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Company Analysis Essay Examples and Topics

Walmart Company’s Threats and Challenges

Wal-Mart's declining sales are a significant source of threat to the company's long-term growth. The team discovered that it is not practical to develop a benefits strategy aligned towards Scott's initiative.

Lululemon Company’s Operations Strategies

Currently, the company's mode of operation has limited both the size and the location of its stores. Furthermore, Lululemon's marketing strategy prompts the company to organize and sponsor community-based events.

New Phone, Inc. Company Analysis

As a result, the organization will be capable of enhancing the existing system of audits by acquiring the equipment that was created with the help of the latest technological advances in order to carry out [...]

Microsoft Company as an Open System

They try to maintain effective relations with the environment and use the information they obtain in the course of their performance to strengthen their market and organizational position."Open systems theory is a modern systems-based change [...]

Hyundai Company Strategic Market Planning

As the newly appointed chief executive officer at this firm, he quickly diagnosed the issues affecting the firm and realised that Hyundai was poised to lose about $ 2 billion within the next financial year. [...]

Rent the Runway Company: Management Issues

Identifying the primary problem, one must point to the fact that the leadership strategy has not been fleshed out properly in the organization, which has led to the inability to manage the designers working for [...]

McDonald’s Company Brand Refinement

One of the biggest strengths of McDonald's is the low price of the products. Regardless of all the innovative meals and foods McDonald's offers, the consumers keep choosing the Dollar Menu items because being cheap [...]

United Hearing Center Business Plan

To provide an innovative hearing solution for the people to meet their hearing needs by providing them with medical earphones which are consistent with the hearing demands of the customers according to the professional ethics [...]

Extent of Gazprom Company’s Success

The entity has expanded the company's markets reach from European markets to other parts of the world. The entity has also helped the company to monitor and respond to the ever-changing dynamic markets in energy [...]

UAE Businesses’ Organisational Behaviour

In order to understand the change being undertaken by the respective organisations, the researcher carried out a field research to identify the issues that the firms are facing in their change implementation processes.

BBC Radio 6 Music Company Analysis

The aim of BBC Radio 6 Music is to delight and captivate the admirers of contemporary music with an assistance of the radio that commemorates the alternative attitude and essence in trendy music from the [...]

Style Shop’ Marketing

In 2012, the number of households owning cats was 2. 2 million in which by the year 2013 the number of households increased by about 9% to 2.

IBM Company’s Strategy Analysis

IBM's current strategic choice framework is the leadership strategy because the company seeks to retain its dominance in domestic and international markets through acquisitions of other companies.

Tamwal Mobile Food Trucks Business Plan

The current mobile food service sector is underdeveloped meaning that the proposed Tamwal Mobile Food Truck business will be interested in growing the mobile food service through a fleet of three trucks at the beginning [...]

WestJet Airlines Company Organizational Practices

The realization that there was no affordable airline with good service flying the western Canada route made four businessmen Clive Beddoe, Don Bell, Mark Hill, and Tim Morgan realize the huge business potential that existed [...]

STAR Insole Innovation: Business Plan

As the demand for customised insoles continues rising, most of the insoles available meet the general needs of the consumers. That is why we propose the development of Insoles, which warm the feet based on [...]

Goldman Sachs Company’s Evolving Culture

The performance of such a business is channeled to ensuring that customer satisfaction is the priority of the business. This means that the business should instill a culture of a client-ethic based firm.

The Airbus Company Analysis

The primary target of this case study is to establish the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are elaborated in the Airbus.

Globalization Effects on Ford Motor Company

This organization defines globalization as the process in which financial and investment markets of different counties become interconnected and interdependent due to the deregulation and erasure of national borders. In itself, the process of globalization [...]

Toyota Corporation Difficulties Analysis

The success or failure of an organization can be attributed to the organization's structure or design, its adopted organization's culture and the organization's relationship with the environment.

Operation Management at IKEA in UAE

Therefore, "the management of the processes involved in the production of goods and services should be run skillfully for the realization of the organization's goals".

Bin-Shihon Group Company’s Analysis

The company has its headquarters in the city of Riyadh and has established successful businesses in the sectors such as transport, real estate, household, tire and battery, machinery and trucks, and joint ventures. The tire [...]

Oceania Cruises’ History and Marketing Strategies

According to Oceania Cruises, Oceania Cruises was established in 2002, and now it is the globe's major high quality cruise-line in terms of classy, chic, and distinctive services; in addition, being the leader in destination [...]

The Exchange Rate Impacts on GlaxoSmithKline Company

Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham combined in 2001, and turned into GlaxoSmithKline, the second largest pharmaceutical company around the globe and operated in about 120 nations by affiancing with formation, innovation, production, and promotion of [...]

Roberts Limited’s Expansion Decisions

The company's door are open for suggestions and therefore employees should come up with their own creativity regarding the current situation in Kava and seek to establish a solution that will benefit both the organization [...]

Honda Motor Company: Impacts of Globalisation

In the modern society, the term is commonly used to refer to the process of expanding the world's markets of consumption, investments, and production on a global scale as well as expansion of social relations [...]

General Electric Company’s Internationalisation

Introduction Overview of the organisation and its international objectives in regards to vital company statistics, industrial products and countries in which it operates Analysis of the internationalisation process using internationalisation theories in academic sources [...]

Sony and Nintendo in the Video Game Industry

The firm has manufactured several generations of the home console since the 1980s, beginning with the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System released in the early 1990s, and the Nintendo 64 that was [...]

King Vada Pav Business Location Analysis

Initially, the Indian domestic fast food was unorganised, but gradually, it has taken the shape of a profitable and multi-billion rupee industry that has posed a serious threat to the foreign players. One of the [...]

Jumbo Safari Company’s Business Environment

Overall, the proposed changes are supposed to improve the marketing strategies of Jumbo Safari as well as the labour force of this company since these aspects are vital for the ability of this business to [...]

Sweet Tooth Company’s Expansion Projects

Some of the areas that will be discussed are the importance of financial information on the decision-making process, benefits of a detailed business plan, evaluation of the current financial information, and the problems associated with [...]

AET Transport’s Customer Dissatisfaction

The objective of this report is to unravel the causes of the driver's underperformance, hence providing the appropriate corrective measures. Customer dissatisfaction refers to the development of displeasure by the clients of a company due [...]

Walmart’s Every Day Low Prices Strategy: SWOT

The company was able to streamline the supply chain management of the enterprise through the innovative use of technology in delivering goods, and in the establishment of an effective communication networks within the organization.