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Company Analysis Essay Examples and Topics

Kaixin Company’s Business Environment

It shows a dire need of the company in the creation and implementation of a set of appropriate decisions that would ensure the two paramount indicators of success, namely, strategy and profitability.

Dell Inc.’s Strategy and Competitiveness in 2008

The unparallel leadership of Michael Dell was again proved when he shifted the responsibility of CEO to Kevin Rollins, it demonstrated the most devastating impact on the performance of the company through slowed down in [...]

Revlon Company’s Status in the Russian Industry

Consequently, it is the formulation and implementation of a strategy that can be able to determine the best-performing companies and separate them from poorly performing companies, and therefore for Revlon to enter and be successful [...]

Lickitty Cakes Company’s Problems

The ideas and the concepts have been grouped according to importance within the areas of critical challenges. The functional solutions in this case provide the possible paths to the state desired.

Nokia Corporation Strategic Audit

It is usually used in implementing tactics that would result in improved performance of an organization in comparison with the competitors. It simply presents, in brief, factors that are strategic and which affect the success [...]

TOMS Shoes Company’s Internal and External Analysis

The external factors include: business competition as a for-profit company with a charitable purpose, TOMS Shoes is in a different position than other companies, who do not have to distribute much money for charity.

Arnold Palmer Hospital’s Global Operations Strategy

Managers can use the tool to identify the opportunities and strengths that can produce positive results. The institution should therefore deal with the above weaknesses and threats to achieve most of its goals.

Shepherd Mountain Hotel’ Analysis

The New Wage System Introduced by SMH for Servers in the Bar and Restaurant No, the management board was not paying the servers as much remuneration as necessary.

OmniVere Company and Its Unique Service Model

Since technological support is also included in the list of the FM type of services, it will be safe to say that the changes made to OmniVere are linked closely to the phenomenon of FM.

View of Netflix’s Future Direction

One of the factors contributing to the firm's growth is its investment in the international market. Despite the loss incurred by Netflix's projects that the demand in the Nordic countries reflects the prevailing market opportunity [...]

Ford Motor Company’s Scandal Case

In their turn, the executives of Firestone argued that these incidents could be attributed to the faulty design of Ford Explorer and the specifications that this company set for the tires of this vehicle.

Changing Initiative at EasyJet Airlines

Despite the firm's effort to implement the new technology, the employees were resistant to the change. Despite the firm offering to train the employees on the operation of the new online reservation system, the employees [...]

Foodco Holding: Business Strategy

In the case of Foodco, the number of foodstuff suppliers in Dubai is relatively large due to the presence of local, regional, and international competitors. In the UAE foodstuff industry, the number of suppliers is [...]

United Airlines and US Airways Merger Problems

In the case study, the Department of Justice failed to approve the merger between United Airlines and the US airways on grounds that it would reduce competition and affect service delivery.

Bone Star Hotel Company: Management and Consulting

Although the management and staff of bone star limited did not fully cooperate with Mackenzie, the limited information gathered from the information is useful for critical evaluation of the external and internal environments of the [...]

PC Connection Express Company’s Challenges

The company has a large account segment and this is a strength that it can use to grow sales. The company has a good brand name and it can still use this to increase its [...]

Tiny Tots Toymakers Business Analysis

Convenience: - according to the presented case study, the management of the company is concerned with the convenience of the customers in that their orders are respected and regarded highly.

Air Arabia: Data Analysis

The main issues that we examined in the process of undertaking the study on staff motivation were based on the best reward model, the purpose of rewards systems within the work environment, and ways in [...]

Hyundai Company Business in Alabama

The people of Alabama will benefit, as the plant will offer employment opportunities; the government also stands to benefit from taxes and facilitated trade by the company, which will earn the country foreign exchange.

Walmart Corporation Analysis

Company Studied Name of the company studied Articles you read about each company (online or print) – you must list at least 5 citations (article title, author, publication, date, or if the article is online, the URL). If you read more, list more. Kneer, C. (2009). The Wal-Mart success story.Norderstedt: GRIN Verlag. McWilliams, G. (2011). […]

Mills Firm Marketing Report

A better option in terms of costs would be for Mills to identify the small businesses that would like to make use of his business, and make appointments to see them in person.

