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Human Resource and IT Executives Cooperation Essay


The application of information technology is an integral part of contemporary life. Various technologies are successfully implemented in the spheres of healthcare, education, business, economics, etc. A properly selected technology increases efficiency and helps to save time in many projects. One of the fields that cannot function without information technology is business. In the Information Age, technology influences almost every business area. Human resources is not an exception. The cooperation of IT and HR executives contribute to companies’ efficiency and success in the market. However, this cooperation will be not possible without proper guidance. Thus, there is a need for common efforts of HR and IT executives to develop strategies for a fruitful collaboration of their teams.

A Strategy for HR and IT Professionals’ Cooperation

The positive influence of IT on HR performance is supported by research (Saberi & Khademi, 2015). In fact, IT is a moving power in the progress of HR development. It is a part of globalization processes and contributes to the efficiency of HR management. Thus, the productive cooperation of HR and IT professionals is crucial for every company. Since HR is a multifunctional sphere, the implementation of IT can touch its various aspects. For example, IT can be useful in keeping HR records, processes of recruitment, and selection as well as training and development, HR planning and performance management, etc. (Bramhaver, 2016). Moreover, it can be a tool for work-time control, administrative work, employee self-service, and payment procedures.

A strategy for cooperation between HR and IT services should be based on certain principles, have clear common goals, and follow a plan of action. The principles for this cooperation can include the following: principle of equal responsibility, involvement, consolidation, and shared benefits.

Common strategic goals of HR and IT services should follow the primary goals of the company. They include goals such as the provision of data security, following the interests of employees, bringing together interests of the company with those of workers, promoting resource and cost-saving technologies, and building long-term efficient cooperation. The goals can be changed depending on the demands of the company’s strategy.

A plan of action should be developed in a way to empower the strategic goals. First of all, the activity of both executives should be concentrated on business. Since they both work for the same company, they should unite and focus on general business goals and procedures (Robb, 2014). Moreover, their task is to interpret the information for their teams. The second step of a plan includes the involvement of IT into some HR decisions. For example, it is advisable to attract IT service in case any HR software is required because it may be not compatible with the existing programs (Robb, 2014). The third step of the strategy is the development of the integrated recording system which will include the necessary information and be safe to provide the need of employees for personal data privacy. Finally, another step of HR and IT cooperation strategy can include the employment process. It can be seen in the development of the HR service page to inform on vacant positions and opportunities for professional improvement.

Suggestions for HR and IT Cooperation

The major fields for the cooperation of IT and HR in a company include professional development and regulation of innovations and changes. It is the task of HR and IT executives to stimulate their teams for efficient cooperation. One of the projects which needs common work of two services is a web-page of a company dedicated to HR issues. HR managers know what information should be included, and IT professionals know how to implement the ideas into practice. A working web-page with regular updates is a useful source of information for both employees and applicants. It can include information on existing vacant positions, conditions for promotions, information on benefits and bonuses, opportunities for further professional development, and current news in HR sphere.

Another idea that needs common efforts of IT and HR specialists is the development of educational facility. Constant professional development is a demand of time. It is particularly important for business since the changes in the field are rapid. An online educational facility created for a definite company empowers self-development of its employees. Moreover, it saves time and costs which are usually wasted if a worker needs a training or a special course outside the company.

Motivating for Collective Work of HR and IT

The implementation of IT into the work of HR service has many benefits. It improves the quality of keeping records, increases the accuracy and reduces the number of mistakes, provides higher rate of data privacy, saves time and resources, simplifies the process of control, and provides the use of modern technologies into the working process (Bramhaver, 2016). However, the employees of HR and IT services are often busy with their duties and do not realize the possible advantages of cooperation. It is the task of IT and HR executives to motivate their teams for collaboration and disclose possible benefits of mutual efforts. They should also create a favorable work environment to keep the employees motivated.

Participation in trainings can be a component of motivation process for employees. One of them can be dedicated to the efficiency and security of employee databases. Its topic demands participation of both HR and IT specialists. They should implement the newest technologies to achieve a common goal which is a safe and effective database with the consideration of company’s peculiar features and tasks. The results of the training itself may be not enough rewarding for workers. Thus, company executives can initiate bonuses for the effective common projects and their successful implementation.


Productive cooperation of IT and HR executives is beneficial for any company. Since contemporary business is functioning in the Information Age, the implementation of IT in various spheres is a demand of time. Human relations is one of the services which can make use of information technology advantages with the proper organization of HR and IT cooperation. Then record keeping, employee databases, processes of application, employment, retirement, bonuses and salaries, etc. can take less time and efforts if empowered by technology.

However, the assistance of IT professionals should not be overused. Global IT penetration can be efficient and cost-reducing but it will not replace face-to-face communication. It is important for HR managers not to lose contact with staff (Bramhaver, 2016). Moreover, active introduction of IT can be not useful for small companies because their implementation and maintenance are expensive. Thus, the cooperation of IT and HR services should be carefully considered by every company. In case it can improve the business, it should be used according to the individual strategy of a company and for its advantage.


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