Company Analysis Essay Examples and Topics

Schlumberger Limited Analysis

Executive Summary This is a coop report that focuses on Schlumberger Limited, its competitive advantages, strategies, history, and an internship project in Hub Web site development. Schlumberger Limited is an industry leader. Hence, it provided the best opportunities for internship experiences. The company has relied on its products, services, and solutions to remain competitive and […]

Blackfield Hawaii Corporation Analysis

Strengths Blackfield Hawaii Corporation (Hawaii) boasts of its experienced staff in various investment activities. The team is led by a dedicated management that has experience in developing commercial and residential property. The management developed strategies that ensured it invested in unique hotels and resorts. The decentralised system of management adopted by this company ensured that […]

Domino’s Pizza Company Analysis

Domino’s Pizza is a fast food chain of restaurants that is headquartered in the United States of America, but it has a large network of international branches worldwide (Abc News, 2013, para 5). The firm was established in 1960 by two brothers, Tom Monaghan and James Doyle, following the duo’s successive takeover of Dominicks. The […]

Facebook Company

Introduction Facebook Corporation was established by the current chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. In its inception days, the Facebook Corporation membership was limited to Harvard students though it was later expanded to other institutions in the city of Boston (Veer, 2011, p.271). The company operates as a social networking site connecting users with […]

Evolution of Amazon Business Model

Introduction Important questions when looking at the Amazon business model are: What defines core business? Is it the product, intellectual property, process, business design, or the clientele? Many companies today cannot be said to be in a certain business because they have diversified both in product and every other aspect of business. The traditional view […]

Darden Restaurants Inc.

Organizational overview In 1938, Bill Darden saw the potential and opportunity of opening up a restaurant. He materialized his dream by opening a 25-seater restaurant which he called The Green Frog, named after a hopping frog, for that was what its service was.1 In the years that followed, the company Darden Restaurants was patronized by […]

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Official Website

Many nonprofit organizations are obliged to find avenues through which they can sustain themselves and their beneficiaries by pursuing funding from existing as well as new donors (Hopkins, 2005). Consequently, these organizations are often in constant need of knowing how to contact donors who could provide them with services and funding, and of knowing how […]

Leo Burnet Company Limited

Problem statement Leo Burnett Company (“LB”) is a globally recognizable advertising agency. It is one of the premier advertising agencies in the United States and made its mark as early as 1935. At the turn of the 20th century LB expanded globally and as a result there are now close to a hundred offices in […]

Heineken: A Company and a Brand

Introduction Marketing involves many areas that include selling, advertising, packaging, transporting, marketing research and much more. A business organization must sell products to survive and to grow. The marketing concept states that an organization should try to provide products that satisfy customers’ needs through a coordinated set of activities. The major aim of the marketing […]

Taran Swan and Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon established its name as a cable channel of choice for kids aged 2 to 11 years old since its inception in 1978. It was, however, acquired by the entertainment powerhouse Vacom in 1986. Nickelodeon sought to increase variety of its products and went beyond the ordinary cartoons which were common among kids’ channels. The […]

The Burger Boy

The case study is about a fast food restaurant experiencing several problems that have affected its productivity. Workers have different responsibilities. However, due to the absence of two employees, some of them are forced to work more. The problems are indicative of the poor working conditions at fast food restaurants. Employees are poorly compensated even […]

Managing growth at

Brief description of the company and its environment began its operations in 1996. The mission of the company is to supply parents with sports equipment for their children at a lower cost than its competitors. The parents realized that they were discarding expensive clothes because as their children grew, the clothes became too small […]

Sport Obermeyer, Ltd.

Sport Obermeyer, Ltd. is a winter, high performance skiwear fashion company established in 1947. The company offers a “broad line of fashion ski apparel, including parkas, vests, ski suits, shells, ski pants, sweaters, turtlenecks, and accessories.” (Hammond and Raman 1). In recent years, the founder’s son has taken over major management responsibilities as the company’s […]

Real Cool Cycle

Introduction Real Cool Cycle is a leading bike manufacturing company in Erehwon. The company manufactures bikes for the local market. The main brands manufactured by this company are RGE bike and RC_ROCKHOPPER. The company was established by the government and its only competitor is MTC. Government policies and support has enabled this company penetrate the […]

