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Wells Fargo Company Case Study

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Wells Fargo Company was established in 1852 in the city of San Francisco during gold rush era. Henry Wells and William Fargo came up with the idea of providing express money delivery services as means of exploiting gold rush venture. The company offers banking services and greatly secures its customer’s deposits, an achievement that earns them reputation as dependable company.

Wells Fargo formed a network of marketing spreading over hubs such as New York, New Jersey, Central America as well as Pacific Ocean region. The express delivery business was however halted owing to new developments after First World War; the company was later possessed by Norwest Corporation.

Wells Fargo in its new composition participates in food production business as well as movie industry while still providing banking services to clients. The company invested in modern technology for the purposes of advancing their banking services. They later obtained a fiscal company known as Wachovia which was facing shut down owing to loses. Wells Fargo experienced growth which has enabled expansion of its operations to international destinations that feature 130 countries worldwide.


One of the greatest assets possessed by Wells Fargo is its dependability nature especially within banking sector. The company has been marked by clients as a reliable entity which can be entrusted with valuable deposits for safe keeping. The Company recognizes consumers’ worth and as such places priority and focus on attending to clients’ needs adequately, hence enabling them to realize monetary gains. Also within the Banking industry, the organization has embraced modern technology for the purposes providing efficient services.

Wells Fargo offers wide range of services capable of boosting its capital and increases its earnings. The presence of the business within international market in over one hundred and thirty countries has enabled them explore many diverse opportunities within their investments.

The organization exploits its outstanding image in within the global market as well as extensive customer connections to advance its objectives. At Wells Fargo a customers are recognized as friends and kings, a policy that has enabled the organization maintain its client base even in during economic crunch.

Usually, customers experience need for various services at certain stages of their lives; this prompted Wells Fargo to design their products in a way that satisfies all consumer desires at different stages. They also cater for diverse customers representing variety needs within the market. Their Loans are affordable and pocket friendly as they focus on enabling their clients to get more value on capital.

Customers are also able to open up accounts with minimal in-puts. These accounts come with offers on monthly charges where individuals with regular deposits are at some point exempted from payment of monthly fees. High level of morality and integrity within the company in its interaction with business partners has also contributed to its growth. With the belief that a vibrant community has a positive impact on business, the company has invested in the community through donations and moral support.


The economic crunch negatively impacted Wells Fargo in its various business operations, since it was experienced at the time they had acquired Wachovia that was heavily in debt. The company has experienced difficulty in attaining a leading position in the industry in spite of its heavy investments in technology.


The company stands to gain from the international market share owing to its presence within 130 countries. Its entry into the European Market with about 36 outlets and subsequent investments in up-coming markets such as the BRIC nations also puts it at a good stand point to explore available opportunities and advance its brand.

The diversities in product and nature of clients’ presents an avenue for trying out new products capable of satisfying customer needs. By exploring the attributes of close market relationships, there are signs that point to company’s relational advantages.


The multiple services that Wells Fargo offers to its clients have made the company vulnerable to threat from competitors. Such multiplicity also poses a risk to the entire return on investments. Minor competitors threaten to take over Wells Fargo market share owing to their specialty in certain investments that forms only part of the company’s product diversification.

It remains challenging for Wells Fargo to operate as leader within the industry owing to this diversity in the provision of services especially while fighting economic down turn. There is also the threat from the 2010 US Fiscal Legislation passed by the US congress that will hold back the company’s development. The rise in non accruing loans in Wells Fargo coupled with the decrease of the same in other Banks is threatening to pull financiers away from the Company.

SWOT analysis diagram

Internal Strengths
– Dependable
– use of modern technology
– Wide range of services
– Higher percentage market share
– Efficient customer care
-Higher debt rate
– Lack of efficient leadership within market
External Opportunities
– Wide market share
– Product diversity
– Threat of competitors
– Risk on entire return on investments
-2010 US Fiscal Legislation
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