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Xerox: Innovation and Success Research Paper

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Updated: Apr 10th, 2022

The ever-increasing technological pace has led to some companies legging behind in ancient hardware and unneeded services. Some have been able to barely survive while others have found ways to prosper and adjust to changing times. Xerox is one such company that is determined to flourish in the market and innovate its business techniques to suit the demanding times.

One of the ways Xerox has been able to serve a large amount of customers is by creating business partners and offering comprehensive packages that include a number of services. More specifically, it offers help in developing the business and taking care of the necessary tasks. Any business has a lot of paperwork and detailed processes that must be complete for the business to develop and move forward.

The advertisements, numerous flyers, documentation and dealing with customers are only a few services that Xerox offers. Xerox has also shifted a great amount of resources towards its customers and was able to better the already existing relations.

The number of locations has increased, enabling customers to ask any necessary questions and raise concerns, find out the specifics and data needed for the business, as well as financial and accounting services. It is also widening its global services and partnerships with other companies. Parts of the world that are starting to develop create a great market for businesses. The establishments of new agreements in countries such as India and China have opened up more ways and opportunities for partnerships and economic growth.

A great amount of innovation was in the changes of the company itself. The pressures from laser scanners, file transference, enhanced networking and technological advances in general, have forced changes to the company. As the common age is becoming clean energy oriented, Xerox has been able to lower costs and offer reasonable solutions.

Many governmental companies have a higher responsibility to avoid any pollution or over usage of energy, and Xerox has been a good resource to such businesses. It has been dealing directly with the federal government, as well as individuals, to provide cost efficient energy uses for the business and people’s homes.

Another important change was in healthcare, which is valued highly by governments and private citizens. Xerox understands the demands and needs for healthcare and has taken a step towards bettering the management and administration in the provision of healthcare.

There are services that are primarily based on health information distribution, exchange of the needed advances, beneficial pharmaceutical progress, electronic databases in health records and a close management and organization of cases. It is clear that Xerox is very much involved in a lot of governmental and social aspects of life (Xerox, 2013).

The success of any company is based on the competitive market and advantages that a certain business can offer. Xerox has put extra focus on the internal scientific research, engineering breakthroughs and partnering companies that are interested in the common goal. The entrepreneurial potential of Xerox has also been on the rise, giving new abilities and ventures to do business with.

The innovation committee has been working on the implementation of new technologies into the global market and local customer population. Even though the primary business structure of Xerox has had some changes, it is still very much needed in the business world.

The success of every company lies in its management and internal structure. Xerox has been able to adjust to the technological changes and enhance it services and products, so that the company stays as popular as before.


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