International PepsiCo. Company

Introduction Every organization is expected to undertake strategic analysis to determine its market position as well as its current and anticipated performance. Through the application of different environmental analysis tools, managers are able to determine the strong and weak points of an organization. One of the activities carried out by organizations is scenario analysis. Scenarios […]

Potash Corp Analysis

The Share Price of the Company Potash Corp is one of the leading companies in the sector of global fertilizers production (Shmuel n.p.). It is believed that the “long-term demand outlook” for fertilizers is “robust” (Shmuel n.p.). At present the share price of the company is rather high. For instance, it reached 46.27 USD during […]

Nintendo Company in Japane

Situation Analysis. When Nintendo Company was initially launched in 1800s, it was manufacturing and selling playing cards. The company diversified its production line later to produce electronic games to overcome the stiff completion it was facing by then. Nowadays, the company specializes in designing and selling of motion-sensor control games mainly for children. The company […]

Porsche Company

Porsche AG Background Ferdinand Porsche, who was a renowned professor, is the one who started the car manufacturing company as early as 1931. The company initially did not produce any vehicle with its brand but specialized in offering motor vehicle development work and consultancy services to other automobile manufacturing companies. The company produced its first […]

Allure Cruise Line

Introduction The purpose of this case study is to discuss market entry strategies of Allure Cruise Line, the main competitors of this company in new markets, positioning strategy, and the difference between Allure and other companies. Company Overview Allure Cruise Line is a small company in the North America, which started its journey in 1993 […]

Shuzworld Company

Workflow at Shuzworld (Discussion and Recommendations) Shuzworld’s case embraces the aspects of workflow. This section of the paper discusses the workflow provisions and provides appropriate recommendations applicable in this context. This will ensure credible workflow augmentation in the Shuzworld Company with specific reference to Chinese plants. For example, the workflow in the production system is […]

The Nissan Motor Company Limited

Introduction Product positioning refers to the marketers’ abilities to arrange or distribute a range of products or services in a manner that arouses interest of consumers in a company at the expense of its competitors. When Nissan transferred its operations from South Korea to Japan, it also made major changes, including the appointment of a […]

Fosters Group Company

Introduction Pure Blonde came into the market in 2004. It was first produced by Fosters Group and it has become the first low-carbohydrate beer which was really successful in Australia. Many companies attempted to produce such kind of bear in the previous years. For example, Bond Brewery had Swan Gold in the 1980s, but it […]

Marriot International, Inc. Analysis

This is a research based assignment on the international expansion opportunities and practices of Marriot Hotels. Marriot International, Inc., which is based in the U.S., is a global operator of a broad collection of hotels and other hospitality facilities. The company has about 3,150 lodging and accommodation facilities located in USA and many others in […]

Ducor Chemical Company

This is a case study analysis of Ducor Chemical Company, and it helps in understanding the mechanisms or strategies that can aid in collaborative working relationships among various managers involved in the implementation of a project. This case study is a clear indication of the effects of poor working relations between the project manager and […]

General Motor Corporation in China

Executive Summary In modern changing business environment, companies need to have strategic policies to enable them remain competitive and profitable; they are affected by external and internal operating environments. Globalization and international trade has opened massive opportunities that companies can venture into; when operating in the global scenes, decisions and policies developed should be responsive […]

Goldman Sachs Quantitative Analysis

Introduction A number of studies have carried out on the economic impact of international sporting events. The Goldman Sachs recently carried out a study to evaluate the economic impact of the Olympics. The researchers attempted to develop the relationship between economics, markets and the games. This relationship was aimed at coming up with a prediction […]

Walmart in Africa

Walmart’s Growth and International Experience Globalization has become an important strategy for firms to expand their operations. Normally, businesses go global to either escape from threats in their domicile locations or to take advantage of opportunities in the global markets. Walmart is one company that internationalized its operations due to threats in the local market […]

Sherwin Williams Company

Introduction Sherwin Williams is engaged in manufacturing, distributing as well as selling building materials such as paints and coatings. This company operates in America and Europe. Currently, this organization consists of four segments, namely Global Finishes, Paint Stores, Consumer Group, and Latin American Group. This paper is aimed at examining the external environment of this […]

Internal Environment Analysis of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream USA

Introduction Ben & Jerry’s is a leading producer and seller of packed ice cream and dessert products. The company was founded in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont (Ben & Jerry’s). In 2000, Unilever acquired the company and maintained its rapid growth. By 2012, the company’s products were sold in the United States and 34 other countries […]

