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Roots Canada Company’s Strategic Analysis Research Paper

Name of Company-Roots Canada

Contact Information

  • Physical address: 1400 Castlefield Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6B 4C4, Canada.
  • Telephone Number: 416-781-3574.
  • Toll-Free Number: 888-307-6687.



Executives including HR and Apparel VP’s

  • Michael Budman- Co-Founder and President.
  • Don Green- Co-Founder.
  • Robert Sarner- Director of Communication & Public Affairs.
  • James Connell – Apparel vice president.
  • Laura Clark – HR and payroll director (“Roots Canada: Company Fact Sheet” par. 3).

Situation Analysis

Current organizational mission

  • The companys mission is to respect the culture in all regions where it operates, comply with local laws and regulations, and respect its employees who are tasked with the responsibility of manufacturing the companys products. Under its code of conduct, the company is fully committed to protecting the environment, ensuring wellness, and health.

Current ownership and management alternatives

  • The company is fully privately owned by two individuals: Michael Budman is the company president and a co-founder. The second co-owner is Don Green.
  • Country of ownership- Canada.
  • Main business activity- manufacturer/ producer/processor (“Businessweek: Roots Canada Ltd.” par.4).

Current goods/service category

  • Designers.
  • Apparel.
  • Leather Goods.
  • Roots Home Design.
  • Business-to-Business/Wholesale.
  • Licensed Products.

SWOT Analysis – Current and Long Term


  • Strengths- enjoys the Canadian heritage and strong linkage with the Canadian society offers good and high-quality products, has a code of conduct, attractive store appearances and layout, a privately owned company, online presence, and clothed Canadian Olympic team from 1998 to 2004
  • Weakness- the company is not publicly traded and cannot get capital from the financial markets, its products are relatively expensive, many product lines under the same brand name, and excessive diversification of its product lines
  • Opportunities- Opportunities for expansion into foreign markets such as Europe, outsourcing to reduce costs, opportunities for research and development, be listed in the Canadian Stock Exchange, and differentiating its products from those of the competitors
  • Threats- stiff competition from major players such as Hudsons Bay and the Gap.


Profit – latest results and projections

  • The gets USD $257,000,000 in annual sales.



The companys logo-the beaver- is its main positioning tool. The logo makes its customers identify with its brand as a typical Canadian brand. The company equally has Canadian value which further strengthens its position as a homegrown brand.

Identification of Consumers

Target market

  • Boys.
  • Girls.
  • Men.
  • women.

Overall Strategy

Goods/services strategy

The companys overall strategy is to deliver a consistent brand experience to both its online and in-store customers. The company is committed to enhancing its customer’s shopping experience. Owing to their extensive marketing, customers can get information on products, their prices, and quality of experience even before visiting the stores. This is done through emails, website displays, and print advertisements. The company is in the process of integrating its inventory, customer service, and other systems to deliver exceptional service to its customers (“Globelink: VP of eCommerce and Marketing, Roots” par. 5).

Location strategy

  • Online sales.
  • Retail outlets.

Pricing strategy

  • The company uniformly prices its products regardless of whether they are sold online or in retail outlets.
  • The companys pricing strategy is determined by the type of product. Products for the mass market are priced cheaply compared to products for the affluent. Product prices equally vary depending on size and target market.

Promotion strategy

  • Youtube videos, making use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Roots website and a blog), making calls, celebrity advertisements, encouraging current customers to refer their friends and family.
  • Website advertisements, print media, emails, and calls from company agents.

Specific Activities

Social responsibility

  • Sponsored kayaker Adam van Koeverden a renowned world champion
  • Environmental initiatives- the company uses recycled materials and non-toxic materials to build its stores
  • The companys president Michael Budman is an executive member of Waterkeeper Alliance, an agency that works with other stakeholders in both Canada and the United States to preserve and protect rivers.
  • For many years, Roots has collaborated with various environmental groups, for example, Friends of the Earth, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Environmental Defense, the World Wildlife Fund, the David Suzuki Foundation, and the Toronto Green Awards to protect the environment (“Prezi: Roots Canada BOH4M” par. 10).

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