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Company Analysis Essay Examples and Topics

Phillips 66 Company’s Financial Information

However, the history of the company began as long ago as in 1875, when the inception of Conoco, a predecessor of today's enterprise, took place; the company became one of the first marketers that dealt [...]

Euro Rail Company’s Culture and Performance

The organization studied by the authors of the case study is one of the famous railway companies in Europe; the number of specialists working in the discussed company exceeds one hundred and fifty thousand.

Apple Inc.: Strategic Analysis

The fact is that the tendency towards the sophistication of society along with globalization created the background for the blistering rise of a business.

Amazon Company’s Acquires of Whole Foods

At the same time, it is not the worst variant as Whole Foods is allowed to preserve its current name and other peculiarities that differentiate the company for the best ones. Under these conditions, Amazon [...]

Zara Company and Its Limited Production

Its practice of making limited production runs could be considered one of the ways to maintain the current leading position. Finally, limited production runs could also state for the improved quality of goods as more [...]

Toyota Motor Corporation Group’s Opportunities

The paper will particularly establish the following: opportunities that are available for Toyota to move forward in the competitive automotive manufacturing and sales environment; determine the threats faced by Toyota; and establish actions that are [...]

The Harvey Norman Store’s Analysis

In addition, the government's legislations hinder the establishment of a new franchise to the advantage of the already established ones like the Harvey Norman holdings.

Greenway Hotels as the Global Organization

The change in the marketing framework and customer communication principles must not be viewed as an attempt to sneak the Greenhouse Hotel's services into the target market under the guise of something different and appealing [...]

Kohl’s Corporation: External Trends

Strategic decision-makers in Kohl's corporation require one to know the tastes and preferences of the targeted group. The decision-makers in Kohl's corporation have done a splendid job in assessing and understanding the market environment for [...]

McDonald’s Company: PR Activities

According to the company's official website, over 80% of the company's restaurants around the world and approximately 90% of its locations in the USA are owned and run by independent businesspeople.

NIKE Company’s Problems: Supply Chain and Action Chain

The internal elements are contractors, subcontractors, suppliers of raw materials, and raw materials outsourcing. Warehouse: Products produced by NIKE, its contractors, and subcontractors are delivered in warehouses for distribution to other chains of distribution.

General Motors Company in China

The beginning of the new millennium became one of the dark moments in the history of GM. The key to success was the stake made by the joint venture on the design and production of [...]

BMW Company’s Main Issues

The issue resulted in a lot of complaints and eventually led to several lawsuits, which affected the company's reliability in the customers' eyes.

Kakao Chocolate Company’s Market Situation

Kakao Chocolate produces exquisite samples of chocolate and other sweets made of purely natural ingredients. You may find the rare flavors there which go beyond imagination: chocolate combined with pepper, tea, and even bacon.

Dell Incorporation’s SWOT Analysis for 2014

Nowadays, scope of Dell, Inc.products and services includes business and consumer hardware, networking and storage-related services, enterprise solutions and software technologies Customer-focused marketing strategy Product diversification Since its foundation, Dell, Inc.announced "a consumer concentrated approach" [...]

Apple Inc.’s iPhone Line and Innovations

The primary intention of this report is to display the innovational sides of the Apple's iPhone line and depict the potential ability of the product to change the ways of living while emphasizing the vitality [...]

Zipcar Company’s Marketing Strategy and Future

Scott Griffith, the CEO of Zipcar, the world's largest car-share company presented an in-depth analysis of how this company has tried to solve the problems of corporate ethic and the branding approach, as well as [...]

La Roche-Posay Cosmetics in European Market

It is within this context that the essay examines the European market of LRP by analyzing the beauty market, competition, positioning strategy, identifying brand consumers, examining market trends, and the type of innovations evident in [...]

Apple Inc.’s Marketing and Supplier Code

In order to evaluate the attributes of the products that the company manufactures, the product pricing the business partners with whom this company works to produce and distribute products, and to create a personal opinion [...]

Google Company’s 10-K Report for 2012 Fiscal Year

The five items that the 10-K report highlights about Google constitute the acquisition strategy, which enabled the company to acquire Motorola Company, the use of different digital platforms such as Google play, Google plus, Android [...]

The TJX Companies Inc.’s Distribution Strategy

However, the online retailing provokes the new challenges in the distribution of merchandise. However, the company conducts business in the international market, and it has the secondary warehouses and the online store's fulfillment locations in [...]

UniApp Application’s Market and Data Analysis

However, despite the rate of the market development, it should be stressed out that the mobile applications market is close to saturation, and developers need to conduct thorough market research to be able to assess [...]

American Airlines and Its Competitive Advantage

The objective of American Airlines is to ensure the utmost comfort and safety of passengers in the course of flight, proper handling of their property, outstanding experience, and a competitive benefit with attractive charges.

Quirky Company’s Business Model

Because Quirky develops and manufactures products that are issued to the world on a regular basis, it is hard for the company to achieve and sustain a long-term profit margin.

Walmart Company’s SWOT Analysis

Because Walmart is a retailer, it specializes in selling a wide range of products; however, the company has switched to providing services with the aim of winning more customers and increasing the level of satisfaction [...]

Apple Inc.’s External Factors and Social Performance

The purpose of this paper is to discuss products of Apple, concentrate on external factors that influence the company's progress, analyze the role of primary stakeholders in influencing the organization's performance, and describe the corporate [...]

Helicopter Tours Company’s Business Plan

The firm will specialize in offering air travel services to individual and institutional customers. Despite the complexities associated with this business structure, the firm will comply with the stipulations outlined in the aviation industry.

Swordfish Restaurant and Store in Food Services

Given the location, the business is subject to a niche market of consumers that travel to the waterfront in order to experience the location in relation to its atmosphere, specialty shops and, of course, the [...]