Toyota Motor Corporation

Firm’s History Toyota is a Japanese company that deals in the manufacture of automobiles. It is a multinational company with operations across the world. The company was started in the year 1937 by a man known as Kiichiro Toyoda. He had inherited a company that dealt with the creation of automobiles from his father. The […]

Ford Motor Company

Country and US MNC Selection Many people consider Ford Motor Company (Ford) as an important American automobile company. The American Multinational Corporation (MNC) is headquartered in Michigan. Since 1903, the company has grown steadily to become a leading automobile brand in the world. This exercise digs deeper to analyse the strategic approach and performance of […]

LeBanze Automotive Company

Introduction The company will be called the LeBanze Automotive Company. The mission of the company is to provide customized SUV and pickup trucks that are affordable and very durable. The business strategy will be marke-oriented strategies such as product proliferation, product modification, and product diversification to meet the market demand. The business intends to penetrate […]

Russell Hobbs Company

Executive Summary This paper is an assessment of Russell Hobbs, which is one of the UK’s top goods manufacturing brands. The paper asserts manufacturing and organization structures of the company. The company – Russell Hobbs is aiming to expand to a new market of UAE, which is a highly competitive and diversified market. Analysing the […]

Dell Inc., the USA Multinational Corporation

The company chosen for this analysis is Dell Inc., the USA Multinational Corporation, and its activities in the UK. The Dell Inc. headquarters are centered in Round Rock, Texas United State. Dell Inc. deals with selling, developing, and repairing computer and computer related products. It has managed to employ more than 103300 of workforce from […]

Walmart Company Opportunities and Advantages

Thesis Statement This report evaluates the Wal-Mart Stores. Thus, it explores the Company in terms of its low-cost strategy, product diversity and the high number of large physical stores. Using these capabilities, Wal-Mart has and continues to lead in the retail industry. The report, therefore, evaluates how these capabilities have enabled Wal-Mart to realize its […]

Apple Inc Decision Making Process

Introduction Apple Computers was founded by Steve Wosniak and Steve Jobs in 1976. In 1996, the Company was transformed to Apple Inc. under Steve Jobs. Its products were highly sophisticated non-PC electronics. By 2010, it became a competitive mobile and PC devices vender. In 2009, its PC market share was 8% in the United States. […]

Starbucks Coffee Business

Introduction Starbucks started its coffee outlets in 1971 at Seattle. The founders of the company included Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel, and Gordon Bowker. Howard Schultz joined Starbucks in 1982 as the heading of marketing and overseeing retail division (Thompson and Gamble, 1997). Schultz had a different vision for the company. He wanted to create a […]

The Boston Beer Company

Introduction The case study on Samuel Adams, the Boston Beer Company, has been developed using information from the company’s annual reports, the website, and articles from mass media. The case presents a background of the company, and then shows the present problems faced by the company and how they are related to the centralized hierarchical […]

Car Manufacturing Industry: Porsche

Porsche’s strategy and brief financial assessment Car manufacturing industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Besides the large amount of capital investment required, the industry is also characterized by high level of engineering expertise. Therefore, car manufacturing companies have to incorporate lots of technology to compete favorably in the industry. Regulations […]

Bavarian Motor Works

Background of the company Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, also known as the Bavarian Motor Works, is a German company that manufactures automobiles, engines, and motorcycles. The company, whose name is abbreviated as BMW or BMW AG, was founded in 1916. BMW’s headquarters is located in Munich, Bavaria. The company has a subsidiary known as Rolls- […]

Apple Incorporation

Abstract Apple Inc. sells products in various markets across the world. Through online shops and trade outlets, the corporation vends services and commodities to the global customers. Apple Inc. similarly trades most computer products in the artistic, administration, and venture marketplaces found within its ecological division. The markets are particularly crucial to third party developers […]

Wal-Mart Case Study

Introduction This essay seeks to present a case study on Wal-mart. The company is faced with a marketing challenge. From a professional point of view, below are some of the marketing objectives derived out of the company’s situation. In addition, a solution is suggested to end the marketing stalemate in which the company finds itself. […]