Toyota Motor Corporation’s Analysis for 2005-2010

Toyota is the leading automotive manufacturer in Japan and Ian Rowley stated that Toyota has successfully captured 50% of the total market share in Japan while the company was in the third position in the [...]

Soren Chemicals Company

Jen Moritz was the Marketing Manager for The Water Treatment Group of Companies. She was responsible for the development of chemicals for treating drinking water and for maintaining pools.

AOL Company’s Impressive Performance

This has contributed to the impressive performance of the company in the third quarter of the year. This explains the decision of AOL to diversify to content marketing and ad site sales.

Jumbo Safari Company in the Tourism Industry

One of the threats that Jumbo Safaris encounters is competition from rival companies and destinations. The increase in the number of tourism enterprises has led to immense pressure on Jumbo Safaris.

Starbucks Corporation’s Strengths, Opportunities, Threats

Thus, the coordination of the two fundamental aspects, in particular, the commitment to high standards and high-scale inner values of the company contribute to strengthening the position of the brand and corresponds to corporate responsibility.

Etihad Airlines: Operational Decision Making

The basis behind the pricing strategy is actually quite simple, the reason for the high cost is connected to the fact that it gives customers access to various services and discounts that would have a [...]

ENOC Group Company’s Analysis

It is clearly visible from the chart above that the net profit margin ratio of Emirates National Oil Company has increased to a certain extent from 2008 to 2009 period, making it easier for the [...]

Israel Corporation and Its Place Under the Sun

The history of the Israel Corp.is not that complicated; starting out as a relatively risky project, it turned to be one of the world's most famous companies ever, and for a good reason with the [...]

OASIS Company’s Performance and SWOT Analysis

The key strengths of the OASIS fashion retailer are - OASIS has outstanding brand awareness and quality image in the UK and rest of the world, which assists this brand to increase customer base [...]

Taco Bell Company: A Time Trial

Reaching the current position has taken Taco Bell a great deal of service improvement, in a bid to outdo their competitors. Taco Bell has grown from a lowly ranked fast-food company to be among the [...]

Family Business: R&S Electronic Service Company

The main issue in this company that needs to be resolved is the abuse of office by the general manager. In addition, Eddie threatens managers at the payroll department for questioning the illegal commissions awarded [...]

Air Canada Company’s Challenging Environment

Air Canada faces many challenges which include how to overcome the impacts of the global recession which made the company incur losses in millions of dollars; and how to deal with unevenly rising fuel costs [...]

Kmart Store: Professional Development Plan

This typically involves the break-down of the job duties and responsibilities as it relates to the policy and procedure and what is required to improve performance in efforts to gain better results.

F.A.R.M Firm: Business Consulting Competitions

The inner organization and the methods of cooperation with customers of F.A.R.M.aid for analyzing the cases of the clients' companies, defining the specific gaps in knowledge and skills, and developing the strategies for skills transferring [...]

Amazon Drones: New Delivery Project

Amazon intends to start the use of drones in foreign countries, and Kelly Services' assistance is necessary to develop the hiring process globally.

Brand Jordan Company’s Analysis

The year 1985 marks a significant place in the history of Brand Jordan as this was the year the Nike first produced Air Jordan shoes.

Cadbury Company’s Principles and Realities

It is the identification of the most sustainable and suitable competitive advantage a company has based in the industry and using available resources to its advantage.

BHP Company’s Business Performance

Additionally, as Davis, asserts, BHP had the ethical and legal obligation to consider the right of all stakeholders to have full access to information regarding its business information, and the consequences of those business practices.

A Little Electronic Magic at Alibaba.com

The company has the opportunity to compare the prices of the competitors using posts placed on the sites. Alibaba also faces a loss of business in the crisis-prone markets.

Rendell Company Analysis and Recommendations

Under the organizational set up of Martex, the Corporate Controller, the Divisional General Managers, and the Divisional Controllers all have a solid line relationship.

