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Company Analysis Essay Examples and Topics

Dana Gas Company’s Strategic Analysis

Gas is one of the natural resources that play a crucial role in the development of the human race. Due to its worldwide necessity and importance, I thought it feasible to shortlist DANA Gas to [...]

Procter and Gamble Company’s Analysis

The close analysis of how Procter & Gamble addresses the task of ensuring a high commercial appeal of its line of products in the Arabian FMCG market, allows us to define the Company subdivision's approach [...]

Construction Products Company’s Development

This report is based on the case study of Construction Products, and the aim of this report is to analyze the existing problems of the company to find out effective measures for the future development [...]

Yahoo! Inc: Workforce Planning Analysis

The first part of the paper presents a GAP analysis of Yahoo!'s human resource strategy; the second section of the paper presents a SWOT analysis about Yahoo!'s workforce management; and the third part analyzes the [...]

Cartier Luxury Brand’s Strategic Analysis

The investment needed for customers to make makes the attached to the purchase process. The company is successfully creating awareness of its brand but is also making it easy for purchasers through its certified online [...]

Harry Winston Brand’s Strategic Analysis

The showcased products on the website not presented alongside a message to highlight their glamor and exclusivity that would be expected of a luxury brand that is supposed to appeal to hedonistic interests of buyers.

Samsung Electronics Co.’s Quality Production Study

This report will address growth-oriented and credible performance issues established to steer the production of electronic facilities in Samsung Corporation. It will be useful to use secondary data in this report based on their validity [...]

ADNOC Gas Processing: Issues and Strategy

In terms of the strengths of the given company, it is pivotal to highlight that ADNOC Gas Processing is an official market leader in the United Arab Emirates when it comes to the extraction of [...]

The New Hotel Chain Acquisition in Italy

As the Chief Marketing Officer of the hotel, my mantra has always been "the more products we can sell the better!" Moreover, the acquisition in Italy will lower the risks of new product development that [...]

B&S Novelty: Inventory Management Systems

However, if the demand is uncertain, then the reorder point is normally taken above the expected demand for the product. The company's inventory is dependent on the demand of tourists and the interests of local [...]

Johnson & Johnson Company’s Production and Cost

When developing a plan for the management of production and costs associated with a particular product, such as the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment, it is important to determine which factors of production will [...]

Four Season Company’s External Strategic Audit

It is social responsiveness or the ability of an organization to relate its operations and policies to its social environment and natural environment in ways that are mutually beneficial to the organization and all stakeholders [...]

General Electric’s Business Organization Analysis

Third, the research scrutinizes the controlling of the company's assets, liabilities, capital, revenues, and costs. Fourth, the study includes scrutinizing the leading part of the management process to lead the line and staff personnel to [...]

Barclays Bank and Matt Barrett’s Management

Barclays always tried to place itself differently in the minds of financial services users and they were pioneers of many financial services that were being introduced by Barclays in the banking business. Barclays initially introduced [...]

Disney Company’s Expansion in France

The major lesson learned from eBay's expansion is that it is necessary to evaluate the requirements of prospective customers prior to introducing one's products or services in a foreign country.

Nutricia Middle East Company: Sales Effectiveness

The optimization of the investment in the medical representatives and the measurement of their effectiveness and efficacy with the further reporting to the company management for making decisions in the sales force and medical strategy [...]

Jamba Juice Product Entry into New Zealand

The following paper is a report on the entry of Jamba Juice, an American producer of beverages, to New Zealand. The report addresses the following research questions: What aspects of political, legal, economic, geographic, and [...]

Nike Corporation Analysis

Trevor Edwards is the President of the Nike Brand, which is a position that presupposes the involvement into and overseeing of all activities associated with the management of the company's brand as well as tangible [...]

Apple Company: Understanding the Numbers

Overall, performing a comprehensive financial ratio analysis on Apple helps to understand the major trends affecting the company's future and current performance. The acid test ratio and the current ratio of Apple Inc.are shown in [...]

Repsol Sociedad Anonima Company’s Analysis

In terms of the downstream areas, Repsol is involved in the supply and trade of crude oil, the marketing of petroleum products, the refinement of oil, the marketing and production of chemicals, as well as [...]

Nestlé Entreprise Under Strategic Analysis

This report discusses the strategy of Nestle, a multinational enterprise with a broad brand portfolio in the processed food industry. The firm is a market leader in instant coffee, infant formula, and baby food.

Toy Manufacturing Company’s Recovery Plan

To address the critical situation in which the manufacturing organization for Toys'R'Us has found itself, a recovery plan has to include the change in the company's model and the redesign in its production strategies.

Activplant Corporation: Company Analysis

The first option to consider for Activplant is the development of the partnership strategy to provide European-based partners with more responsibilities regarding the selling process and the service delivery.

Children’s National Medical Center’s Value Chain

The Children's National Medical Center offers services in a variety of spheres ranging from primary pediatrics to research in the sphere of children's care. The schedule of the organization's work is well-developed, and the Center [...]

Emirates Airlines Modern Problems

In his Keynote Interview, the President of Emirates Airlines, Sir Tim Clark discusses some essential issues that the company faces nowadays and highlights its performance.

Etihad Airways Strategies and Marketing

The success of Etihad Airways is applicable to the nature of its business strategy. This model focuses on the commitments and choices the organization makes to deliver high-quality services and experiences to the targeted passengers.

Jetblue Airways Corporation: Company Analysis

In particular, the following aspects may be discussed: the threat of new entrants, the threat of substitute products or services, the threat of established rivals, the bargaining power of customers, and the bargaining power of [...]

Avon Products Inc: Industry Analysis

For Avon, the challenge of moving from direct to online selling is related to the necessity of choosing an effective strategy for the growth of the company's website, Avon.com, in terms of determining the role [...]

Deloitte Company’s Management and Human Capital

This paper presents a statement of management philosophy and recommends to the Deloitte Board of Directors HR policies and procedures that could help the consulting firm improve its human capital capacity across its business units.