Crown ltd. Company Analysis

Recommendations Crown ltd. is a private corporation based in Australia operating two major resorts facilities in Perth and Melbourne. The company has in the recent past initiated projects that will ensure carbon emissions are lowered in its facilities. Since Crown ltd., operates in the hospitality industry, the company has been keen active in undertaking measures […]

ZaraCloth Case Study

The Zara model looks rather sustainable, as it covers several layers of population. Clothes manufacturing plays one of the key market roles in the global business industry. Since it has made use of many employees from different countries, Zara’s success is obvious. It is not uncommon when a country of lower economic development produces goods […]

Tiffany’s Little Blue Box

Tiffany & Co. is a company that deals with jewelry and was founded in 1837. It has changed owners several times but has retained most of its traditions (Strickland et al, 2012). The “Tiffany Little Blue Box” is a gift box that was created by the founder of the company and all products bought from […]

Shoe Corporation of Illinois

Relevant facts The company manufactures low price ladies’ shoes that change its styles frequently in order to have an advantage of the flexibility associated with a small firm. The change in style of the company’s products is to meet the ever changing customer preferences for shoes. However, conflict in the organization is a must thing […]

Sun King Brewing Company

Strengths Sun King Brewing Company is a small, family-friendly business. The co owners of the company have an inspiring story on how they started it. Dave Colt and Clay Robinson were restaurant workers who had a passion for brewing beers. They also wanted to provide the people of Indiana with a home brew that grew […]


Operations Strategy LensCrafters specializes in the manufacture of eyeglasses. It has about 860 service shops in which customers watch over the process of assembling their glasses, which are custom made for one’s special needs. Although the company wishes to expand its markets to take full advantage of economies scale as part of its long-term operations […]

The Venus Women’s Garage

Executive Summary A number of changes have been witnessed in various parts of the world. For instance, most societies across the globe aim at bringing up women who are self-reliant economically and socially. Consequently, the founders of Venus garage have the pleasure to usher in a new fundamental facility that will address most women’s needs. […]

Starbucks’ Structure

Starbucks is an American company that started in 1971 in Seattle, America. The company started with roasting and retailing both whole bean and ground coffee. As well, the company sold tea and spices starting with one outlet at Pike Place Market. As of now, Starbucks sells to several million customers daily over an expanded geographical […]

Posh Pastries Entering the South America

Introduction Posh Pastries is a US-based organization that specializes in the production of pastries. Following resounding success in Northern Mexico, the company now intends on entering the South American market through Colombia. A country analysis revealed that Colombia’s political and economic situation is quite promising. Posh’s products have a two-month shelf life, which allows for […]

Coca-Cola Company and Government Policies

The Coca-Cola Company has grown to become an international cooperation having its base in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the largest soft carbonated drink producer in the world. The organization has mostly dominated the market for soft drink production over the years (Marcus, 2011). However, like any other organization, it has been experiencing a number of […]

Rolls-Royce Case Study

Abstract Economic exposure has affected the profitability of many countries that operate in the global market. The exchange rates for currencies could be highly unpredictable at times. This is the major cause of economic exposure. One of the companies that have been a victim of this is the Rolls-Royce Limited. This is a multinational company […]

Rite Aid Corporation

During the 2010s, Rite Aid Corporation, as one of the leading pharmacy retailers in the USA, suffers from the significant economic pressure and intensified competition within the industry. The observed financial losses of the company support the idea that Rite Aid Corporation needs the revision of the current managerial and economic strategies implemented and followed […]

Porsche Case Analysis

Problems Currently, Porsche faces several types of problems. In particular, many customers of this company have become much more price-sensitive since they were affected by the global economic recession that began in 2008. Additionally, it should be kept in mind that the maintenance of sports cars is very expensive. Therefore, even many well-to-do clients may […]

Case Analysis: Google

History, Development, and Growth of Google Google’s history depicts various efforts with regard to its inception and propagation over a long period. In 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin initialized Google as part of their doctoral academic research project at Stanford University. These efforts materialized through involvement in a project dubbed The Stanford Digital Library […]

Google Case Study Analysis

Introduction Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google in 1998 during their college days at Stanford University. Over the last one decade, Google has grown into a globally acknowledged market force for its service provision, business model, efforts in development of technology, and human life influence. Since inception of internet and development of information technology, […]

