world’s leading carmakers such as Ford and General Motors lost their market […]

The Gym’s Success

Introduction The success of any gym depends on the number of members visiting it; the more members a gym has, the more revenue it is likely to generate. This, in return, is determined by how easily people can locate and access the gym. In fact, most people search for gyms which are conveniently located to […]

Components of success business

Why is database technology so important for a business? Database technology is essential for most businesses; as they need to understand better their customers, suppliers and competitors. Thus, collecting, storing and processing information inform of databases offers businesses with advantage. Majority of businesses lack time or resources to collect and process large amounts of information. […]

Major in Success: Make College Easier, Fire up Your Dreams, and Get a Great Job

Introduction This book was written by Patrick Combs who also doubles up as an inspirational speaker. This book has been written for students aspiring to join college or those who are already in college. Grounded in current research in business economics and coupled with appropriate insights from the corporate world, the book is suitable for […]

Human Resource Management’s Successful Strategies

Introduction In any successful organization, the human resource department plays a big role in the realization of organizational goals. Successful Human resource Management (HRM) strategies are therefore imperative for any organizational to scale up heights of success. The importance of HRM has especially been exemplified by the need for organizations to thrive in today’s chaotic […]

Successful Team Building

A team comprises of people who come together with the aim of reaching a common goal. For a team to be successful in its mission there are various issues that have to be addressed at the onset of the mission. A team brings together people from various departments in an organization. Besides, they each have […]

Examining the critical success factors in the adoption of enterprise resource planning

Introduction Law, H., Ngai and Wat (2008) revisited and researched on previously published materials on the subject of Enterprise Resource Planning. The incident provided such a precious opportunity for the exploration of many enterprise resource planning aspects that over the years has remained blurredly understood, or there seriousness in utilization seems to have been diminished […]

The Success of Dell Company

Introduction Dell inc. is a corporation that deals in and supplies information technology products and services. Their main products include personal computers; servers and other assorted computer hardware. They have been a major player in the industry for decades. High definition TVs, printers, cameras and mobile music players are among new products at Dell inc. […]

The success of a marketing strategy

Marketing remains one of the key determinants of any business’ success. Consumers get to know about the existence of a product through marketing. The success of a marketing strategy depends on the approach taken by the business. All marketers must consider several issues about the targeted market(s) in order to meet the set sales goals […]

Pringles’ Successful Strategy

A number of factors play a role in influencing final consumers and their buying behavior towards preference on a product. Personal decisions regarding choice of a product may be due to social influences, purchase situation, economic needs or psychological variables. Many firms consider some or all of these factors when developing an effective marketing strategy. […]

Critical success factors for a CRM program

Customer Relations Management (CRM) is the value of the prospective and existing clients. In fact, new entrants in any industry present the existing companies with competition. The entrants weaken both the solid and the existing corporations in the market. This arises from the new ways of doing and advancing businesses. Among the factors that drive […]

Why were some countries more successful in responding to the challenge of European imperialism than others?

In the period between 1450 and 1800, Europe was successful to control and dominate most nations in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Europe established this control by employing three strategies which included the use of colonial imperialism, Economic imperialism and political imperialism. What motivated Europe to establish that control was so that to get raw […]

Chanel and the Way to Success

Chanel is arguably one of the most important and influential names in the fashion industry. Specializing in clothing and accessories, the company was formed way back in the beginning of the 20th century by Gabrielle Chanel, a designer from Paris who changed the world of fashion. The start of the business was very usual; the […]

Leadership Concepts That Are Vital Too Successful Quality Management Implementation

The approach to quality management and leadership has taken a new meaning over time. Traditionally, the concept of quality was just a technical subject which viewed quality leadership in terms of controlling the production process only to produce high quality goods. This means that the production process was deliberately controlled by line managers with focus […]

Successful Management in Business

So as to bring success in our business, we have to apply four functions of management. These functions include, control, organize, plan, and direct. Control, will help someone to retain his job and stay out of problems. Also one should control his/her actions. By doing this, one is able to do the right thing at […]

How can you explain John Quincy Adam’s great success as secretary of state and his relative lack of success as president?

John Quincy Adams was credited as a very successful secretary of state. He was well endowed with superb diplomatic skills. He served in this position during the two terms of James Monroe’s presidency. He clearly articulated the legislative agenda of James Monroe. In particular, he brought the American foreign policy into sharp focus by outlining […]