Genzyme Company’s Strategic Direction

The market is shielded from competitors due to the concept of market exclusivity, implying that Genzyme is free to operate at its own pace for the first seven years after putting an orphan drug into [...]

Irshad Consultancy Center in the Saudi Market

The center will be located in the Eastern province and the main client targets will be high school graduates. At the top of the structure will be the president of the company.

Granite State Consultants Inc.’s Services

In fact, this push towards better competitive performance through effective and more efficient resource utilization and allocation is one of the current driving forces of many high-tech organizations.

Prada Group’s Strategy and Future Projections

Prada Group's presence outside the fashion industry will affect the company's customer awareness in the long run by influencing the company's creativity, adjusting to the dynamics of its customers' needs, and progress in creativity.

AMP Energy Drink Introduction in India

Being the second-most populous country in the world, India poses a huge market size and potential to become a global force in terms of business.

Nucor Corporation After Financial Crisis in the US

However, in 2009, the company made the largest loss in its history of $299 million; the loss was the first annual loss since 1966. The depreciated purchasing power parity of the people in 2009 is [...]

Nissan Company’s Operational Changes and Management

Regarding the action of global allocation of supplies, Nissan allocated its supplies primarily to products with the highest profit margins making it incur costs related to the deficiency of the lowest margin products and loss [...]

Dana Gas Company’s Strategic Analysis

Gas is one of the natural resources that play a crucial role in the development of the human race. Due to its worldwide necessity and importance, I thought it feasible to shortlist DANA Gas to [...]

Procter and Gamble Company’s Analysis

The close analysis of how Procter & Gamble addresses the task of ensuring a high commercial appeal of its line of products in the Arabian FMCG market, allows us to define the Company subdivision's approach [...]

Construction Products Company’s Development

This report is based on the case study of Construction Products, and the aim of this report is to analyze the existing problems of the company to find out effective measures for the future development [...]

SkyWest Airlines’ Internal and External Environment

The entity has managed to sustain profitably despite the plummeting revenues in the industry. The entity has identified that partnerships and customer satisfaction as the key strategies towards success in the industry.

Canada Goose Inc. in the South Korean Market

Korean food is the best slimming diet, and a study done on the diet of South Korea placed it at the top of all the best slimming diets. The population of China is among the [...]

Canada Goose Inc.’s South Korean Opportunity

The family unit South Korean people consider the family unit to be the basis of their society. Therefore, it is very important to respect one's family members and put their needs before yours.

Star Rubbish Removal Company’s Needs Assessment

In the Star Company, the marketing department has decided to have a follow-up with most of its customers, thereby introducing a chatting website and offering services to people who would need their assistance.

Yahoo! Inc: Workforce Planning Analysis

The first part of the paper presents a GAP analysis of Yahoo!'s human resource strategy; the second section of the paper presents a SWOT analysis about Yahoo!'s workforce management; and the third part analyzes the [...]

Sunrise Ltd.’s Public Relations Management

In the aspect of the power of buyers, it is clear that Sunrise Ltd.is under threat, considering the value of the houses that are traded to the real estate clients.

Buccellati Luxury Brand’s Strategic Analysis

The company is pursuing the anti-laws of marketing, which include not pandering to customer wishes and keeping non-enthusiasts out such that it does not dilute its design principles.

Cartier Luxury Brand’s Strategic Analysis

The investment needed for customers to make makes the attached to the purchase process. The company is successfully creating awareness of its brand but is also making it easy for purchasers through its certified online [...]

Harry Winston Brand’s Strategic Analysis

The showcased products on the website not presented alongside a message to highlight their glamor and exclusivity that would be expected of a luxury brand that is supposed to appeal to hedonistic interests of buyers.

Samsung Electronics Co.’s Quality Production Study

This report will address growth-oriented and credible performance issues established to steer the production of electronic facilities in Samsung Corporation. It will be useful to use secondary data in this report based on their validity [...]

Zara Company’s Competitive Edge and Entry into Japan

This allows Zara to differentiate its products from the other competitors and cater to a wider preference of the customers. The most important strategic advantage of Zara in order to be cost effective is its [...]
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