Apple Inc. Analysis

The impact of Apple’s mission, vision, and primary stakeholders on its overall success Apple has aimed at creating the best experience among its customers. The company believes that its “innovative hardware, software, and Internet offerings” (Apple Inc, 2012) will bring the best experiences to “students, educators, creative professionals, and consumers around the world” (Apple Inc, […]

Apple Company Analysis

Introduction Background of the company Apple Inc. is one of the most prosperous electronic firms in the world. This firm was started on April 1, 1976 by two scientists, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. These two individuals were electronic enthusiasts. They were interested in turning their skills in electronics into a large business unit. Steve […]

Google Company Overview

Google’s history Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded the Google Company while doing their Ph. D at the Stanford University (Battelle 2005). The two founders launched and incorporated the company as a private enterprise in 1998, and thereafter, they obtained their first public offering in 2004. By 2006, Google was fully established and the founders […]

Toyota Corporation Production

The key drivers to the success of Toyota before the crisis Production and operations management The actual production and delivery of products including the operational management was essential to the success of Toyota. The company’s product design incorporated product process, planning and implementing production processes as well as acquiring and organizing resources. With this broad […]


Introduction Rolls-Royce deals in aircraft, military engines, propulsion systems used by navies, and gas turbine power. Its main competitors include GE Aviation, SAFRAN, and Pratt & Whitney Engine Services, Inc. (Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC Competition, n.d.). Salmon reports that Rolls-Royce relies on over 8,000 suppliers (2012). Cowan enlists stakeholders as the suppliers, creditors, customers, employees at […]

Motorola Mobility Holdings

Motorola Mobility Holdings is a company that is based in the United States of America. The company deals in mobile phones and mobile devices, as well as data delivery and end-to-end video. The company is listed in the NYSE market. The parent company for Motorola Mobility Holdings is Motorola, but the two separated in the […]

BMW Automobiles Analysis

During the period of 2003-2004, the business environment as well as the automobile marker in Europe and globally developed according to the ideas of more progress and innovation, providing the necessary conditions for the significant competition within the industry on the question of price. Thus, price, brand image, and the company’s reputation became the key […]

Post-WWI Epoch Exhibition

George Eastman founded Kodak Company in 1888 with the motto “you press the button, we do the rest,” and designed a simple camera that consumers could use in making photography simpler (Fandel, 2007). The Eastman Kodak Company has been focusing on photography and has currently added the use of technology in combining images and information […]

Tata Group Goes Worldwide: Growth Through Acquisition

Introduction: The Tata Group and Its Story The Tata Company, whose headquarters are based in India, deals with the steel processing and production. According to the existing records, the company started its growth after purchasing the shares for Corus, an Anglo-Dutch steel company (Freeman, Gopalan, & Bailey, 2009, p. 2). The Current Strategy in the […]

Communications and Media: Case Study of Google Company

Introduction Sustaining successful operations in any business is normally a universal confrontation that investors and managers experience as the business world, which is gradually experiencing an augmentation in market competition and customer focus. Precisely, it costs a business some significant amount of resources, work force, and time to expand exponentially and more importantly, to gain […]

Alara Spring/Summer Collection Analysis

Executive Summary The fashion industry is versatile, ever evolving, and full of potential. Although various other companies occupy the fashion industry, its dynamism makes it accommodative of others as long as the newcomers bring something new to the table. Alara is one such company that brings innovative and dynamic designs that offer a fresh set […]

Ecolab Case Study

Ecolab is a major corporation with its headquarters in the US. It manufactures cleaning, food, sanitizing and other products that enhance human safety and hygiene. Ecolab’s mission statement seeks to make the firm a center of global innovation through provision of high quality cleaning and sanitation products. The firm seeks to make its operations in […]

Railroad Supply And Demand. Turner Construction Company

Introduction At Turner Construction Company, understanding the considerations for railroads as a means of transport is very important. The demand and supply findings of Turner Company are vital aspects of enhancing efficiency and competitiveness of the company. Railroad Supply and Demand Considerations To enhance the provision of diligent, creative, and resourceful construction services to its […]

Apple Incorporated Analysis

Currently, Apple Incorporated is one of the most reputable companies in the world. The company was formerly known as Apple Computer Incorporated. Apple is a multi-national corporation with its headquarters in the United States. The company’s centre of operation is in Cupertino, California. Apple Incorporated dropped the word computer from its title in 2007. This […]

Mobily Telecommunications Company

Executive Summary The telecommunications industry in Saudi Arabia has undergone tremendous change over the recent past. This paper focuses on three major stakeholders in the provision of telecommunication services in this region with more emphasis on Mobily Telecommunications Company. The three main companies in operation within this region are Etisalat also called Mobily, the Zain […]

The Hershey Chocolate Industry

The Hershey Chocolate factory is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania the home town of its founder Milton Hershey. Milton Hershey pioneered this company in 1894 as one of the outlets of his Lancaster Caramel factory and it has grown over the years to become one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in North America. Hershey Corporation’s 2012/2013 […]

Estee Lauder Analysis

Executive Summary Estee Lauder is one of the leading firms in the global beauty and skin care products industry. It was founded in 1946 as a private company in New York. However, it was later listed at the New York Stock Exchange. The company has achieved high growth in revenue and profits in the last […]

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd

Project Background Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd. is the dominating company which operates within the automobile industry of Australia and over the world. Toyota Motor Corporation produces vehicles which meet the customers’ expectations in relation to their quality and effect on the environments (Toyota Sustainability Report 2012). Thus, Toyota Motor Corporation focuses on the development […]

American Express Company Analysis

Introduction American Express Company (AmEX) is an American multinational company that offers financial services. The company headquarters are located at the Three World Financial Center in New York. The company was founded in 1850 with the company’s logo being adopted in 1958 and it has an image of a roman gladiator. The logo is engraved […]

Burger King’s Case Study

Burger King’s communication objective is to increase the company’s sales by targeting the super fan customers who happens to be young men. These activities are also geared towards ensuring shareholders’ satisfaction, in addition to increasing the company’s share value. To achieve these communication objectives, the organization has put in place plans to communicate and promote […]

Information Technology in Fedex

Executive summary This report investigates the current information technology systems being used by Fedex Corporation and evaluates the effects of the adoption of these systems on the performance of the company in terms of productivity and profitability. The investigation has been carried out through evaluating the information systems that the company has adopted over the […]

British Airways Story

Background British Airways (BA), which is a multinational firm and holds a key position in the flight services industry has been thriving with the success of the organizational change process. There has been a continuous effort by BA administration to establish change within the organizational system (Cawsey et al., 2011, pp.17). The challenges are there, […]

Grapple Mobile

Introduction on Grapple Mobile and its industry The cell phone industry is known as one of the fastest growing industries within the global market. Many changes have been recognized within cell phone industry since early 1990s guaranteeing its global expansion. The industry’s market expansion is attributed to the ever improvement in technology and innovation. Current […]

Kraft Foods Group Analysis

Introduction Kraft Foods Group is an American company based in Northfield, Illinois. It is a grocery manufacturing company, as well as a processing conglomerate. The company deals in a variety of food, snacks and beverages. Kraft Foods Group is a public company that is listed on NASDAQ. It is one of the largest food companies […]

Zara Company Analysis

Introduction The product under analysis is a Zara tulip Dress; it is red, pleated and has a jewelled collar. The garment is available in size XS and costs approximately £40. The company sells it in most retail outlets around the world. Clients can also get it from the internet through the firm’s website or e-bay. […]

The Kraft Foods Group

Introduction A mission statement describes the reason why a company or a business organization was formed. It gives guidance to the organization activities and its achievement of long term goals. A vision statement gives the picture of the company. It inspires the strategic planning of the organization. The vision statement outlines what the organization wishes […]

Informative Analysis: BMW Group

Company history The BMW Group has positioned itself amongst the 10 largest car manufactures globally The BMW Group was established in 1917 and has managed to position itself amongst the 10 largest car manufacturers globally. Initially, the firm’s core operations entailed designing and production of aircraft engines. Over the past few years, the firm has […]

Culinary Studio Cooking

Introduction Cooking in a hotel encompasses the planning and execution of various activities. It may comprise difficult or easier tasks that involve the management of several resources. These resources at times prove to be hard due to the peak hours especially lunch and dinner times. The cooking and serving of Sweet and Sour Chicken on […]

Case Analysis: “Southwest Airlines in 2010”

Impressiveness & Grade Southwest Airlines impressive story has made it a great case study for scholars, business practitioners and management students. Indeed, it is safe to argue that the company has achieved many of the critical ingredients required for success in the 21st century workplace (Wright & Mujtaba, 2011). In sampling some of the impressive […]

Mountain Man Brewing Company

The Mountain Man Beer Company case is a decision case. Chris wants to introduce another brand to the family company hence he consults experts, on viable procedures and decisions he should carry. He wants to make sure that the company succeeds in the market. Therefore, he makes decision carefully to avoid making fatal errors that […]

Major Global Corporation: Toyota

Introduction Operations management deals with all the aspects of goods and services production. Operations management involves supervision, design and if necessary redesigning of business processes with the sole aim of achieving efficiency with minimal resources while meeting the requirements of customers. Management and direction of a firm or organization’s physical functions forms the core concern […]

House of Fraser and the United Kingdom’s Department Store Industry

Introduction Department stores majorly sell a variety of products from a large retail premise. The range of products offered by the department stores includes furniture, home appliances, cosmetics, jewelers, toys and clothing. The department stores resort to selling a range of products as a protection measure incase sales of a single product fall in the […]

Google in Asia

In most locations, the term ‘Google it’ is synonymous with searching. Such has been the widespread popularity of Google that the term ‘Google’ has become a verb (Ferrell & Hartline, 2008). However, despite the success of the search engine in various locations, entry into certain Asian markets has been unsuccessful. Local search engines are still […]

Analysis of Hidesign Company

Hidesign is an Indian company started in the year 1978 by Dilip Kapur (Kachru 2011, p. 131). The company has been manufacturing affordable luxury leather goods for the last 30 years. As such, the company produces extensive collections of leather products such as belts, bags, and other leather accessories. Ways Hidesign should have explored further […]

EasyJet Airline Company Limited

Company history EasyJet Airline Company Limited operates as a no-frills entity in the UK airline industry. The airline started in 1995 under the stewardship of Stelios Haji-Ioannou a Greek magnate and it is headquartered at Luton, London. The firm operates as a subsidiary of EasyGroup conglomerate and it has managed to attain national and international […]

The 99 Cents Stores Company Case Study

Introduction Information Technology is said to have both tangible and intangible benefits to a business (Senn, 2000). It helps a business make profits while producing the results the customers want. It also promotes efficiency while saving time and resources to achieve greater output. The 99 Cents Stores Company has been described as a leader in […]

Wal-Mart Ends Nine-Year Grind In Germany

It is natural for a company that has experienced domestic success to expand internationally. Expansion into other markets helps in supporting the growth of the company. The company attempts to replicate the domestic success in these markets. However, the business environment in these markets may make it hard for companies to replicate their domestic success […]

Toro Company

Introduction In the process of organizational management, several strategies are deployed to ensure that organizational goals and targets are met. Some of the strategies deployed include marketing, restructuring and new products launches. The situation presented in this case looks into a company by name of Toro involved in selling snowblowers and lawn products. The company […]

Hewlett-Packard Company Analysis

Background of the Company Also known as, Hewlett Packard, HP is one of the most successful American companies. The company develops and manufactures computer software and hardware. William Hewlett and Dave Packard founded the company in 1935 and named it Hewlett Packard. The founders started with a diminutive capital that did not match the revenues […]

The Professional Life of Ingvar Kamprad

Ingvar Kamprad is an accomplished entrepreneur from Sweden who is among the richest men in the world. Kamprad is the founder of an organization known as IKEA that is based in his homeland. Despite his affluence, Kamprad lives a very simple life away from the fancy things that wealthy people are associated with (Clegg, 2012, […]

Wal-Mart Company Analysis

Company background (Karen) Wal-Mart is the leading retailer that provides products at a moderate price to American families with an average income level. To improve performance and profitability, the company has hired a consultancy team to introduce changes to automotive and customer service departments. Our primary goal consists in advancing Wal-Mart employees’ knowledge and skills […]

Ryanair’s Customer Service

Approach to customer service Ryanair is a low-cost airline that has a unique approach to customer service delivery. Unlike other low-cost airlines, it exploits several avenues of service delivery to minimize operational costs. The company outsourced customer service through service contracting in order to minimize the costs of service delivery. The company exploits the fact […]

Kraft Foods Group Case Study

Introduction The Porter’s Five Forces analysis is a model that seeks to determine particular aspects within a given industry. The five forces that this model evaluates include the bargaining power of buyers and seller, the industry entry limitations that exist, which acts as barriers to new entrants willing to join the industry, as well as […]